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on November 2, 2010
This came with a CD that does not include the correct drivers for a Mac (and yes, I have TWO Macs that are supposedly compatible with the software). Actually, I don't know that, because the CD won't even open.

After scouring online for the MyGica website (do NOT search iGrabber, search "MyGica"), I finally found the drivers--they hide it very well. Click the link "Video Capture" on the Left Hand side of the screen, and you will see a download for Mac.

The other problem is that once I installed the software and was asked for a serial number, the serial number to use was NOT the one they said to enter on their website! I was sweating bullets, repeatedly entering a serial number from the CD sleeve that did not work (I didn't want to have to pay postage to send it back AND a restocking fee).

Finally, I tried the serial number they said NOT to use and it worked! Jeesh!

In response to a comment --->>>***AGAIN. Do NOT follow their directions. Try any of the serial numbers you see on all the packaging. One of them will work.

Finally, if you have a Mac with a built-in camera, once you hook up the VCR and open iGrabber, go to the top menu, click on "Digitizers," and select "iGrabber."

Supposedly (after extensive research on the web), setting your Video Setting to capture as JPEG is the most reasonable capture option. And warning--test the Sound!! Increase your Gain (under the Sound (Audio) Settings) if the sound is coming out too low from your computer.

Do not expect amazing Hi-Def results from the video you've captured--not gonna happen. Artifacts will appear on the bottom of the digitized video, and I don't know if that happens with every digitizer out there or not.

It would have been REALLY NICE if the company had included a manual that was actually helpful. Why did I have to figure out all this stuff from trial and error?
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on May 28, 2010
I needed to transfer some old Hi-8 video and VHS to my computer. I found this and thought I'd give it a try as it was the least expensive of the options I had found. Set up took under 3 minutes. There is no manual, just a read me file (where obviously English was not a first language) but it is pretty self explanatory.

So far I have digitized one 2 hour tape from an old Sony Hi-8 (circa 1996). The video on the screen during the transfer is VERY shaky and grainy but when you're done and play it back the video is just fine. I had no issues with quality or sound on the one tape I transferred. I did not adjust ANY of the settings in the software.

Then I imported the video to iMovie and it all seems to be working fine and the quality appears to be the same as the original. (Maybe a tad bit better). I also ran other small programs (iCal, Firefox) during the transfer with no apparent issues. I'm running 10.5.8 on a 2.66GHz iMac with 2GB RAM, so nothing fancy.

It does exactly what it is supposed to do at a great price.
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on September 5, 2012
The Geniatech iGrabber is mostly a awesome little device. I did a few minutes of tv recording and the quality was pretty descent. Even though the source was HDTV the picture reminded me of analog but honestly it was not that big of a deal in the quality. When I hooked up the Wii looked pretty descent as well.

Inexpensive but not cheap. A whole lot cheaper than some of the 100+ dollar more name brand companies.
It actually works.
It has a descent number of controls to adjust various settings such as audio and video recording size.
It allows custom screen size and remembers that customization until you change it.
The record button on the device is a nice touch.

The manual instructions are ridiculous.
The install disk is more ridiculous than the manual.
You need to go through the website to get the latest drivers which work on 10.7 (yeah) but not on 10.8 (boo). I'm kind of doubting they will upgrade it to 10.8.
The fact that you cannot set a default device that loads on start up is rather odd. Not nice odd like Lotney 'Sloth' Fratelli from Goonies more odd like the guy who marries his first cousin.

There was no cover on the box or seal on the disk. The code did work on the install.
No icon on the program files. I created a few that look like a tv but still that was just cheap of them.

I would give it five stars except for the cons noted that deemed knocking off a star. Hope this review helps! :)
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on April 29, 2012
I had to go through all the issues that other Mac users describe:
- Locating the proper drivers online (not easy)
- Locating the proper serial numbers to enable software (not the serial on the device, but the SN on the disc envelope.
- Transfers that randomly suddenly stop digitizing.

This last issue led me to return the unit. It seems that if the original video source you are using (VHS, 8MM) has any noise, that noise will cause the digitization process to stop in the software. You have to sit with the unit in hand and continually hit the button to start digitizing and then stitch all those segments together (minus the few seconds you lose each time).

If you own a Mac, I highly recommend not purchasing this device!
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on August 31, 2011
Quality of the video: as good as the original VHS and broadcast (640x 480).
What I have: 2010 MacBook Pro
What I like about it: I am able to back-up my old VHS tap, even the copy protected tapes I bought.

The installation instruction is one of the worst. I may have spent over an hour to finally get it to work. I am so glad for Amazon review, however. David's review in January 2010 was the one I followed especiallly for running the driver in the package. I only have a few more comments of my own:

@ SERIAL NUMBER - In the program installation, you'll be asked for S/N. This one made me really frustrated because there is a serial number on the underside of the product, an SKU number on the box and another s/n on the DVD envelope. Use the number on the DVD envelope and include the hyphen (###-####-####).

@ In the initial program setting, there was NO SOUND from the video. Go to Record/ Sound Setting, then on the tab, select Source and I think you look for "other device".

@ 2nd VIDEO Recording only last more or less 5 SECONDS. This took about another half an hour to figure out how to fix it. So far I think what helps is either quit the program and run it again, or change the video size back and forth. the program's initial interface is terrible, but at the end, it did work and the result for me is a very good quality DVD duplication of the original VHS, or at least as good as the VHS.
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on December 31, 2013
I got this device hoping to convert all of our home videos to digital. It took a bit of troubleshooting/setup (sound settings source being a pest). Eventually I had everything coming into my computer but couldn't get anything but a left or right ear mono audio feed. I tried a couple cables to no avail. That wasn't a big deal, I got over it quickly and imported all of my Hi8 tapes after getting set up.

Moving on to VHS's... I thought this process would work exactly the same as the Hi8's, excepting with using VCR to the iGrabber. After hooking it up and verifying workable settings, I was only able to get the video feed to come through. I checked to make sure that the audio would play through my TV and sure enough that was the case. I even tried taking the audio feed from the TV, no dice.

I'm looking elsewhere to digitize my VHS's now. The product is inexpensive, so I'm not too bummed... just a little inconvenienced. Might be worth the extra $15-20 extra to get it right the first time.
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on February 23, 2015
We had a whole collection of family VHS tapes that needed to be converted to DVD or would be lost. This adapter did the trick nicely. The software is a bit flakey (it would crash with some regularity, but I never lost data because of a crash), and the instructions were at times a little vague. Between these two, it took a bit of experimenting to get a workflow that would work for me. I invested a couple of hours just testing and configuring. After I got the workflow down, we were off the the races. The hardware grabber itself is wonderful on a 2013 MBP. Mission accomplished, memories preserved. I'll invest a couple of hours if I can get that kind of result.
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on July 21, 2013
I originally ordered this to transfer video to PC. The directions that came in the box were awful, and in such a tiny font I could hardly read it. I went online to find better directions to transfer my Hi8 tapes to PC, and it was a total dud.
Upon trying it out with my Mac, however, no problems at all and it was easy. The only downside is the bit of distortion you see in the finished capture at the bottom of the screen. But hey, if you don't want to spend the money to ship tapes to a facility that does professional transfers, this is great. Just not for PC.
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on March 17, 2013
I have vhs home movies that I want to digitalize and have on my computer for keepsake. I was so excited to see this product priced so well. With research, I found the reviews to be both ways, so I tried it. It was obviously too good to be true. I have a 2011 macbook pro running iOS 10.7 and thought this would be plenty good enough for this. Initially it took literally 4-5hrs to upload 1 T-120 VHS tape and I cannot get sound to work. The instructions are only set for PC, although it raves that it works for MAC. It also does not easily download from the disc.

This being said, there are other genius' on the internet nice enough to write reviews and give very good info to make it work without having to pay more. Here is what I learned to make it work for mac:

1. When putting the software disc in, a window will pop up (if it doesn't pop up, just double click on the CD icon titled "video capture"). A window will pop up with 3 choices: auto run, mac os x, windows. Double click on "mac os x." Another window will pop up showing 2 choices: iGrabber instructions and iGrabber OS X. DO NOT click it, instead RIGHT CLICK. A pop up window will show and choose "show package contents." Another window will pop up with "iGrabber OS X 1.4.6.pkg." Double click this and it should begin the process of being downloaded onto your mac.

2. Once done, it should place a "iGrabber" folder in your Applications folder in your finder. Click this and a choice called "iGrabber Capture" should be in the folder. Double click this. It will most likely open a blue window or start your iCamera and will pop up another window asking for a "serial number." On the back of the sleeve the CD came in, are two stickers. The bottom sticker should say "mac os x igrabber." Use the code under that... this is the serial number.

3. Since I am doing this for VHS, I connect the black RCA cables to the VCR (any VCR will do, you do not have to get a recordable one). Then place the other side into the white "male end" iGrabber cable. The white cable then connects into the actual iGrabber remote with the USB cable. The USB cable then goes into your computer (duh). :)

4. Once iGrabber Capture is open, MAKE SURE to change these settings!!! First, go to "digitizers" on the menu line and choose "iGrabber." Then, go to "Record" on the menu line and choose "video settings." A window will pop up. Click "source" and make sure the DV Video is set appropriately (aka. if you are using the RCA cables for sound use "composite" or if you are using the larger round s-video click that. Hit "OK." Then, click "record" again on the menu line. Click "sound settings" and another window will pop up. If you are doing the sound through the USB cable, MAKE SURE you go to "source" and click "USB Device." IF YOU DON'T THE SOUND WILL NOT BE RECORDED with the video!!! I wasted so much time figuring this one out!!

5. Be ready, however long the video is, is about how long (or even a little longer) it will take to record the video onto your computer.

6. Now you are ready to record!! So, a blue window should now be up. If you hit "play" on your VCR, a picture and sound should show. (yeah!!!). In order to record, make sure the VHS is set to where you want it to start and hit pause. Hold the iGrabber in your one hand and have the VCR remote close. When you are ready to record, hit the big round button on the white iGrabber connected to your USB. This should pop up a window saying something like "double-click here to stop recording" (not exactly what it says). This means the computer is recording. Hit play on your VCR and it will start to "stutter" (for lack of a better word) and you will not hear sound anymore. This is okay. It will not be like this once it is all done. Now, you can leave your computer and let it keep recording until the VHS stops. Make sure to double click that window when it is done or you will have a lot of nothing at the end of this recording.

7. The program is set to automatically put the recording directly onto your desktop when done. If this is not where you want it to go, click "snapshot" on the menu line and then "snapshot auto-name setup." Here you can choose where you want it to go.

8. Sometimes when finishing one tape, the iGrabber Capture App will freeze or stop recording the next tape correctly. If this happens, just "quit" the program. Give it a few minutes and then reopen it. It should work again.

Hope this helps... if these steps are followed... it should work!!! Good luck! If you follow these steps, it works very well. I finally got it to record and I am very happy with the outcome. Both sound and picture is exactly the same as the VHS recording.

The reason for the low rating is only because it took me many hours/days to figure this all out and make it work. Almost not worth the money for me, but if u follow my steps, you should have a much better experience!! The other reason for this rating is that you have to hang around the project bc you manually have to stop recording when the tape ends, it will not shut off on its own. Expect it to take a while and the recording is many MB, so make sure there is space on your computer.
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on June 12, 2012
I honestly don't know what the fuss is about with the iGrabber and how it's "faulty" or "cheap". I was hesitant at first because I kept reading all the bad reviews but I decided why not. It only cost me $20 including shipping AND it worked for my Mac computer. I bought this gift for my dad so that I could help him put together a DVD with camcorder recordings he took in the 1980's. In December, I bought the Honestech (sp?) Software for Windows computers but that turned out to be a mess. Not because the product was faulty but because our computer was too slow and it took an hour to convert 2 minute clips. I was frustrated and needed a way to record VHS clips to my Mac without having to transfer clips from the Windows to my laptop.

Needless to say, this product was like a gift from God, haha. Like most people commented, the instructions have NO written instructions, just visuals. It was confusing at first as to how to connect the cords but it took no more than 10 minutes to figure it out. Since I'm bad with technical names, I'm going to try my best to help anyone with questions for setting this baby up.

1.) That extra white cord, the one that does not plug into the "output" holes, (red, white, yellow) scared me a bit. I was horrified to know I didn't have a cord to connect that to my TV or VHS but it turns out I didn't need it.

2.) Make sure to set up your Macs output sound correctly. When I recorded my first clip, it recorded my voice explaining to my dad how the software works, rather than recording the sound from the video. I had to fix the sound in my preferences and select output and put the volume on high. I'm not near my Mac while writing so this is coming from memory.

Literally within minutes, I had my first recording. It worked great. I was so happy because I was now finally able to create the iMovie we have been waiting for since December. It's extremely simple to understand how the clicker button works and how the recording is set up.

***NOTE: Video clips will take up a TON of MB or GB, depending on the length of the clip. Be warned!***

Other than that, the iGrabber saved my life and my family movies. We can now watch them crystal clear on my DVD player, saving us family memories!

BUY THE iGrabber!!!
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