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on January 31, 2011
I bought this as a late Christmas gift for my little girl for something to play with indoors and outside once it warms up again.
First off, it's really pretty big, about 21" long.
Also, unlike the photos on here, the tank is a much darker gray, which is of no real concern, but still good to know for any perfectionists regarding tank appearance.

I'll start by giving opinions about specific parts of the tank, starting with the drive mechanism.
As noted in the description, the gears, drive sprocket, and tracks are all metal, making for a much more robust drive train and obstacle clearing ability.
I was surprised at how fast it was, going around 3-4mph at full speed.
It also is easily steered, allowing one tread to be slowed while the other rolls for slight corrections while in motion, or it can do "super spin," which is the track on one side going one direction, while the track on the other side goes the opposite direction, a very cool feature.
The "road wheels" are all spring loaded, allowing a very nice independent suspension for crossing obstacles.
Also, while the metal gears and tracks are much better than the weaker plastic for crossing rough terrain, don't be tempted to run it through mud or water, since the body is not waterproof, which could allow debris entering the body to destroy the electronics.
It should do just fine on gravel or even short grass, though.
The right side joystick on the radio controller is devoted strictly to controlling the turning and motion.
Pushing the joystick to the "10:30" position will direct the tank into a left-hand turn, while pushing the joystick straight to the right will make the tank "super spin" clockwise and to the left "super spin" counterclockwise, and so on.
Since I am on the subject of the drive train, I should mention that it was this area that I had a problem with when I first bought it.
I was able to get a little over an hour out of it before the right side track locked up completely, rendering the tank useless.
I contacted the vendor, who sent me an RMA, then I returned it ($25 shipping, including $200 insurance and delivery confirmation via USPS) and received a replacement tank exactly a week after they received the broken one.
So far, after giving the new tank a workout with my daughter, it seems to be doing fine.
Hopefully, I won't have any more lockups, or I will be making some unflattering updates to this review.

The turret is able to train 320 degrees, which is necessary because the gun barrel would otherwise run into the radio control antenna mounted on the rear of the tank body.
It also elevates and depresses 25-30 degrees, allowing a bit more precision in aiming.
Both are controlled by the left joystick.
Pushing down on that joystick will elevate and depress the barrel, meaning it will go through its full vertical motion as the joystick is held down until released where you want it pointed.
As expected, pushing the joystick left or right will train the turret either counterclockwise or clockwise, respectively.
Pushing upward on the joystick and holding it will make the gun fire an Airsoft pellet, in fact continuing to fire in "full auto" more pellets until released.
The tank also simulates recoiling by rapidly lurching rearward then forward when the pellet fires, while making the sound of a big gun firing through the speaker.
There is a red LED on the face of the turret to alert you that it is about to fire when you do that, and you will want to be careful not to hit anyone in the eye with it, even though it lacks the power to break the skin.
The Airsoft pellets are loaded into the hopper hidden under the round hatch on top of the turret.
Also, under the rectangular hatch on top of the turret is an on/off switch that is used to either enable or disable the Airsoft gun.

On the underside of the body of the tank are two sliding switches.
One of the switches is labeled "On/Off," and it either turns the tank itself on or off.
The other switch is labeled "A-B-C," although the "C" position is disabled.
The "A" position is standard operation, meaning only simulated motor sounds from the speaker are enabled.
The "B" position also enables the smoke generators on the rear of the tank to simulate engine exhaust.
The smoke generators are surprisingly loud, and they also will use the battery up faster, so it's probably best to not even use them unless you really want it to look more realistic.
There is also a potentiometer on the underside that can be rotated with a flathead screwdriver that allows you to adjust the sound level from the speaker.
Also on the underside is a spring loaded piece that allows the cover to be removed to allow access to the 1700mAH nickel-cadmium battery.
You must remove the battery in order to charge it, something that I consider a bit of a shortcoming, but oh well.
I found that I can get about 30-45 minutes of run time when driving it hard and without using the smoke generators.
However, I now have a 3800mAH nickel-metal hydride battery that will allow me around 90 minutes run time, and that's a nice little upgrade for more time to have some fun with your kids.
You will also want to be sure to put the antenna on its spot, a small steel post on the rear of the tank body.

The radio controller has the previously mentioned joysticks, red LED power on indicator, on/off switch (be sure to turn this off when done playing with the tank unless you want to run down the batteries), trim slider for both forward/backward and left/right fine tuning for controlling the tank's motion.
There are also three buttons in the center and below the joysticks.
The button on the left is a toggle that powers the tank on and off.
The button labeled "G" activates the machine gun sound and red LED by the machine gun barrel on the tank.
The "K" button simulates firing by making the tank rapidly lurch rearward then forward, this time without firing a pellet, but still making the speaker play the sound of a big gun firing.
It should also be mentioned that all these features, as well as the pellet firing mode and turret train/elevation, will work while the tank is in motion.
The radio controller takes eight AA batteries.
You will also want to be sure to screw in the telescopic radio controller antenna.

The tank also comes with a few accessories, including:
Self-adhesive decals for the tank, including six "Iron Crosses" and two hull numbers
Airsoft pellets
Smoke oil
Two plastic smoke launchers that attach to each side of the turret toward the front
Two plastic mud flaps for right above the rear of the tracks - be careful installing these, or you can break them.
Plastic tank commander figure - uniform green, so you will need to paint it to make it look lifelike.
Instructions, which hardly qualify as written in "Chinglish," but fortunately the pictures help a bit, and it's pretty easy to figure out how to operate the tank on your own.

We had a lot of fun running the tank all over the place and shooting at some targets.
It was very maneuverable and surprisingly powerful.

I also highly recommend a higher capacity Ni-MH (nickel-metal hydride) battery and smart charger (these chargers will not overcharge and damage your battery) to supplement the low capacity nickel-cadmium battery it comes with.
Here is the battery I ordered - Tenergy 7.2V 3800mAh Flat NiMH High Power (38A Drain Rate) Battery Pack with Tamiya Connector for RC Cars and Sumo Robots
The nice smart charger I bought with it - Tenergy Smart Universal Charger for NiMH / NiCd Battery pack 7.2V - 12V with charging current Selection/Temperature Sensor
The battery I linked to here has over double the capacity of the one the tank comes with and has no "memory," and there are even batteries with just short of TRIPLE the capacity.

This is a really cool toy, and a nice alternative to the very expensive Tamiya r/c tanks that can cost well over a grand.
The only thing I wish this tank came with was the ability to alternatively use infrared "Battle Beam Mode" to simulate battle with another tank, so I suppose I will have to get a pair of tanks so configured if I want to do that in the future, probably for my daughter's birthday.
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on January 17, 2015
Had originally tried the 1/24th scale tanks with plastic tracks and plastic gears, while not junk just not hobby grade and extremely hard to work on, so thought I would try this 1/16th scale Tiger 1 metal upgrade from RC Mart, only reason I did was RC mart I heard had great customer service and amazon offered a 2 year replacement warranty on the tank for $20, ok it just took 4 days after order to receive the tank from RC Mart, it was very well packaged. Must say out of the box without even putting the decals and extras on, it is simply amazing to look at, yes it comes with a box with extra's and decals take you time so they look good when you put them on, driver not painted so left him off, a few parts were the gray color of the tank I spray painted it with Spaz Stixx Metallic Silver, looked great. charged up the 7.2v 1700 Nimh part on my Imax B6 charger about 90min. put the 8 eye one sanyo batteries in the controller and had a go, ok this tank is simply amazing, now out of the box had on missing extra, contacted RC mart, boom, no questions asked sent out the part the next day, cant say enough about these guys. ok next the smoke Generator worked but no smoke and also after 15 feet the tank would stop as it lost signal, well good time as any to crack open the top, easy to remove 6 screws on the bottom and the top came right off, the inside way very neat and tighty, well put together, ok popped the top off the smoke generator, yeah what I figured too much liquid, sucked a bunch off, resealed the top and the antenna wire was just not pushed together good enough at the break point were its put together, while in there greased the nice all metal gears and brass bushings, lubed the turret, put back together and and it worked perfect, now while I think this is a great tank beware this is hobby grade so you will have to work or tinker on it, thats just the beast of hobby grade RC stuff, no matter tank, plane, Helo or trucks. So if your looking for something to tinker on and sink your teeth in a well made entry hobby tank this is the one, great price, great quality, if your wanting something to just grab once in a while and play around with with Zero maintenance and repairs stay away from and go 1/24th, could not be more happy with it, just wish RC mart offered more metal upgraded tanks, oh thats right only buy hobby grade tanks with at least metal tracks, metal gears, metal idler and driver gear, the palstic stuff will just chew itself up, weighed the tank 8 pounds so to my youtube web page as I am starting to post tank videos, thxkid.
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on April 6, 2017
Overall, I'm very pleased! The metal tracks offer a bit of weight, it's certainly heavy enough. All features work great, the smoke fluid had leaked about half of its contents in the package, but no bad effects were noted. I still have to finish painting the Commander, but the overall fit and finish is great.
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on October 6, 2011
The tank is pretty accurate looking , if u r some hard core historian go spend 700 more and get one from tamiya. I was surprised at how much cool stuff it does and it really works. Fantastic Value for what they do in China nowadays. Quality is lacking though, and for the price i understand why. The poor peasants in China earn slave wages and we in the west support it. Thats where all the jobs are heading sigh.....Anyways back to point. Tank does all it says, but i assume it will have reliability issues just as the real one did. So get out yer manuals and soldering iron out, keep them mechanical skills honed, as im sure u will use it someday. One last thing even though it weighs like it should a tank, treat it with kid gloves and it will probably go a long way......but again its made in China and yer get what yer pay for.
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on August 24, 2013
I just love the tank now I want to upgrade it. Is there a book or something on this?
How do i take it apart without destroying it? LOL any info would be helpfull
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on February 1, 2015
Looks great, but is so poorly/cheaply designed that it worked for 5 min out of the box and then for no reason I could determine suddenly stopped working and went dead. I am now having to order new internal components to fix it. Also, one of the suspension bars was broken, right out of the box, so now I have to have a floppy wheel. That is if I can get the thing to work again. It's really too bad, because it LOOKS excellent.
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on January 5, 2010
I ordered this tank 12/24/09 and received it 1/4/10. It is very realistic. The metal tracks really add to the realism.Scale detail is very good, shovels,ax,sledge hammer,wood blocks,tow cables,fording gear and all scale details are awesome.The open assist mechanism on the commanders hatch even works. The headligts work and the hull mounted machine gun muzzle lights up red to simulate firing.The tank commander has headphones that are removable, he also needs to be painted as he is made of green plastic.It comes with decals,two number 3818 for the turret sides and four Balkenkreuze decals for the turret and hull sides.Four Balkenkreuze decals,two on the turret and two on the hull would be Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503. they were the only heavy tank battalion to have two Balkenkreuze visible on each side,one on the hull and one on the turret near the identification numeral. The only complaint I have is the charger for the 7.2 volt tank battery is made to plug in to a 220 volt european or asian recepticle.
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on April 27, 2011
The tank looks really great and costs accordingly. It is also large.

It is, however, of very poor quality, in my opinion. The idle runner wheels are attached to the tank with regular wood type screws and spin on said screws. In a few minutes of use, of course, the screw bound to the wheel and was unscrewed.

In addition I feel that the customer service of this seller was horrible in all respects.

I feel cheated out of my money and I do not feel that I was treated honestly.
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on December 29, 2013
This tank is exactly what the description says. It has the full metal upgrade like described. It moves as described. The bad, I didn't realize it did not have sound. Also I believe the tank is a older model because of the way it moves, it's not real smooth or realistic. Also the air gun is very weak. I'll probably do an electrical upgrade like the RX-18 unit/board and a another transmitter and add the speaker kit.
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on August 3, 2015
This would be my first R/C Tank and all i can say it's worth what i paid for no complaint. I got it a day earlier of the delivery date which was awesome took it out of the box right away and was extremely happy of the size of it, great scale. The only issue i've had with it was a loose track wheel screw which i tighten with a allen wrench. It's a simple basic model really, detail can be added as i did to mine. The controls are good and climbs hills and goes thru branches quite well.
review image review image review image
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