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on June 30, 2008
I actually could not decide between the Garmin Nuvi 255w or the 750 model, so I decided to buy them both for comparison. I mounted them both to my car windshield and gave them various addresses to find together. I found that both models took the same routes and announced upcoming turns and street names at practically the same time. One thing I noticed about the 255w was that it was updating my position on the road more often, I'd say about 3 times as often as the 750. This made for smoother graphics on the 255w of the vehicle moving along displayed roads, where the 750's display was more of a "jerky" movement. I also found that the display on the 255w was a bit brighter, clearer, and more vivid than on the 750 in both daylight and at night. Another feature I like on the 255w is the graphic turn indicator in the upper left corner, which the 750 lacks. This is a small arrow which shows upcoming turns and the distance to that turn. It also show things like a fork in the road, (ie: a Y intersection), and which fork you will be taking. The 750 just displays text on the top line for upcoming turns without the arrow. It's just a little extra feature on the 255w which I happened to really like. The 255 also automatically adjusts the font size of displayed text so that even lengthy text will fit.
Another feature on the 255w is a display of the posted speed limit on the road which you are currently on right above your current displayed speed. I found myself not even looking at my car speedometer as I could easily see my current speed and the speed limit of my route at a glance. The 750 doesn't have this feature. I also like how they moved the zoom in (+) and zoom out (-) buttons on the 255w to the same side of the screen which makes it a bit easier. On the 750 the zoom buttons are on opposite sides of the screen.
Now there are some features on the 750 that the 255w does not have. The 750 can broadcast it's sound over your FM radio with the supplied cigarette lighter cable, and it has a headphone jack, which I found to be nice features. The 750 also has an MP3 player and an Audio-book player, which the 255w does not. Another really nice feature of the 750 is the car locater. This is a great feature if you are parking in a really big lot, such as at an amusement park or a fair. The 750 marks your location when you remove it from the car, then you take it with you and it remembers where you parked and takes you right back to your car. The 255w doesn't have the car locater.
I also thought the the voice prompts of the 750 where more pleasant sounding than the 255w's. The 750 sounds more like a real female voice, where the 255w sounds more robotic.
Another thing to consider was that I paid $50 less for the 750 and it came with the FM transmitter cable and a USB cord to connect it to your computer for updates and downloads.
My final decision was to keep the 255w and return the 750 because I really liked the graphic turn indicator and the posted speed limit and current speed indicators. I didn't find a need for the 750's MP3 player and Audio book player, but that is up to personal preference. Since the USB cable was not included with the 255w, I purchased it on this site for $10. I also intend to purchase the MSN direct cable when it is available in August 2008.
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on January 7, 2014
I bought this unit in 2009 with relatively little experience with GPS. Since then, I have owned a TomTom, and used the iPhone GPS extensively. By FAR, this is still my favorite unit. I have traveled a LOT with this unit and it's beauty is in its simplicity. It's user-friendly, accurate, and just plain works. Granted, there are newer GPS units with more internet-connection bells and whistles (like my TomTom), but this still ends up being my go-to unit. I use Google maps to sync with this device and that's it. I don't care for Garmin's software that connects to this machine, but I still like the unit a lot.

I use this for everyday driving in areas I don't know, for travel, and for 4x4-ing in remote areas. I've never lost a signal, and never gotten lost for any fault of the GPS. It's just a solid, workable unit.

Many times, I've thought of "upgrading" to a newer version, just to see if there are newer features I would enjoy...but if it ain't broke, why fix it?
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VINE VOICEon September 12, 2009
I've been thinking of getting one of these things for ages, but I hesitated for a variety of reasons.

I'm blind as a bat without reading glasses, but my vision is perfectly fine for driving. I was afraid the screen on one of these things would be too small for me to see, and the last thing I need would be futzing around with a GPS screen when I'm on the road (if I wanted to do that, I could drive and read a map!)

I also thought this was going to be too complicated. I'm not a moron, and my husband prides himself as Mr. Gadget, but getting an easy-to-use GPS was the idea for the same reason I use a Mac laptop: if I wanted to be a computer wiz, I'd have majored in computer science.

I use computers to do work on, not to BE worked on. I want a GPS that just works. No games, no hassles, no 75 page webpages giving me 3 point text instructions. Just WORK.

Naturally because of these issues, I've been comparing pros and cons of GPS units for eternity. I took the plunge with the Garmin.

It fulfilled everything I dreamed of with a GPS. It just works great. The screen is huge next to some of the units I saw. I have no problems reading it in bright sunlight, but with the voice to text, the screen is almost unnecessary.

It has performed flawlessly. Granted, I'm hardly hopping around to holes-in-the-wall joints; most of my trips are pretty much on the beaten path. But not one mistake, not one error. What a joy!

My husband finds thing thing fascinating (and he's known for his map-reading skills.) So we're off for a weekend jaunt with Garmin in control. We'll see how the unit performs on backwoods country roads.

My husband's great. But for this trial, my money's on the Garmin.

I highly, highly recommend this unit for anyone like me, who is a newbie to GPS, a little intimidated by it, and who doesn't want to waste eternity having to become an expert before you can even use it!
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on December 30, 2009
Side by side comparison on basic functions needed on the road. I bought 1470 for $135, 255W for $130.

Displayer Holder:
2 steps attach 1470 to windshield, 3 steps for 255W. Don't try hard to fight with your partner to turn the displayer angle to your direction, three tries will knock the 255W off the joint, Tried this in the room, left, right, left, gone!

Satellite Receiver:
1470 instant signal capture, from inside my home, 255W could be 30 seconds-1m; 1470 starts to shine when you turned it on, or when recalculate the route, 255W would pause a few or more seconds, 1470 will show your speed with mile plus ft, like 5.86, could because of the sensitive and quick receiver.

1470 offers more info of the road with POI and street names, and with 3 clicks will bring you to the POI you need, Garmin needs 5-7 steps. Pop up POI list available at Hw exit on 1470.

comfortable view from 1470, map color and highlight color more reasonable, green highlighted route on yellowish background, shows next turn mark (orange color) on the map; 255W background color is white, turn to purplish at daylight (screen burn?), with purple highlighted route, and white turn mark on white map, bad looking. 1470 is bigger, 4.7 V 4.3. Could someone tell me if 265W is better in this regards?

1470 also signals with bell sound when approaching 'turn' in addition to voice (sounds more real than garmin ), it has lane assistant, allow you to add traffic link if needed.
255W has 'speed limit'.

At home:
255W shines, you can do a lot things (add-ons) with computer connected,it shows number of the road when you click a point on the map, it has a log with your journey,...not 1470, it is even not compatible with Mac computer, sucks, I use Mac.

Big bad of 1470, its battery only lasts 30-40 minutes.
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on March 27, 2009
This is my first GPS unit. Just about everyone said to go with a Garmin and so many positive reviews on Amazon gave the Nuvi 255W a thumbs up. Well, they were right, BUT so were some of the critical comments, too. I am relatively pleased with this GPS. It is easy to use and works well most of the time, though not all the time. I also purchased the portable dash mount through Amazon and it holds the unit securely in place and I strongly recommend getting that with a Garmin Nuvi. It allows you to quickly and easily place the unit on the floor of your car to keep it safe and hidden away. The voice quality for the turn by turn directions is OK, it could be more clear and pleasant, but it definitely does the job. In rural parts of Maine, the unit didn't perform consistently well. On my first trip to a rural appointment, off the beaten track, it sent me the long way. That was time consuming and aggravating. As you may have heard, these things are not perfect and now I know that for myself. Also, it is missing quick access to a simple 'start to finish' map sketch of your route. Why did Garmin not include such an important feature? So... having a state road map or a map book in your car is still a neccessity in order to see the big picture, to check the unit's efficiency in rural areas and as a back up. All in all, this is a good GPS unit, but it could be better.
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on March 31, 2017
Ever since I bought this stupid thing, I can't update it. The maps are good as of 2011, 6 years ago, and everything I've tried to update them for FREE has failed. I will NEVER buy another GARMIN GPS device again. I'm unemployed and was hoping this would work. I am NOT buying a newer one for $200 if a six-year-old version doesn't work.
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on April 4, 2010
First of all i received this product sooner than expected, which was great, because I really needed it. This works great. I was borrowing my girlfriends and loved it. So i bought one. i always used mapquest before. And and I still used mapquest and my GPS at first. My Garmin was MUCH better. I especially love it when i miss the street or frwy exit it redirects me. I wouldn't go really expensive on GPS the less expensive ones are just if not better. I also like this GPS because I can walk with it also. I havent tried that yet, but looking forward to using it that way.
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on October 18, 2008
I have had this GPS for about a week after previously using other brands. This is an excellent mid-range device at a good price from amazon, that has many of the features previously available only on higher-end units.

There are a lot of little improvements over previous models that are not apparent until you start using it. It is quick in picking up satellite signals and very responsive with the user interface (for instance during menu changes or address search). The navigation display shows more information, such as next turn street and speed limit, and the picture update is smooth instead of jerky as I have seen in other models.

The text-to-speech function is more than good enough. The voice is somewhat robotic and some street names are mispronounced, but it's all understandable, I read comments in some reviews that the voice is not loud enough, but I have no problem (in fact I set the volume at 70%). I think that Magellan is probably the best in this department, but this Garmin is more than adequate.

Traffic directions are as good and detailed as can be, as you would expect from a Garmin, and less intrusive than on some other brands. For example, turn instructions are given only twice, once when you are quite a distance away, and a second time when you are almost at the intersection. Some other units "nag" you several times as if you are not paying attention. For me, the visual display combined with this level of verbal instruction is just right.

Two things I wish I had, but unfortunately you can find these features only on more expensive Garmin units: a) The mini-USB plug goes into the back of the unit instead of the mount, so you have to unplug each time you want to remove the GPS. b) This model does not support multi-destination route optimization, so you have to program yourself if you are going to several places. It also doesn't have Bluetooth and MP3, but that is not a problem for me.

One accessory I would recommend that you get is a friction mount pad made by Garmin: . This allows you to securely place the GPS on the dashboard instead of attaching it to the windshield (which sometimes leaves a residue ring on the glass and is an invitation to theft). There are other brands for this type of pad, but I like the one made by Garmin for its smaller size and design (the bracket is included). amazon has one of the best prices I've found for it.

Lastly, I purchased this Garmin at the start of October 2008, and it came pre-loaded with 2009 maps. One less upgrade hassle.
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VINE VOICEon January 24, 2011
I purchased this GPS as a Christmas present for my brother who wanted an accurate device without the bells and whistles. So far it has met or exceeded expectations.

This GPS is incredibly easy to install and highly accurate. The display is clear and bright and the robotic voice instructions are a help. Programming is a snap and the time of arrival has been dead on. the basic tool options are present including world clock, where am I? and points of interest. The points of interest do seem a bit limited so it helps to have the actual address if you are visitng a specific location that might be off the beaten track. Unfortuneately the implement that is supposed to hold lthe device to the dash is useless. It is flimsy and does not adhere for more than a few seconds. So avoid the annoyance and just buy one that works.

I have a 3790T and love it. However, I could not live without the voice command and have come to rely on the bluetooth for my cell phone. But for an inexpensive, reliable unit with just the basics, this device is a good choice.
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on July 8, 2008
So now is my turn to share my thoughts with you guys.

I upgraded from a Garmin C320 so this is a huge leap for me, I did some intensive research before purchasing this unit, [...] are two great websites...

First I want to address the "potential problem" on 255w which is the robotic sound, I personally think it is absolutely understandable, the female sound is a little vauge at some point, however the man's (Jack) voice is very clear to me, so this is not a problem for me.

And it is very fast locating satellites, the new interface needs some time to get used to, it is very cool now you can drag the map with your fingers!

Definitely better POIs, it has 1000 POI which is the highest among all models, use this to find AMC cinemas, state parks and restaruants is absolustely a blast! (my previous C320 sucks...) It also has multiple language support (however only english voice has the TTS function, other languages will simply say "turn left at 200ft").

Also you can view your pictures on this unit which I think is fine but almost useless, (other useless functions in my opinions are bluetooth and MP3 which this 255w doesn't have).

I haven't tested the battery life so I don't know about that yet, other cons is this unit is a little pricy I paid $[...]...(sold my C320 for 80).

All in all this is a very nice GPS and I highly recommend it!
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