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on December 17, 2016
This Heart Rate Monitor works well with the Garmin Vivoactive watch. It paired with the watch without issue and after that the watch has had no problems recognizing the monitor.

I've only three times so far, but it works as advertised. I haven't experienced any chaffing yet, but 5 miles has been my longest run.

If your compatible watch doesn't have a built in (wrist) heart rate monitor or if you're looking for more accuracy than the wrist monitor can provide this is a great option. This heart rate monitor uses the ant+ connectivity and not Bluetooth so make sure you device is compatible.
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Enthusiast: Runningon January 2, 2017
I prefer this strap over the standard Garmin strap. This seems to wear better and a huge difference is it doesn't have contacts (where the battery connects with the belt). On previous straps I've had (not this strap), these have started to rust, usually after a few years.

Using this with a 920 XT and it pairs quickly ever time!

I've been using Garmin Heart Rate Monitors for the past twenty years, and am a long-distance runner and bicyclist who has completed eight marathons, a half iron man triathlon, and tech geek.

In my experience, there is a learning curve to getting used to pairing a heart rate monitor (that is, getting the wrist unit to recognize the wireless signal sent from the chest strap). It's well worth the effort, however, as it really tells you when you're not pushing hard enough (typically when heart rate is less than 65%, depending on your fitness goals, of course).

What's worked for me is making sure the strap is tight without feeling restrictive, wetting it with water first, washing it for a few seconds under the sink - just the contact points - meaning the two areas on each side of the logo on the underside that contact with your skin to get a signal. If you use body lotion, that can interfere with the connection as well, which is partially why Garmin recommends washing the strap after each use.

Sometimes, when I have trouble pairing, I wash the area on my body where the strap contacts with, and then apply Spectra 360: Spectra 360 Electrode Gel - Parker Laboratories - 8.5 oz Tube - (Pack of 5). It works really well. I've uploaded a pic of Spectra 360 as well.

If all of this seems like a bit much, I weigh that against the information gleaned from regularly using a heart rate monitor. One of the incredible benefits is it tells you when you're working hard enough, or not, or when you're working too hard. The fitter you become, the easier it is to mentally push, or pull back, depending on your goal that day, or in that workout. I even use this while lifting weights. I tend to lift smaller weights, and focus on form, with steady, controlled movement, 1 up, 4 count down, so to speak. I've noticed I can push hard with smaller weights and get great benefits, and my heart rate will spike when pushing. After a repetition, I sit, lie still, and wait one minute for my heart rate to recover, typically from around 140 back to 100. The fitter I am, the quicker the recovery.

The heart muscle is perhaps the most important muscle we have in life, so having a way to monitor it has become an essential and fun part of my workout regimen.

Okay, enough with my related tangent. This is an excellent strap!
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on June 14, 2014
Heart strap has been almost perfect in operation, only a few drop outs while running. The key is to wet your skin with water and the sensor pads before starting the workout. I've only had to re-apply a few times during longer work outs. I get a constant and accurate read-out into my Endomondo Sports Tracker app every day. Highly recommended.

This Garmin HR strap use the ANT+ protocol, not Bluetooth. Please make sure your smartphone supports it. Newer Samsung devices such as S4 and Note3 as I have both of them. ANT+ is better than BT in my opinion because it is very lower power consumption. Additionally your smartphone application has to be able to read the ANT+ API which is a developer support issues. I believe they sell an ANT+ to BT adapter for some devices if you are really want to use this strap.

Update 8/13 (4 months later):

When your Garmin strap fails, and *IT WILL* no matter how much you take care of it. Don't despair, get this replacement band (Polar Soft Strap Set for less $20) and attach your Garmin ANT+ device to it. The Polar strap is just the strap, not the Polar device+strap unit. Garmin unit works like and charm, and the Polar strap has much better build quality and sensor pads than the original Garmin.
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on January 15, 2017
This is a nice ANT+ HR monitor. It senses well, fits comfortably on me, and has held up to repeated use & wash. I'm still on the original battery after about 90 hours of use.

The fancier/nicer Garmin HR-RUN/TRI (red or blue units) sensors don't seem to work with the Concept2 rower, as it won't detect them.
This one is just basic HR, and pairs just fine.
It has no problem providing HR data to multiple receivers simultaneously. The replacement elastic straps are cheap enough to replace as needed.
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on July 15, 2017
I purchased this Garmin ANT+ Chest Strap Heart Rate transmitter to work with my WaterRower rowing machine. For the WaterRower, I bought an internal ANT+ heart rate receiver. Since both devices use the ANT+ protocol, I assumed that they would easily work together. I was wrong. After contacting support at both Garmin and WaterRower, neither company was able to give me any advice on how to make one manufacturer's ANT+ device work with the ANT+ device of another maker. Both companies said that there is no pairing process, that the devices should simply sense each other automatically, and start working. Unfortunately, they didn't.

It seems that ANT+ is not a robust interoperability standard like Bluetooth or WiFi. ANT+ is essentially owned by Garmin, but the "standard" is open source so that other manufacturers can use it, too. But as far as I can tell, there is no standards group that tests and assures interoperability between ANT+ devices coming from different manufacturers.

So if you are buying this Garmin Heart Rate Monitor to work with a Garmin watch, you are probably OK. But if you try to use it with another manufacturer's ANT+ equipment (e.g. ANT+ gym equipment), you are on your own -- it might work, it might not.

The Garmin chest strap seemed well made, was comfortable, and I liked how easy it is to replace the battery. From a mechanical standpoint, I give this chest strap 5 stars. But the lack of interoperability with ANT+ devices from other manufacturers caused me to return this chest strap, and lower my overall rating to 3 stars.
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on February 10, 2017
Bought this to supplement my new Garmin Forerunner 230. Initial setup took about 5 minutes and 2 tries, but now it connects to my Forerunner immediately when I am about to head out for a run. I do wet the sensors (with a drop of spit, honestly) but I sweat so much during my runs that it's probably not even necessary. Heart rate seems accurate but my running coach has cautioned me against worrying about "zones" and "max HR" without an actual treadmill/bike test with a cardiologist. I use it more so for calorie calculations and seeing how much my HR goes up on hills or during speed work.
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on June 5, 2014
UPDATE--I get questions about what devices this works with (iPhone? Android? etc) and my knowledge is that it works only with Garmin, but it works very well and consistently. Also, unlike phone apps (e.g. Map My Run which I have on my iPhone), my daughter has reminded me that the Garmin does not require a data plan and so she uses it instead of Map My Run.

I noticed some of the reviews on this product were talking about this not working after just a few months--it prompted me to go in and check to see when I bought it. I was surprised to see that it has been 2 years since my purchase. I don't use it a ton, maybe on average weekly over the last 2 years, but it has been a great product. No issues at all, I wear it with my Forerunner 305 and it is much more accurate and reliable than my out-of-the-box original hard plastic one.

After I wear it, I unsnap the monitor and wash the strap and this has worked great for me. No rash and no problems.
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on November 11, 2011
This strap worked great for a few months but now tells me my heart is racing well over 200 bpm. It will stay up there for a while, then come back down to earth for a bit, before giving me bogus readings all over again. I have seen similar stories are all over the net.

Updated 11/17/2011 - I am seeing more reliable signals using the Garmin watch with this strap now. I had to tighten the strap and wet it more thoroughly than I used to - Not sure why? Maybe a conductive coating begins to wear? So I raised the rating back to a 4. On a parallel note, one thing my running partner and I have discovered is that we are cross-contaminating our readings. Like me, he has the iPhone 4, Wahoo ANT+ sensor, and this strap. In addition, I also have the Garmin 610 watch. We're both really watching our heartrates to concentrate training in our aerobic zones. What we are discovering is that even though we've been careful to pair things properly, we will end up picking up each other's signals in the iPhone Runkeeper app, so some of the craziness we've been seeing may be related to cross pairing. iSmoothRun, another iPhone app, displays the serial number of the strap where Runkeeper does not. We're going to test and see if Runkeeper is "dynamic pairing" on the fly at start-up with whatever sensor it sees, while iSmoothRun may be persisting the serial number and staying paired with your strap. We will let you know as it may help some of you with similar configurations.

Updated 12/16/2011 - Well, the strap is officially bad. I believe that when it gets slightly wet after hand-washing just the strap, even after drying it, you'll get bogus readings of 200+. I am sending it back to Garmin for replacement. I would recommend the Timex ANT+ soft-strap instead. It has worked flawlessly for me now after a month of heavy use and I find it more comfortable than the Garmin strap which tends to roll in on itself. I lowered the Garmin rating down to a 2.
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on September 8, 2016
Works great with my Vivofit, I just had to enable the heart HR screen in the Garmin app. What I find works best is if I put it on and then splash a little water on my skin where the sensors are located. It usually connects and updates right away if I do this. If I don't do this, it might take a minute or more to give me a reliable hr. Should have bought one long ago. It takes the guesswork out of exercising.

Update, after exercise I take this in the shower with me and let it drip dry. If you don't do this, the cloth might start smelling from the sweat.
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on April 26, 2017
This is working great with my Samsung S5 and the SHealth app. I don't know if this is necessary but to get it working I had to turn on bluetooth. I got in to the Samsung app and start a circuit workout, click at the top right, and chick accessories, then click scan. I have to be wearing it before it will register anything in the app. I have tried all of the watches and none of them are accurate. This is the only accurate HRM I have ever used.
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