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on November 11, 2009
The only drawback to this is that it takes time. About two hours to download @ 2.6mps DSL and approximately another two hours to install. The size of the file was 2.02 GB. If you are on Dial-up, forget it. You don't have to attend the download, but you do need to be present at the install to click I agree and OK a few times. Once it is installed, everything worked with no hitches of any kind. While I haven't used it on the road yet, I was able to determine there was substantial updates in the data file for all of the various type things that you might be looking for, i.e., restaurants, service stations, etc.

All of my old settings remained the same, recently found items remained the same, etc. What you are purchasing from Amazon is the product key and you then go to the Garmin site and download the software. I updated from the 2008 version.
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on December 20, 2009
I've had a StreetPilot C330 since 2005 and absolutely love it. Twice I've updated the maps using the DVD method, but I'm thrilled that they now have 1) life time maps, and 2) the ability to update directly from the internet. I will comment primarily on the update method because the updates will never have every new road, and some POI's will be closed or not updated. That seems to be the same for all GPS systems, and there is no point in moaning about it here. Technology is not perfect, but given my total lack of a sense of direction I would be lost without my Garmin.

Before you begin it helps to know a few technical things. 1) You should go to the Garmin website and register so that you have access to the latest operating system for your particular gps (mine was outdated), have the proper USB drivers installed to recognize your gps, have the latest web updater software installed, and have the latest communicator plugin installed. This took about an hour overall, but is time well spent as it streamlines the upgrade process later on. 2) After installing/updating everything you can find, connect your GPS to your computer via a USB cable. NOTE: Many systems have USB 2.0 connections only on the back of the computer. The ones on the front panel are very often only 1.x USB connections. Using a 1.x connection will drastically increase your update time, if it works at all. My computer would not recognize the Garmin C330 until I connected it to the back USB sockets which I know are USB 2.0. 3) If you have updated and installed the necessary programs and connected your GPS, your computer should recognize it as soon as you plug it in. Run Garmin's webupdater program to ensure everything is the very latest. I updated my GPS O/S (operating system) but declined to update the voices since they were all foreign language updates. 4) Now go and purchase the online update from Amazon. If you are using IE8 you may need to run the browser in compatibility mode. Also, because this is a digital download be prepared to answer extra security questions related to your Amazon account. When you purchase, you will "hopefully" be shown a screen with your Garmin online map code. I think because of a problem with how IE8 renders, the map code was not shown in my web browser. This is not a major problem because you can go to your Amazon Software Libray and retrieve the code there. You will need this to activate your "map upgrade download". 5) Go to the garmin website, to the map update section and enter your map code. You must activate this first before you can proceed. It will require your GPS to be connected so that this code will be keyed to your specific GPS serial number. This will then allow you to either download the update file direct or install the Garmin File Downloader. AGAIN PLEASE NOTE: IE8 must be run in compatibility mode or the Garmin File Downloader probably will not operate. The Garmin servers support the resume function so you can use any downloader if the Garmin downloader doesn't work for you. I never did get it to work, but since I already use a file downloader (IDM - Internet Download Manager). A file downloader is HIGHLY RECOMMEDED because the file is over 2 gigabytes in size, and you don't want to have to start over if the download gets interrupted for some reason. Also, when you initiate the download, you will be given another software key. This key is for the specific map upgrade you are downloading and must be recorded to extract the maps and install to your GPS. 6) If you've made it this far, you've now downloaded the large map upgrade file. Again, connect your GPS to the USB port and double-click on the update file. It will require you the enter the second key you received, and then will allow you to install the upgrade to your GPS as well as install a desktop version (MapSource) onto your computer if you so choose. As others have said, depending on how old your GPS is, you may not be able to install everything directly onto your GPS. My C330 is old enough that I either have to add memory via a MMSD card (~$10) or else install only a portion of the maps.

Other comments - Base system was 32bit WinXP SP3. I have Hughes Satellite Internet so I can only download large files from 1-6am CST. It took ~4 hours to download the 2+gig file. Using the USB 2.0 connection require slightly less than 1 hour to install the upgraded maps to the GPS, but I only installed the Lower 48 states portion. Even though I upgraded everything I could prior to beginning, I still had to upgrade one more component just before I started to download the large file. This was the latest version of the communicator Plugin, I believe. Garmin has tried to make this a painless upgrade, but it will still require some patience. I was very pleased with the process, but I am fairly comfortable with computers and believe that less technically oriented individuals might become flustered during the upgrade process. Just remember to be patient and not rush the process and you should have no problems. I gave this 5 stars in spite of the complexity involved because everything worked for me with hardly any difficulty. While it is a little confusing as I've noted, I'm not sure they could do much more to simplify the process.
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on December 30, 2009
If you purchased your Garmin GPS used, you may not be able to upgrade your maps. If your device is registered in a previous owner's name, then Garmin will not allow YOU to upgrade the device. They will not contact the registered owner to have them remove the registration, either. So check to be sure you can register your device before you buy a map upgrade or you will have made a very expensive mistake.
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on July 2, 2010
Ok for $86 bucks you can't beat this considering that Garmin sells the lifetime for $119. So here is the skinny. Follow these instructios and it will save you a bunch of headachs.
1. Register your unit on the Garmin website
2. If its already registered then go to the site and log in and ensure your Garmin is plugged into your computer
3. Click on mymaps and then click on activate gift card this is where you enter your code from Amazon
4. Follow the steps when you get to a page that already has a code do not change it leave it alone and click next or continue.
5. It will take you through a few more steps then the loading will begin. This portion takes about two hours so go shopping :0) and when you return it will be completed.
6. I STRONGLY SUGGEST you get a 8gb or 1tb card to load the rest of the map. Let me go back, before loading the map to your Garmin you will have to choose what portion of the US you drive to frequently because the whole map WILL NOT FIT on your Garmin.
7. After choosing the states that you want to load e.g. lower 49+PR then click to begin loading your map
8. Once loading is completed and your Garmin has been updated follow the steps below to save the other states on your SD card. (Warning: I have a 4g card and it was full when I loaded CA alone).
If you have updated the preloaded maps on your device and you would like to install additional map regions you can send the maps to a blank microSD/SD card using MapInstall.

To install additional map regions to a blank microSD/SD card after the map update:

Windows XP and Vista

1. Insert the SD card into your nuvi

2. Connect the nuvi to your PC

3. Click Start

4. Go to All Programs

5. Go to Garmin

6. Click MapInstall

7. Click Next

8. Click Find Device

9. Click on the Drop Down Arrow

10. Select the Removable Disk

11. Click Next

12. Highlight the maps you do not yet have on the nuvi as shown in the picture below: (Highlight by clicking on the various states you wish to load. Some states will take several clicks. Make sure that each state is completely "pink" and that there are no white parts showing.)

13. Click Next

14. Click Finish

15. Follow the onscreen instructions.

The maps will now be sent to the microSD/SD card.
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on December 2, 2009
With today's very low prices for a new Garmin Nuvi GPS, I was debating whether to buy a brand new unit or just buy this Lifetime Map update. I decided to go ahead purchased this one after seeing the same card avail at Walmart for $120 (+ tax). They have the same card on Amazon for $93 (as of Dec 1, 2009), with free shipping, but you have to wait a week to get it in the mail.
This digital version is exactly the same, except you get the code immediately, instead of waiting for the mail. It costs $95 (no tax, no shipping cost), but at checkout, it only cost $90 (not sure where the $5 discount came from.
That's the positive.
The negative was the extremely long download time, about 2.5 hrs, at DSL pro speed around 250kB/sec. Also, make sure you have over 2 Gig harddrive space on your C drive. I first tried to download it on my laptop w/ less than that on the harddrive, it stuck, so I have to restart the computer to restart the download to an external USB HD.
The installation took another 2 hours, after another hour to transfer & delete my pictures files from my HardDrive to make room for the install.
I wished Garmin tells you up front about all those requirements & tells you how to re-start install when download stalls.
Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the purchase through Amazon.
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on December 30, 2009
It's nice to have the updated maps but plan on spending the whole day to download and install. The 2 hours download is the minimum needed, the extract and load to you GPS can take another 3-5 hours. I suggest you set your computer power options to not power off while you are doing this download and installation so a power down does not interrupt the download. Once the download is complete and you launch the installation go get another cup of coffee, it will take 10-20 minutes before you get a any indication that it is working. I have 2 garmin's. The first went relatively well, the second download gave me a corrupt file so I had to start all over. Then the installation said the gps did have memory enough for the new maps and could only install part of the North American maps. There were about 6 choices, north east US, north west US ............. I deleted any extra vehicles, voices etc. Wasn't enough, then I noticed I had 2 maps installed, the North American one and western Canada. I deleted the extra map image and then got all to install. Before you start go to tools, maps and map info to make sure you don't have too many maps taking up space. It is worth updating but don't count on doing it in less than 6-8 hours.
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on January 1, 2011
Had no problems updating. Just takes too long. Have noticed improvements in data in my local area, but they still try to bring people through two locked gates in our gated community instead of the main entrance. The nuvi use to try to send you away from the gate if you got near it. At least now it will direct you through the main gate if you happen upon it!
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on February 17, 2010
Purchasing the Online Map Code, downloading and installing the map update went smoothly, but involved a few steps:
* Purchase - the Amazon screen and email confirmed the purchase, but did not display the map code. For this, I needed to click to Amazon's page "Your Account > Your Games & Software Library" (the lifetime map code was listed there)
* The link to Garmin took me to an Activation page where I entered the map code (this went smoothly)...but while the code was activated, it was not linked to my Garmin GPS device.
* There was a slight delay while Garmin's website suggested that my lifetime code had been previously activated (luckily, by me!).
* The next step required that I link my GPS device...but my PC did not recognize it until I installed the Garmin Download Manager (download from Garmin's support site).
* Once GDM was installed, I was able to link the update to my device and begin the download and installation proces (download to PC then install onto the GPS).
* The slowest step was downloading the file...this seemed to take 20-30 minutes.
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on April 3, 2010
I bought this on-line code for a lifetime update for my nuvi 260W. Did all the administrative stuff (updating software on unit, restarting nuvi 260W) but when attempting to download maps using the code from Amazon, Garmin says I have already used my code and refuses to update maps. In fact, it steers me to their site to purchase the lifetime map upgrade again. I sent an email to Garmin, but, if like in the past, I will never get a response. For some people, this code works like a charm and they are happy. I am a long-time Amazon customer (over 50 purchases) and I am disappointed with Amazon as well as with Garmin this time. It may work for you, but, it DID NOT WORK for me. I was torn between buying a new unit or a lifetime update. I should have bought the new unit from Costco at about 70% more money than I paid Amazon. I made a very bad decision. My loss!!
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on February 1, 2010
This item is a very good value especially when purchased from I say this, as you get a lifetime of updated maps for your Garmin GPS at a price that is far better than on manufacture's website. Also it is great that you get the code to use for the maps right away, rather than having to wait for a gift card to arrive. In addition I like that you don't have to install the entire thing on your GPS, but rather can just pick the lower 48 states, Canada, or a certain region of the US. This last feature defiantly saves space (memory) on your GPS, as you load only what you need.

Downloading the maps is fairly easy, but does take some time (took my computer 4 or 5 hours), so I would suggest doing this while you are sleeping or are at work, as you don't need to be around for the download to happen and besides a watched pot will never boil. Also you will need a broadband connection (DSL or cable), because with a dial-up connection the download would be out-dated by the time it is finished.

As others have stated you need to make sure that the GPS you are updating is registered to you or you will get an error message. You can however can delete a registration on the Internet, thus allowing someone else to register a GPS in his or her name or my case a second account at the Garmin website. I learned this by trial and error while waiting for the tech support folks at Garmin to reply to my email. While their response happened in less than an hour I was able to figure out this fix on my own, so I did not really need their help.

In conclusion this item is well worth the price considering you get a lifetime of updated maps from Garmin. Just remember to buy it here and save yourself some money over the manufacture's website price.
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