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on April 11, 2009
If your looking for a marketing book that is going to guide you by the hand and tell you what to do for 28 days then this is for you. However if you have purchased any other similar marketing books you'll find the advice in the here to be the bare minimum and nothing really mind blowing.

The book works like this. Each day you'll mark a score from 1-10 on Mind and Body on a worksheet that is inside the book. Underneath the mind and body are 3 goals your business needs to achieve in days, weeks, months, years these are marked with percentages. Underneath that is your daily/weekly routine which gives you tasks to accomplish daily/weekly. This is the point where the book falls flat.

Anyone who is not getting clients get ready to be amazed! Here is the secret honestly. If you cold/warm call prospects, write letters, go to Network Events chances are you'll eventually run into a client or two. That is what this book relies on.

The strategies are less than helpful and her yahoo board is just another place where she spews her additional material for you to buy or pay for.

Point being if you've never read a marketing book this might be the one for you. I got half way through 28 day and received NO CALLS! Her material misses the point of good advertising and getting a good solid plan! It also doesn't help when you don't have any good networking events that happen near you or any trade organizations. The advice in here is bland and I've leave it at that.

Recommended: Duct Tape Marketing (much better section about what works and what does not!), Guerrilla Marketing in 30 days (doesn't have nice worksheets but by the time you get done your business will be complete!)
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on April 13, 2016
As a marketing and revenue consultant, I find myself spending a lot of time reading and reviewing marketing and sales books for ideas, tips, and strategies that I have never heard about before.

Now that I have that out of the way, I want to warn you, nothing in C.J. Hayden's book is new or unique.

Not one single thing.

What C.J. does that makes this book pure genius is that she takes the stuff that you know and know you should be doing and puts it in front of you in a way that forces you to take action.

I mean, if you don't take action after reading this book, you will never take action.

That's how great it is.

What do you want to do?

Get more sales? There's a strategy in here.
Fill your sales pipeline? Gotcha again!
Need help following up? Great! I've got a thing or two for you.

And, what holds it together is the checklist and scoring system. Games and tracking work and C.J.'s checklist and scoring system are so simple that you will, again, have to use them. It just won't be an option.
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on April 29, 1999
"Get Clients Now!" is a sure fire program to ensuring your marketing success. C.J. Hayden is a marketing genius and now we have access to her secret recipes in this book. She takes the mystery out of building a successful business. This book is a step by step "do it yourself" manual for the new business owner; and the perfect "brush up" for seasoned business owners. If you are stuck in a anyway around getting and keeping business, this book is one of the best investments you will ever make.
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on April 8, 2015
I have really enjoyed this book. What I appreciate the most is the fact that the author doesn't make false promises or claim to have some top secret tip for marketing success. The truth is when it comes to marketing there is no secret marketing strategies and this book doesn't claim otherwise.

Here is what this book offers its readers, the knowledge, guidance, and advice to create your own customized marketing plan and all the things you need to know to put your plan in action. You decide what you're current strategy is missing and/or what area you most want to improve on. From there the book starts to become more focused to your specific needs. Once you know what you want to do, the book guides you to draw up your official 28 day plan and then you get started!

If you're looking for a paperweight, this book isn't for you. It's non-stop action from beginning to end, for those of us who are seriously serious about getting clients now! If you follow the directions provided and stick to the plan you've created, it's impossible not to get clients.
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on October 17, 2006
CJ is a master in the field of business development and her book reflects that mastery. Her down to earth style of writing is clear, accessible and practical. The book gives you lots of ideas that you can put to use right away. I highly recommend this book and recommend it in my classes.

Leslie Lupinsky, MCC, CPCC Co Author of The Inspired Business Approach and Co Founder of Business Catalyst Institute
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It's easy to get overwhelmed with business and self-help books because authors provide a wealth of suggestions and no clear path. This is where Hayden's book stands out. She breaks everything down from the six marketing strategies and setting up measurable goals to selecting ten doable activities.

The book also includes two worksheets that work with the program for easier reviewing and tracking progress. While you can follow the program alone, she recommends having support from someone other than family. It could be a coach or a colleague in the industry.

The organized and methodical program guides you through each step. Reading the how doesn't take long and the program begins mid-way through the book. The latter half of the book describes the activities you can do while following the 28-day program. So you won't get overwhelmed at the thought of "too many pages to read."

I worked on it as soon as I started reading the book. Having this guide took a lot of pressure off of me as I know exactly what to do once I'd put my plan together. Not many business books have urged me to take action and this one succeeded. I know that after a month of following this process, I'll see positive results.

While the book sounds simple, and it is — it takes work to make it happen. Instead of taking the long route and learning from trial-and-error, Hayden provides you with a direct route so you do the activities and don't worry about overdoing it.

Some people may not like strict rules. The book isn't like that. It's okay to adjust the plan so you do six or seven activities instead of ten. It helps you figure out where you're stuck in the marketing process and provides the tools for working past it. The book is over five years old and its contents are as relevant today as when it first came out. I can say with certainty that anyone who follows the plan will get great results.
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on May 13, 1999
I have been using CJ Hayden's "Get Clients Now!" system for almost four years, and I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without it. I actually have a waiting list for clients! If you want to attract more clients with less effort, I urge you to buy this book...now!
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on April 5, 2006
Thesis: With this 28-day marketing program, you will locate, land, and keep new clients in greater numbers than you've probably ever dreamed possible. It includes steps that are easy to follow and practical for professionals and consultants.

Structure: A 28-day program described in ten chapters spread over three sections: The Setup, The System, and The Strategies.

Here are some sections I found especially valuable:

What Really Works? Effective Marketing Strategies (Ch. 1; pp. 5-21)

C.J. delivers a great lead-in that primes the reader with sound and specific information about what to consider. She speaks to the "hows" and "whys" behind marketing. Graphics such as the one on page nine ("Marketing strategies for the service business") make the material easily accessible to reader, helping break down any possible barriers of intimidation.

You're Ready...Let's Go! Putting the System into Action (Ch. 6; pp. 85-127)

This chapter leads the reader through the entire 28-day process with excellent details and tools (such as the worksheet on page 89) to help track progress. It's the culmination of the previous two chapters that discuss building your own system from a menu of tried-and-true marketing ingredients. C.J. tells you (1) what marketing ingredients to choose from, (2) how to choose what's best for your situation, and (3) specifically how to put the plan in action.

Following Up: When You Have Plenty of Numbers But You're Not Calling (Ch. 8, pp. 171-184)

This chapter is one of four in the third and final section: The Strategies. These four chapters help the reader focus on practical solutions for common problems encountered during the 28-day program and beyond. Chapter Eight focuses on breaking down barriers that cause inaction. It provides practical solutions to help the reader actually follow through on acquired leads.
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on March 1, 2017
The tactics in this book while not new they are efficient, and sometimes we forget to implement them. Reading this book was a great reminder for me.
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on June 11, 2007
Great book! I've been professionally designing and conducting sales training for 15 years and have never come across a book like this. It is well designed from a learning perspective and gets right down to the nitty gritty of how to get clients! C.J. Hayden is excellent at taking an overwhelming process and putting it in to a simple structure that works. If you are a new consultant, coach or professional selling services, and are tired of hearing the what and the why and need the how to this book is for you.
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