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on May 4, 2014
7/2/17 update: changing to two stars. After only a total of 6 hours use it won't run. I've maintained it properly; changed oil each season, etc. It worked for 2 seasons but when I got it out this year, changed the gas and oil, hooked it to the water, turned the water on, and started it. It ran 10 seconds and quit. After much tinkering I got it to run again for about 3 seconds. Now it won't run at all.

My model is supposed to require 2.3 GPM and I've measured between 6 and 8 GPM including just before using the sprayer. Mostly the sprayer worked just great but, a couple of times, it dropped pressure and I couldn't get anything out of it. Overall, I am pretty happy with it. I used it to spray out my cement mixer and leave it looking new.

I'll have to use it a few more times and watch that pressure drop and see if it repeats. If it does, I may drop a star on this review. If I don't see it again, I might raise it a star.

Shipping and packaging were perfect on mine. The box and the contents were undamaged. It came with everything needed to use it but too bad it didn't come with a sample washing soap like a clothes washing machine generally does.

Assembly was very easy and straight forward. A possible drawback, or at least something to be careful of based on my experience: They ship it without oil. It's had oil and there is a bit in it - from factory testing, I presume, but you'll have to fill it. The 20 oz bottle they ship might be perfect if it were perfectly empty. I finally decided it must be going to take the full bottle but it didn't quite and I ended up with about 1/4 cup oil spill. So just watch for it; it won't quite take it all but it will take most.

There are caps over the water inlets and outlets in shipping, but not the hose ends. Interestingly, many have stated they had warranty issues because of supposedly dirty operation yet the assembly instructions say to discard those caps that came with it. If dirt is the enemy of the power washer, then don't discard the caps. They don't seal as well as I would like but they are better than nothing; I am going to put a small machine screw through each of mine attached to the unit with a lamp chain so I can reuse them to keep dirt out - even if you keep it clean you can't be sure a bug or something would not get into it.

Starting for the first time took about 3 pulls but after that it was easier.

So, in summary, this unit shipped perfectly, was easy to assemble, started easy, and worked nearly flawlessly. I am pretty happy with my purchase.
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on September 30, 2012
Have used 3 times. Starts easily. Cleans well. Only problem is that during 2nd and 3rd uses, there was a leak where the hose connects to the pressure washer. Comes out back of connector on power washer so it's not an issue with hose/equipment connection not being tight enough. Fairly minor and does not appear to affect performance.
One odd statement in the users manual -- says hose length shouldn't be over 50 or 75 feet (don't recall which one). How many people have a water connection that close to every place they need or want to use the product? Almost like manufacturer wants to be able to void the warranty. No explanation provided for alleged limitation.

December 2012 update. On about the 6th use (always less than an hour), the pressure hose failed. Hole just appeared about 18 inches from where it connects to pump. Will see what company does. The company could also design the gas cap better.
17 Dec -- company responded promptly to query about replacement and I now have a new hose (not yet used).

May 2013 - am downgrading my view of the product. Just experienced 2nd hose failure. Not sure if it is design, who makes it, both, other?? I keep it stored in the garage and hose isn't stressed so there's something wrong. Also takes longer and longer for pump to build enough pressure. wouldn't buy again.
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on December 29, 2013
I've used it 12-15 times and loaned it to a friend who put two tanks through it cleaning his very old and worn deck. The deck looks like new, and I've used for things like cleaning cars, cleaning my patio, gutters, siding, etc. It has always started on the second pull, it runs strong.

To avoid the problems with gas, make sure that all gas is treated with a sta-bil or similar product, and once done with the small engine for the day, shut it off with the gas valve, not the "on-off" switch to keep the fuel out of the carb bowl. That'll keep it running for along time. With the cold weather, it it's stored in a location that will be below freezing make sure to drain the hose and pump, and it wouldn't hurt to add some Briggs and Stratton "Pump-Saver". It'll prevent the water in the pump from freezing and lube and protect the seals as well.
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on October 21, 2013
I used this 3 times. It did a fine job at washing, but the 4th time I went to use it, it would not start. I used starter fluid, checked the lines etc.

Took it to the local repair shop, where the guy told me it was probably the carb and that it probably wouldn't be covered under warranty. He says these machines carbs go bad frequently if you don't run them. Well I ran it about 1x a month and I have plenty of other engines that sit as long or longer & use the same gas that start right up.

I can't recommend this machine unless you are planning to run it every week, try one with a honda motor, I know a few who have those and they don't have this trouble of the carb going bad after sitting for a few months.
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on August 9, 2014
Would give 0 stars if I could. Generac is possibly the worst company I have ever dealt with. I ordered this power washer in April and didn't use it for the first time until June. On its first use, it was leaking gas. After calling Generac, they instructed us to call an associated service place and gave us two different companies. We had the first one come out - they tried to charge us $65 to take it away on work on it. I wasn't paying more money for a $300 item that has never worked. I called the second company and they said they do not service Generac items anymore because Generac is terrible to deal with and they really wish that Generac would stop giving their name out - that they can't stand dealing with them. I then found another place online and called them and they said they refuse to service Generac items because it's always such a hassle with Generac. Finally, I called a fourth place and they said they would service the machine. Just heard back from them after a couple weeks - they completely admit that the machine is broken and has problems and they want $150 to fix the machine--- that was delivered to me faulty and never worked. When we said we weren't paying that, we were told to call Generac and have Generac call them and tell them it should be covered. After being on hold for 20 minutes with Generac, I hung up and that is where I am currently at. I will NEVER EVER buy any Generac product ever again. Worst customer service ever.
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on October 11, 2013
Ran fine 1st 5 hrs, changed oil per manual. After 2-3 more hrs engine stopped while I was pressure washing, seemed to be to soon to have run out of fuel. Refueled but unit would not start, remembering unit has low oil sensor I checked oil level. When I removed oil fill cap fuel poured out!? Went to Generacs website to find warranty center per owners manual instructions. Called nearest center(Northern Tools) they said they don't accept Generac equipment anymore due to non-payment. Called Generac directly, they did not seem surprized or concerned, just said to call another center. Called the next closest(not Northern Tools & 60 miles away) and was told the same thing.Now I see Amazon has this item on hold. Hopefully Amazon can fix this lack of customer service & warranty issue. How difficult can it be for Generac to keep an accurate warranty center list on their website or are they being deceptive?
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on June 1, 2013
I looked around trying to find an American made Pressure washer and found Generac - mostly made and assembled in USA. Then tried to find at Menards, Lowes , Home Depot ,etc. But they don't carry in store -so you must order online. So I went to Amazon and bought it. As usual Amazon did a great job and It arrived when it was supposed to. Very easy to assemble and had it ready to run in about 10 minutes. It actually started on 2nd pull and ran great - washed off my sidewalk to see what it would do - no problem. Shut it off and later started smelling gasoline - saw some gas on side of tank and thought maybe I spilled some gas while filling (only filled tank 3/4 full). So I washed tank off with soapy water and later more gas on side of tank. The Seam around middle of tank was leaking !!! Called Generac and they told me to take to a Authorized Generac Service center (They would not mail me a new Gas Tank) located about 30 miles from my home. I called Service center and the guy and he was very good and he ordered a new tank. That has been over 3 weeks ago - tank is on back order. Can't return washer because tank has had gasoline in it and is now considered hazardous cargo. Not too happy with Generac!!! I thought I did my part trying to by USA made Pressure Washer and I understand that all manufactured products have some problems. But Generac needs to step up and get this fixed in a more timely manner.
The pressure washer seems to be well designed and well built - started 2nd pull on rope and worked very good . It is quieter than I expected. I am happy with the Washer. Even tank leaking did not bother me too much - BUT not getting a simple part after over three weeks is what has made me mad .
I would still buy Generac over any Junk made in China - most my experience with Chinese made stuff is very poor . Generac has several big factories in Wisconsin, USA.
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on August 6, 2013
Update 08/18/2013

I was planning on sending the unit back, but I'd invested so much time in it already, I decided to allow an authorized servicer take a look at it. I am so glad I did. The Old Town Mower Repair Shop in Florissant Mo has an amazing woman named Michelle that really knows how to deal with these machines. She is very good. It took her less than 5 minutes to adjust something with the intake water pump and even gave me a complete overview of the machine and how to winterize it/take care of it/etc.

So I used it on the gutters, soffit, siding, garage, driveway and will do the sidewalks and back patio next week. This washer is fantastic. I always thought our front porch was a tan colored concrete but hey guess what it's more like french vanilla now that it's pressure washed with this unit. It is so easy to use (once it works, that is) and does a great job. I had to buy an extension to get to to top of the peak of my one-story house without a ladder, so I recommend buying an extension.

I STILL think that Generac's customer service stinks, they keep you on hold forever and treat you like trash, but the service provider did such a good job I am really glad overall that I bought this item.

** Original review below, update above.''

I bought this unit based on the good reviews only. I ignored all the warnings, and there are a LOT, about the horrible customer service. IT IS THE WORST I'VE EVER ENCOUNTERED and I am almost 50.

If the unit worked, maybe it would be ok, but if it doesn't, THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU - THEY WILL WASTE AND WASTE AND WASTE AND WASTE your time! So what is the point? If you have all day to get jerked around, fantastic, take a chance, buy it. But if you have limited time, buy from a different company.

My unit would not work, I called multiple times, FINALLY, after the 3rd time they actually got me to customer service after a 20 minute wait, and they REFUSED to help me, they said I had to bring it to a dealer. They would not even ATTEMPT to help me over the phone.

NEVER BUY GENERAC, EVER! No matter how great the product is, what if you just need 5 minutes of someone's time to tell you if you have something on wrong? That is all I asked for, guidance with assembly, they wouldn't even talk to me about it, they said to follow the manual (I said I did but please can you walk me through the steps to make sure I did it right?) and they REFUSED to even TRY to help.

I am putting the unit back in the box and sending it back.
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on October 8, 2013
I purchased this power washer back in August. It was leaking gasoline out of gas tank as soon as I filled it before I tried to fire. Generac didn't response to my email until I left bad review on their web site. Next day they response that my review is not accepted - my guess is they are sorting for good reviews only and they send me a list of local services. I did left it in local service and I'm still waiting on it - as of now 2 months (August 11. to October 8. now). Service told us that most of their Generac repairs are waiting on parts because they are on back order - same as our gas tank and that our washer is not the only one with Generac gas leak. It seems as they should do a re-call. I just lost deck staining season and I'm not able to return it (I don't have it neither). My suggestion to you is not to purchase gas powered equipment on line - go to your local store so you can return it - and purchasing Generac brand... it is your call. I burned my fingers on both. Amazon shipping was very fast so one star goes to Generac, not Amazon.

UPDATE: 12/23/13 - After several email exchanges with Generac CS in past few months I finally picked up my pressure washer fixed today (gas tank finally arrived to my local service and they replace it immediately). It is really useless in the middle of Ohio winter but at least I have it. I really hope that something else wont fail once I fire up a few months from now. I also worked out with CS to extend my warranty - it been almost 5 months since purchase of defective unit.
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on April 8, 2013
I see this item is under Amazon review. Unfortunately, I received mine before it was under review. Don't buy it. I opened the box and mine does not start. Now I have to try to get it fixed under warranty.

EDIT: I got it back from the warranty dealer this week. Today, I ran it for over 2 hours cleaning a deck and a small side of a house. It only stopped once and that is when the gas tank ran dry. Filled it up and it started. I won't buy from Generac again but I was treated very well by Amazon. I've been buying from Amazon from its start in the 1990s and will continue buying from them.
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