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on July 5, 2007
This movie is really two movies cunningly intertwined. One is a slightly above average monster movie, and the other is the story of a police officer trying to protect an asian princess from a band of assasins. The key connecting the two stories is that the princess is being posessed by the spirits of ancestors from Venus or Mars. (The Japanese version says Venus. The dubbed English version says Mars.) These ancestors have the ability to foretell the future, thus she is capable of foretelling the return of Godzilla and the re-awakening of Rodan, as well as the arrival of a new monster called King Ghidorah. (Nobody says what kingdom he rules.) Ghidorah was responsible for the distruction of all life on Venus/mars over 3,000 years ago. The survivors landed in the Himalyas, intermarried with humans, and lost their powers until restored by the approach of Ghidorah.
Meanwhile the assasins have located the princess and make attempts to kill her. These attempts continue throughout the movie until the assasins are killed by a landslide during the battle of the monsters.
Meanwhile, Godzilla has come ashore on Japan and found Rodan already in occupation. It's hate at first sight between these two and they commence a fight. As the fight goes on, a huge meteorite breaks open and Ghidorah appears out of a ball of fire.
At this point, everyone turns to the twin fairies from Mothra's island to call for Mothra to come to their aid. The old Mothra has died, but her caterpiller comes to do what he can. First he tries to persuade Rodan and Godzilla to join him in the fight against Ghidorah, but they refuse. Mothra then sets out to fight Ghidorah alone. Since Mothra is still quite young, Ghidorah is beating him when Godzilla and Rodan have a change of heart and join in to drive off Ghidorah, who flies off to seek easier prey.
due to a blow to her head in the final battle against the assasins, the princess returns to her homeland.
This film marks the turning point in the Godzilla series. In the end, Godzilla is no longer a destructive monster and has become a defender of the Earth if not of humanity. Also, the movies become directed more to the juvenile audience.
On the whole, this is not, in my opinion, the best of the Godzilla series, but I would place it in second place behind the first one. Because of the complex plot and excellent special effects, it is well worth having in my collection.
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on October 22, 2015
I hadn't seen this since I was about 12 or 13, back in the 1970s. At that time, I thought it was just about the best Godzilla movie ever and couldn't understand why it was hardly ever shown.

Watching it today, I see how daffy the script is and all the kid-friendly wackiness they put into the film. I think it would have stood the test of time better had Toho taken a more serious approach. "War of the Gargantuas," "Rodan" and the 1954 "Godzilla" now get my vote for best Japanese monster movies.

That said, the production values are excellent: Great score, color, wardrobes (especially on the men) and effects. And Ghidrah looks terrific. Thank goodness they didn't make him slap his knees and "yuck it up" as they did with Godzilla!
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on July 31, 2016
this movie takes me back to those Friday night monster movies, I used to watch with my grand father. I even remember one Friday night, when my older brother had come home on leave from Viet Nam, we all sat in the living room and watched this movie as a family. For that, I'll always have a special place in my heart for this movie. As a prophetess arrives with an uncanny ability to predict the future, warns Japan of great impending danger. One by one the danger manifests itself as Rodan, then Godzilla appear. But it gets worse as a three headed horror from space explodes from a meteor, threatening man with extinction. Mothra is summoned to unite the two Earth titans against the new Space menace in a battle that will decide the fate of the human race! A classic monster movie!
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on January 28, 2014
I watched this as a free, streaming video from Amazon Prime, and had none of the technical difficulties the older reviews mention. Don't watch this as a film critic, watch it for the pure indulgence of the fun, campy, and ludicrous. How can you not love watching Godzilla and Rodan bat mountainous boulders back and forth at each other while Mothra watches, head swiveling like a spectator at a tennis match? How can anyone resist the final, multi-monster fight in which the heavily anthropomorphic Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan set aside their past conflicts and team up against Ghidorah, thus saving the Earth from the same fate that destroyed Mars? Wait - did I mention the Martian Princess (that takes over the body of a foreign leader by sucking her out of a plane) who tries to warn the foolish human race about the impending disaster? The song of the twins from Peace Island is still enchanting and farcical at the same time. You'll laugh so hard you'll blow your cheesecurls and soda right out your nose.
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on April 24, 2014
It had been ten years since the original Godzilla movie came out, and he was already a star. Most of the movies were successful, Godzilla was evil and there had to be a way to destroy him at the end of the movie. Until this movie While Godzilla is evil for most of the movie at the end he, Rodan and then Mothra chase away King Ghidorah. I love the story line to the movie, a princess who's uncle wants to kill her is coming to japan for safety, when she jumps off an airplane they think she is dead but she comes back controlled by the Venus people(or martians in the american version) and she predicts the return of Godzilla, and Rodan, and pretty much most of the movie is Godzilla vs. Rodan. But then King Ghidorah comes, who she tells destroyed her home world, and Godzilla Rodan and Mothra team up. I loved how they re-used the original Mothra Vs. Godzilla suit, it was my favorite from the showa era suit. But this movie isn't all perfect, i didn't like how the godzilla theme from this movie was mashed with rodans and was used for the rest of the movie. I wish they could a used the same music that they had built from King Kong Vs. Godzilla, and that was how it would be used for the rest of the Showa era. Either way check this one out, and the japanese version of the movie like all other godzilla movies is better than the Americanizations.
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on November 15, 2012
This one is like s'mores for the soul. Not two, not three, but four, FOUR giant monsters causing mayhem on the mist-shrouded island of Nippon, this movie was an addiction in my childhood - if it was on TV, I was sitting there a foot away from the screen. In my college years, this was one of my favorite go-to's for unintentional comedy, but it was also educational in that regard - why DID I like it so much, I was forced to ask. After all, there were tons of movies out there with worse special effects (GTTHM has pretty terrific fx work for its day...or almost any day), even goofier dubbing (hell, the dubbing for this one was actually pretty good), trainwreck scripts (the script was fairly solid, really) that I wouldn't think of watching twice, let alone dozens of times...the more I thought about it, it wasn't bad at all. Maybe goofy, but underneath the latex monster suits, crumbling miniature cities, and the begged questions about monster insurance rates in Japan, there was something that made this one special, beyond childhood nostalgia. There was something magical about a good Godzilla movie, and for me this was the cream of the crop.

Eventually I came to realize that the classic Showa-era tokusatsu films from Toho had a heart, a craftsmanship, which made them magical. GTTHM is among the best of the Godzilla films, even with its spies and assassins, silly plot contrivances, and formulaic monster-brawl trappings.
On this DVD you get both the original Japanese release, and the US theatrical version. Getting the chance to see these films in their original language (and aspect ratio!) has been a real eye-opener. It's a bit like a restored piece of fine antique furniture - you knew it was good stuff, but that crappy paint job wasn't doing it any favors. In terms of rating, I haven't seen one of these classic Toho movies that hasn't gone up at least a star in my estimation upon seeing it in the original Japanese.

I almost prefer the English version, in terms of the edit - it trims just a little fat and actually gives a better shape to the narrative in a few key aspects. But, in the English dub you lose out on some of Ifukube's great score as well as the movie's intentional entertainment value. On the other hand, the English dub gives you the immortal line "Godzilla! What terrible language!" It's something of a toss up between the two versions, so we're fortunate to get both. The commentary is a pleasure, as well. The other extras are ok, nothing mind-blowing. If you want your mind blown, just pause it every time star Akiko Wakabayashi is on-screen. It's ladies like her that make boys grow up all "into Asian chicks."

There's a certain subset of fandom that doesn't like this movie because this is where Godzilla stopped being a one-dimensional city-crushing, humanity-stomping machine and developed a personality. People who hate fun only have my sympathy, and I hope they feel better soon.

If you could only own a handful of Godzilla movies, this would have to be one, if for no other reason than the introduction of the absolutely great King Ghidorah. And you're not going to believe this, but Kenji Sahara is in it. O_O
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on September 17, 2016
WS image 2.35:1, English dub, 96 minutes, SD looks good, $9.99 AIV. Enjoy!
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on January 7, 2015
I love this film because there is a lot of action towards the end of the movie (p.s. mothra is my favorite kaiju) though I am disappointed that toho kept mothra in its larva form and when she go's to the final fight she gets her butt kicked so its sad that she did not perform well just because of her being young. However Godzilla fights really well and I have never thought that much of rodan because all he does in the fight is flap his wings doing absolutely nothing to king ghidorah at all so that's upsetting though ghidorah and Godzilla fight like a couple of bosses so that's good though it takes a little to get started but great flick!(minus rodan's sucky fighting and mothra's inability to do much aside from spraying silk);)
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on August 13, 2013
If you like Godzilla movies, it doesn't get any better than this! Lots to like here. IMHO, the Ghidorah suit is the best designed and best looking of the top 5 Godzilla monsters ( Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Ghidorah, and Gamera ) and the scariest if you're 8 years old! This film has FOUR of the top 5 monsters in a battle royale. Great stuff! The human cast is great too. There's gorgeous Akiko Wakabayshi ( bond girl of "You Only Live Twice" ) in a split personality role, a very attractive and fun to watch Yuriko Hoshi as the TV reporter, the always good Yôsuke Natsuki as the detective, the ever-present Hiroshi Koizumi as the mild-mannered professor, the legendary Takashi Shimura ( "Seven Samurai", "Rashomon" ) in a small role, a whole bunch of young men in pegged pants and skinny ties fleshing out a fun script, and of course, the pièce de résistance, The Peanuts as the Mothra invoking Fairy Twins! No sisters ever looked or sounded better while being trundled all over Japan in a cosmetic case. What more could you ask for? Thank you, Inoshiro Honda!
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VINE VOICEon December 18, 2007
Like the other releases in this series, Classic Media has done an excellent job presenting both the original Japanese language version of this movie as well as the US theatrical version. The film quality and DVD quality is crisp and clear and the sound and color are terrific. My only criticism is that the commentary was not done by Ed Godziszewski and or Steve Ryfle as it was on some of the other releases. While their commentary was thoughtful, selective and well-paced, the commentary on this disc, presented by David Kalat, is done in an unceasing and hurried manner with a highly affected voice that seems to be trying to squeeze everything he's ever learned about Godzilla film history into just 85 minutes. It's irritating and over-the-top manner proves that even for avid Godzilla film buffs it's possible to try and present too much information all at once. There is good information in there, but it's surrounded by breathless clutter that I at least found to be highly irritating. Good effort, but poor delivery.

However, Ghidrah (aka Ghidorah) is still one of the coolest monsters in film history and the film is enjoyable, both versions. After all, what monster movie buff doesn't love a giant, three-headed, electrical dragon from outer space? Ghidorah has everything a monster buff could want in a single package! Godzilla fans will enjoy this release quite a bit. I definitely recommend it.
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