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on March 31, 2013
I have had this GPS for 1.5 months now and it has been excellent so far. I upgraded from my old Garmin Nuvi 885 and my thoughts are below:

* It is really fast to acquire a GPS satellite. Most of the time in less than a couple of seconds. I took this GPS on a trip to Myrtle Beach from Pittsburgh and it has always been fast in acquiring satellites.

Screen and screen navigation:
* I went with the 4.3 inch over the 5 inch version because I dont really see a reason to pay the extra $20 for an additional 0.7".
* The screen is not as good as the current smart phones but very responsive for a GPS. It is much better compared to my 885.
* The GPS is fast and very responsive. No lags when moving across different screens.

Map updates:
* The map updates are pretty good. I have updated it once now and the process was very smooth.
* This is my first GPS with lifetime maps. I have read reviews of other GPS where people complain about space issues when updating maps. This has 4GB space and the maps take about 2GB so lot of free space for future updates.

Compatibility with garmin mount:
* I had the garmin friction dash mount that I bought for my old GPS and it works perfectly with that. The dash mount is awesome and you can find it here:
Garmin Portable Friction Mount - Frustration Free Packaging

An excellent GPS for the price.
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on July 29, 2014
If you don't update the maps, this unit may work for you. But, part of buying a unit with Lifetime maps is updating maps. I downloaded Garmin Express to my Windows 7 system, made sure it was the latest version, and then plugged in my nuvi. When it had finished updating per Garmin Express, I disconnected my unit, put it in the car, and turned it on. Imagine my surprise when it said the detailed maps were missing.

This has now happened on two different Garmin Nuvi 44LM devices. The first device gave up the ghost after I tried twice to update the maps, refusing to stay turned on, and refusing to be recognized by the computer. This second device is still recognized by the computer, but won't function.


After about six hours searching online to see if I could figure out what happened during the update, and after trying several things, I did eventually find a solution to the problem. I won't give this unit more than one star, though, because it should not be as difficult as it was to update the maps.

What I did that finally worked:
1. Plug in the nuvi unit before starting Garmin Express. When Windows discovers trashed files, allow Windows to move those files into another directory.
2. Start Garmin Express as administrator by right-clicking on the Garmin Express icon and selecting "Run as Administrator" in the pop-up window.
3. Reinstall the maps onto the nuvi unit.
4. Wait several minutes after Garmin Express says it's done. Then find the "safely disconnect" icon in the Windows panel and click on it to safely disconnect the nuvi.
5. Now, disconnect the nuvi and make sure the maps are on it.
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on February 22, 2013
This is my 3rd Garmin, the best one I've owned so far. Much better than the 40 LM, which I hated, and my older nuvi that locked up and died after a few years left in the car daily. Meaning, hot and cold killed it, my bad. Its better than my cars service, much better. Its cost is easy to take and it's just enough to make life easier and not enough to break the bank. It speed limit reminder is very helpful, a nice touch. For my needs its perfect. Its clear, clean and user friendly. It sound is great and directions quick and accurate. The online support is very good as is Garmins custormer service. In my mind, for my need of a simple GPS this is the best bang for the buck. There are other higher end GPS units but for me this is perfect hence 5 star. Settings are user friendly and making it more personal is easy. Its size is also perfect for my needs. Reception, so far, has been flawless.
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on April 11, 2013
Bought this, my first GPS, to take on a solo trip where I wouldn't have someone else in the car to read maps or a smart phone to me, and I'm glad I did. Driving around an unfamiliar area, having to find various businesses and locations along the twisty roads of Boston suburbs, it was very useful. If you don't take the turn (either by accident or on purpose) that the device wants you to, it quickly recalculates and gives you a new route. Sometimes found instructions confusing when moving through expressway exchanges at highway speeds, but when I did the wrong thing, as I say, she gave me new directions.
The not so good: Very frustrating out of the box. No manual with the device, of course. When I plugged it in and registered the device, I assumed there would be a link right there to the manual for the device I was registering (wouldn't that make sense?). But no. I found a place to search for manuals on the Garmin web site, but it didn't provide one for my device. Eventually figured out by trial and error how to download and open up the Garmin Express program on my computer, which as it turns out, is where you find a way to download a manual. And once you open up the manual--guess what--there are instructions on how to do what I had just had to figure out how to do by myself to get to the manual. What is wrong with people who design and sell products? Do they want their customers' first experience with their products to be a frustrating waste of time? Does it ever occur to them to hand the box with their product to someone outside the company and say, "here, use this," and see what happens?

One glitch with the actual operation of the GPS: Three times when I have not taken the turn I was instructed to take, the GPS has tried to direct me to turn into a one-way street going the wrong way. Ooops.

But, overall I'm happy with the product.
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on June 14, 2013
I'd had a nuvi before this one for a number of years. This model has a more user-friendly interface, and they have fixed most of the things that were problematic. It still doesn't have a good way to avoid a specific road in advance (it seems you still can only use the detour button to avoid the stretch of road immediately in front of you.) It didn't take me too long to adjust to the changes they've made, and it's actually easier to operate now. When my old one started failing, I researched Tom Toms and Magellans, too, but decided from all the reviews that I'd be happiest sticking with Garmin. Note that the new model doesn't come with a carrying case like the old ones did, but that hasn't been a problem for me personally. Also, I suggest not keeping whatever GPS you end up buying in your vehicle, as the temperature extremes seem to shorten their lifespan considerably (I know this from others' experiences- I always keep mine in the house so it's never in the other spouse's car when you need it). I like how this model can lay flat on a surface even with the attachment on the back that allows it to attach to the window-suction part. You can set it on the dash for a moment when you need to without it wobbling all around. The speed function is handy, but it's not always correct about the speed limit of the road you're on (if it has changed recently, for example). You should rely on that only when you don't immediately see a sign. The voice speaks less slowly than on previous models, which is good when your turns are coming up fast.
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on May 20, 2015
It's a good GPS. I believe the GPS on my iPhone is better but oh well. That's the only reason I gave it a 4 stars. It's not bad at all that's just my personal opinion (about the gps on my phone being better than this GPS). It hasn't lost me so far nor has it messed up. Also, I haven't been to a place where it couldn't read my signal. I read some reviews and saw that it does not come with a manual, first of all, it does, or at least mine did. It also has a link to their website where you can download this program that updates the maps. It comes with car/ home charging cables and a window mount holder. Overall I liked the GPS.
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on December 23, 2013
... even asked a trucker friend what brand GPS she uses. She gave me the model number of hers, which she really likes, and when I looked it up, the Garmin nuvi 42LM 4.3" was the updated version. Read the reviews, which were somewhat mixed of course, weighed out the pros and cons, and chose this model. Could not have made a better choice for what we needed! I think we paid $90 (the price had just been lowered on Amazon, and it's been lowered since I bought ours, but we needed ours delivered before leaving on our trip.)

When first delivered in the original box, you'll see the GPS, a cigarette lighter car charger, a USB cord, and the suction cup doo-dad to put it up on the inside of your windshield. The only directions that came with mine were for how to set that up physically on the windshield. Using the USB cord plugged into your computer, you need to go first to the Garmin website for more info. DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE UPDATES FIRST! Register your GPS, then you're ready to download map updates, then the rest of what's available to you, such as different voices. It's very easy to do all that. After using British James' voice for a few days, we ended up turning off the voice option, and just kept an eye on the GPS for next turn, etc. As the main driver, I got used to glancing at the GPS for that info. It's just like how you got used to taking your eyes off the road to look at your rear view mirror every seven seconds. What?? You don't do that? Or you can have person in passenger seat give you the directions off the GPS. Whatever floats your boat.

Took it with us to Denver last week, and it never let us down. If we chose to turn on to a different street or highway, mid-trip, "James" as I called it, just recalculated the new route to the final destination. I'm not sure, but the very cold weather in CO (except on Weds Dec 18 when a new record high temp of 68 degrees F for Denver was set!), may or may not have slowed the GPS down when setting up, or re-calculating routes. I'm talking 15 degrees F, sometimes with snow. Don't take my word on that, perhaps it just had difficulty reaching the satellite(s), or there was too much static electricity in the air? Which there is, my hair went wild at times! ha ha! My son lives 13 floors up in an apt building in the Capital District in Denver; wide open view from there, yet often there is no cell phone reception, so there are definitely communications issues in Denver, despite the wide open sprawl of the Denver Metro Area. I'll let the experts decide what the real issue(s) are! Worked very well up in the mountains, I guess to be expected as closer to the satellites, right?

Another thing we found is that it doesn't hold a charge very well, hubby said probably due to cold air, so we kept it plugged in to the charger the whole time we were using it. We'll see if that changes as the weather warms up here in Portland, OR. I had read that top battery time was about two hours, but often less. So always take the car charger with you! Also, ours had a small issue with the plug in for the charger that goes into the back of the GPS; it fits rather loosely into the port, which may have played a role in diminished battery power, but it always worked while driving and plugged in, and never cut in and out.

You can change the settings to show the elevation, posted speed limit (which was sometimes incorrect, e.g., the speed limit is actually 65 MPH, but the GPS says 55 (or vice versa, so always pay attention to posted speed signs), ETA, and how many miles to destination (instead of just how many miles to next turn.) These items show up on the right side of the screen. Map still shows up to the left when in that mode. Also, you can use the map view of the highways, or if you touch the "street name" or "destination" bar on top of the screen, it switches to turn-by-turn directions, w/ miles to go til next turn, instead.

If you don't know the area very well, you can select "Places of Interest" to find stores, restaurants by type of food, parks, museums, and other named buildings, etc. One small issue we had was that I needed to find a shoe store nearby, found one on the GPS, but when we arrived at destination, it was no longer there. The service provider for maps and points of interest evidently doesn't keep track of changes if a particular store has shut down or moved away. Just always give yourself plenty of time to get to final destination if you know you'll be stopping somewhere, in case that happens to you.

VERY EASY LEARNING CURVE! And I loved having the GPS available to use on the trip, as we drove all over Colorado, and didn't just stay in Denver. I highly recommend this model, the 4.3" is an adequate screen size, but go for the 5" screen if you feel you need or want that size. Happy Trails to You!
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on July 6, 2015
This is a first for Amazon, the device did not come with clear instructions, I would have figure out how to mount it and turn it on that was simple, but the maps downloading if you are not a computer tech you have to do lot of research it gives you nothing but information on mounting I need step by step how to get maps and how to store your location and I brought this because I am planning a long trip later this year and need a GPS for it....It works if you know what you are doing I am kind of upset about it, the rating is low because of that- no clear step by step how to work it.
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on March 30, 2013
What a convenience! This little unit sticks to the windshield and gets me right to my destination easily with spoken instructions and an uncluttered display. It recovers quickly when I make a wrong turn and gets me back on course. My long distance destinations are saved in the Favorites folder, gas and food possibilities are a few clicks away, and if I just need suggestions for a BBQ joint on a Saturday night it's in there too. Very user-friendly device, I'm glad I bought it.
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on December 11, 2014
Great product, arrive on time to replace my 7 year old Garmin StreetPilot c330 easy setup and my favorite the split screen I would definitely recommend my friends to buy.
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