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on April 3, 2013
Gears of War Judgement is not the Gears of War game fans are looking for. Baird and Cole have lost their personalities. They come out every so often, but for the most part are quiet and somewhat lacking. The Cole Train has lost his engine.

This is not a bad game, not by far, but it's Gears with an arcade feel. And that's just not what fans wanted. Faster paced? Okay, I can get behind that. Arcade-like? Not so much. It doesn't feel like you're tearing through an epic campaign, part of a massive war or involved story... just various score-based levels that leave you wanting more.

Again, it's not a BAD game, just not the Gears game people wanted. I'd give it 3.5 stars if I could. People wanted a Baird game, but Baird remains unfortunately silent (and decidedly UNsnarky) for most of the game. The personality is what's really lacking in this title, and given it stars Baird and Cole, you'd think that's EXACTLY what you'd get. If you're a fan of the series it's worth a play for the story, flaws aside, but it's not aGears title that will keep you coming back for more.
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on November 23, 2015
Look, I'm a die hard Gears of War fan. Rating this game 3 stars is difficult for me because Gears 2 & 3 are probably my favorite two shooters of all time. So here are my reasons for rating the game as such.

Let's get what's right about the game said here. The graphics are on par with other games in the genre and even other games within it's own franchise. The sound is good, the controls are solid, and even the campaign premise has something new that I think adds a fun new twist to the series. You are able to decide whether or not to accept challenges that make playing the campaign significantly more difficult in each section. The pay off is XP and some achievements. Some of the challenges are more difficult than others. Some are time based, ie "Complete this section in under this amount of time." Others are play this section with only one designated weapon, ie only use shotguns. Still others are environment based; extreme fog, extreme wind, slower health regeneration, etc. I believe all of those things are new and fun additions to the franchise, especially when playing co-op. The classic weapons are all there; favorites such as the lancer, mulcher, and sawed off shotgun are all available and there are a few new ones such as the trip wire crossbow.

Now for what's not up to par. The story itself is a little stupid though if that were the only problem I would probably still give this game 5 stars just because it's Gears and you have to suspend disbelief. Marcus Fenix only appears briefly in the game and that is only via audio as your squad can hear that Marcus is in trouble. The biggest flaw I had in the game was with the nuts and bolts so to speak. After playing about 3/5 of the campaign co-op with my brother via Xbox Live, I came back to it a week later and all of my progress in game in terms of XP, leveling, achievements, Cog tags, etc had all been set back to zero while my progression within the story had not. So essentially I started Chapter 4 in story, but my progress towards achievements for everything had to start over. I found this to be incredibly frustrating. My brother did not have to same issues so he was able to unlock all the co-op achievements while I was unable to do so by the time we reached the end. Could it be isolated to a corrupt save file just for me and on my Xbox, sure that's possible, but it's highly unlikely as I've not had that issue for any of the other 150+ games I've played. Very disappointing.
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on April 27, 2013
Like all franchises, Gears of War has changed over time. Normally, only a few changes are between Gears of War games, but Judgment is quite different. First of all the control setup has been changed. Grenades can be thrown instantly by tapping LB, and weapons can be quickly changed by pressing Y. Although this is helpful in a pinch, this makes it so that you can no longer carry 2 weapons with a backup pistol. The campaign is unlike the previous campaigns, the chapters have been divided into rather short sections with optional challenges and your performance in a section is scored, you can earn up to 3 stars per section. (You must accept the optional challenge to get all 3 stars) Some of the challenges are fun, but most of them are just a pain in the ass. In short, it doesn't feel like a Gears of War campaign, it feels more like an arcade style shooter. It isn't much fun playing it alone, but it is fun when you have friends playing it with you. On the other hand, versus is much more fun this time around. If you've played any versus modes in previous Gears of War games, you've probably noticed how common the shotguns were... Now players start out with their choice of rifle OR shotgun with a grenade. Plus, the new maps are set up to be more vertical, and not 'flat' like old versus maps. Unfortunately, only 8 versus maps come with the game. Four of these maps are used for regular versus, the other 4 are used for Overrun. In Overrun, teams take turns playing as COG and Locust. The COG have to defend 3 objectives (1 at a time) while the Locust have to destroy it before the time runs out. Basically, it is one of the best game modes I've ever played in Gears of War. So in conclusion, if you enjoy competitive multiplayer, you'll enjoy Gears of War Judgment. On the other hand, if you prefer cooperative game modes, like Horde and Beast mode from Gears of War 3, or playing story based campaigns alone, you probably won't like Judgment.
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on June 23, 2013
I kid with my buddies on XBL sometimes that the reason Cliff and Rod left Epic was because one day they checked in on GoW:J development. After seeing this trash in person they didn't want their name associated with it; let alone deal with all the hate from Gears veterans.

An amusing fiction used to illustrate how awful this game is. There's so many ways in which this game is not a Gear title that it'd be pointless to go over them all. A plethora of balancing issues, game mechanics, visuals, etc, all making this title 'in name only'. Yet, this alone is not the reason the game is awful. What makes this game awful is that it doesn't offer $60 worth of content.

Yes, that's right, it lacks content. The campaign is essentially horde levels with dialogue and cut-scenes. When I finished the game I wasn't even sure what happened. Was that the boss? I don't even...

What's more is that at launch there were only four multiplayer maps. Four. Yes, that number between three and five. Even worse, there was a map on the disc to be released as 'dlc'. We all know how that went over.

This game is awful. A few of my friends outright quit XBL. Others are once again absent. More choose to spend most of their time on the PSN. Many still frequent GoW3, some regularly. The one benefit I've had from this game is that I've realized how much I under-appreciated GoW3.
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on May 22, 2013
I purchased this game and paid for the season pass.

The first thing you notice after paying $120 dollars is all the stupid micro transaction items there are to purchase.

Thank you for the slap in the face.

There are no executions.
There is no Horde mode.
There is no Silverback.
There is no monetary system.

The multilayer modes are like playing Unreal Tournament from 1999 without all the cool parts.

Instead of taking the things people loved from Gears 2 and Gears 3 like horde and making them better by creating new maps, new monsters and new experiences they gave us new modes like Survival and Overrun.

Survival and Overrun are so anemic they look an play like an rushed unfinished product.

Hey thanks for all the cool new guns that we cannot pick up in Survival mode!

What happened to the turrets the engineer was supposed to have that had DIFFERENT types of ammunition, had to be reloaded and repaired and could be moved as indicated in the Major Nelson Xbox live sneak preview a week before the game came out?

I would never buy another game from Epic Games unless Cliffy B was directly involved.

This game is a complete 180 from Gears 3. This game is not garbage.

It is HOT STEAMING garbage.

Epic - Oh that is not fair to all of the developers.

Did you even bother to consult the fans?
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on October 9, 2014
shipping and quality of package were great.
Content wise: The game delivers more Gears of War. it kinda feels like glorified DLC, in that nothing important seems to happen in the world of the series. They introduce a character from the "other side" (russians basically, from the war that preceded the locust uprising), but he never gives much insight or backstory. They introduce a couple new weapons that aren't that different. I don't recall any new enemies. just saying the story and core shooter gameplay are just more of the same. I think this pisses me off more than it should because there are so many opportunities there begging to go somewhere. especially in the Rashoman style "here's how i remember it" twist they offer for each level. This ends up being mostly a difficulty choice, instead of an interesting story element.
but. that said.
- The level design is fantastic. Really enjoyed the detail and skill in the art of the levels. felt as good or better than the previous games. Really felt like you visited some new places, which are still part of that Gears world. Also had some really interesting european vibe moments (i loved a bit where you evade snipers by dropping pipes for cover, and eventually finding basements that connect)
- the courtroom drama played out in a solid way (giving each character their segment, then resolving in the now, and continuing on to redeem their judge-and-jury fellow). And I had no idea a second portion of game would unlock, taking place during the end of Gears 3, which weaves in some of the same characters.
- I really dug some of the optional memories. Basically I loved the ones which would mess with the visuals (adding dust storms, or poison effects, or extra darkness), and I hated the one's that just added a timer, or extra enemies. Kinda dug the one's that messed with your weapon loadout (had the same appeal as weird achievement, in that it forces you to play the game in unusual ways. which leads to learning new fun things).

- i didn't play any of the multiplayer. amybe someday. meh. (burned out on Gears3. didn't see anything here to change it up). (but also, didn't really look).

Again, the stories didn't pay off in a spectacular fashion. Nothing new here. but what is there is extremely well made and polished. (well several times i did experience a bug where my downed body would float around, unable to be revived, which made it impossible to beat a level. but my co-op buddy managed to end the level before this bug screwed it up, twice, so it felt like accidental challenge. wee.)

if you can get it for less than 20 bucks, and you have enjoyed gears before : it's a must buy.
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on December 13, 2013
I played this for about 30 minutes. It has the gameplay, but that's about it. The post before me was that she got it for her boyfriend before Christmas. I hope you're reading this because you need to get him something in addition to it, because if he knows anything about the previous Gears of War series he won't be happy. The thing I Ioved about GOW (1-3) was all the different personalities and banter between the characters; it evoked such a sense of camaraderie. It had such a realistic feel. It had an immersive dramatic storyline, and got you involved emotionally. Defined characters cracked on one another, and there was even a bit of a romantic subplot.This game is a smidgen of storyline and then just a bunch of shooting, which gets tired very quickly. It's the same old scenario: just get a game out while the interest is still hot. Can you say, "Let's milk this franchise one more time and take the money from the dedicated fans and run!"? I gave it 2 stars because it's not a Duke Nukem Forever kind of loss, but close to it. Maybe wait until it's down to $3.99 in some bargain bin and then consider it. I hate to have to dis this once wonderful adventure, but I'd be surprise if they came out with anything more. But that's Microlimp for you; put out a great product and then follow up with something substandard. Windows Vista *hack-ahem*
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on June 28, 2014
I don't game enough and have a life just barely that doesn't put me behind a screen of some type my entire waking moments, but have always loved the arcade and the 1st one getting new game releases on nintendo sega and super nintendo hell I had Jaguar 64 and earned money for this stuff and choose my 1st truely professional surround sound setup replacing the big 15" Cerwin Vega's for a 5.1 Atlantic Technology System all before getting a license and worked for every penny of it, so deep down from a kid wanting a Cisco Router from Christmas and having an AD server in a room shared with bunkbeds and surround but a destructive little brother 10 years apart I probably am a geek at heart and this game seemed no less enjoyable then the rest in the series and something that I can actually shut off after an hour of saying I will and at least get sleep for the day ahead or leading security consulting contracts or consulting new startup's and business owners which is a must and keeps the sanity unlike the poor ....... who actually told a PMO during interviews about leadership experience of his and went into some story about his WOW level minding you 2 of 7 even knew what it was and we had to explain to the boomers what we think he meant...

Crazy part was he was totally serious when the thought came to his mind and made a great config guy to stage all our equipment from boiler plates, so to each his own, obviously he only led himself and excelled which was an anomaly forced from understaffing and behind projects as the ePMO started to see if people had a WOW factor and the field teams and leaders feel apart j/k they mocked him I'm sure.

Game is def for the casual or anal gamer, anal meaning someone who actually has time to find every single achievement w/o internet help and feels the need to do so, casual for someone who doesn't want to go back to days of throwing remotes threw a TV and may still have the 1st Xbox 360 and PS3 from the day they were released and all in fine working order I might add. COD to fast and not enough time strike you when playing online, then probably would enjoy gears and maybe even live through rounds before a kid merks you every respawn. Want to get pissed put it on insane mode or think of the business model used in gaming and add on's and what you really drop to play a game these days.... $70 pffft just for the disk to get started! Had not Ninja Gaiden 3 and 3.1? happened I'd probably still be there or Halo, yes boring maybe same as casual gamer and last live member ship was Gears 3 which expired right b4 this arrived.
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on May 16, 2015
Been a Gears fan since 2007. Of course this game is much different than the others but it still has the same taste whether it be campaign or multiplayer. the Campaign for judgement feels more like a horde mode but it's okay. Multiplayer...well, it's different. It's not exactly the same gears gameplay we know and love but it's something. Think of it as a new and different game but with a gears theme. I mean hey, this isn't a main game anyway. It's more of a spinoff so I don't really expect much. Now if it was titled "Gears 4" and it coming out like this...I'd be pretty pissed. But all in all, I can find myself to enjoy it but it'd have to be multiplayer. I tried playing the campaign more and I just get bored. There's hardly any dive in the story part of this campaign, it's just run through this level and do this and that as Baird gives commentary on what happened. I know this was a Games for Gold deal last month I believe but I didn't get a 360 yet. Caught this for $10 and it comes with a Gears 1 download code.
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on August 22, 2014
Gears is War: Judgment focuses on Kilo Squad, starring the witty Damon Baird and the thrashball superstar Cole Train. The story alone is decent but it feels like it should have been DLC expansion to Gears of War 3 instead of a stand alone title. The campaign which you can play fully in 4 player co-op takes about 6-8 hours to complete. The stages in the campaign has zones where you can take on challenges that are completely optional but it adds more to your score and reveals a little more sub information about the story. The way the game is designed feels very arcadey and focuses more on the action and scoring points rather than the plot which isn't necessarily a bad thing if you don't care too much for plot in the first place.

As a hardcore Gear of War fan I enjoyed the game for what it was. The online is on it's last legs, which is pretty much down to the same 500 people playing between TDM and FFA. There tons of weapons and armor skins you can unlock through leveling up. and you can set up loadouts. There's a lot of game modes to play but the online is virtually dead so it's impossible to play the non mainstream game modes. The biggest gap in GoW: Judgment is missing is Horde mode. Gears of War 2 and 3 did a good job introducing and improving this popular game type and now is completely stripped away and replaced with Survivor which sort of like horde but with a class system (which is pretty cool) but you have have to protect your bases generators from the locust and once they destroyed all 3 it's game over.

Overall I give this game a 8/10
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