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on December 27, 2013
Ordered the Gerber multitool from Amazon, received it promptly. My first impression was that it was a well made tool and a great deal. But further examination showed some issues. The first thing I noticed was that the pouch is a joke: (as other reviewers mentioned) there is a divider in the pouch that makes it hard to slide the tool into it. The pouch is also too tight, and does not have a clip, only a belt loop. The philips screw driver tool does not seem to be very useful, it is too small. When I tried the scissors they did not work, the tension spring rod kept slipping off. I bent the tension spring rod with another pair of needle nose pliers and now it works fine. The rest of the tool seems well made; I like the locking blades/tools, and the spring tensioned pliers work great. But the other problems add up to keep this tool from being a really good tool. Debating whether or not to keep it, or send it back.

Six month update: Still using the Gerber Multi tool, it does the job. Use it mostly for the plier/wire cutting feature. Found a clip on pouch at a hardware store that fits it nicely (is a cel phone pouch). Gerber should have made the pouch correctly in the first place.
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on May 10, 2016
I've now had this tool for well over a month. I waited to post my review so that I could make sure the multi-tool was as good as I had hoped. I've carried it every day and used it much more than I thought I would. I also carry a small multi-tool (also a Gerber) on my keyring but needed something with more oomph for those times when a keyring tool just won't cut it (pun intended).

Let me say first that I love the rubberized portion on the handles. I believe these have helped me in at least three times of using the tool. In each case, I was using the tool when under less than ideal circumstances such as in the rain, when under a car, or when trying to repair a wire that was hard to reach. Having the grippy handles is a big PLUS for me.

The second item worth noting is that each tool in the kit is easy to access without having to open the pliers. I've found in the past that when retrieving the tool from the inside portion of the grip -- where the sets of tools open toward each other rather than away -- there is sometimes a bit of awkwardness that is hard to overcome. With this kit, I can open the pliers, if I need, and still access an individual tool or even two. In one instance, as I mentioned above, I was using the pliers and large knife while it was raining. With the knife opening the way it did I was able to not only maintain a good grip but also know that the cutting edge of the knife was actually facing away from my palm while using the pliers.

The final item worth note is the usability and functionality of the individual tools. I know I've never had a multi-tool that had the exact tools I needed for every purpose. That would require a tool likely 25 lbs or more. So when needing to restrict your choices of tools in order to save space and weight it is important to identify the type of work you are most likely to do with the tool. I believe this unit has the most tools that offer the best usability options for the general toolkit​.
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on September 14, 2016
- Carefully fitted and finished
- Outstanding engineering
- Remarkably strength-to-size/weight ratio

The pouch is as lackluster as the tool is awesome:
- It fully enclose the tool, leaving about 1/2" exposed--presumably for ease of removal; I'd rather have the comfort of having it fully seated in the pouch in order not to risk having it flip out and into the Twilight Zone (unrecoverable).
- The flap has the minimum surface area of Velcro to hold it shut; again, I'm more than a little paranoid about having the tool dump out into a dark and/or wooded area and become unretrievable; a valid concern for a multi tool billed for survival use.
- There is a flimsy and unbelievably annoying lining sewn into the pouch made to create a compartment for the survival tips / instructions; instead of being stiff and staying out of the way, this divider is the consistency of an old sock, and catches on the tool when attempting to put it back in the pouch, regardless of whether or not the survival tips / instructions are in the pouch or not; this makes it worthless for keeping on a belt as the divider snags the tool at every opportunity and requires closely fiddling with it to make it stop.

It's an excellent size and form for smallish, medium and fairly large hand sizes.

Overall amazing great quality tool. Just get the pouch right and there wouldn't be a bad thing to say about it.
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on August 17, 2016
This seems to be a sturdy tool. Time will tell.

Very heavy. It is up to you to decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

1) The saw blade and the scissors are difficult to get to. You have to extend all the other blades to get to them.

2) The sheath that comes with this tool has an inner pocket on which this tool snags. Every. Single. Time I put it back in the sheath. You have to use two hands to stow this tool. One to hold the inner pocket out of the way, and the other to manipulate and squeeze the sheath to allow the tool to get around the inner pocket. As the sheath material loosens over time, I can see this problem getting worse. Stupid.
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on December 4, 2014
Disappointed with the quality of this particular product. I have owned this exact multi-tool in the past and loved it. Having lost my original set some months ago I decided I wanted to replace them, so I ordered an identical Bear Grylls Gerber. The quality of this new pair is nothing like my original tool, the pliers when closed are offset, adjusting the screws does not correct this problem, the rubber handle inserts have already bubbled and come loose. I can say without hesitation that the Bear Grylls multi-tool being sold currently does not have the same attention to detail and quality that it did when it was first released, I love the Gerber brand and have always trusted that their quality was going to be there as long as their name was on the product. This purchase has made me realize that quality is often times sacrificed for savings, sad to say that this is a Gerber. I have since purchased a Leathermen Wave multi-tool to replace my new (Poor Quality) Gerber.
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on November 23, 2013
I was looking forward to adding this multi-tool to my collection which includes a 1st generation Leatherman Wave. I wanted this tool to be my backup, however when I was disappointed when it arrived. The quality and workmanship is only about one step up from cheaper $20 multi-tools from Wal Mart. The tools are very tight and hard to fold out. Also the lock releases have a gritty feel to them as if there were sand or something trapped inside. Bear's included "survival guide" is a OK addition, but could be more detailed and informative.

* All the tools can be locked into place. To fold any of the tools back you need to engage the release.
* Nice rubber grips on the sides provide a sure grip and feel good to hold.
* Pliers are spring-loaded.

* The Philips head screwdriver is oddly shaped and is difficult to use.
* The main blades are only about 2 inches long, Too short for hard survival use.
* The multi-tool itself is rather bulky and takes some effort getting back into the included nylon case.
* Not as well constructed as a Leatherman product
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on June 26, 2014
Gerber, I love you like a brother. But I have to tell you, that orange crap all over the sheath of this thing needs to go. I keep it on my hunting kit, and it doesn't really stand out, but it is a bit of an eye sore. That said, this tool works for what it's intended to do, and that's basically be an expensive set of pliers with a knife you use to cut boxes with.

Really, though, I've successfully and acceptably used the can opener, bottle opener, flat head, Phillips head, knife, and pliers on this tool. The file appears to be pretty solid and of acceptable use if you are forging basic sharp stone tools or are in desperate need of a field pedicure and no one has a power-grinder available. The scissors are a great field-expedient nose hair trimmer as well (I really have no idea what else those would be used for).

This tool comes packaged with a "Survival for city-people" booklet as well. It actually does have some useful reminder information, but if you do any off-trail hiking or hunting, you should probably know everything that's in that booklet. And since I know very few of you actually do know that kind of stuff, it's handy and folds very small. The booklet itself can be used for dew collection, but would probably make poor toilet paper.

TL;DR - pack toilet paper.
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on April 18, 2015
The only thing I wish different about this tool is that the sheath had a larger belt loop as it is tough to get it onto the standard size Duty Belt many security and peace officers wear (police too). I doubt it would fit on a leather duty belt but it is tough getting it onto a nylon belt.

As for the tool itself? Perfection is the closest adjective. The Phillips screwdriver even works on very tiny screws which amazed me. The straight and serrated knives are right there where you need them. Safety is a big issue and the four locks provide it with pleasure! No more closing on your fingers. Most recently my client stood back as I began to cut a package open as if they expected to see the typical folding tool accident and a pinched or skin cut. Not from the Gerber however as the lock prevented it. And to those who say it hurts to retract the lock, you are not using your thumb nail as per design. Easy peazy!
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on July 21, 2014
It's a nice tool but the holster has some sort of extra pocket inside it which makes it very difficult to slip the tool into the holster. I noticed it right away the very first time I placed the tool into the holster, but thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal - I was wrong. Every single time I went to place the tool back into its holster, it gets caught on that stupid extra pocket. Every. Single. Time. I don't know what the extra pocket is for; it could be extra material because there is certainly not enough room for anything else inside with the tool, but why would they leave it in there like that? It's almost as if no one at Gerber tried to place the tool into the holster before sending it to production.
So how annoying is it? I bought this for a fishing trip, so imagine having your hands full with a fish/pole/trolling motor controller/whatever and not being able to put your multi-tool back into its holster with only one hand. Eventually I would just leave it on the floor of the boat or throw it in a cup holder - that was easier that trying to fight with the holster.
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I'm not a huge multitool user, usually what I need I can get with just a small screwdriver set I keep in my laptop case. But sometimes that just doesn't cut it. I've had a few multitools that didn't really work out well, poorly constructed, just feel cheap. No good grip since they were all just metal.

This one actually feels decent in the hand. The rubber sections on the handles give a good grip. The spring action on the pliers is handy. And for once, I have a small multitool that the pliers ends actually line up. If I torque the handles in opposite directions I can get them to be just a tiny bit offset, but that's it. Most others started out more offset than these can get when I force them.

Only downside is getting the tools out of the ends - most of the other ones I've had were like pocket knives, with a small groove you can get a fingernail into in order to pull them out. These don't. They have small notches in the ends nearest the pivot point for all but one tool on each end, that you can try to pivot them up with, but there's little leverage since they're right by the pivot, not at the ends of the tools. And the biggest saw on one of the ends has a tiny notch at the very end, but it's nearly impossible for me to get at since I trim my nails, so they're not long. Tip - if you pull on the release they're a little easier to pivot out since there's no resistance as they lock into place.

The release lock works well, keeping the tool you are using extended without it folding back in, then it pivots smoothly back when you slide the release.

Feels nice and solid, has a good grip, so it's the best I've gotten so far, but a few refinements would've made it a little better.
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