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on July 28, 2013
Giselle begins her adventure in New Orleans. She works for a Ghost Hunter magazine and must find a ghost, prove he/she exists,write an article and turn it in before Mon deadline. Piece of cake! Her girlfriend, Mary Ellen sends her to a meeting with a man (who is an artist) who has a lead about a ghost. This does not pan out. She then seeks a psychic medium. While with the medium, the crystal ball (which has been in the family for over a hundred years gets broken) and the psychic blames Giselle, of course.
Next logical course, visit a naked, book writing medium to communicate with ghosts. This doesn't work out so well either. The medal the soldier wore was contaminated when Giselle touched it, and the flower box catches fire. Nothing seems to be going her way! Another contact she attempts to use is Vampire Lester.
Someone is now making attempts on Giselle's life. Can't imagine why! Breaking an old crystal ball, setting fire to a medium's house, oh, and mustn't forget the alcoholic tour guide who got upset when Giselle sarcastically harassed her about her lack of knowledge about ghosts and New Orleans history. Someone kidnaps her and throws her into the trunk of a car. She escapes and has to hitch a ride in the back of a pickup with a pig and a dog who seem to live in the back of it. Needless to say, she doesn't smell too good, or look too good when she makes it back to her hotel. Someone tries to drown her using a toilet, and a wild elevator ride.
The things a reporter has to go through to get the story!!! An absolutely side-splitting, hilarious comical look at ghost hunting. Throw in a romance with a very sexy looking PI who keeps getting run into by Giselle (literally) anytime she is anywhere near him and it just keeps getting funnier.
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on May 28, 2014
I will admit it, I one clicked this book when it was free because the title caught my eye. It took awhile, but was finally able to read it and loved it!!
Meet Giselle, a fake psychic who is sent to Savannah, GA to write a story about a ghost. She must also get physical proof that the ghost is real. While trying to find a ghost, she literally runs into Ry twice. She thinks he is both hot and rude. Still, she keeps pursuing her goal of a ghost story. She searches out a psychic investigator that turns out to be Ry and the sparks fly! Especially when he refuses the case. Undaunted, she meets with a psychic medium, who may or may not be real, a wizard who likes to write in the nude in front of his open windows, a man who either keeps trying to sell her gold teeth or give her a puppy, a tempermental French artiste (is there any other kind?), the Vampire Lester and his partner.
Along the way she gets kidnapped, rides in the back of a pickup with a pig and a dog, gets trapped in an elevator while plummeting to a certain death, and meets a snake in her bathroom. It seems that the old adage is true, if it weren’t for bad luck Giselle would have no luck at all.
The writing is great, the characters are real and so so funny, the chemistry is hot and the ghost is found!
One click a copy today. I don’t think you will be disappointed!
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on October 6, 2013
I really enjoyed this book and would love to read a series of madcap adventures with these two, Giselle & Ry or should I say Mr. Scrumptious. Several times I laughed out loud and sometimes I even giggled. I also have to admit her descriptions and thoughts of Mr. Scrumptious had me squirming in my seat in the beginning parts of the book which took me back to my own glorious single days when I would bump into someone like that and feel like that. I also enjoyed how the author caricatured the zany characters. You would swear that you know someone just like that, ie., the guy that just acts so pitiful; the extremely jealous & angry girlfriend of the poor sap (who you would never have anything to do with anyway but try telling the girlfriend that); the crazy, interfering mother-in-law who wants you to stay away from her scrumptious son (why is there always a mother-in-law when the guy is great?); the awful guy who keeps wanting to be with you, who you can't stand to even look at, who won't take no for an answer; the crazy, loony, yet creepy old man down the street; the two big dumb guys, all muscle and no brains; then the nice old man with the puppies bumbling around. Would really like to see more of Giselle and Mr. Scrumptious who is not only yummy but also......oh dear, don't want to give a spoiler away. :)
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on April 25, 2014
To describe what type of book this is - I would say Quirky, Cute, Funny. You will meet some crazy bizarre characters. The heroine is a strong female lead. Very Stephanie Plumesque but without the love triangle. The dialogue banter between everyone made me smile (because I smiled I say its 'funny'). No serious dialogue that is full of feelings and mind games. A few reviewers blasted the spelling and grammer - and honestly, I only saw a handful of spelling/grammer mistakes. It's not like every page was filled with errors that it detracted from focussing on the words being read. The title kinds explains the storyline, Giselle is the girl journalist trying to find someone who can show her a ghost. Lots of crazy things happen to Giselle during her 3 day search for a ghost, all with the help of the guy, Ry, private investigator. I suggest you give this book a chance.
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on October 29, 2013
I really enjoy mysteries and when I read the book description I thought I'd give it a shot. When I started to read this I found I was sucked in by the author's quick wit and character descriptions. Yes the grammar was in need of a good editor...but that aside, the hilarity of this story more than compensated for the need for grammar. I found myself laughing out loud during many of the scenes. And having grown up on Bugs Bunny...the original, I absolutely loved the reference to Pepe Le Pew. I could visualize so easily what Vector looked like and found his character to be so stupid it was incredibly funny. The story was reminiscent of skits you'd find with Abbot and Costello or a Bob Hope movie. I would recommend this. The laughter that bubbles up inside you is worth it.
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on July 6, 2014
This was my first book by Ms. Mason. The premise intrigued me - reporter looking for a ghost in the south. Overall the book was ok - it could use an editor for the typos and general writing issues. The main character Giselle is snarky, which I would normally like but it's over done. The author relies on the slap-stick humor of the 3 stooges for comic relief which gets old as well. How many times can one woman literally fall into and on to the guy she likes? The romance feels contrived - Ry and Giselle never really develop any type of relationship. It's just sex and then love. The suspense part of the book is developed well - plenty of suspects and odd secondary characters to keep me reading. Again, a lot of cliches but I do admit I loved Vector zee skunk.
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on April 18, 2013
A Girl, A Guy And a Ghost by Patricia Mason
Poor Giselle Hunter seems to be one of those gals where trouble just shows up. If she's there, so is trouble. She heads for Savannah, Georgia on a mission to find a ghost and save her job, once again she ends up in hot water. From a French artist who won't let go to a New Orleans so-called vampire. A drunken tour guide, nudist wizard and nutty medium. Let us not forget the handsome man, who she wouldn't mind attracting. But she needs a ghost, not trouble.

Full of humor, weird characters, and for the poor red-headed Giselle....trouble. This story is told from Giselle's point of view.
**Sexual content
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on April 20, 2014
Ms. Mason tells a tale of ghost chasing with a mixture of murderous attacks, kidnappings , and a little romance . Giselle is a writer with an assignment to go to Savannah , find a ghost and do a story . Failure to do so means she will lose her job .Rising to the challenge, Giselle follows a number of leads in search of said ghost . She starts with a visit to a medium who sole information consists of a dire warning about a possible future mother-in law . . Further leads take to . a handsome private detective,a ghost hunting tour guide , a couple of " vampires " and other assorted characters . Will Giselle avoid being murdered, discover her true love and maybe even find a ghost or too before her editor Willie can fire her .Just stayed tuned . A very enjoyable book
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on April 11, 2014
this is a 2.5 rating. the relationship between the hero and heroine was not very believable. first time they meet: he's giving her the appreciative eye; second time: downright ticked; third time: kicks her out of his office; fourth time: makes out with her in a closet after a angrily chasing her? then they quickly jump into bed together, with no relationship and she is surprised that she has to walk the 'walk of shame' the next day? give your heroine some self respect and some backbone!

I enjoyed the idea of this book, and finished to see if she captured her ghost, but the 'relationship' wasn't there.

constantly pointing out the flaws of your hero and then making her settle, just made me feel bad for her.
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on April 19, 2013
The idea is good for a fun read however it didn't seem well structured and even for a fiction book it seemed rather ridiculous.
1 I'd call the cops if I got kidnapped, death threats...
2 traveling for work is different than moving somewhere, why was she set u p on a blind date? Why foes her best friend live here? Since it seemed like she was going back to NYC once the article was written
3 the first 270 pages had little action or substance
I wish the author had structured an outline for the book prior to just throwing whatever popped into her mind. Then she may have known where she wanted the book to go. I wish it was better executed b/c I was interested in the idea
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