Customer Reviews: Gerber Icon Tanto Knife, Serrated Edge [31-000372]
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on December 26, 2012
Great knife. Sizable with out being 'huge' it weighs less than a Ka-bar mule which is nice. The blade is sharp straight out of the box.

I only have one complaint, it's stored in the pocket via the clip "Point up" when closed. If the knife isn't 100% closed, or if something in your pocket hits the thumb stud or even you do when drawing it out, the point might come out a milimeter and 'catch' on your pocket or flesh.

I'm careful when I pull out a folding combat knife. Just by nature, but if you're distracted or NOT carreful, it might get you, and as sharp as it is if it does get you, you're going to need stitches.

As for opening, it opens lightning quick and locks back. Online you hear one or two guys saying thiers don't lock correctly but mine is fine. I give it 5 stars, the 'point up' orientation is the only 'flaw' in my mind. one that would be 100% fixed if it was mounted point down in the pocket. There'd be no way for it to 'catch' and open up. Sadly there is no way to change the clip around.

As long as you're paying attention when you draw your knife. Can't get better for a pocket knife. If you don't... she might bite. :)
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on July 20, 2013
Rugged, Tactical, and a reliable workhorse. Needless to say the Gerber Icon Tanto has both beauty and an inner monster. This knife has a great tanto point at 4.25 inch long, truly a perfect self defense knife. The deployment is swift & excellent. The weight is pretty darn light knowing that it is a large folder in your pocket. The grip of the knife stays on your palms without worrying about it slipping off. I would definetely recommend this folder as a hefty EDC & a Self Defense back up. ..And put it this way, i am confident to say that i would take this knife to battle or war with me at anyday!.. CQD COMBAT INSTRUCTOR
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on May 13, 2015
To be honest, initially this knife would of gotten 2/5. Furthermore, there's a really odd thing about this knife.. it's super appealing even though Gerber is mostly a inconsistent and mediocre manufacturer, they do have some potential (which they usually fumble instead of refining/catching on) which does shine in the Icon, and possibly hence the mostly favorable reviews. It is quite clear though, that at unboxing, the knife is 2/5 or 3/5 level at best, lacking even the most basics of QA. I'm not even a big knife collector, steel snob, or hater, but it should be very obvious to all of us when a Mfr. is doing a poor job (in this case). Good news, if you're a modder, OCD, mechanically inclined, or DIY'er, you can certainly refine the Icon and pick up the slack Gerber dropped on you and immensely improve the blade's performance. If you would like some baseline to other knives in same price point, the SOG Salute is impeccable quality, and a good reference to what can be achieved. Most other Mfr's are about 2-4 steps ahead in terms of QA. While all of this sounds very negative, there are definitely positives, and I'll line it all out in an honest fashion.

Like I said before, this blade looks lovely. Unfortunately it drew all of us in to purchase it despite the very real failures of Gerber being so present, that's how nice looking the knife is. The length is great, if it is legal in your state, and features a nice American style Tanto blade with combo Serrations. Blade material is okay with 7Cr17MoV, nothing notable but will do the job just fine. Ergonomics is alright with a very straight handle and small finger flared guard (slipping may be present in actual fights). For bigger hands, the knife feels pretty spot on. The Icon has heavily textured rubber inlays which aids in overall grip and comparable to wall stucco in form. Casing material is Alu Alloy and is fairly sturdy but cuts down in weight significantly as opposed to other blades in the same length which are extremely heavy (not always bad) that use all steel. Also, the Liner Lock is relatively strong and is made of steel. Pivot interface is overall very simple but can provide good solid compression which helps reducing any lateral play. Thumb studs are large and the blade does have conservative grip serrations. When everything is tightened down, despite a huge blade, is very secure. The blade itself is alright in terms of design and doesn't feature anything very notable.

Negative Points:
When I received the knife, things were lacking. Blade slightly crooked (interface is not even/or handle), nothing was even remotely polished or sanded down such as the interaction between the liner and the tang which wouldn't allow the liner to fall in lock, not even close. The liner would often times get stuck onto the tang since it was extremely rough. Action was very weak and the whole interface (screws) was loose from the start. Also, the blade heavily rubbed against the liner and edge of the casing causing distinguished marks on blade's coating which was thin to begin with, the blade was that off-center. This was -only- after 10 open-close cycles. Also, how the blade's edge is tapered is fairly thin and seems to chip more easily. Lastly, the infamous blade tip sticking out (when closed) safety violation was right there too. The recessed detent wasn't catchinf properly.. Not good at all. It's like Mfr decided to throw everything together haphazardly without QA and to add insult, forgot the last few steps. I would be happy to pay $5 more to get a better package, as I said before, this knife has potential. This is why many dislike Gerber flat out and I understand why. While I have had many of their blades (Older gen), this is all fairly saddening that we are settling for less in that sense.

The reason I gave a 4/5 is because I personally fixed the problems and the knife consequently is so much better.
1) Take apart knife, organize bits.
2) Use 300~ then 1k-2k sandpaper to smooth out Tang and Liner lock. Don't go overboard though.
3) Clean other non-essential parts and very lightly sand (1k-2k) other rough edges such as pivot interface. If you have polish, this would be the time to do a general layer and clean. Do not sand down the three screw pillars.
4) You may replace washers with Brass or Fiber washers, but only if they are same Internal Diameter, Outer Diameter, and Width. But I found stock washers not to be the issue. Use Medium Threadlock for the 3 Pillar screw sets. Do not strip!
5) Most important. Assemble knife back together except for the clip-side blade's pivot interface screw. Get a small bottle of Liquid Nails Adhesive, Small Projects, Interior. The adhesive itself is light brown with a silly putty look/texture. This isn't super glue or one way deal (which would be dumb), rather, this is like a alternative formable adhesive and when dries, goes into a very rubber-like/silly putty state. Enough strength to hold things together, but pliable enough to open later on. Apply a small-moderate amount to screw threads and a few small dabs underneath the flat screw head that will mate directly onto the frame. What this will do is secure the screws in a relatively locked position and also provide aggressive thread lock. I found the knife wouldn't stay in a tight/normal hold unless one screw was essentially held down onto the frame plus with the strong thread-locking action. Once you're happy with amount, put pivot screw back in, tighten until you like the feel, -check for centering-, and liner lock.
(i recommend pretty tight for less play, better lock action, blade centering), do a small little extra twist, then keep it set for a while. You can always adjust via non-clip side screw, just don't move the clip-side. Let it sit for a while and you'll notice how much secure it is and how it maintains it that way. Previously, the bolts would spin around in an uneven pattern causing a sloppy blade.

For me, the knife is atleast refined to the point it should of been from the start. I definitely like the blade more. As a result from hand-fitting, the detent holds down the closed blade enough to prevent any accidental slicing. Great knife, just required some work to get it in a desirable state. After basic work, Knife extremely tight, smooth, and confidently locks and closes. Play has been reduced to as little as possible. Now I can use the knife as daily carry with the others.

// Here are some Before and After photos.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on January 30, 2012
Great knife, sharp blade and sturdy! It's a full size knife and even-though there is a pocket clip, it's not really meant to stay in your pocket, more like on your belt and def. hard to conceal! It opens very fast and smooth. The handle portion has lots of texture to ensure a good grip. Overall great value!
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on September 12, 2014
thought i like it it held an edge well, but i used it to split small pieces off of larger log chunks and it broke after only 2 hits i mean if i had really needed this wood broke up i would have been in trouble if i buy i knife it should be able to handle a simple camping trip
update 8/7/15
after the knife broke i sent it to gerber for a warranty replacement which came with no problem and fairly quick. now the rubber is has came off one side of the handle and is starting to come off other side. and over the last year or so i have noticed that the screws holding the knife together will back out and have to be tightened about every 2 months the issue here is when the screws get lose the blade wobbles during cuts so the cuts are not strait and the locking mechanism does not work as well. it can be tightened back up using 2 torque head screw drivers but its annoying. to be fair i am hard on knives but come on.
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on June 5, 2013
First off. When I got this knife it seemed like the knife had already been opened. I'm talking about the package it was in. There was scotch tape on the inside holding it closed. Then when I saw the knife I noticed that wasn't a plastic tip covering the tip of the blade. So it probably was opened. And then.... The knife had a chip in the blade. So after that I said whatever. I re'edged the blade and made it look almost new. I thought crisis adverted. Ok so after about a 2 weeks I fell in love with this knife. It's a big knife and fits amazingly in my hand and I'm a big guy so I was excited. Then the knife developed major play. I could hold it in the closed position and just the slightest motion and I mean the slightest motion the blade would fall out. I tightened the pivot screw up top and it seemed to work. It'll need to be tightened often. I really really wanted to give this knife a 5 star rating but I can't. I am buying another one just because its so cool looking. Oh yeah I forgot when it's fully out and in the locked position there's play but the locking mechanism keeps it from closing. Soooo all in all I guess it's your choice and your money. Maybe mine was a defect. I do know. I'm buying a cold steel recon 1. Maybe it'll turn out better than this gerber. Too bad maybe gerber might make a second version of this knife and actually get it right.
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on June 21, 2014
Probably the best $24 I've ever spent on a knife. Nice, sharp blade made of modestly good steel in a well executed tanto style. Not too serrated. Aluminum handle is slim, sturdy, light & grippy. I have long lean hands and its a fine fit. Only had it for the weekend and after 2 days of steady use any stiffnes in the lock & blade pivot have worn themselves in while leaving no excess play. Its a long knife when closed but the lack of bulk & weight make it surprisingly easy to carry. The 9.24" open length gives great reach & leverage. Complaints about the quality of this knife or its Chinese provenance? Even German made Bokers get equivalent reviews and cost far more. For an attractive & sturdy aluminum bodied tanto with lifetime warranty for the cost of 2 movie tickets I'm sold on the Icon.
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on October 18, 2015
Awesome knife! I've had this knife for a few weeks and have only used it around the house like cutting rope, twine, cardboard... and I have no complaints. I have yet to take it out on the trails and canyons in the area to really test it out - hence the 4 stars, but I have no doubts that this will perform like a champ. The design is outstanding - it feels great in the hands. The weight is just about perfect - the aluminum handle gives it enough heft and feels like you have a knife in hand. The rubberized grip inlays are amazing - I'm not sure if its a rubber material but it feels as grippy and tactile as non-skid. My only qualm is that it's not made in the US although it feels like it is - but I may stand to be corrected though. For the price - you can't go wrong.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on February 1, 2013
This knife was a chance meeting. A friend in need of cash introduced us. I have had many Gerbers but none I would carry as my all around. It really struck me when I held this jewel, it was not related to any Gator. My Cold Steels won't hold an edge like this 30 dollar knife. I really think the design is near flawless. A cam assist would perfect this knife. Don't drop 100 plus for a Zero Tolerance or the like. This is the knife that put my others back in the drawer.
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on August 14, 2016
Love this knife, the look, the feel! I never had this knife close on my hand so not sure about "malfunctioning" but it's looks big in the hand and come pretty sharp. I have had bad luck with these list one chips confiscated another... I will be purchasing my third limited here shortly!
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