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on January 1, 2012
I ordered this item for use on trail work over the holiday break.. It was delivered on time and packaged well.
On the first day of use I encountered a vine that was blocking the trail.. On the second hack, the machete blade broke in two pieces.. This was just your typical standard tree vine.. Not a branch.. Not a tree.. Not a rock.. Not a wall..
This is completely unacceptable from a company like Gerber.

Upon close examination of the blade, it is easy to see that this is not solid steel. Its a cheap blend of metals made in China..
I DO NOT recommend this trail clearing implement for anything other than a wall mounted conversation piece..

The One star is for Amazon's great packaging, shipping and RETURN policies...

SHAME on Gerber for such an awful product.

I wrote a letter to Gerber asking why they advertise this tool as solid steel, when clearly it is not.
No reply..
This blade is made up of a cheap composite of metals..
The blade looks really cool and sheath or holder it comes with is where all the money goes to in this product, not the blade..
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on February 18, 2012
After spending the last 10 years of my life in and out of warzones as soldier and as a US private security contractor, I've used and relied on many Gerber tools and knives(multitools, folders, LMF-1) and respected the brand. This Gator machete looked cool and was sharp......but worthless in actual jungle and I cannot believe Gerber put their name on it.

Unfortunately my $6 machete from the local Costa Rica hardware store has turned out to be much more durable and reliable brush cutter and jungle path maker. In Costa Rica using a machete is a way of life for many locals. They're used for jungle clearing, grass cutting, shrubbery and bush trimming and even chopping branches off of trees. After getting this awesome looking machete in the mail, paying an additional 20$ in customs and mail forwarding fees, it lasted about 10 minutes in the thick jungle before getting large dings in the blade. The blade was actually getting BENT! With my 6 dollar local machete I can cut down small trees(and I wasn't even doing that with this Gerber one!). The Gator Machete steel is either far too too soft or too thin.

I loved the handle, the design and the tree saw on the back, but is Gerber aware aware that this blade does not hold up when "fending for yourself" in thick jungle? I'd be happy to field test an update if they ever develop an update.

I emailed sale and customer service. They offered me a replacement. Unfortunately, I don't want an addition worthless soft machete in my garage. I hope they put a little more time into the Bear Grylls survival machete. God bless Chinese junk.....
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on October 20, 2011
If you need more detail than what's in the title...
This machete was very sharp when I received it. But I did notice that it was ground to a very shallow bevel angle... More on that below. It cuts well right out of the box; the blade has enough heft to give it momentum, but it's still thin enough to be slightly flexible and not too heavy. The handle is a firm-but-grippy rubber which is very comfortable. The saw on the back of the blade, which I assumed would be a joke, actually has well-formed teeth and cuts pretty well! The handle isn't shaped properly for any extensive use of the saw, but for occasional use, it's not a complete waste.
The metal in the blade is soft! On the plus side, this means it's easy to sharpen. On the down side, it means the blade gets dinged, dented, and "divoted" way too easily! No, I haven't been bashing rocks, trying to cut down metal posts, digging in the dirt, or anything else like that. I'm very familiar with appropriate uses of a machete (I use it as a rough tool, but don't abuse it!), and NONE of the other machetes I've used have blades this soft. I used this Gator machete for clearing brush, limbing small trees, and hacking weeds. Never heard/felt that distinctive "clank" of blade on rock. Within just a few hours of this (appropriate) use, there were several minor "ripples" in the blade, and a couple more major chunks taken out of the edge. From hacking wood/brush?!? Yikes! This edge failure is apparently due to the very thin edge (shallow grinding angle) and the softness of the steel itself. The rest of the blade was still quite sharp, but these deformations were a hassle to file out. I sharpened it and kept working, but now the blade is almost serrated. Still usable, but really, a decent tool shouldn't do this. Not impressed.
If I were to get a new one of these, or if I could give a suggestion to someone who just purchased one, I'd grind back the edge a bit and put a steeper bevel angle on it. This would remove the thinnest, most fragile steel from the edge, and hopefully preserve the cutting edge a bit during use.
All in all - if you restrict your machete usage to grass and soft greenery, this would probably be a good choice for you. But if you ever cut anything tougher like mixed brush or small trees, I wouldn't recommend this model.
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on April 22, 2013
Destroyed after 5th swing on some soft wood. this machete is absolutely terrible. I have never had a machete do this to me, let alone after the 5th swing.
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on November 5, 2012
Unless you want a $18 wall hanger, dont get this. This is made so cheap that it broke the first time it was used.

I bought a $8 walmart blade and can use it to cut up 2 inch trees, heck if I wanted to I could try to cut up rocks with it and it wouldnt break.

Dont get this if you really want to use it.
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on July 1, 2014
This is the most disappointing machete I have ever owned and I'm a big machete user.

I bought this model and gave it a good test by chopping up some branches from a fallen tree. The metal instantly dinged up and bent all over.

Seriously... is Gerber making blades out of tin now? Is this where all those stupid pop-tops the kids collect are going?

I've used cheaper machetes than this that were better made. This is all show, no action. A friend received the same model for a birthday present. He showed it to me and I told him, somewhat gracefully, that it was junk.

A week later he sent me a picture of his ill-advised birthday present: its blade had broken in half when he was clearing brush.

I can't tell you how much I loathe this model. Go get yourself a Cold Steel or even a Corona. Even better: get yourself a British machete from Martindale.

Don't buy this garbage. AVOID
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on August 30, 2011
Machetes come in various shapes and sizes and each one has its specific purpose. That is one thing you need to keep in mind when buying a machete. Do you want a "do all" or are you more concerned with household/yard/lawn chores. This was never designed to be a "bush" machete. Gerber admits that. It was designed to be used by the common guy with chores and the occasional camping trip in mind. Does that mean it can't survive in the "bush"? No, it can do just fine but not as good as some of the heavier thicker bladed machetes. Again, that's not what you are buying with this. Having been in the military and actually being issued machetes for various missions, I can call myself a decent judge of character for a machete. This thing is great for around the home. It goes through limbs with ease. I've chopped 2-3 inch limbs with minimal effort. The saw end actually works though it does take some getting used to. The handle is nice and soft and easy on the hand which is good because it prevents the blade from jumping back at you. The scabbord/sheath isn't anything fancy but it works properly and comes with a belt attachment.

Now for the cons: I believe all machetes should come sharpened from the manufacturer. This blade is still squared when you get it. The handle has two bolts and nuts that hold it in place. They don't come loose often but they do loosen up over time and make the handle wiggle in your hands. This can easily be fixed but it is an issue you get out of the box. The saw blade works properly though, because of the angle, it can be tough to acquire a good starting angle. The blade is thinner than most "field" blades. But again, you're not buying a "field" blade.

Overall it is a great blade when used for what it was designed. It wasn't meant to chop down trees. 2-3" limbs are the max i would suggest hacking at. The saw end works but take a bit to get a good starting angle. The weight of the blade is great for household chores and camping. Not a survival blade. Comfortable handle but don't forget to check the bolts and nuts every now and then. I would definitely recommend this blade for any home owner or anyone wanting a camping machete. If you're into the survival thing, don't buy this. There are other companies that design their machetes specifically for that.
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on February 21, 2015
This is not a heavy duty machete, it cut great when I initially started clearing brush, but after a day of work (admittedly hard work) the blade edge had bent and curved in several locations and is now useless. I will be contacting the warranty department, but it requires you to ship the blade to their facility which is a lot more of a pain than Fiskars warranty. If you are planning on heavy work with a machete, find something with a heftier blade or at least a stronger one.
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on October 17, 2015
I bought this a year ago, but finally got a chance today to use it. On mostly thin brush, some larger--but never hitting anything except wood, I found that this machete both cuts very competently, and dents very competently. I guess I shouldn't have expected a large blade for $20 to be worth anything. I am attaching some pictures. Useless product.

As far as technique was concerned I was using a lightly-held flicking motion down into the brush, as one should. I wasn't trying to hack at trees like I was felling a dragon with a sword.
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on October 29, 2012
Very unhappy with this product. Gerber has spent a lot of time and money designing this tool...except on the blade!

The sheath is top-notch and the handle is very comfortable and strong.

I own Army/Navy store sales bin items that are stronger, more durable, and more reliable than this name-brand P.O.S. If you're using this tool for anything more than cutting small twigs and weeds, then you're taking a huge risk. The first one I bought lasted one swing at a 1" sapling. The blade snapped in two, narrowly missing my leg. The second one hasn't broken (yet) but when looking down the blade-edge, is about as straight as a sidewinder rattlesnake.

The blade's lack of thickness and metallurgy are likely responsible for this weak tool.

Gerber, please take some time and listen to your customers. These tools are not good for your name. Either work on this and improve the metal in the Gators or get out of the machete business altogether.
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