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on September 5, 2011
I have 7 of these watches in various colors and will definitely be purchasing more. I find them very easy to read even when not wearing my reading glasses without squinting or having to pull my wrist to my nose to try and see the time (which was the point of getting such large face watches). For those of you like me who have no clue what a millimeter looks like, these large face watches are 1.5 inches in diameter from edge near the '9' to the edge of the stem near '3'.

I originally ordered the white and black and within hours of receiving those two, I was back ordering the black with the gold case, another white, purple, red and navy. The bands are very comfortable, easy to keep clean, easy to put the watch on even if you have arthritis in your hands that is crazy-bad in the early morning and late evening. This watch stays where you want it to be on your wrist without falling down like a bangle/cuff bracelet (I have those kinds of watches as well)and these actually work and keep excellent time. What more could one ask for at this price?

I will caution those considering these for the larger face option, many of these colors also have regular sized faces so be sure to read the actual description below the product, not just the title. I made that mistake in my exhuberance to get it in different colors and the navy one has to be returned: small face. In addition to that on the navy one, the stem was positioned so deep into the case, and then protected on 2 sides with the little 'columns' of silicone that hold it in place on the strap, that I simply could not pull the stem out to set the watch or activate it. I did remove the little plastic protector positioned there to protect the stem during shipping, but without jamming something sharp beneath the stem to pop it out, no one in my family was able to pull the stem out to set this for me. And because I have so many watches and switch them almost daily, to preserve battery life, I deactivate them when I remove them for the night (pull the stem out to stop the battery from running when I'm not wearing a particular watch). Because of the 'most excellent' price of these, it would have been just as easy to keep the watch, pop up the stem, and just leave it running all the time including when I was not wearing it, however, the fact that I can hardly see the smaller face means it just has to be returned. So be sure you read the specifications closely.

Now, I'm off to choose between a light pink or a teal....hmmmm, decisions! Decisions!

Buy this watch. You cannot go wrong. Oh, additionally, with the silicone strap/band, if you find it too long, it is easy to trim some off with scissors but be careful you don't take so much off the remaining portion outside the buckle doesn't poke out from your wrist while wearing the watch. You want it to lie flat and still remain in the two "gosh-darn-its". That is the term my mother used for those little cross straps that hold the excess band in place after you buckle it. We never knew what to call them, so she gave them a name. And by the way, each of these Geneva watches (at least the ones I have) have 2 each of 'gosh-darn'its'.

Edit: 9/7/11 It has been 4 days since I contacted the seller of this navy watch for return authorization. I have not received the return authorization nor has my email to them about this matter even been acknowledged. I emailed them again this morning. Should they get in touch with me, I will be back to edit this for you readers.

I'm back 9/8. I finally got an email from the seller advising me that my initial request (#1) was sent to the wrong department (huh? I used the 'contact this seller' right here on Amazon for the email). The reason that person knew the first request was sent to the wrong department is that I sent a second request and mentioned the first request. So that is #2 on my part. That person's email advised me to return to Amazon and My Account and go through the motions again to request a return authorization and as soon as it was received, that person would issue the authorization. So I've just done that (#3). Now I'm thinking...they knew my first request was misrouted. They responded to my second request. (So don't they already know (twice that I want to return a defective item and that I've requested return authorization twice now? So why do I have to go through the motions a third time???) Why can't they just issue the return authorization? Something doesn't sound right here.

Edit: 9/12/11 Still no response and no further contact from this seller. Looks like I'm stuck with a watch I can't use, can't see and can't even get to work. I did notice there are multiple sellers for these Geneva watches. All I can say at this point is to avoid this seller if you can. If you simply must have a product from them, keep your fingers and your eyes and yours arms crossed for luck. Lots of luck.
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on June 10, 2014
From the photo and description, I expected this to be a dark blue color. However, when I received it in the mail, it's definitely electric purple, not even remotely blue. I contacted the seller about a return/refund and they refused to help, even though it's very obvious that the color doesn't match what they depicted. I'm very unhappy with my experience and would recommend you do not buy this watch unless you're going for something in the electric purple family.
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on October 13, 2016
Personally, I'm always on the lookout for a good deal. I love this watch! It fits my abnormally large wrist with a few holes to spare, it's stylish, functions well, and I've received a lot of compliments on it! The only reason I give it three stars is because it came with one rhinestone missing and another fell off within two minutes of doing nothing. Since then, no other damage has come to the watch. Very pleased with this purchase. Would buy again if I had mo money. #nomoneymoproblems
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on March 12, 2015
I have several of these watches, both solids and floral patterns. I ordered the navy watch to wear with jeans. While the watch I received is pretty, it most certainly IS NOT navy. It is a light, bright blue that I would describe as sky blue.

Edited to say that the watch stopped working today, so only lasted six months. Yes, it's a cheap watch but I expected it to last longer.
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on February 11, 2014
this item arrived on time and was just perfect...including an extra battery.
its still working and it matches the outfit i purchased it to go with. it also goes good with jeans and other casual wear. i'm completely satisfied with this purchase and would make another from this seller.
here's a tip...when i'm not wearing this or any watch,i pull the stem and stop if from running it makes the batteries last a little longer.
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on January 30, 2013
I like the watch just fine for the price. However, I was very disappointed that it arrived with a dead battery. It cost me $10 to have the battery replaced and I was not too happy. This was also the case with one of the pink watches I ordered.

So I actually had to spend $20 out of my pocket to get new batteries for items that should have been checked prior delivery.

So not happy about this.
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on January 30, 2018
Cheap, did not last long.
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on March 12, 2016
Something about these watches, they just don't last long. Every Geneva watch I have bought hasn't lasted more than a couple of months. Never bought another.
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on March 11, 2016
I would give this item 5 stars BUT the shipping time was atrocious. It took so long to get delivered I pretty much forgot I ordered it! It's cute and works. That's all I care about!
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on August 29, 2013
I love it. The minute i opened the package I knew I would like it. Navy blue is one of my favorite colors and this is awesome. I recognize that the band won't last forever, especially if it's worn regularly and undergoes "hard labor", but will look good all the time. Thank you.

Patricia Robinson
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