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Always on my belt. I'm becoming more attached to it as I carry it more.

A couple beefs with the tool:
1. the pliers wiggle a bit- since they slide up from the center. The jaws lock in place so it's not a function thing, it's just a tick unsettling.
2. I'm pretty sure I could bend the handles on the pliers if I really laid into something. Now, realize that I am an assembly mechanic, I work with my hands all day every day; that said, I had much more hand strength when I was an automotive tech. Bottom line, if you're a bruiser and you put a hurtin' on something with these, you may bend them. If you're a normal person or you just refrain from trying to crush things, these will be fine. I'd darn sure rather have these in a pinch than nothing. If you really need a crazy grip on something, go get some Snap On pliers but I can't remember many things I've done as a mechanic where these wouldn't have worked just fine.
3. I KEEP CATCHING THE SHEATH ON FOLDING CHAIRS!!! . . . but that's probably my fault.
4. You have to open the pliers to use anything. . . huge hassle! It's like dial up internet all over again! First World Problems are hard!
What I like:
1. The matte black oxide coating is "stealthy" or whatever adjective you like that conjures up images of you hiding in bushes with this tool and NOT being spotted by enemy searchlights because the tool is non-reflective. . . don't lie, you tell yourself these things too. Tell your wife that, being black, it is both slimming and perennially fashionable, sort of the female equivalent. Realistically, though, the matte finish (probably sandblasted before black oxide) makes these pretty easy to hold onto.
2. Minimalist isn't quite the word to use here, but it doesn't feel like you've got a brick on your belt. Face it, you rarely need a corkscrew (and the pull-type ones stink anyway), you've NEVER needed the awl (except when you made the mental note that it would be good in a fight), the fish-scaler is basically a crummy saw, you pick your teeth with the knife's blade, and the tweezers are too flimsy to do anything. . . this tool has none of those useless accoutrements but the knife is razor sharp, the file has good teeth, the scissors are sturdy, etc.
3. You, or should I say "I," can deploy the pliers one-handed. Pinch the safety releases and flick your wrist, don't let go. I found it to be almost intuitive.
4. The locks work well and are well-designed and easy to use. There are few things I detest more than safety devices that make the device so aggravating to use that you avoid using it. Like modern gas cans! I seriously just unscrew the entire nozzle because I spill MORE gas when I use the safety nozzle than I did when I just had to use my brain! The locks on the pliers and other tools are not like that; they're simple, functional, and as unobtrusive as they can be while not being cumbersome or inconvenient in their functionality. Truthfully, the safety locks are a nice part of the tool, I doubt I'd like it as much without them.

Overall, I like this tool. There are bigger, flashier, and more expensive multitools but what's the point? Ultimately, and in that line of thinking, that's what the four stars are about. Truth be told, my ultimate multitool is a 2,000 lb toolbox. To me multitools are like tablets, by design they never quite go the "whole way" there's always a reason to still have a computer. In a similar vein, as a mechanic I have never found a replacement for a good purpose-built tool; it may only do one thing (other than double as an imprompteau hammer) but it does it well. That's where I'm a with multitools. I own stronger pliers, a faster-deploying knife, a file with a larger surface area, saws for every situation, capped screwdrivers with precisely cut tips. . . but I can't keep my pants up with all those things stuffed in them. . . and I look like a weirdo walking around with a hardware store in my britches.

For my money, I'm as pleased with these multi-pliers as I suspect I would be with any. I could have spent 2-3X as much (easily) for more weight and more tools I'll never use but there's something to be said for having a compact and practical tool. If you're in the market for a multitool, I doubt you'll be disappointed with these and, realistically, you'll probably lose these or buy the "latest and greatest" before these conk out on you; plus, they're significantly cheaper than many of their competitors and they're still made in the USA. As a factory worker, I always like to support other US factories unless it's impractical or unwise to do so.
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on December 10, 2015
I've had this multi tool for a year now with no complaints. As you can see from the photo it rides nicely in an HSGI taco pouch on the front of my tac vest. Most of the guys at my department carry a Gerber. Good price on a very reliable product. Recommend to anyone who works in the field and needs one tool for a multitude of tasks...
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on June 26, 2017
In order to open the plier, the handles have to spread open a little bit. So you want to hold the tool by the "outside" handle. Pinch the "outside" handle between your thumb on one side and four fingers on the other side. The "inside" handle is in toward your palm, but not really touching your palm. Now move your hand and lower arm quickly downward, straightening the elbow as you do.

The "inside" handle can move a bit toward your palm, allowing the handles to separate ever so slightly, and allowing the plier to extend with a satisfying click. Easy peazy.
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on January 6, 2017
Depends what you are looking for in a multi-tool if this is the right one for you. Me personally, I am often in an awkward position when I need mine. Whether it be holding something in place so I can get a few bolts tightened or ensuring my balance is maintained by resting one hand on a steady surface. What I love about this tool is that I can grab it with one hand, open it in no time flat and use it all without having to take my focus of what I am doing. That is the key for me to this tool. It doesn't demand any focus if you are going for the pliers. Most other tools you have to unfold and it seems the higher the quality the stiffer and more difficult that is to do. For that reason I prefer the Gerber. No using my thigh to finish unwrapping my pliers from their coffin. I just flick my wrist and get to work.
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on April 6, 2018
While I like the pliers overall, they do seem a bit flimsy. I use them for work about everyday, I am a farmer. The pliers part of the tool is not as strong as I would have imagined, the nose seems to twist when very much pressure is applied. Also, the phillips screwdriver tip already shows sighs of wear and I haven't used it very much. I did buy this because I liked the assortment of tools that were on the tool itself. I just can't give it much more than 3 stars because I'm not certain it is going to hold up to the every day use I had hoped it would. Would I suggest it to a friend, possibly. Would I order it again...I did buy another one, simply because the price was almost half of what I paid for this one, so it will be a good replacement if this one fails to perform. Not completely against it, just not completely sold on it either!
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on July 9, 2015
I purchased this recently after having some Gerber knives for a few years. They definitely make quality products (though I switched to Benchmade for my everyday knife) and they set a very reasonable price point for a US manufactured product.

Unfortunately, these multi-pliers fall short. They seem much more cheaply made than others, with the pliers being attached with sheet metal pieces instead of being drilled and attached directly to the frame of the tool. This seems to cause the unwanted and excessive lateral play. Gerber's sliding mechanism always has some play, but in the Pro Scout/MP 600 this is minimal. Also, most of the tools seem to be stamped out of sheet metal, and in particular the "phillips" screwdriver is particularly weak. I had trouble with a basic drywall screw and would not trust the phillips to hold up. Additionally, none of the tools can accept the bit adapter that Gerber makes, which allows you to use any standard 1/4" drill/screw bit.

The only advantage this tool seems to have over the Pro Scout is that the saw is more robust. If you want to cut wood with it fairly often, the saw blade is definitely superior to the replaceable jigsaw blades in the Pro Scout. Otherwise, I am very happy with the Pro Scout.
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on November 15, 2016
I have a Swiss army knife that has everything I need on it, but the players on the knife or a little dainty and there are no locking blades. I bought this to supplement my Swiss Army knife. It is a pretty nice multi-tool, but I wish it had more useful tools like my Swiss Army knife. Many of the tools on this multi-tool seem redundant and unnecessary.

Pros: Sturdy, has locking knives and tools, its compact, has a really nice saw, and has really nice needle nose pliers that are retractable and can be deployed with the flick of the hand.

Cons: some of the tools seem redundant and unnecessary. You have to deployed the pliers in order to open the knife, which is an extra step that I don't always want to take when I'm ready to cut something.
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on January 17, 2018
After owning two of these throughout the years, I honestly love these pliers. They do everything they should, no hesitation, just like a Gerber multi-tool should. One flick deployment is smooth and does not clack as loudly as the MP600. Only issues I have with it is the pliers may become a bit loose over time and have a slight amount of play in them when retracted into the tool body. So when the tool is folded, you can grab the tip of the pliers and they might move some. Not a huge concern, however, as everything on the tool performs the way it should. Even after I've left mine in the mud for days, or dropped it in a snow bank somewhere.

Awesome tool from an awesome company.
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on July 13, 2015
I had a Gerber multi-tool years ago and was highly satisfied with the quality. I broke the plier by putting a lot of pressure on it and twisting in the wrong direction so decided to buy another one. I couldn't find one with the same features so switch to Leatherman which I have had for 5-6 years. I recently ordered an emergency supply kit that came with a really cheap multi tool so decided to replace it with the Gerber Black Diesel. This definitely was not the same quality Gerber that I owned previously. in order to extract the screw driver bits I first had to open the knife blade and then the bits were so still I almost broke a finger nail trying to get one out of the slot. Then there is the same complaint on other reviews, ie; the black coating. Don't know what that is all about. Tried wiping it down with WD-40 but it still turns my fingers black. It is going in my emergency supply kit so will probably be alright for emergency use if I have to use my kit after an earthquake, severe storm or some other catastrophe event but for everyday use like my Leatherman? Not so much. My headline says it all. Quite Disappointed!
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on March 20, 2015
Received this today, was looking for a replacement for my aging Gerber multi-tool, and decided to give this Diesel a try after seeing the almost universal praise it has received. I won't go into the tools it has, it has the standard multitool loadout: flathead screwdriver, knife with serrated blade, pliers, wirecutters, scissors, etc. So far I like the Diesel, though compared to my previous multitool, it has a few minor issues:

*Pliers aren't spring-loaded. I would have preferred they be spring-loaded, as it makes them easier to use and allows better access to the other tools in the handles.
*Tools can't be used unless pliers are extended, as they are on the insides of the handles. My previous multitool had the tools sitting on the outside of the handles, so they could used even when the entire thing is folded up. Not so with the Diesel. Its a minor issue, and I'm sure I'll get used to it in time, its just a little inconvenient.
*The black oxide coating comes off a little bit onto my fingers. Wiping it off with a paper towel is definitely recommended.
*At least on my specific Diesel, the smaller tools (bottle opener, flat-head screw-driver) are very difficult to unfold.

Apart from these issues, this is a solid multi-tool, and I'd recommend it if the above issues are of no concern to you. As I said, they're minor and do not impede its function.
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