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on May 5, 2015
I was searching for answers after suffering a loss. At first I was fascinated by everything I was reading. I found that it was giving me such peace until it came to the part where he inserts transcripts of his readings. That's when I quickly felt duped. In the transcripts I found that he asks questions in such a way that it makes it easy for him to describe the manner of death and what your loved one is supposedly saying. And when he's wrong he finds a way to explain it after more leading questions. The way he asks his questions are very clever. After reading the transcripts I just felt like I couldn't believe he was actually talking to those that have passed and as a result I couldn't believe his description of the afterlife. Very disappointing.
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on November 23, 2014
I have to say that I have only read a third if this books once receiving it yesterday, but it's amazing. Hard to out down. There is nothing negative in this book. It almost makes you jealous to know what awaits us on the other side - and gives great comfort to know that your friends, family and pets will and are there waiting to greet you and help you in the transition. I have read many books on this subject, and done a lot of research on life after death, and so forth. This book is the most immediately believable book I have read. It just totall resonated with me and what my own beliefs are. Facing death is not so scary anymore...I would suggest that anyone who has lost loved ones and is grieving, or anyone going through a terminal illness with someone read this book. It's very comforting. Some of the things George describes actually happened with my father when he passed...he was obviously communicating with his mother and others shortly before he passed. My dearest friend had family members who reached their arms up just before passing as though someone were reaching for them to lift them up. The stories that George shares are very enlightening and comforting. Personally, I feelnthat finding his books has finally answered all of my questions.
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on October 2, 2013
In all of his books, George Anderson explains the basis for his extraordinary powers to communicate with the spirits of the departed ... and a chapter at the end details various impressions he has gathered over the decades about what it is like "on the other side." Lessons from the Light is different in that although George Anderson again explains how he came (after a life-threatening fevered illness in his early youth) to have his inexplicable abilities, but instead of just one chapter (at the end of a collection of readings) telling about the hearafter, this entire book describes the spirit world. He says things like "no one passes alone ... even if you weren't there with your loved one, he or she was met and helped by the spirits of those close to him or her; and, "dying is like walking from one room to another" and, "no one moves forward in their spiritual growth on the other side until the spirits of everyone they care most about from their most recent life, or who care most about them, have also crossed and spent time in the hearafter together." These are enormously comforting concepts to anyone, like me, who has lost their nearest and dearest.
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on July 30, 2010
I like to investigate psychic medium phenomenon, and George has quite the credentials. He has been reading for over 20 years, he supposedly has a high hit rate, he has tons of clients supporting his claims, and was investigated by Gary Schwartz.

It's exactly George's reading style that makes me question his authenticity. He says he will only ask for a yes or a no answer during the reading which supports his authenticity as a medium, but its the way and timing in which he asks yes and no that make me question his validity. For instance, he will mention that a man just entered the room, and ask the client "does this make sense to you"? The man is holding a watch does this make sense to you? When the answer is affirmative, he then dives deeply into details and generalizations about letting go, and moving on with your life, how the spirits are happy etc and your love ones are always around. If the answer is no, he will find a way to move past the objection with a statement like "remember this for later" or "there is also an older women standing behind him waving, does this make sense to you"? He has many readings in this book, and they all have the same outline, once he gets confirmation, he then explodes with a great amount of vanilla information, with a few details dragged out.

What makes this more confusing is sometimes the guys is right on and nails the details, but often he is not, so the whole yes, no, thing seems like a way build credibility but still maintain a cold reading style. When you buys this book, take a look for yourself, and ask yourself is he supplying correct information before the confirmation, or after.

Overall the book is well written, and the message is of peace, love, and hope so therapeutically it is beneficial, but as a confirmation of psychic validity, I am unsure.
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on April 25, 2017
My adult son passed away suddenly & unexpectedly almost 4 years ago. I have bought many books during that time to try to help me make sense of and understand it all and be able to go on living in the after part of his death which I was sure was absolutely not possible. But here I still am. I don’t like that it happened and I will never get over or completely understand my son’s death, but I am more at peace about it now. I believe the 6 “George books” as I have come to call them, showed up in my life at just the right time as they have been the most helpful for me.
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on October 5, 2015
I wish I could say I loved this book. Unfortunately, for someone who claims to have "read" hundreds of spirits, there appears to be little to learn from these readings. Themessages Mr. Anderson claims to have received could have been written in about 5 pages. After a few chapters, the book appeared to be little more than an ad for Mr. Anderson's services, for which he charges a king's ransom. If you are desperate for hopeful messages about the beyond, the book is fine. If you are looking for more depth than to be told that we spend much of the afterlife trying to learn our "lessons" by coming back as each other's wife, husband, mother, father, brother, sister, etc., you won't find it here. Quite frankly, this left me feeling too much like I was back at school, with the nun hovering over me with a ruler, waiting to ensure I'd learned my "lesson".
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on March 29, 2017
I was not able to finish b/c it got too graphic for me (he was helping w/police investigations). I do think Mr. Anderson is a very gifted Medium though and would love to meet him some day (maybe one day?)
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on July 31, 2014
I had the pleasure of meeting him personally twice, once in virginia beach and other in Long island and of what I was able to learn and
witness I develop a trust in him and what he does.

his books

I had the pleasure and experienced in meeting Mr. Anderson twice: once in Virginia beach and another in his office in Long Island,
of what I experienced and after experiencing many others I am sure of his honesty in what he does. His books are , to me, a
revelation of what is comming after death. I had been an agnostic but my experience with him and his books have been openning my believe and mind more and helpfull. His books to me are lessons that you should know even the ones who dont trust him. Do to the amount of fakes in this bussines you must be doubtful and untrusty, but even though, is worth knowing it, it makes you think and probably believes what happended to me, is worth the reading very much
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on April 9, 2015
I learned about this book after reading about a mother who lost her two kids in a murder-suicide. I can't give this book 5 stars because I had to read it with a grain of salt, and it only caters to Christians. Yes, I want to believe George Anderson's accounts of his communication with the dead, but I also had to remind myself that these were HIS experiences. Nobody knows if they are true or not. I bought this book because I lost two people to suicide, and the suicide chapter of the book did initially bring me peace. However, I stopped reading when George Anderson claimed that Jesus Christ would appear with the souls who committed suicide. The people I lost were Buddhist and Muslim. So, if you are a Christian, this book is for you. It will bring you peace if you have faith.
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on July 2, 2015
I loved the first section of the book. It gave me great peace of mind, especially about our trials being of such value because of the spiritual evolvement that results. Makes going through them easier. I highlighted a lot and will reread my notes.

The second section of the book is made up of sort of transcripts of actual discernments, which I didn't get into as much. In fact, after reading a couple, I skimmed the rest. I prefer the gist of readings, the compact vignettes presenting the most powerful message(s) coming across and not the literal back and forth between medium and client where they are interpreting symbols and words and so on. But that's just me. Some people will really dig that.
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