Customer Reviews: Get Your Act Together: A 7-Day Get-Organized Program For The Overworked, Overbooked, and Overwhelmed
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on April 3, 2001
Really and truly, this book has improved the quality of my life tremendously. Written by the chronically disorganized, for the chronically disorganized, this book hits right at the heart of the problem and gives actual step-by-step advice for turning it around. Would you believe that I have both of my kids in bed by 9:00? That all the dishes are washed, the laundry is folded and put away, that the dog's been walked, the bills are paid and I know precisely how much money is in my checking account? I kid you not. Read this book, and you too can be sitting at the computer at 9:30 writing book reviews for total strangers . . .completely guilt free!
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on July 13, 1999
I can't say enough about how great this book is. Not only is it very helpful, it is also the funniest book I have ever read. I will never forget reading it on the bus ride home one day and laughing so hard no sound would come out and tears streamed down my face (the other riders surely thought I was a lunatic). The stories of disorganized chaos really hit home. I got copies for friends and family members who all loved it as well. You gotta read it. I grew up in a similar household situation, where disorganization started in the genes and there wasn't enough strict parental disciplinarian action taken with my sisters and I to curb those impending procrastinational, chaotic habits I feared might be with me forever. Pam and Peggy pretty much sum it up when they say the other writers of regular "organizational" books often have no idea HOW bad it can get. This one is for those of us who are so disorganized to the extremes, it's hard to know where to start getting it together. It's so refreshing and inspiring to see two women who really came up with some great, creative techniques for organizing their lives, and I have definitely applied some of their methods which really work. Read it and you won't be sorry.
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on February 13, 2006
A friend of mine loaned me Sidetracked Home Executives about 15 years ago. I LOVED that book and it changed my life. I lost that book and decided to buy it again, a couple weeks ago, along with Get Your Act Together. Being a huge fan of their style and humor, I couldn't wait to see how Pam and Peggy revamped the card file system. Boy was I disappointed. They are starting to sound more and more like the B.O.'s (born organized) that they claim not to be!

They talked, in the first book about how pointless is was for the born disorganized to make lists and now the new card file system is nothing more than cards filled with lists! There is something really satisfying in putting one job per card and being able to move it to its next spot because it was done. I got a lot out of that system. However, by putting in all these little lists on the new cards, I have to remember to write whether it was done or skipped.... It seems like more of a hassle to me. And then I can't just move the card to the next day (if it was daily) because so many of the other jobs on the card were done.

There isn't the humor of Sidetracked Home Executives and it wasn't insightful either. It sounded like almost every other organization book out there.

Now, for those of you who haven't read the first book (now 20 some odd years old) this could very well work for you. If you've read Sidetracked Home Executives and have followed *that* card file system, this system might still work for you but I would venture to say you'll still go back to the old system. I guess there is always the possibility that the 2 systems could be worked together. I'm still trying to figure out if I can do that in any way shape or this Get Your Act Together book won't have been a complete waste.

I think the "Slob Sisters" should go back and re-read their own first book to remind themselves of what it was like to be disorganized. They've been organized too long. They can't seem to relate as well to the disorganized anymore. They even have a day planner out for almost $100.00 that is for nothing *but* making lists.

Anyway, long story short...or not, I think the old system is the best and this book doesn't have near the information or inspiration of the first. I could relate to them in Sidetracked Home Executives but they don't seem to relate to the born disorganized anymore. Needless to say, I won't be buying any of the other books, tapes, organizers or other things they sell on their website. The first is the best for me. I can see how it could work for some. Please understand this is only my opinion. :)
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on May 30, 2002
This is a book written by two sisters who used to live in "pig-pens" and together developed a way to bring order into their lives. The targeted audience of the book are women with a family who are desperate to get their house-holds under control.
Therefore, I'm probably the only male manager who's ever bought and read this book (actually I was looking for a time-management book and hadn't made a careful selection). Having accidentally bought the book, I decided 200 pages of large print in a small book wouldn't kill me and I might as well read it.
I'm glad I did. My family (and especially my wife) doesn't really need the book, but we aren't perfect either and one can never have enough good ideas in this department.
The book really assumes the worst about you (if you aren't, all the better) in terms of self-organization and house-keeping. The system that the "slob sisters" introduces is interspersed among a lot of real-life experiences and shared thoughts to show that you are NOT alone with this problem, that you ARE a loveable person, that you REALLY CAN change the mess and that an hours worth of work WILL make a difference (which does not mean that you can read the book, put it back on the shelf and assume that you life all of a sudden will become wonderful). Having read the first part, I wished I had read it as a single male student. Then again, in those days I wouldn't have been caught carrying a book with this kind of front cover out of a bookshop for my life!
What really touched me were the latter chapters of the book (including a chapter called "can this marriage be saved") showing how topics like this can undermine family life, how the women of this world often are abused by the men in their lifes without the latter really knowing about it and how these sort of problems CAN be solved.
Once again, I think that we as a family are far removed from the extremities described in this book, but it contains food for thought for males working outside the house.
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on December 15, 2000
I won't repeat all the things the other reviewers said, but I will add this: The Slob Sisters have a great idea for getting family members to help out. It's called the Infraction Game, and with it, my living room has stayed spotless! My son, who is ADD and never puts anything without being asked, is now hanging up his backpack and coat, and putting his shoes neatly by the front door. This is without me saying a word! It's a miracle--and I thank Pam and Peggy and the good Lord for inspiring them. We are still incorporating other ideas, and my husband is going to read the book himself for my Christmas present. Highly recommended!
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on September 11, 2006
I hesitated to buy this book since some of the reviews said it was basically useless and probably just an attempt to make more money on their part. But I LOVED their first book, Sidetracked Home Executives, so I decided to give this one a shot.

While I agree that there's a lot of fluff in this one, there are also plenty of solid, helpful tips for optimizing their organizational system -- they wrote this 10+ years after their first book was published, so they'd had plenty of time to work out the kinks.

Don't make this your first "slob sisters" purchase -- read Sidetracked Home Executives first -- but if you find that their cardfile organizational system works for you at all, I recommend getting this book to fine tune the system.
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on January 7, 2000
I have been trying to get organized for 15 years. I have a whole bookcase of organization books written by people who were born organized that did nothing but make the problem worse (more books gathering dust on my shelf, and more guilt building up). This book is written by two hilariously funny sisters who have "been there". They will use examples that are unbelievably close to home: in fact, they can even tell you exactly what is in your drawer and what to do about it! This is the answer for the disorganized person who has always wanted to be organized, but lacked the skills. This is a beautiful plan that will not have you obsessing about organization, but instead, spending less time cleaning and less time frustrated. This book is an answer to prayer!
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on November 26, 2002
This is an interesting, even entertaining chronicle of how two first-class messies cleaned up their act. They describe how they gradually decided that their lifestyle was not working, and how they eventually reworked it to the point where they were giving advice to others. They show their very human side, as well as their basically warm personalities.
They have a card system for getting chores done, which probably would work for a lot of people. I now use and prefer to-do lists, but the card method is flexible. I used to use a similar system with sticky notes (less durable than cards) before I read this book, and they proved that for them and many others, it works.
As with a couple of other organizing books I've read, my main critique is that they don't allow sufficient time to do things. They apparently were stay-at-home moms who are not under the often stringent time constraints many others must deal with. If a job didn't get done one day, it could get done another. But the estimates for any task at any time, in my opinion, simply are too low. Can you clean a floor in 10 minutes? People are different, and have different sizes of homes and so forth, but I don't think I could do most chores (which also include errands to stores and so on) as fast as they can. Can you do a week's worth of grocery shopping, start to finish, in 45 minutes? Car to store to purchases to standing in line to loading to drive home to unload and put away?
If one takes the time estimates with grains of salt, the rest of the book is helpful, and since most readers won't be starting from the extreme situation that these sisters did, they won't have to exert themselves as much to dig out. Certainly worth a try.
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on October 29, 2000
In addition to being funny, light, and easy to read, reading this book was a life-changing experience for me. Although it's written for all sidetracked people, I recommend it also for women with ADD (attention deficit disorder).
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on November 19, 1999
Reading about Pam and Peggy's adventures made me realize that even though I was not born organized, I too could have a clean home, with the right tools. The Slob Sister's official Web site is at: [...] -- I've met so many sidetrackers like myself at their discussion boards!
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