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on July 10, 2012
I used the 2595LMT for a trip across the USA. Previously to this unit I used an older Garmin nuvi 360. There is really no comparison between the units, this one is so much better than the old one.

I larger screen size is really nice at 5". I was impressed to see the exit signs pop-up on the screen showing me which lanes I should be in. The top left corner also shows a bright white lane indicator as to where you should be with dim indicators as to where you should not be. Also nice was the fact that at the top of the screen Garmin tells you what you will be doing next.

Screen Features (called layers):
I went into the layer options to turn on some added detail for my trip. I activated the screen layer to show me: time for arrival, miles remaining, altitude (really cool to see why the truck was slowing down as I went up a mountain), my speed, and the road's speed limit.

Speed Features:
- Don't turn on the speed limit audible notification, it will drive you crazy with the 3-beeps every time you go 1 mile an hour over the posted speed. It drove me crazy till I pulled over and shut down the noise notification for going over the speed limit.
- It will still show your speed and the speed limit without the audible alert on.
- I liked this feature and found that the Garmin was more accurate than my speedometer when I passed by an outdoor "this is your speed" sign.
- Sometimes when Garmin shows a speed limit it is not accurate. I wouldn't use their limit posting as fact. It may have been more accurate had I updated the maps before I began.
(Update 7/25/2012)- I spoke to Greg at Garmin about changing the tolerance from 1 MPH to 5 or 10 MPH over the speed limit. Per Garmin this currently is not an option as it is programmed in their firmware. He thought this would be a good idea too and suggested I request this in a firmware update. I did. If you own one, please request this feature too so Garmin sees that a speed tolerance of 5 or 10 MPH over the limit is a feature we would like to have in an upcoming software update.

- Garmin speaks the names of the streets and this newer version no longer says "Recalculating" if you miss your turn. Instead it just changes your route to fix your mistake.
- The upcoming directions is displayed at the top of the screen so you know what you will be doing next before Garmin speaks it.

Bluetooth Phone Tie-in:
- I linked the Garmin to my phone so I could make and receive calls through it. When someone called my cell phone an icon popped up on the screen with a ringing tone asking me to "Answer" or "Ignore" the call. It was so much easier to answer my phone this way, by touching one button on my Garmin, than digging for my phone and sliding it to unlock.
- The negative however is the fact that the person's voice coming out of the Garmin speaker was not as loud as it could have been. This may be because the speaker is on the back of Garmin. If the caller talked loud and clear things were much better. Depending on the clarity of the callers voice I sometimes get some distortion from the speaker. Best thing to do is tell the caller they are on a speaker phone and to speak clearly and not too fast. Kinda like using a cheap speaker phone. They said they could hear me clearly but I had to turn off the radio and CB to understand them.
- You can also dial calls through the Garmin with larger buttons than are on my phone. As you start to punch in the phone number it pops up other numbers with the same order of digits that you dialed previously to help you just click it to finish.
- There was an option on Garmin for voice dial but I didn't think to set that up before I got on the road.
- Another thing I learned was to be sure you click disconnect on the Garmin at the end of the call by touching the phone icon at the end of the call and selecting the big "disconnect" icon. I forgot to do this a couple of times and Garmin wouldn't tie-in for my next incoming call.
- Overall I liked the phone tie-in

Voice Activated Programming:
- I wasn't sure it I'd use this but now I don't use it any other way.
- I changed the default voice activation command to my wife's name at first but thought that would be problematic if she were with me, so I switched it over to the respond when I say the word "Garmin". Now if I just say the word "Garmin" it will ask me what I would like to do while showing me a screen of options. I can change where I want to go without even touching Garmin. I just say the word "Home" or "New Address" and Garmin asks my questions as to the address etc. After Garmin does it search it shows me a list of addresses that it though I might have said. I then can say "1" if that is the number next to the correct location or "2" if the correct address is by that number. If none are correct I can tell him to do it again. You need to speak clearly when you are giving an address or Garmin will come up with some wild addresses. Also make sure the radio or other talking is not happening as this will confuse Garmin.
- This feature is surely making me lazier than I already was.

- This version, with the LMT designation, has lifetime Map updates as well as lifetime Traffic.
- The map is decent and while you are getting near major traffic exits it often will prompt you with a picture of the exit sign showing you where you should be.
- Sometimes Garmin was a bit off as to what lane you should be in, typical with most GPS units, but for the other 95% of the time it was right on. Maybe a map update would have corrected this but I used it with the maps that were already preloaded in it since I had no Internet access where I set it up in Florida.
- The map also shows some restaurant or food icons while you are on the road. There are more gas stations available at the exits but I think Garmin only displayed the icon for the ones that paid them to be included on the general map. If you go into the gas or food settings on the 2nd screen you can find all the other gas/restaurants.

Live Traffic:
- This was another really nice addition to this Garmin.
- To use the Traffic Feature Garmin must be connected for power using the supplied power cable. Makes sense since you usually use the power cable on a trip.
- I put the power cable so it looped behind the Garmin which allowed the little plastic box on the power cable to see clearly through the windshield, this is the receiver for the Live Traffic feature
- You can check the signal strength of this feature by clicking on the car icon on the right of the screen.
- When you are in areas where the traffic feature is used the car icon will turn a color like green or red instead of being light gray meaning no transmissions in the area to read.
- I found the traffic feature to work in most larger areas or where the department of transportation has installed the radio transmitters. If you are is small town areas there is a really good chance that this feature won't be on since no radio transmitters have been installed.
- The only strange problem I found was the fact that some of the areas I was driving through had no power due to a storm. Garmin got scared and told me the freeway must be closed, I knew better since the city on both sides of the freeway were dark with police light flashing directing traffic in the distance. I was sure the radios in that city were not transmitting, so I continued on I-75 without incident. Sometime we need to remember that these are only computers.
- By clicking on the icon when a warning was approaching Garmin would tell you that it was congested, a traffic accident ahead, etc.. This feature is only as good as the city that was transmitting the information. Some times it warned me of an accident that was already cleared. I liked when it showed how long the expected delay would be. But then again sometimes there was congestion, for a person changing their tire, that was not transmitted by the local city.

Internal Memory: ***VERY IMPORTANT***
- The reason I bought this Garmin was because my older Garmin could no longer hold the newer maps. The new maps tend to be bigger and my old unit was limited to 2 gig internal memory. Since the maps became large it could no longer update.
- This Garmin has the biggest internal memory at 8 gig. I had to do a ton of research to find this out as Garmin doesn't tell you on their website or in the specs. Be careful since Garmin still sells units with small internal memory which will mess you up for future updates.
- With 8 gig of internal memory I will have no problem with the newer and larger updates for maps.

Adding Memory:
- You can add a microSD card to store person stuff on this unit.
- You can add books and photos to the GPS but I personally think this is a waste of time. Why would I want my photo album on this thing or a book on a small 5" screen when you can but a descent reader with a big screen that would be much better for that purpose.

Typical Features:
- You can manually search for restaurants, fuel, hospital, police, etc. just like the older units.
- You can even manually type in the address if you want to but why would you do that when you can just talk to this unit.

- Using the unit on battery will only give you a couple of hours of life. Plus, if you are driving this disables the Live Traffic feature that requires the power cord for use.

- The manual that comes with the unit is basically how to get started. More of a simplified instruction guide with a few pages.
- The real manual that explains everything must be downloaded from Garmin. I didn't have any computer connection available when I was setting mine up but by looking at the simplified manual it was very intuitive and pretty easily to figure out. I would however recommend at least reviewing the simplified instruction manual that comes with it so you can learn about some of the cool features and how to use them.

- Amazon had the best price on this unit with free shipping using Amazon Prime. I searched around and found some priced the same but the shipping made them no longer a good deal. I also know I can trust Amazon compared to some of the other companies I've never hear of. I also bought the accessories on Amazon as I'm too cheap to pay Best Buy prices or Garmin's price.
- There is a top-of-the-line model that does more than this Garmin but this does enough for me.

- The unit does NOT come with a case, be sure to order something to put it in. I ordered a hard case to store it and the cord in as well as a leather thinner case for when I travel. This way I can stash the cord and mount under the seat while I take Garmin out of the vehicle to keep him safe without having to carry a big case with the cord in it. I don't know why Garmin stopped providing a protective case, must be for money of course.
- I also bought the non-slip pad that allows me to sit him on the dash. I'm not a fan of the suction cup mounts as this advertises to break the window and look for a GPS inside. Besides the bean bag stand allows me to put him on the seat, in my wife's hand to find a restaurant, or anywhere on the dash I want.

Overall, If you are looking for a nice GPS that will handle future map updates, can use voice commands, has a bigger screen than most, and has a reasonable price I don't think you will be disappointed. I've used this thing hard and am impressed with the results I got. Do your research when you look around as I did. I spent 1 week reading review after review and tracking down internal memory specs before I choose this one.


UPDATE 12/26/2013
When updating the Lifetime Map program you need to be running a newer version of Windows XP (2005 or newer), or Windows 7 or Windows 8. This is because the updating program called "Garmin Express" requires an updated program from Microsoft to install. I had a machine using Windows XP 2003 and had to use my Windows 7 machine for the program Garmin Express to install.
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on December 2, 2011
Why I bought a Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT.
I have owned many voice command systems in my car from both Magellan and Garmin. I use my gps in my car and in my truck when pulling my 5th wheel. I had a Magellan Maestro 4050 with voice command since 2008 and decided to look around for a new one with a few more bells and whistles. I spent a week solid reading reviews and was ready to buy a Nuvi 3490LMT but kept on reading about software issues and after trying on at BestBuy didn't see it worth $400 for a few additional features.
With that in mind I looked back to Magellan Roadmaster 1700 and a 4700 and even the 5175 Traveller and just couldn't find one that had the features I wanted.
So back to Garmin I looked and found out that The Nuvi 2595LMT had everything I like and needed and was $150 less than the NUVI 3490LMT.

What I liked in the Nuvi 2595LMT
5" screen
Voice Commands
Speaks street names, turn by turn
One button to save and name a location.
Free map and traffic for life
Highway Lane selection
Highway Exit enhancement
Highway speed for that highway
Speed limit exceeded notice
Pedestrian mode
Can change icons and voices
Has maps for most of Mexico
Select multiple routes and not just one
You can add coordinates in for a route which I use a lot.

And the great price from Amazon which I have bought many items from and has a great return policy.
I will turn off Bluetooth because I already have it in my car and truck stereo systems and to save battery when in pedestrian mode on battery.

What I don't like
Nothing yet about the unit.
I hate users who write rviews before they read the manual and learn how to use their unit.
Then complain how the unit doesn't do this or that and the unit does> All they have to do is take the time a read and learn.
I'm sure I will get a lot of negitive remarks to my statement but it really bothers me when the problem is the human factor.

With that said I almust add that yes firmware updates are always needed as minor bugs are found and what I see is Garmin in on top of this or they wouldn't be in business long.
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on November 27, 2016
I really like this unit for the voice activation. I don't ever have to use the touchscreen. Of course, sometimes the voice recognition isn't perfect, but eventually it will work. The only problem I have is the map update. I cannot update the maps no matter what I try. The download progress bar keeps on going and going and never finishes. Last time I got to 480% completed! Huh? I'll just continue to use the product with 2014 maps until I can figure out the problem or until the unit wears out. Not a big issue for me. Don't worry! -- Be happy! ---
UPDATE! Garmin released a new version of their Garmin Express software and the unit updated flawlessly. I now have the very latest maps and the GPS continues to work great.
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on August 28, 2017
This GPS works best when you've already used a map to get in the general vicinity of where you are going. Otherwise, God only knows where it will lead you. My wife and I don't trust it at all. When announcing a turn on a particular street, it almost always uses an alternative street name that is not the one you will see on the sign (example: Garmin calls Highway 169 near the Twin Cities in MN John A. Johnson Memorial Highway. Nobody, and I mean nobody, calls it that). This can lead to confusion. Worse yet, it sometimes announces a turn after I have passed the intersection where it wants me to turn, or when I'm in the middle of the intersection already. I used to use a Magellan that didn't last long, but it was much less frustrating.
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on November 25, 2011
I purchased a Nuvi 2595LMT mainly to replace my old Garmin Street Pilot which was one of the best GPS portables out there for many years. My reasons for purchasing the Nuvi 2595LMT were for the free map updates and voice recognition. This is a totally hands free unit but also has a easy to use touch screen. The voice recognition works far better than I expected having use VR on many other products. No learning process for the unit and being an ole southern boy, it recognizes my commands, verging on a 100% accuracy. That's better than my wife, lol.

The 5" dia. screen read out and format are easy to read. This unit's functionality is very intuitive. It has an onboard user's manual which I really have not needed. With the 8 gig internal memory and Mini-SD slot it has more than enough space available for future use. With Bluetooth, VR and its many other features it is one complete unit. I do wish the battery life (2.5 hrs.) was a little longer, but considering that this is a little 5" monitor/mini computer, you shouldn't expect but so much. I highly recommend this unit for all types of users.
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on April 3, 2012
Great product.
The Large screen is nice - i bought it as a luxury not thinking it was really necessary - but it does come in handy to see the small text on the highway signs that appear in the highway exit graphics.
The touch screen is responsive compared to my TomTom - this was a big selling point for me. Reaction of a device upon pressing has become standard - devices that lag are beginning to feel aged.

Let me clear up a few concerns / misunderstandings about this device...
Some users have expressed disappointment because they believe the display won't show some specific data such as the Current Time displayed next to the Arrival time, or that the device shows needless info such as the compass or elevation...
BUT - the different "windows" in the lower display are customizable and you can choose whatever information is displayed within each. I've set mine to show (from left to right) "Arrival Time", "Current Time", "Arrive In" (duration till arrival), and "Current Speed". That's ALL the info i want, and i was able to customize it for my needs. I too would have been very dissappointed if i was only offered the display info that comes by default. Poke around a little and the device will cater to your needs.

Another user mentioned the device keeps defaulting back to factory standards when turned off & on. It's true partly - if you customize the screen - parts of the display will show elevation, compass etc UNTIL you input a destination. Then, your customized screen options will display again. No problem.

I think it's a bit ridiculous that Garmin makes you buy the super expensive model to get voice activation, but hey - it worked. I spent an extra $100 for it. Let me say - ITS WORTH IT. Voice activation this good should be standard on all GPS units.
Again, customization comes in handy here - i programmed mine to listen upon saying "Garmin Listen" - instead of the factory default "Voice Command" - but you can choose whatever you want. Voice command is great for increasing or decreasing the volume or brightness level on the device. Above all though, the feature really shines by the fact that you can ramble off an ENTIRE ADDRESS from street to state and Garmin pull it up. It feels wonderful, and from my use it justified the premium.

I think the mount is a bit of a hassle and could be better designed - it comes in about 3 pieces. My TomTom had a suction mount built onto the device and that felt like a more comprehensive design. I do understand what Garmin is dealing with tho because they offer a variety of mounting options beyond the suction, and the device needs to be able to be disassembled to transform for those situations. Case in point - i just bought a friction mount, and this will replace the suction. If the suction was built on i wouldn't have had this option as easily. Still, the fewer pieces the better.

I don't like the little coupon icon that displays when in traffic mode. It goes away, but it's a little insulting. Mind over matter - if you choose to not be bothered by it you won't be.

I'd say my biggest gripe as of now is with the voice. My old TomTom had a few great voice options - i'd think a newer device would have at least a comparable selection. Well - of the only two english speaking (and american accented) voices - one is the voice that is synthesized and is able to read aloud street names etc. It's a great feature but i've learned over the years - for me - it's not really necessary. That leaves me with the only other english speaking voice. Honestly, it sounds like an American teen girl. Not very confident, young woman around the age of 17 - and i find it weird. It sounds as if some CEO of Garmin had his teenage daughter record the default voice for kicks. My TomTom had a few strong, professional voices and i miss them. I also prefer my GPS to have an english accent - but unfortunately that's not offered here.

Not sure why Garmin stripped the voices so excessively - but it doesn't feel right for a premium model. I've looked ALL OVER for better voices that are serious - not comedic but the selection is surprisingly awful. Even Garmin's official selection on their website is terrible, with no solid, professional sounding voice options. Weird. I despise a comedic sound track for my Garmin voice - who wants the same canned jokes ride after ride? Well, some people do - but for me, no thanks.

Another interesting feature i've noticed is an ambient light sensor. Not only will the device switch to night / day mode respectively at those times of day, but it will switch to night mode if you go into a tunnel - for instance - or the light gets too dim in the surrounding area, and it will switch back when the light returns. It was a welcome surprise.

Let me be clear. This unit - the 2595LMT is a great device. Thanks to the lifetime maps, i'm sure i'll use this device for years.
The display is nice and colorful and responsive, Lifetime maps (and traffic if you're into that) offer longevity, and the Voice Activation is a feature Garmin has incorporated fairly smoothly, it works like a charm.

EDIT 4/5/12 -------------
Using the Garmin WebUpdater for my computer, i was not only able to update the software - but was given a whole list of optional "professional" non comedic voices and accents to choose from. This solved my problem of the limited selections pre-loaded on the device.
One suggestion Garmin - thankfully i don't use the Text to Speech voices, so when i activate Voice Control i get nice, subtle beep prompts from the device to indicate when to speak / confirmation that a command has been accepted. This is very nice. Unfortunately, for all those that use Text to Speech voices, they have no option but to listen to needless speech from the Garmin when Voice Control is activated. It'll speak everything even brightness and volume levels - it's just overkill. Some editing in what needs to be spoken would definitely go a long way in making the function feel refined for those using Text to Speech AND Voice Control.
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on December 8, 2013
I have been using this for 4 months now and be honest with you it takes time to get used to it specially if this is your first time using a GPS device other than your phone, it is so different and at first more complicated. But now I am still learning but so far so good. It takes me to anywhere I wanna go, I'm one of the drivers that doesn't remember directions and places I've been to by heart not unless I go there often. So this GPS device Is so helpful for me, most specially on a freeway where they have so many exits and turns that you easily get lost. We've used it in LA (their freeway is so confusing) , the best feature of this device is ahead of time before you get to your exit it shows the image on the screen what lane you should stay at and the same exact sign of the exit you should take. Volume is really loud I only use vol.7 while driving and it is perfect vol. for me and I can still listen to my radio. I don't use any other feature of this GPS , the direction is all i need. FYI, by the way if you're having a problem that it is taking you on a longer route and to dangerous area, try to disable the bus stop, train etc on the settings and it should work perfectly. You only enable those things that you need.

But if you're like my husband and knows where you're going or have a pretty good idea, this is not for you. You'll just end up arguing with this GPS device and would rather take your own way, so there's no point.
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on November 30, 2014

REGISTRATION - Easy, if computer savvy. Have to download/install the Garmin Express application on PC.

MAP UPDATES - Easy, but slow. Connect to your PC with the provided USB cable, use the PC application to search for and download updates. Took well over an hour (on cable high speed internet) to download the newest map.

LANE SELECTION - Excellent. Two features. 1) In the upper left, it displays the lanes for your next turn (distance doesn't matter, 100 ft or 5 miles ahead) with the suggested lanes in white. It also shows you how far to go before the next turn. 2) For freeway exits (maybe other things, also), it dynamically displays the exit with the suggested lanes in pink. It's pretty snazzy, showing a great picture of all the lanes and the freeway sign. I found the white arrows in the upper left the easiest to read and use, plus they're always there.

(12/5/14 - it didn't do a good job with the Sand Canyon exit immediately following the 133 Toll Road exit on I-5 South. Sand Canyon is very close (~200 yards) after the 133 Toll Road exit. The 133 Toll Road exit has it's OWN EXIT-ONLY LANES, but the white arrows in the upper left didn't show them, instead it made it look like I should be in the rightmost freeway lane to exit onto Sand Canyon. Had I followed it blindly, I would've been in the wrong lane and would have exited onto the 133 Toll Road. The freeway signs, of course, was correct and I followed them, instead. I'm still giving 5-stars.)

TURN-BY-TURN DIRECTIONS - Excellent. It tells you to turn left on, say 1st street, then turn right. You immediately know which lane to get into as soon as you make the turn. If the subsequent turn is a long way off, it may not say "... then turn left/right". However, it then gives you plenty of warning (up to 1.3 miles) before reaching the subsequent turn.

RECALCULATION - Excellent. It doesn't tell you it's recalculating, it just does it. Fast, takes 3-4 seconds. When, for example, you know a short-cut and take it instead of the suggested route. Or miss a turn.

BIRDS-EYE VIEW - Excellent. It zooms out when the next turn is far away and zooms in when the turn is approaching. I prefer the birds-eye view over the 3D view. It seems more similar to what I see with Google Maps and others.

SCREEN BRIGHTNESS - Excellent. The default settings have been perfect. I am able to see the display easily through sunglasses.

VOICE VOLUME - Excellent. Default volume is easy to hear.

ENTERING GPS COORDINATES - Excellent, but had to activate. The Coordinate feature isn't active by default. Once you figure out how to activate Features, it's easy to activate. Once active it is easy to enter GPS coordinates, give them a name, and save them. You can choose between 3 different GPS formats, I chose the one that matches Google Maps.

FREEWAY ENTRY LANES - Excellent. This is a major feature for me, my anxiety level goes up when approaching an unknown freeway on-ramp. I never know whether to be on the right or left side of the street. So I take the middle and change lanes quickly when I get close to the freeway. The Garmin tells you which side to be on (up to 1.5 miles ahead). The using the white arrows in the upper left corner, it's easy to see which lane to be in.

TRIP APPLICATION - easy to use, add/remove locations. It has an optimize feature, you can enter the locations in any order and it will optimize the sequence for you. Or you can manually sequence the locations.

3D ARROW ICON - I downloaded the 3D arrow to replace the default car icon. I like the sharp point that shows the direction I am traveling.

ACCURACY - Excellent. It hasn't given me a wrong turn yet.

(12/3/14 - not true, it made me turn right and go all the way around the block once, when a left turn would've gotten me where I wanted to go much more quickly. A nit, I still got to where I needed to go. I'm still marking accuracy as excellent.)

VEHICLE POWER - Good. Nice long power cord, but not long enough to coil as they suggest. The power cord is also the GPS antenna. When you turn off the engine, it powers the unit down after 15 seconds.

BATTERY LIFE - Seems good. I've never been concerned when using it in standalone-mode to find places. Most of the time it is plugged into the vehicle or a PC.

NON-NAVIGATION MODE - Good. If you're just driving around, without a destination, it shows a map of where you are, and displays the upcoming cross-street (i.e. 1st Street Ahead).

SPEED LIMIT INDICATOR - Excellent. It display the speed limit for the section of the road you are on. If you miss a speed limit sign, you don't have to guess the current speed limit. This feature intrigued me at first, how, possibly could it know the speed limit? I know the speed limit signs aren't digital, so what magic are they using. It is apparently brute force, somebody mapped it all out. I know because it is wrong on a section of road near me. The speed limit sign says 45 MPH, but the Garmin says the speed limit is 50 MPH, which it used to be a year ago. None-the-less, I find this feature very useful. It also tells you how fast you are going, but it's off by a couple of MPH (e.g. it says I am doing 50, but actually, I am doing 52).

VOICE COMMANDS - Seems good. I have used it minimally and it worked fine. I asked it for "Big-5 stores" and it found the ones near me. I spoke the number (e.g. 1 or 5 or 3) of the Big-5 I wanted to go to and away I went.


SEARCHING IN OTHER STATES - It tries to do all it's searches near my Home. You have to remember to select another state before you enter the address, which I always forget to do. You force it to search another state, by pressing the "Searching near:" field, then selecting a different state.

GOODWILL STORE LOCATIONS - It doesn't know all the Goodwill Stores in my area, it could only find one of them (there are 5).


MENU SYSTEM - Not so good. The menu system is confusing at first. Several different ways to enter the different menus (Where To Go?, View Maps, Applications, Settings). After a while, you remember that the Trip application is under Applications and Saved Places is under Where To Go. If a screen has an Options menu, it is accessible by pressing the 3 horizontal bars in the upper left, similar to smart phones and tablets.

VOICE ARTICULATION - On the freeway, I found it difficult to hear the word "left", it sounded like "right". Not a problem when on the streets, though. Weird.
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on May 28, 2014
This is my 3rd Garmin GPS and while I always take a look at the other offerings out there, Magellan, Tom Tom, Google Maps via my phone and even GMC On Star services. I keep coming back to Garmin. This one is by far the easiest and most intuitive GPS I have ever used. I read a lot of reviews on this and almost didn't by it because of the reviews that said the voice recognition didn't work all that well and that the address entering system had changed from prior versions. Well I'm glad I didn't listen to the those reviews and went with this one. The voice recognition is flawless as far as I am concerned, not just for spoken addresses but also in recognizing business names and searching that way. If you need to use the screen to type a location (although why would you with the awesome voice recognition) it works the same way my previous 2 Garmins did and this is going back over the last 7 years or so. I'm not quite sure what people are complaining about!! After voice recognition, my next favorite feature is the lane designation, it shows you what lane you should be in and as you get close to your exit it shows you a picture of it, folks it doesn't get any easier than that!!! The screen is nice and bright, the voice is clear and understandable. I can't imagine anything else I would want from a GPS. So buy it!! If you have an older GPS, upgrade it, you will not be disappointed!!!!
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on November 15, 2014
Update 11-30-2014
I used this GPS to drive to the Houston Texas area for Thanksgiving. The traffic alerts were excellent, popping up in time to alert me to upcoming traffic issues (and there were plenty in Houston!)
However, on the west side of Houston, the maps seemed to be more than 10 YEARS out of date! This is no refelction on the device...just shocked that Garmin, even with the latest maps downloaded, offer such outdated maps!
Also, we selected a restaurant for an early breakfast from the points of interest, the device took us carefully to EMPTY FIELD! The locals say that area has never been developed so Garmin have some explaining to do there!
Still, I accept that all of these devices have their flaws, but it left a bad taste in my mouth following directions that led me to junctions that no longer exist, or sections of freeway that were remodeled as much as 10 years ago, the on & off ramps indicated by the map no longer exist!
ALso, it occasionally showed once an exit but never announced it. I will write to Garming to bring up these serious shortcomings!

I have had several GPS devices over the years, my last one had a problem with downloading updates though it would charge. I though this would be comparable but it has actiually way exceeded my expectations.
The voice command isvery impressive, I have only once manually entered an address, it also finds every point of itnerest I ask.
The 5 inch screen is bright and clear, the case has a nice feel to it and it was very easy to set up, upgrade the maps and start using. Just connect the device, download the simple app which allows you to register the GPS and it then tells you which uodates are available.
The car chargiing cable also doubles up as the traffic receiver. It is very accurate and the spoken voices are clear and easy to understand.
My phone also paired easily with this device and the sound quality was quite good!
My only critisism is the window/dash mount, It does not stick that well and it is a bit bulky. Still it does its job though I may look for a slimmer generic alternative. I have not used it on battery porwer so I cannot offer and clues to how long a charge will last.
Even though this is a two year old model, all in all, easily the best and most advanced GPS I have owned.
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