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Top Contributor: Petson February 10, 2017
Bought this to supplement my new Garmin Forerunner 230. Initial setup took about 5 minutes and 2 tries, but now it connects to my Forerunner immediately when I am about to head out for a run. I do wet the sensors (with a drop of spit, honestly) but I sweat so much during my runs that it's probably not even necessary. Heart rate seems accurate but my running coach has cautioned me against worrying about "zones" and "max HR" without an actual treadmill/bike test with a cardiologist. I use it more so for calorie calculations and seeing how much my HR goes up on hills or during speed work.
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on August 22, 2017
This is definitely one of the better heart rate straps. Why?
Here are the reasons:
1) Super durable,I've had this one for years. The soft straps wind up breaking after a few months of use or just cease to read well.
2) The batter is very easy to change. The biggest problem with the soft strap monitors is that when it comes time to replace the battery you need to unscrew these little baby screws from the device. The screws are so weak and it's very easy to strip them. This heart rate strap has a very simple design,any coin can be used to unscrew the device to get to the battery. Stripping is not possible unless you purposely do it.
3) Maybe it's just me but I get better readings using the hard strap vs the soft strap.
4) Cheaper than soft strap. I know people tend to go for the lightest high tech thing out there,but this thing is solid. Yes you can feel it on your chest more than a soft strap,but who cares. Eventually you get used to it.

This comes from someone who runs between 60-75 miles a week depending on the time of the year
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This Heart Rate Monitor works well with the Garmin Vivoactive watch. It paired with the watch without issue and after that the watch has had no problems recognizing the monitor.

I've only three times so far, but it works as advertised. I haven't experienced any chaffing yet, but 5 miles has been my longest run.

If your compatible watch doesn't have a built in (wrist) heart rate monitor or if you're looking for more accuracy than the wrist monitor can provide this is a great option. This heart rate monitor uses the ant+ connectivity and not Bluetooth so make sure you device is compatible.
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This is a nice ANT+ HR monitor. It senses well, fits comfortably on me, and has held up to repeated use & wash. I'm still on the original battery after about 90 hours of use.

The fancier/nicer Garmin HR-RUN/TRI (red or blue units) sensors don't seem to work with the Concept2 rower, as it won't detect them.
This one is just basic HR, and pairs just fine.
It has no problem providing HR data to multiple receivers simultaneously. The replacement elastic straps are cheap enough to replace as needed.
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on February 6, 2018
I love that I can connect this to my Vivo Active HR watch during workouts as it’s far more accurate than the wrist measurements. When you attach it to your watch and you use it for workouts make sure to wet it before you put it on, especially if you’re not a sweater. Honestly I didn’t even notice I had it on. It felt like a comfortable sports bra strap.

Also it will be the primary HR measurement when connected to your VivoActive HR.. you don’t even have to change the settings once you connect it.
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on June 14, 2014
Heart strap has been almost perfect in operation, only a few drop outs while running. The key is to wet your skin with water and the sensor pads before starting the workout. I've only had to re-apply a few times during longer work outs. I get a constant and accurate read-out into my Endomondo Sports Tracker app every day. Highly recommended.

This Garmin HR strap use the ANT+ protocol, not Bluetooth. Please make sure your smartphone supports it. Newer Samsung devices such as S4 and Note3 as I have both of them. ANT+ is better than BT in my opinion because it is very lower power consumption. Additionally your smartphone application has to be able to read the ANT+ API which is a developer support issues. I believe they sell an ANT+ to BT adapter for some devices if you are really want to use this strap.

Update 8/13 (4 months later):

When your Garmin strap fails, and *IT WILL* no matter how much you take care of it. Don't despair, get this replacement band (Polar Soft Strap Set for less $20) and attach your Garmin ANT+ device to it. The Polar strap is just the strap, not the Polar device+strap unit. Garmin unit works like and charm, and the Polar strap has much better build quality and sensor pads than the original Garmin.
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on January 5, 2018
Does not pair with any current Garmin ANT + apps on Google Play. Compatible App "Garmin Fit" (which supposedly picks up the ANT + signal direct to the android phone) DOES NOT EXIST. All other apps fail to recognize.. Telephone wait time is 56 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes and telephone number has to be found through internet search.
The Wahoo TICKR app will identify the chest straps ANT + signal directly to my phone. Not only that, but it would give me an accurate heart rate with a 4 bar signal!. Because all I was looking for was an accurate heart rate monitor for when I was on an elliptical or treadmill, for less than $15 this will work for me. I just shut off automatic updates on the Wahoo app just in case Wahoo gets tired of supporting Garmin's gear..
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on February 4, 2018
Bought this HRM to go with a Vivoactive 3 and the instructions that came with the monitor were vague about how to connect (even though both devices are made by Garmin. I struggled with searching on the internet until my brother in law said to check the manual that came with my Vivactive 3. Sure enough, it had three simple steps to pair the two. I suppose each device is different so in hindsight, that makes sense. Once paired, you never have to worry about it again.

Now, when I begin an activity (usually running), it automatically links the HRM to track heart rate more accurately than the watch can with the wrist. Band is surprisingly comfortable to wear. I thought the flexible strap with the snap on monitor would be better, but this works just fine. The front third is a flexible soft rubber that fits beneath your rib cage and the rest is the typical elastic band you would expect to wrap around. I don't know about durability, but based on the reviews I've read, this one should last quite a bit longer than the all elastic version. So far, no complaints and I've had no problems after the first three weeks of use.
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on January 5, 2018
Works perfectly with my Concept 2 Rower. Heart rate is displayed on the PM5 monitor allowing me to row for as hard and as long as I want to.
review image
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on April 10, 2018
Garmin Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) is a great addition to my Garmin Forerunner 35. By itself the Forerunner 35 smart watch provides very poor and unreliable heart rate data. However, when used in conjunction with the Garmin HRM strap, the Forerunner 35 becomes a very reliable instrument for evaluating one's workout. Before purchasing the Garmin HRM strap I had quit using my Forerunner 35 all together as a fitness watch as its readings were awful. Now, I will use it every day.

I am concerned as to whether the elastic portion of the strap will last for any decent period of time. Normally, an athlete's perspiration will cause these kinds of straps to deteriorate and lose their elasticity over a short period of time. I wish the elastic portion of the strap could fit into a sleeve that would protect it from perspiration. Maybe one of you inventors out there could help out Garmin with this.

The Forerunner 35 is a great smart watch and I was disappointed in its capacity as a fitness watch. I should not have been surprised. About a year ago, my doctor began to check my blood pressure and heart rate with a new wrist cuff. About three months ago, I noticed that the doctor had discontinued his use of the wrist cuff monitor and had gone back to the old upper-arm cuff to check blood pressure and heart rate. He told me that he was getting unreliable data from the wrist cuff.
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