Customer Reviews: Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide
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on November 15, 2010
Esther and Jerry Hicks have done it again with an amazing meditation book and cd!
This is a User-Guide that contains inspirational meditations. There are a variety of sections in the books that address inspirational messages from all areas of your life including general-well being, physical well-being, financial well-being, and relationships. I would highly suggest this book. It's such a wonderful handbook for getting into the vortex, and a meditation handbook that will give words of high-vibration and words from Abraham that provides inspiring guidance on:

-Getting into the flow of money
-Increasing the flow of money
-Manifesting Abundance
-changing your vibrational point of attraction
-manifesting perfect health
-manifesting general well-being
-releasing resistance
-how to not worry about what others think of you
-how to see the best in others and attract the positive qualities in others
and much more amazing inspirational wisdom on working with the vortex of attraction!

The Meditation cd is incredible. Abraham's voice is so calming and soothing in this meditation. It's a meditation cd that is just amazing and calming. And Abraham provides inspirational words on getting into the vortex. It's split into 4 different meditation for getting in the vortex: 1. The Vortex of General Well-Being 2. The Vortex of Financial Well-Being (my favorite) 3. The Vortex of Physical Well-Being 4. The Vortex of Relationships Well-Being (my favorite). This cd is about 70 minutes.

This is the must-have companion that you have to have if you are the ultimate Abraham fan! The energy of this book and cd is high-vibrational and is already shifting my energy! The cd is attached to the book. The book can be used in the morning and evening for inspirational wisdom. I use this book everyday to lift up my spirit and to get me into the vortex. The cd that comes with the book, is to be used for any moments that you feel worried, over-obsessing with negative thoughts, and feel sad. The energy of this cd WILL SHIFT your energy, your thoughts, and your emotional-state of attraction. It is amazing!
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on November 28, 2010
I have been a meditator for 40 years. I have experimented with many different disciplines and have enjoyed consistent benefits through these practices. I have also been an ardent follower of Abraham since 1994. I totally embrace the concept that we live in an attraction based Universe and that whatever events we experience in our lives are symbols of beliefs that we hold. However, I have come to understand that many of those beliefs are so enmeshed in the bedrock of our personalities that they are effectively invisible to us in a discrete form. As such, they are difficult to identify and if they are restrictive in nature, hard to release.

Abraham has addressed this problem in a most powerful, yet subtle, way. The book that comes with this CD contains all of the concepts expressed on the recording. It offers a written expansion on each of those concepts so that the reader can intellectually digest them and come to an acknowledgment of their validity. However, most of us have learned that agreeing with a concept intellectually does not necessarily incorporate that concept into the meshwork of our belief system. It remains somewhat outside of who we are. This is where the guided meditation comes in.

On the CD are two processes. The first is intended to focus the mind on our breathing - a practice common to a great many meditation techniques. This has the effect of quieting the otherwise incessant mind-chatter that distracts from connecting with our inner calm. The breathing pattern they establish is three beats of the music for breathing in and five beats for breathing out. The music changes key to signal these two phases, but it still helps to count beats if one is not to lose the sequence. This has the effect of providing a strong focus of attention, one which does not admit of mind-chatter.

While this breathing pattern is being maintained, with the occasional reminder by Abraham to "breath in" or "breath out" at the appropriate places, they are also speaking the same concepts that were written in the book. But since our mind is focused on the breathing, it is not free to analyze what is being said. There is no distraction about the pros and cons of the concepts. It is the same process that is used by teaching programs that play while one is falling asleep. Since the meditator has already used the book to analyze the concepts, any resistance about being told what to do or being hypnotized should be dispelled. (If the concepts were not acceptable the user would not proceed to the meditation CD.) Hearing aphorisms that one already agrees with while being in a completely non-judgmental state allows those concepts to weave themselves comfortably into the bedrock of our personality, replacing the old, resistant ones.

As suggested by Abraham, these meditations should be undertaken daily purely because they bring one to a place of feeling better. They advise against trying to measure objective progress in one's life. That is because doing so requires a neutral mindset, one that incorporates both failure and success, each tending to cancel the other. Accordingly, I enjoyed the lift in my spirits throughout the day that came from the meditations but looked for no more evidence than that. However, I was amazed to discover, by accident, that my physical strength and stamina suddenly took a quantum jump. Tasks which only a week before were taxing me to my limit suddenly were easy, even invigorating!

In my experience of only a week or so with these guided meditations I have already experienced some profound benefits. Additionally, I find that I have been able to uncover some of those resistive, bedrock beliefs that have been holding me back through most of my life and I am having a great deal of fun consciously turning them around.
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on November 15, 2010
This is the most powerful work that Esther and Jerry have produced with the assistance of Abraham so far.

I had an advanced copy of the meditation CD and have been using it personally for a little while and have played two of the meditations for my Meetup group. The first time I used one of the meditations at my meetup the group was amazed at the power they felt in this work. They could feel their vibration lifting and could feel how powerful this would be for them over time.

I have felt a new sense of inner peace and a more solid grounding in this KNOWING of my own well-being and the well-being of our Earth from using this CD.

I highly recommend it and am very excited to see how much more powerful it is with the book (which I now have).

The book and CD need to be used together for the greatest impact.

For those who were holding out, those who were having a difficult time getting into the vortex on a regular basis, using this CD will help you do it deliberately on a daily basis.

There is an emphasis on taking 15 minutes a day to use the CD (but not more than 15 minutes).

For those of us who already hang out in the vortex on a regular basis this is like putting jet propulsion on ourselves.

Powerful! Powerful! Powerful!

This rocks!

Thank you Abraham, Esther and Jerry! You have again improved the world in which we live.
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on November 16, 2010
Okay, I'll be straight here, I'm one of those people who always wished that I would meditate every single day, and have been on and off meditating for years, but it always felt like something I had to make myself do because I thought I should, not because I just was excited to...this CD changed all of that!

I am IN LOVE with the new meditation CD!!! I received an advanced copy and have been using it every day for almost a month, the clarity and ease of the meditations are amazing, I've been listening to J&E for a few years, I have literally hundreds of their CDs and have read all of their books & can easily say this is the BEST thing I've ever heard from Abraham.

I love the music, the flow of the words, the directions on the breathing & I especially love the way that the CD is laid out, there's a all meditations are 15 minutes, there are 4 meditations:

General Well-Being
Financial Well-Being
Physical Well-Being
Relationships Well-Being

All of them are AWESOME, and what I love best is that I can focus in on whichever specific topic is active for me that day. I've been using this CD twice a day, General Well-Being in the morning & Financial Well-Being at night, and I've felt ease flow in on all fronts.

On top of it all, the book that comes with it is AMAZING, so good feeling & just awesome, and a real 135 page book (I thought it was going to be just more of a pamphlet).

I've already recommended this to all of my friends, and I am so happy to write a review telling anyone who reads it how fantastic this CD is! Hope you LOVE it as much as I do!!!...andrea

p.s. I saw another reviewer give a 1 star rating & say the other reviews were suspect because the product just came out, several people received advanced copies so that they would be able to review the product *smile*, that's how we know it's amazing...and it IS! YAY!!!
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on November 15, 2010
I am a big fan of Esther and Jerry Hicks and have read and have enjoyed many of their books.

Getting Into the Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide is their latest publication and includes an audio CD. The CD consist of four meditations and the guidebook does same--
The Vortex of General Well-Being
The Vortex of Financial Well-Being
The Vortex of Physical Well-Being
The Vortex of Relationships Well-Being

As the title suggests, the CD and guide address specific techniques to help you get into the vortex--and to do so simply--as in meditation. Relaxed and easy...If you are new to meditation, don't worry--the CD makes it easy. Plus, Abraham recommends no more than 15 MINUTES A DAY! He says, life is for living and enjoying...not spending hours meditating!

The Vortex literally means "The better feeling place,"--so, getting into the vortex means being in a place that feels good. Good stuff.

Abraham regards maintaining or improving physical well being as:

Think more good feeling, in-the-vortex thoughts
Drink more water
Breathe more deeply

Not so hard!!!

Meditation is meant to assist you in getting vibrational energy up to assist you in being in your "good space" more and more easily. When you are energetically vibrating at higher wavelengths, you thrive. Positive energy...More good stuff!

If you enjoyed The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships, you will like this CD/book, as they are very inspirational and motivating, just like all their other books are. However, you don't have to read the other books to benefit from this one. I have listened to the CD and read through the guide once; both were calming and helped me shift my energies to a better--more positive--space.

Ultimately, The Vortex guides us through the exercises that will make us feel good about ourselves and our relationships.

I am an interior designer specializing in Feng Shui, and I have practiced the law of attraction for years and have helped numerous clients of mine manifest their desires using the LOA. As I did in my review of MONEY, and THE VORTEX, I highly recommend the award winning book HARMONIOUS ENVIRONMENT: BEAUTIFY, DETOXIFY & ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE, YOUR HOME & YOUR PLANET along with GETTING INTO THE VORTEX, for a few more secrets to finding and keeping love and relationships strong. Finally, the original The Law of Attraction is still a terrific primer.

Ester and Jerry Hicks have written a clear and easy to follow guide and CD to help you live your higher purpose. Highly recommend!
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on April 6, 2014
Life is not supposed to be a constant struggle.

More than six months have passed since I purchased Getting in the Vortex: Guided Meditations and User Guide. Looking back at how my life has unfolded during those months, I feel the need to share here what the program has done for me. I don't have any agenda on convincing anybody about anything. However, I remember how sceptical I was when approaching this book/cd combination, and if I can help someone who is in the same situation, then that makes me feel that I'm useful to someone, and that is a good feeling.

When approaching a new self development or spiritual book, I usually look it up on Amazon and read all the reviews. I usually start out by reading the negative reviews first. Of course, it is always good to take every review, positive or negative, with a grain of salt. People write out from their own, subjective experience, and everything anybody could write about a program such as this one will be tinted with their personal experiences and beliefs.

Still, I had two major reservations to overcome before I was willing to try the Getting in the Vortex meditation. I've listed these reservations below, along with my comments now that I have several month's experience with using these meditations.

Reservation #1: It seems almost to simple why isn't everyone doing it?
My biggest reservation to overcome before I was willing to send away for this CD and book was not anything I read in the negative reviews. I saw that most of the negative reviews were posted by people who would probably feel negative about anything. My biggest reservation to overcome was this: This is so simple - if this program really worked, then why haven't I heard about it before and why isn't everyone doing it? This program seemed to promise nothing less than transforming your life in four major areas by you doing nothing or very little. All I supposedly had to do was carve out 15 minutes of my daily routine day to focus on the recording and my breathing. It just sounded to good to be true, to simplistic. If a polyanna program existed, then surely this had to be it!

I remained on the fence for a few weeks, but I inexplicably found myself drawn to these Amazon pages and reading mostly the positive reviews now. The reviews seemed sincere and the people who had written them seemed (for the most part) to be nice, normal people. Simply put, as I kept reading my feelings went from being cautious and critical to becoming hopeful and open. Finally I decided to give it a go, and I'm glad I did.

In response to this first major reservation about Getting in the Vortex, I admit that I still feel that way sometimes. It just seems to easy, and you would expect everyone to be doing it. However, I now have some actual real experience with the method, and there's no question in my mind that the results have just been to incredibly life changing to attribute to coincidences. In other words, I believe that these meditation worked for me, just like they work for many other people in these reviews, but we're still finding it difficult to believe sometimes. I think this is mostly because we've all been conditioned by society to think that things were never intended to be that simple.

Another reason why not everyone is doing it is that although these meditations are very easy to do, it's also very easy to forget to do them. After a few days of doing these meditations, I started feeling better. Things were happening. Big things were happening! Before I knew it, I was getting caught up in these positive life changes and I forgot to do the meditation. It wasn't until something in my life was not working the way it should again that I was willing to gently bring myself back to doing the meditations on a daily basis. Even these days, more than six months later and knowing how powerful these meditations are, I sometimes forget to do them for days at a time. However, I always eventually bring myself back to doing them, and this seems to be all that is necessary for me to do to keep my life unfolding in the way I want it.

Reservation #2: It seems like spiritual mumbo jumbo - to hokey!
I found it a bit difficult to accept that this material originates from a group of spiritual beings who call themselves Abraham and that their message is interpreted in "chunks of thought" by Esther Hicks. Although she doesn't call it channeling, many people would call it just that, and I felt pretty sure that I did not believe in channeling. However, I listened to some of their material that is available for free on Youtube, I really liked what they had to say. I concluded that it didn't matter if Esther Hicks was really channeling Abraham - as long as the message was a positive one, at least it couldn't harm to give this a try! This is still where I am today. I still don't know if I believe in channeling, and as far as I'm concerned, Esther Hicks could be genuine, or she could be misguided or even a straight out fraud. As long as the message she and Abraham are delivering helps me create the life I always suspected I deserved to live, I don't give a rip about whether their approach seem hokey to everyone else!

I want to add a few comments about the life changing results that I felt were brought about as a result of me using the Getting in the Vortex meditations.

As you probably know already, the meditations are organized into four life categories; general, financial, physical and relationship well-being. My problems were mainly in the financial category, but I followed the instructions and listened to the meditations in the suggested sequence for the first couple of weeks. First, I noticed an increase in my general well-being. I was happier and worried a lot less than I had used to. A weeks after I had started the meditations, I received a considerable cash gift from an elderly family member. This gift was totally unexpected. I started to notice how negative my focus had been and how my constant worries about money actually was the cause of my feeling of lack, not the result of it. My finances still need to improve, and they are. Money seem to just appear when most needed. I don't worry nearly as much about money as I used to.

The next significant life change happened about 3 weeks after I had started doing the meditations. After almost 10 years of being single, I met the woman of my dreams and she is now my girlfriend. The way we met was very auspicious, almost hard for both of us to believe. After years of trying to make things happen through online dating and other approaches, the two of us just walked into each other while shopping at a garden center. The relationship we have is by far the healthiest relationship either of us have ever been in. We are very much alike personality wise and in our interests, but we allow each other personal space and the ability to be who we are as individual spirits and human beings.

The final life change I will mention may not seem that special to you unless you're a chronic clutterer. After trying to organize my living space for more than 5 years and just feeling overwhelmed and unable to do so, I've finally created a living space in which I am happy and thrive. No doubt, being in a relationship helped me in getting motivated to clear up my living space, but I think that the real change happened because I just felt better overall. I live in a very nice apartment, and it's really nice to be able to enjoy it again after all these years.

There are so many positive changes that have taken place that I could go on and on about, but I'm sure many would attribute them to chance rather than these meditations. I really don't care, I am just feeling so immensely grateful about finally being free from the feeling of being "stuck," to feel that my life is flowing again. This reminds me of a quote attributed to Albert Einstein; "There are only two ways to life your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." I'm now subscribing to the latter way of living one's life, and this is to a very large degree the direct results of doing these meditations. I wish you the very best on your journey to creating a life you really want!

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on November 22, 2010
The teachings of Abraham have meant a great deal to me. I was really looking forward to receiving the cd and now have to admit it is less than I was hoping it would be. When I meditate, I take very long slow breaths, approximately 55-60 per 15 minutes. I always feel wonderful at this pace. Now with the signal to "breathe in - breathe out" every few seconds, it is distracting, and I am not enjoying the shallow breaths I have to take to keep up. Instead of ease and flow, getting into the vortex, it feels like, "following orders," which kicks me out.

I enjoyed the affirmations, and the music is fine, I only wish they had done two versions on the CD, one with the "breathe in - breathe out" command in it (for those who want it) and one with just the meditation, for those who feel more comfortable breathing at a different rate.
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on November 17, 2010
I've always wanted to be able to meditate since the benefits mentioned by others were so appealing to me. However, I could never seem to focus on one thing long enough to realize any benefit. I was consistently frustrated to find that my mind had slipped away and was flitting from subject to subject. It just seemed like so much work and struggle when the point of it all was to release all of that.

I went through the first meditation with a friend who had an advance copy of the CD. The beauty of the CD is that it uses (1) spoken "in-the-vortex" affirmations, (2) statements that help you pace your breathing, and (3) ambient music that are all orchestrated around a 3-beat/5-beat rhythmic pattern. (You sync up your breathing such that you inhale over a 3-count and exhale over a 5-count. You take 6 breaths per minute.) The affirmations by Abraham are spoken aloud by Esther Hicks with an inflection that matches the 3:5 pattern. Also, the music's subtle chord changes and pulse (beat is too strong a word) match the pattern. Finally, there are occasional, well-timed statements to "breathe in" and "breathe out" to assist you in establishing and maintaining the 3:5 pattern over the course of the meditation.

This multi-faceted approach gave my wandering mind something interesting and constructive to wander to. At a couple of points during the meditation, I felt a buzzy hyper awareness of my entire body. When the meditation ended, I felt simultaneously a "woo woo" oneness with it all and a readiness to pounce. This felt really good!

So, considering Amazon's stocking-stuffer price, guess what the friends and family are getting at Christmas?
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on November 17, 2010
I love it when life brings me something like this, making it so easy and fun to experience the fullness of who I am. I love that Abraham has delivered to us this little gem at the precise moment of our readiness for it. I love that I get to indulge in the meditation CD as often as I like (even though Abe says to do it only once a day...such fans of mixing it up in the contrast those little buggers are). I love the gentle, soft, lullaby-like quality of the music. I love thinking about how this whole thing came the person who did the music must have gotten the inspiration to do it in just the right way to evoke the response of the listeners that would be most beneficial to their meditation practice. I love that there are four meditations, and I love that they are all on my ipod in their intended sequence. I love that if I didn't focus so well on the General Well-Being meditation, I can just allow the Financial Well-Being meditation to play. I love variety. I love the beautiful words in the book and how they summarize everything Abraham teaches in an easy-to-understand, yet powerful, way. I love the analogy of the Vortex that Abraham uses and how I'm sure it mimics the way physical reality is really created. I love the colors they chose for the book and CD cover art. I love Jerry and Esther Hicks. I love Abraham. I love me. I love meditating. I love my life. I love amazon. I love being here. I love knowing who I really am. I love loving. I love you for reading this entire review :).
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on November 18, 2010
This is very different from their other publications. This is a tool. A very helpful tool with 4 very good 15 minute meditations. The book is succinct and is multi-layered. There is much delivered beneath the surface as you read the material. It is very dense. I have read the whole book and done all 4 meditations. I had a powerful meditative experience during the first meditation and I look forward to more as I spend time with the meditations and make them part of my daily routine.
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