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on December 7, 2015
I bought two of these, from different sellers. one was real, the other fake.

The real one was sturdy and well made. The phillips screwdriver is precise, and the pry bar seems sturdy. The "V" shape wire stripper seems like it would work well for the intended purpose.

The second imitation one was slightly thinner, and the quality was obviously lacking. The "V" shaped wire stripper was more a "U" shape, making it useless for the intended purpose. The regular screwdrivers weren't flat either, so they aren't very useful. overall, I would consider the fake one pretty much useless.

I've included pictures of the original beside the fake. The genuine product is a great purchase, just be careful and get it from a trustworthy source.
review image
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Enthusiast: Cookingon July 13, 2016
This was a gift for the BF who is notoriously hard to shop for. Short of beer and baked goods I never know what to get him but he uses this almost daily so I'm incredibly proud of myself and a bit smug. It's very small so it not cumbersome at all to carry around on a keychain. The material has been sturdy enough that he was able to use it to replace the headlights on my car, change his plates despite very rusted screws, mount a heavy TV, take apart a grill and solve any number of little issues when a toolbox wasn't handy. He's been using it for about 8 months now and it has a few scuffs but no damage that otherwise hinders it's capabilities. An excellent stocking stuffer if you're looking to gift it and a very useful tool to keep around in case of emergency.
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on December 8, 2015
I ordered this item in early November and received one that I absolutely love. I decided to reorder 4 more, almost a month later I received 4 awful knock offs. The phillips head screw point is practically useless, you couldn't strip a wire with it if you tried, and they are very clearly a poorly made knock-offs... Amazon's explanation was that the "seller" had changed, although i reordered directly from my previous orders page. It seemed to me as a very clear bait and switch.

Hopefully you get a genuine Shard! The real ones are great! The knock-offs are useless.
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Enthusiast: Campingon October 18, 2016
Great for the most part, except for one of the main parts I bought it for, the phillips driver. It seems unfinished? The head doesn't meet in any clear sort of x like it's supposed to, just kind of a muddled mess. I have not found a single phillips screw so far that it fits. However, the bottle opener, flat heads, and pry bar all work as advertised.
review image review image
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on August 8, 2017
It seems that unlike some reviewers here, I received a genuine Gerber Shard.

I bought it primarily as a bottle opener, and in that regard it works well. Most of the time it take one pry on one side and then spin the top 45-90 degrees and the top will easily pop off. I'm more than happy with how it works in that regard.

I've used the small Phillips screwdriver end in a pinch and it worked well enough, being that its not a real screwdriver I wasn't expecting a ton, but it got the job done.

The flat/wire stripper end has been used by me a few times just as a small pry tool, obviously not for any sort of heavy duty use, but just to open something or make a space bigger so I can fit a finger or two into it to pull harder, etc.

All in all, its a useful little thing to have on your keyring. I'm happy I grabbed one.
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This is a great tool. Yes it is small but good things come in small packages. How many great tools are left at home because they are just to large to carry easily. In the end the best tool is the one you have with you, and this one will always be there because it is small enough to be forgotten.

Pry bar - when on an outdoor adventure we came upon an old pickup that we could not get the door open. The latch worked but was jammed. Stuck the pry part into the door seam and was able to get it open. Great for when you dont want to jack up your pocket knife blade.

Bottle opener - works great. May be using this feature too much

Small and medium flat drivers - too thick

Philips screwdriver - works well with smaller head screws but not good for anything larger

Wire stripper - yes its there, will you use it? Doubtful, much better to use a real wire stripper

Keychain hole / lanyard hole - without this it would be religated to pocket carry where it would be lost within two days. Lanyards look cool on these and will still fit on your keychain with one.

This is one little thing that you could buy for someone who has everything and they would look at how neat it is and just smile and say hey thanks, pop it on their keychain and everytime they use it would think of how you gave it to them.

For the price this little tool cant be beat.
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on December 27, 2015
I am sure the actual Gerber Shard is worthy of 5-stars. However, I believe I must have received a cheap knockoff. It was shipped directly from China, and the quality doesn't match the photo in the product description. (See my photo to compare quality.) Maybe just watch who is fulfilling the order. I paid less than $3 = "you get what you pay for."
review image
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on April 13, 2017
I really want to love this thing but unfortunately I have a few issues with it. First off, it's huge! On a key chain it feels enormous. It's heavier the several keys. Second, it's made in China. Am I the only person who remember when Gerber made everything in Portland and it was great. The build quality is nice. The Phillips head screwdriver is actually pretty impressive. The black oxide coating in nice and even. The bottle opener is a little weak looking tho. I'll probably throw it on a backpack or something.
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on April 13, 2015
The Gerber Shard is a well-made, inexpensive, mostly functional keychain tool. Though not perfect, I see some value added. I'd say it represents the 60-65% solution. Here's the scoop: You can scrape (sort of), scratch (yeah, okay), pry (yes!), rip open (definitely!), tighten (screws, check!), and open (capped bottles, eventually). So just for fun, I put it through its paces this past weekend during a house move. (1) Ripped open many taped boxes with the phillips pointy end. Worked great everytime. In fact, this is what the Shard does best. (2) Opened around 10 beer bottles. This was a more challenging task. Doesn't quite open the first time but it's better than most other similarly styled tools I've tried. (3) Scraped sticky labels off glass windows with the wide flat tip. Not very good at this. You really need a razor blade. (4) Pried medium size nails & staples out of wood. Another thing the Shard does well. (5) Tightened both phillips & flat head screws. Does well. So overall, this tool is significantly better than nothing. And since it's mostly functional, I'm keeping it on my keychain until something better comes along.

UPDATE, 5 May 15: Because I've had a little more time to use this tool, as well as other similar type tools, I am changing my rating from 3 stars to 4. This item is better than I had originally thought. For one thing, the beer bottle opener, once I learned how to use it properly, works the first time, every time. Probably the best keychain bottle opener I've ever used. Also, the tool itself is considerably less bulky than other key ring tools. Lighter and ergonomically correct, too. I can grip it firmly, even with sweaty hands. Does not over burden my key ring. I've used the tool to do fine scrape jobs like taking off a BIC lighter sticky label & prying that useless metal shield off the lighter's friction wheel. Normally a task reserved for my Victorinox pocket knife. Well worth the $6 price tag. Recommended.
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on December 21, 2014
I really do like this little Gerber Shard Keychain tool, it can be very helpful on the go, little handy work, opening beers, pulling nails, opening packages, you name it! It's versatile, small, light, durable, helpful and a great price too! I've had it for a little over 6 months now and finally can write a legitimate review! This is one of my most favorite pocket/keychain tools that I own, others made by Leatherman, Smith & Wesson, Swiss Army. It's the smallest, lightest and most helpful one that I have! My only issue with the Gerber Shard, is having it on a keychain, the edges of the shard are VERY sharp (not necessarily a bad thing) but when I have it on my keys, which are attached to my belt loop, I can sometimes sit on it and if not puncture myself, then puncture someones car seat or restaurant booth. It happens at least once to me or something else, every time I have the Shard on my belt loop. Definitely not a deal breaker, but a pre-warning to those who may want to wear it on your keys! Now with that being said, Gerber is an awesome and trusted brand of knives, machetes, Bear Grylls gear, etc, I have quite a few of their knives for backpacking and would definitely recommend buying their gear if your looking for a knife or multi tool, this Shard being one of them! This is overall a great buy for such a versatile and helpful pocket tool, I hope this review helps those looking to buy and by the way this would make a great gift as well! Thanks!
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