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on April 3, 2015
It's an extremely inexpensive watch, so if anything you could just buy this for decoration and forget about the functionality. So far the watch has worked fine, but this watch is EXTREMELY sensitive to water - worse than ANY watch I've ever owned. Just from washing my hands one time, and the watch getting a TINY bit wet condensation immediately built up under the glass to the point that you can hardly see the time now. I'm going to try putting it in rice to see if that will clear it up, but I am putting it aside for now because it would bother me too much to wear in that condition every time I wash my hands, and that's far too much headache even for a $7 watch.
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on April 21, 2013
I gave this to my girlfriend a few days after I got it. It's extremely comfortable to wear it, since the silicone doesn't scrape your wrist. The only bad side to this watch, is the time changer on the right side is practically the cheapest thing I've ever seen. When you try setting the time on the watch, it's like you already broke it. Something to think about before you buy this!

- Silicon wristband
- Looks beautiful upon the wrist
- Comfortable

- Breaks fairly easily.
- Not waterproof
- Doesn't do much more than look great, and rarely is able to tell time (due to time changer breaking)

Overall, this watch is great for aesthetic purposes, and comfort-ability. I would only recommend this as an aesthetic, not a watch.
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on September 23, 2014
I am very thrilled with this watch! I knew when purchasing it, I would be getting what I payed for.....but I have to eat my words...this is a very cute and comfortable watch. It arrived yesterday after ordering back in July......but I knew it would take that long and almost forgot about it. Upon arrival, I was excited to see that it wasn't a super flimsy, cheaply made watch. My daughter did try to fasten it and then slip it on over the widest part of her hand, which detached the band from the watch.....it was an easy fix and entirely our fault. My son just slipped the pins back in and I wore the watch all day today for the first time with no detachment issues. The face is bold and the perfect size for me. I wear it on almost the first notch, but would fit any larger size wrist very well. The band is a very soft rubbery material and I was surprised that my wrist didn't become sweaty even after wearing all day. The face is bold and the numbers are nice and large. I also love the white color. I wanted something that was casual, but can be worn a bit dressy too. My friend sells a fashion jewelry (that I'm sure is made in the same country), but charges 10 times the amount of this, but looks exactly the same. I know that it may not last long (but you never know), but for the price, you can't beat it! I wouldn't hesitate to order something else from this seller!
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My daughter saw this in a catalog and said she really liked it. I found it then here on Amazon for way cheaper and ordered it for her.

There is a reason it is so cheap... it actually is cheap, as in stones will fall out and it will stop working. I bought the white one, because that's what she wanted, and it turns a nasty yellow color, for no apparent reason, after wearing it a few times.

I found a much better, similar watch with a metal white link band and she wears and loves that one.

If you want something quick and cheap to match an outfit for one time use etc, this is a good choice, but I wouldn't plan on using it as your everyday permanent watch.
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on September 30, 2013
Earlier this year I was looking for a new watch to replace my digital watch. I decided on the Geneva Platinum CZ accented Silicon Link Watch. I thought it looked nice and I liked the price. Never will I buy this watch again. A few months after buying the watch, the time would freeze up and I would often have to set it to the correct time and for awhile it would work.The more often this happened, the more irritated I got until I decided to junk it. Target sells better watchers for under $20. I would avoid this watch like the plague.
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on July 15, 2013
I bought 4 of these and they are super. They are funky looking and if you get a few you will always have one to color coordinate with your outfits. At this price, you simply cannot go wrong. They averaged about $6.00 per watch and i don't think you can beat that anywhere and get this kind of quality and looks and durability. You can wear them to mow the lawn and garden and go for a run. They will hold up with no problem and not slide around on your wrist. So far they seem to keep time just fine. I turn off the watches that I am not using to save the batteries and then just set the one that I am switching to and turn off the one I am taking off. They are great and I think you will be thrilled with them.
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on January 23, 2014
When I opened the package the face plate fell off the watch. My husband had to snap it back onto the watch. I also noticed a small chip on the underside of the faceplate. I don't know if it was already there or if it chipped when it fell on the floor because it wasn't attached to the watch. I wore the watch for a few hours and so far it has stayed together. I will see how it goes and if it pops apart again I will return it. I love the look of the watch. I wasn't expecting much for the cheap price, but I think it is very nice looking.

I have a very small wrist so I have it buckled on the very last hole and it can still move around on my wrist a little bit, which is the way I like it, but I think it might look too big for my arm.
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on May 26, 2016
I'm fine with the way it looks, however I bought this because it said water resistant to 10m. I got it about 5 hours ago and the face is already foggy inside. Also I paid $8 for it and I look at it today and its <$3. So I'm unhappy.
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on January 17, 2015
This watch is adorable! It's easy to read but the individual minutes are not marked off. The second hand is useful if you need to time something. The band is very pliable and comfortable on your wrist. I was a little worried that it might smell since I had to return a watch to a store for that reason, but this does not smell at all. It's very pretty on & a great price for a watch you can have fun with.

UPDATE! I went to put it on and it had stopped dead. I called the number for customer service about the warranty and got a recorded message about needing the receipt - who keeps every receipt forever? Then I was put on hold for so long the battery on my phone started to go.

I will never buy from this company again - in fact, I am thru buying anything that isn't made in the USA!
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on February 1, 2018
Bought this watch wore it all about 5 minutes and the strap broke. Fixed it and it broke again. Will never buy this product again and I do not suggest anyone else should. Super angry as I was at work and have to have a watch.
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