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Format: Video Game|Change
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on November 23, 2015
Gears of War 3 is arguably the best installment in the franchise. The game offers a handful of fun game modes each of which is loaded with hours of fun. For starters the campaign features the climatic end to what has been built up to through the first two games. In the campaign you can play co-op with up to four people, co-op Gears is really where the fun is in this franchise. It is what I believe makes the game so epic and unforgettable. I will not discuss any spoilers here though I would point out that there are emotional moments in the game if you have been immersed in the franchise for some time.

Horde Mode: Horde is of course wave defense, you and up to four friends can play this mode. In Horde you use in game currency to upgrade defenses and get ammo/weapon drops. Every tenth wave you'll encounter a challenging boss. For example: Brumaks or Beserkers. Horde is tons of fun to play with your friends and it's VERY challenging to make it through all 50 waves.

Beast Mode: In this mode you get to be the locust. Thought I wouldn't like it, but it turns out being a locust and thrashing the COGS is freakishly addicting.

Multiplayer: I personally don't enjoy multiplayer in any game. That said being as objective as I can, the multiplayer is well constructed with fun maps and tons of fun execution finishers. You can customize your character and weapon skins in the options menu to give your character a little personal flare.
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on March 10, 2016
I LOVE THIS GAME. I have played 1 and 2 and I look forward to 4! The story lines for Gears have War have captivated me, and been enjoyable which is something that I find very important with anything that I play. There's is lots to kill, and the different types of enemies and dynamic between them is great. Gives you a new perspective on the world of Gears of War. The weapons are fun, though there were some changes that i didn't care for.

The only downside is that its a dark game, so playing in light can be tough especially if you are playing split screen with a friend. You have very little visibility and so finding and hitting targets can be incredibly frustrating, which deters you from playing during the day. But light the sun go down and Beserkers shall DIE!!

Overall I recommend this game, but make sure you play 1 and 2 first to really get the full feel of this world. :)
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on March 22, 2014
As gears 2 is my 5 for this franchise, this one has to be a 4. I didn't like the story as much, I didn't like losing certain people, and I'd rather fight conventional locust over lambent whatevers. It's neat when they blow up the first few times, but it's ultimately just an annoyance. Other than those few things, this game is among the best in it's class. Would recommend without a doubt.

EDIT: I've been achievement hunting and gave this game a thorough second look. I'm changing my rating to a 5 from a 4. Between arcade, versus, and horde this game really does set itself apart from the other games in the series. It never ceases to be a challenge, and maintains form as something I really enjoy plodding through.

First, I tried the campaign on insane after finally trying the end all be all gears difficulty on gears: judgement, which was honestly a lot cheaper in how it kills you when it does (A LOT of frags). The story is still engaging to me, the game play is every bit as polished as any you could mention, and beating it was honestly satisfying. It wasn't miserable, and it wasn't easy. It was a firm lesson in strategy and pacing yourself. Great campaign, and arcade mode gives that little bit of competitive edge when playing with friends to really push it over the edge into my top 5 all time favorites.

Next thing I tried was versus, where the pace is obviously a bit faster. Granted, there is a firm belief that cheap shotgun blasts to unaware opponents is a skill move, and I'm going to find that to be ridiculous in any game that has that dimension, but it isn't impossible to combat. Otherwise, the versus is engaging and it does seem fairly well balanced. There's not a lot of excessive explosives, there's always a chance of surviving your encounter. It's just a matter of figuring out what it is and if you can come away with a kill in the process. Good stuff.

Then I tried horde, which I can only compare to firefight from halo. Waves of enemies that become increasingly difficult through rounds. The only thing about this that I find annoying is leveling up your ability to do things like building barriers or turrets. Obviously this is overcome with a bit of time, but I'm not a fan of giving advantages to players because they played a lot. Even playing fields are the basis of competition. It's a bit ridiculous when you're in a game with someone who pulls out a rocket baring silverback when you're in there trying to lancer a platoon of heavily health boosted grenadiers. Really cod, and not a fan.

Last I tried beast mode, which is honestly just tacked on in my opinion. It can be fun to run around as a berserker or corpser, but for the most part, if I play much more of this variant, it'll be for instagib melee mutator and medals if I wind up caring to go for seriously 3.0.

All in all, this game is awesome, and if you're into aggressive shooters this is one you shouldn't miss out on. If you're finding it too hard, give it some time, because it's worth it to pick up a little skill in this game. It's made me stronger in the other shooters I play between the recoil and strategy involved. Don't pass on the retro, and learn to play tag.
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on November 20, 2013
If you're a Gears of War fan, this is an invaluable item to add to your collection, unless you got the epic edition with the statue and more collector's items! I was very impressed with how detailed the items are in this set. You get letters and pictures from Adam Fenix. A flag, a metal COG, and the ability to play as Adam Fenix in the multiplayer mode. Now I've played all the Gears of War games with a friend, and I must say this is one of those games that is so much more fun playing with a friend! In this game we get to see the back story of most of the main characters and go on a great adventure to bring the series to a close. This game has been highly recommended to newcomers to the Gears of War franchise, but I would disagree. I would strongly recommend beginners start with the very first game and work their way up to this game, because of story events that only happen in this game. I think that is the very best progression to anyone new to Gears of War. The co-op play, much of the in-game commentary, and other features such as the online to multiplayer modes make this a very enjoyable finale!
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on August 21, 2012
Let me start by saying that I played GOW 1 and 2 and loved both games. So much so that I've probably played through both games 3 or 4 times each. The series is simply fantastic. From the storyline to the voice acting; the tight controls to the magnificent graphics, this series has everything a gamer could ask for. Simply said, a person that doesn't find great entertainment value in this series needs to be medicated. That being said, GOW 3 is one of the greatest games I've ever played. And I've been playing video games since the Atari 2600. The story truly is epic. The gameplay is epic. The graphics are beautiful. There is simply nothing negative that can be said about this game, with the exception being that it didn't last long enough. Not that it was a short game, I just wanted to keep on playing! If you are lucky enough to own an XBOX 360, there is no excuse not to have this game in your library. If you haven't played any of the GOW games in the series, I urge you to pick each title up, 1 through 3. Start with the original GOW and play though a fantastic series that culminates with one of the finest trilogy endings ever. You won't be sorry.

- Beuatiful graphics
- Epic story
- vibrant characters and voice acting
- excellent control scheme
- good challenge
- great musical score that fits the game perfectly
- Effing fun as hell to play

- Not a one
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on January 27, 2012
Gears of War has done what almost no one in the history of anything has done - crank out a near perfect trilogy (eat me, Halo 3 and get bent, Aeschylus!). It's a powerful, satisfying and suprisingly emotional close to what has been my favorite video game franchise in years. A well played end to one heck of a ride.

Take a bow, everyone, you deserve it.

But... Note that I said "near perfect" - there are some flaws and short comings that I'll be happy to point out in obnoxious detail below. But if you read no further, know this - if you enjoyed anything at all about the previous Gears games, even in the slightest bit, then this is a must play. It's a wonderful blend of story and gameplay successes and a deserving end to a bloody romp. Seriously, I could end the review here, because that's all you need to know... but how is that any fun for ME?

Commence my pointless bitching...

Vissually, Gears 3 is both a huge leap forward and a huge leap in the wrong direction. Now stay with me, because I may be the only person alive who's going to gripe about this game's visuals. They've given it a much shinier, smoother, more photo-realistic look and it's truly impressive to see - until you start to move around with any speed, that is. The color palette (the infamous Gears of War brown on grey on bleh) that has worked well in the past is now too muddled and blurry to actually SEE anything. And don't give me any crap about my eyes not working, because I'm playing this one on a 40" HDTV, where I played the others on a 26" tube TV and was able to make out what I was shooting at just fine. They've put such wonderful visual detail into the characters and the enemies (especially the newly intorduced breeds of Lambent locust) that to lose them all among the backgrounds and foregrounds in a mess of brown and grey is a real shame. I know Gears is supposed to muted and muddled and to do anything else would make it not feel like Gears, but they've kept a small portion of the tone at the expense of my eyesight. Though changing that would have made it feel like a different world, I suppose. Now get ready for a big ol' paragraph of contradiction, because...

They've made unecessary artistic choices that start to make it feel less like a Gears game and more like a different world. ...Why? How come, all of a sudden, no one has any sleeves? I guess they were like "huh, they've been living on a boat for a while, they should probably look like they're all beat up and tired... Eh, take away their sleeves, that should do it." That's... that's weak. It just looks like they're sporting their summer armor or something. If the desire was to give the impression that the COG soldiers were short on supplies and living thin, they should all have, like, partial armor. And patched up armor. We should see more guys sporting those silly Baird goggles instead the full helmets - things like that. And how come Anya is now in full armor and has a big gun? I get that they wanted to put women on the front lines (something curiously lacking in the other titles) and I've no problem with Sam, or the gal with the white dreadlocks - I buy them just fine. But Anya? Shouldn't she be on the bridge of the destroyer with, like, a compass and a... protractor or something? Giving her the full Gears armor just felt out of character. And who the hell is this Jace Stratton weenus? Is this my new sidekick? Could they have found a WORSE actor to play him? He doesn't sound like a Gear, he sounds like glass-jawed weenus. Seriously, screw that guy.

Some other strange things happen - the locust no longer appear out of big holes in the ground, they now pop out like lemurs. Why? You spend a half chapter with Cole as the lead character all of a sudden... why? Sure, it was cool to learn more about him and he feels less like a racist charicature than he ever has, but it's a little late to back-track him from the last two full games. All it does it break continuity and lead to some awkward story transitions.

And oh, God, don't get me started on the story elements they don't follow through on and the plot threads they introduce just to forget about... just, just don't even go there.

The biggest sin throughout, however, is the refusal to simply give us what we want - more old-school Gears action. The last level of the game is incredible: it's an old-school, no-holds barred slog through waves and waves of locust grunts with your lancer at your side and a shotgun in your back pocket that leads to a neat and challenging boss fight that fits fluidly into the rest of the combat - tride and true Gears of War awesomeness. But... about halfway through that level I realized I had to wait THE WHOLE GAME to get what was the staple for the other two. I should be SICK of that by that point and ready for some kind of endgame treat (like the Brumake ride in Gears 2 or the showdown with Raam in Gears 1). All the other chapters a sprinkled with so much arcade-ish feeling BS. Silly weapons (oh... a 'one-shot'... cool) and unncessary new eneimes (look, a centipede... that shoots lightning... neat). There's no painful and obnoxious "drive the vehicle" level (thank God) but there are plenty of "man the turret and shoot at something silly" levels. And for the first time, we have Gears standing toe-to-toe with a Brumak... you know, the giant dinoaur with rocket launchers on it's arms?... and surviving. After they spent two games establishing that you don't take those (or other monsters) on without some sort of heavy weapon or high-tech advantage, now you just shoot it in the eyes... like everything else... "eh, just give it a glowing and obvious weak spot, they'll figure it out". It's a laundry list of tone altering and genre bending sillyness that is just so unnecessary. I can't tell if it was all added because the developers were worried they were boring us or if they were bored themselves... I'm inclined to believe the latter.

All in all, I'm glad this is the last installment. Sera's a broken world, our protagonists have been beaten to and battered to the point of no return, and delving back in for another go just wouldn't be fun anymore. They've lowered the curtain on the series, taken a final, beautiful bow and I truly hope it stays that way.

Oh, wait... I just read about the prequel they're planning... with a different dev team...

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on June 29, 2014
Gears of War 3 continues to serve as my favorite Xbox 360 game, holding its spot right up there next to Halo 3 (specifically the multiplayer component). This game combines a brilliant storyline, amazing graphics, a fantastic third person shooter system, and an impressive audio track for the entirety of the campaigns and multiplayer action. I personally enjoy the single player or multi-player campaigns, not only because I relish in the physical/mental/bodily/etc destruction of my NPC enemies, but also due to a great, emotional story which introduces new characters and wraps up loose ends. The multiplayer online also introduces some fun options, including Horde and Beast Mode, which provides endless entertainment past, or instead of, the main campaign. I’m definitely excited to move onto the next game in the GoW series.
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on December 20, 2011
The final chapter has been written, and it is time to once again battle the Locust with Dom, Marcus, and others. Will this finally bring an end to the war, or will humanity fad into the past? Only you will be able to determine that. There is also the very important question of a certain bloodline that seems to meet misfortune at every turn in the series, will this Carmine actually see himself live through the game?

Graphically this game looks stunning. I had a chance to play around with some of the multiplayer at PAX, so I did know what to expect. The character designs actually show the wear and tear on the characters as this part of the war has progressed, which personally tells me that a lot of thought went into this game. There's also the new enemies that you'll have to deal with that not only look amazing, but also look a little bit scary (especially when it comes to trying to take them down). There's also the variety of different landscapes that you'll be playing through that not only makes you feel the games progression, but also give you a sense that not everything has to be barren in a war ravaged world.

The music has basically stay constant through the series, and that's probably for the best. As the saying goes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", and from the first time I picked up Gears of War I thought the music fit. There's also something to be said about getting the same voice actors to come back and lend their vocals to the series. There was no feelings of who said that, or have I seen you before, I thought I did but you sound different.

The controls, I think, are the only piece of the game that regressed for this game. The controls did not feel as snug as they could have been with several issues with having pressed the aim button but having something happen while still holding the aim button, and no longer aiming. I do like the fact that when using the Longshot you are able to keep your zoomed in look when reloading after every shot though.

So here you are, probably as Marcus Fenix, unless you are playing co-op. It has come down to this, and it is you who will have to put the final nail in someone's coffin. I'm not exactly sure what else to say about this game. There are going to be some twists in the story, and there are going to be new characters to meet, and you'll get to meet some old one's as well. There will be secrets revealed, battles fought, and a very large body count. You're going to get to play around with some new weapons, and use some of your favorite weapons from the past. This game is going to wrap up some of the biggest questions in the series, but it will also leave you with a couple of extra questions that I guess might be answered with DLC, or perhaps in the books.

If you've played the first two games you need this one to find closure. If you're new to the series I recommend starting from the beginning and then playing this game. I think you could probably start straight off with Gears of War 3, but you'll have to watch the quick previously on Gears of War video just so you get a little background. They definitely made multiplayer feel more fleshed out and give you a leveling up system to unlock characters and other goodies. Bottom line this is a very good third person shooter, and though it doesn't match up in some regards to its predecessors, this is still something that must be added to your collection. This game gets an 8.9 out of 10.
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on October 14, 2011
Epic saved the best for last. In the final installment of Gears, there's more of everything. More Weapons, more creatures, more Multiplayer Modes, more Co-op Options, and a longer Campaign. But the basic cover and shoot gameplay remains the same.

Concept: 9/10
The Gears Trilogy Concludes with more of everything and significantly expanded Multiplayer. It's definitely the best game of the series.

Story: 8/10
As in the other Gears games, the story is told through cutscenes and character dialogue. The overall pacing of the game is cutscene, encounter, cutscene, encounter, repeat. The story is simple and to the point, and basically explains where you need to go next. You progress through an adventure to kill alien invaders. The dialogue is typical tough guy stuff with as many curse words thrown in as possible voiced by actors who sound like they've smoked about 4 million cigarettes. Like the other Gears games, there are a few dramatic moments in the cutscenes that you'll remember. The story would have been better if it went into a bit more detail about the Evil Queen or the Lambent. As it stands, they're just things to kill as you save the world.

Gameplay: 8/10
Gears of War gameplay revolves around cover and shoot. Take cover, shoot at enemies, duck down if you are injured, wait to heal, repeat. If you want to expand on the strategy, flanking enemies will take away their cover advantage and allow you to easily gun them down. If you get seriously injured, you fall to the ground, and you can crawl around for about 10 seconds before you die. In that time, an ally can `rescue you' and you're back on your feet at full health.

Weapons: 8/10
You can categorize weapons by distance, accuracy, and cover. All of the rapid fire weapons have a preferred distance where they are most effective vs. other weapons. Shotguns are close range, Lancers are medium range, Hammerbursts are good at long range because they have a zoom. The right weapon at the right distance vs an enemy with the wrong weapon will usually get you a kill.

Single Shot Weapons reward accuracy. The Long Shot rifle is a sniper rifle that insta-kills on a head shot. The Boltok Pistol has a zoom, and is also good at head shots. The torque bow is a slow winding mechanical bow that fires a single arrow with an explosive head.

Other weapons are great at making the enemy move out of cover. Grenades explode, Incendiary Grenades leave an area of fire, Ink Grenades leave a toxic cloud, the Digger fires an explosive grenade that burrows underground... If you can make your enemy move, you can either get a clear shot at him, or advance on his position and flank him.

The weapon selection is very straightforward and easy to understand. If you have the right weapon in the right situation, it's almost like rock, paper, scissors.

Melee attacks are a bit clunky because the characters' turning radius is quite slow. The exception is the Retro-Lancer, which allows you to perform a bayonet charge in a straight line. The Lancer and Retro Lancers can insta-kill. Grenades can also be stuck to a wall which will detonate when an enemy comes in range, or Grenades can be stuck directly to an enemy... and they explode.

The Meat Shield is still in the game, too.

Levels: 8/10
The levels are fairly straightforward and consist of an arena with some cover areas and enemies typically coming from one or two sides. You and your friends or AI's, engage them. The levels look beautiful and they're exciting as parts of them explode during the battle. Gears 3 does an excellent job at making you feel like you are in a war. A few of the encounters of Gears 2 were more exciting than anything that Gears 3 had, but for the most part, Gears 3 delivers.

As I was playing the levels, I had a few problems with them:
- My AI buddies were too powerful. It seemed like they'd kill 30% of the bad guys before I figured out where they were coming from, found a good cover spot, and equipped the right weapon.
- Melee attacks killing me through walls from a sub-boss. One particular enemy has a very long tentacle attack that just passes through level geometry, so you just have to blast him from a distance.
- Poor Timing. When I was injured and got "Downed" I was often the victim of bad timing. I would get knocked to the ground by a lambent blast, an AI would help me up, as soon as I got to my feet, I would get knocked down by another lambent blast, an AI would help me, as soon as I got to my feet, I would get knocked down by another lambent blast, an AI would help me, as soon as I got to my feet, the encounter was over.
- The AI's don't really try to flank you and take full advantage of the encounter's cover. They basically just hang back, duck, and shoot. I think Gears would have been much better if there was squad AI on the harder difficulty settings, where they actually did flank, and drive you back.

Multiplayer: 9/10
Gears 3 has a ton of Cooperative Modes and Versus Modes.

The Campaign is now playable with you and 3 friends.

There's Horde Mode, where you fight against waves of enemies.

There's a Beast Mode, where you and some friends play as the locusts (tickers, grunts, beast riders, boomers, etc...) and try to kill a squad of humans in a time limit. You get more time during the battle by killing them or destroying their defenses and bonus time at the end of each round. When you complete the 12 rounds, you win.

There are a plethora of Versus Modes that are all pretty fun. Each match lasts 2-10 minutes and you can join in, play, earn XP, and leave at the end. Because the games are short, fun, and rewarding, it gets pretty addictive.

There's Team Death Match, where each side gets a pool of respawns and you battle it out. However, if the teams aren't balanced, this is NO FUN. The last time I played, we got a Level 1 Noob, on our team that got NO KILLS and used up almost all of our Spawn Pool. Unfortunately, all it takes is one bad player to ruin this. If the Teams are somewhat equal, then you'll have a great time.

There's Team Death Match, where everyone gets 1 life. When you're dead, you stay dead until the next round.

There's an assassination game called Wingman, where you hunt down and kill enemy players. The first two man team to 15 kills wins. This mode encourages aggression and team work.

There's a game called King of the Hill where a ring spawns randomly on the map. The first team to touch it, gains points for every second they hold it. The opposing team must kill them and move into the ring to take it over. After a specific amount of points are earned, the ring respawns in another part of the map. This mode really encourages team work and good defense.

There's definitely enough modes here to keep you busy.

And when you play any mode, you gain XP, go up levels, and unlock new character skins. Your level shows up on all of the stat screens too, so it is a good indicator of who has skills.

Graphics: 10/10
Graphically, Gears feels like it squeezes as much power as it can out of your Xbox. The game looks fantastic! There's good variety in the levels, the characters and enemies look great, and the visual effects are outstanding! There are giant enemies, epic vista shots, and some impressive looking levels.

Sound: 10/10
The music sets the atmosphere and the combat effects punctuate the action! If you're playing Gears 3 right, your neighbors will complain about the noise.

Replay Value: 8/10
Gears offers an 8-10 hour Campaign with 4 difficulty levels, and a ton of Cooperative and Versus Modes. But because the game mostly revolves around cover and shoot in arenas, there isn't a great deal of depth to the combat. The game starts to feel stale after a while. You can only cover, shoot, shotgun, so many times before you are ready to move onto the next game.

Maturity: Older Teens
Swearing, War Violence, Gore, and you Chainsaw guys to death. There is a maturity filter that tones down the violence and gets rid of the language, but this game will never be suitable for all ages.

Overall: 8.5/10
This is definitely a very good action game and the most complete Gears game. The atmosphere is crazy-over-the-top and the structured gameplay makes it very easy to learn. The multiplayer modes will also keep you busy for days. Unfortunately, the gameplay never really breaks out of the cover-shoot-flank pattern and it does start to feel stale after a while.

Buy it if you love the Gears series and you want more. This one has the most to offer.
Buy it if you like very polished levels with over the top action.
Buy it if you love great graphics and the sounds of battle!
Buy it if you will take advantage of multiplayer!
Rent it if you have about 8-9 hours to complete the campaign and you aren't interested in multiplayer.
Avoid it if you want a breakout game that turns the Gears Universe on its head. This game is more of the same... Better... but more of the same.
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on October 5, 2011
Gears of War 3 is simply a good game. It looks visually just as good and has a great soundtrack. The campaign is good and this time you as Fenix trying to get to your dad. To get down to it, it offers a lot. I will say that the addition of an arcade mode that plays out like the campaign is a nice touch that makes for some competitive play. There is medals and an achievement for it. The arcade mode even allows some crazy things such as Halo has with Skulls such as headshots will make the enemy attack its own. There are various things that they do and allows for some fresh fun.

Now the Horde mode is improved upon greatly as more like a tower defense game. It has the same concept but now you can buy fences, turrents, and such that are upgradable as you level up and as you gain money to buy them. The enemies you kill will gardner you cash to make it more difficult for the enemies to attack. The level up system increases levels as you use money for fences, turrents, and even dummies. It is more fun and adds that extra layer of depth.

A new addition that I love is the Beast Mode which is like the opposite of Horde Mode. In Beast Mode your the locust attacking but in this mode there is a time limit to kill all the enemies. I haven't found it too difficult at all. To attack you will pick between four Locust types and as you gardner money for destroying the fences, turrents, and such, you will have money that will open up new locust types. It is a blast and was really impressed how fun it is but there is only 12 waves which I am disappointed with but I have had a lot of fun with it.

The other multiplayer expects are almost standard. You have wingman with three teams of two, team deathmatch, and such. They gameplay has been tweaked some for the better. The maps are pretty diverse. It also has a nicer menu system to work from and actually the whole menu system from the front to the multiplayer aspect is very nice and they set up the stats, medals, ribbons, and such that you can gun for in a nice way where everything is clean and easy to navigate through. Its much more impressive than the two prior games.

Now a little more about the campaign. Its almost standard affair but it does have some unique weapons. There isn't really any major bosses expect for one earlier on but it is a complete experience. When the game ends, its a satisfying ending. You won't know much about the queen which is a disappointment but it does in the trilogy in a satisfying way without any cliffhangers. I recommend this game. The Limited edition is nice but a bit hard to recommend. It doesn't offer a lot I think worth buying. I think its best for people to buy the regular edition and save the money for a limited edition toward a season pass for the DLC that will save you 33% on all future DLC. I think in the end, the game is enjoyable and has a lot of replay value with all the multiplayer modes. You can play this game for a very long time!

If you like the last couple you will like this one. If you didn't like the prior two games, this one won't change your minds.
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