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on February 1, 2017
This thing is great. I rely on the voice assist on my GPS to help me avoid looking down while driving, but sometimes it can't be avoided. I've tried many different GPS mounts with different vehicles over the years and this is by far my favorite. It is very well weighted and stays on the top of my dashboard while driving. A quick glance and I can read the GPS.

Another advantage of this is that once the mounting bar is in place, you can either lock it in place (so you would have to move the whole thing around to change the angle) or leave it unlocked and it will turn 360 degrees horizontally as needed. The mounting bar doesn't turn without assistance so I will probably never lock it.

I have one of those dashboard compartments so if it is particularly sunny or I am on a bumpy road, I can place it in there to help shade it and keep it in place.
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on October 25, 2016
What I got was not like what was pictured. It is flat with a rubbery bottom and not the beanbag type showed.
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on June 1, 2007
My Prius has a rough dashboard and a windshield that slopes very sharply. Thus, the suction cup mounts are not good solutions. Fortunately, the friction mount is a great solution. It works much better than I expected. Very stable, does not slide, and lets me adjust my Nuvi to a variety of different angles. I can place the GPS anywhere on the dash or even on the center console. Also works great when transferred to my wife's Ford.

Only downside to the device is that it has a rather large footprint, but not prohibitively large. I like the fact that I can easily use this in both of our family vehicles depending on where we need the GPS.

UPDATE: Now that I have used this mount regularly since May, I have to say this is the best mounting solution I've found for a GPS or any other device for my car. It hasn't slid out of place once!! Given the rise in GPS units being stolen from cars, this mount allows you to easily stash your GPS Unit and mount out of sight and then put it back into position with ease.

2009 Update: Still using this in my Prius and my wife has one too. It's held up quite well. It IS a bit bulky to store out of the way when not in use, but still a good solution. I usually remove my GPS from the mount (a simple process) and then place the mount as far under the seat as it will go. Not perfect, but the best solution I've found to date.
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After I bought my Garmin nüvi 205W 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator I found out that the included suction mount wasn't sturdy enough for my car. When I searched for a better mount, every site I looked at recommended this one. The price was right, here on Amazon and once I received it the "Frustration-Free Packaging" was appreciated.

It now sits on the dash of my Chevy Trailblazer and hasn't budged in over 800+ miles. Now while I'm very pleased with this product, it may not work with every vehicle. It's great if you have a flat surface to place it on or even one with a bit of a slope. It also doesn't seem to matter whether the dash is rough or smooth - it stays put either way. The last nice thing about the Garmin Portable Friction Mount is that it's not permanent. If I want I can transfer it to another vehicle quickly and easily.

Overall I think the sheer number of positive reviews make this item a easy purchase, at least it was for me.
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on September 24, 2017
I have to admit I didn't think this thing would stay put on the dash but I was wrong - it stays put. When traveling for business or pleasure I like to take my GPS with me. I have never had any luck with renting a device from the rental car company because they were not updated or was a model I did not know how to use the features.
I bought this mount to take with me to Ireland. When I visit there I need my GPS but I don't like sticking the unit to the windshield so I was looking for something that I could sit on the dash that would stay put. I have not idea how it stays stuck but it never slide around. I was in Ireland for two weeks and drove over 1,400 miles and the device never slide an inch. The other thing I liked is that I could just grab it and place it under the seat or out of view when I parked the car.
Bottom line ... it stays put !
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on August 5, 2017
I have tried all other kinds of mounts for my Garmin GPS, including the suction cup and the AC vent holders but the AC vent ones block the AC airflow and the suction cup ones come loose right away. I had to remove the AC grate clips when not in use to allow the air to flow. Those clips are not easy to insert and remove and are a pain. The suction cup one always took several tries to get it to stick. I decided to give this a try and boy, am I happy I did. This sits perfectly on top of the dash of my 2006 Honda CR-V and stays put. I purposely took some corners hard and did some hard stops, acceleration, and braking and this thing didn't budge a millimeter. When I am parked, I can simply lift this, with the GPS still attached, off the dashboard and set it on the floor in front of the seat to get it out of view. Then simply put it back up onto the dashboard and away I go. I finally found the mount that works for me.
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on March 27, 2017
I have a Prius, with a steep sloping windshield and a textured sloping dashboard. The regular suction holder that came with my Garmin would not work at all on the dash, and even though I could make it work on the windshield, then I couldn't reach it to push buttons. It also had the downside of needing to leave the mount on the windshield, thus advertising the fact that I had the Garmin in the vehicle. This friction mount is ridiculously easy to use and when I'm not in the car I can easily put it inside the central console with the unit, and then very easily get both out again when I need them. It never slips and can be placed just where I want it for easy access. I'm thrilled with this purchase.
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on January 6, 2018
I love this Garmin friction mount. We live in Arizona and the GPS are constantly falling off the window. I can put this bad boy anywhere on the dash. It has a skid free type substance on the bottom so it won't slide. It is filled with some type of bean bag type stuff and the weight is perfect. I ordered one several weeks ago and this is a second one I ordered for my son. He loves it also.
I should have done this a long time ago. Maybe the cord slot wouldn't be jacked up frim falling on 2 of my GPS had I done this before... Had to buy new GPS's
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on August 8, 2017
I wanted to love this thing as it cleared up windshield room after I removed the suction cup mount. However, this thing is always sliding off my dash and worst of all, it moves a lot. Every time I go to type an address in either the ball mount moves or the bracket that slides in the base rotates (yes, I have it in lock mode); it's very annoying. At least with the suction cup mount, it's sturdy and the gps doesn't move around as you touch the screen. I'm not happy at all with the purchase and urge buyers to look into better options.
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on February 2, 2017
So far so good. Works like a charm. Got really sick and tired of the suction cup windshield mount failing over and over.
Thought I'd try this. Works great. I have it over on the left side so it is less likely to slide or move. I did try in the middle where I normally had my Garmin, but it took up more dash space. Over on the left side is working well. I'm going to hardwire into the car to avoid the dangling cords. Did it in my last car for my Garmin and Radar Detector. It was nice to be cord free! This mount is really nice and works like a champ.
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