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on February 21, 2017
Alas, I've been eagerly awaiting this "definitive" version of Ghost in the Shell and it's a pretty big disappointment. The size is certainly not deluxe (it's no longer or wider than a normal trade paperback of an American comic; I've attached an image comparing it to a Doom Patrol TPB and a DC "Deluxe" collection), and somewhat amazingly, the contents are censored yet again despite an 18+ warning (I've attached an image showing how a rather famous scene is presented here). The quality of pages is fine, and it's cool to have the story presented in the Japanese right-to-left style with the original SFX, but this is a pretty major letdown given how the book was advertised.

As for extras: I don't really know what's included beyond what would have been in the normal edition. There's a glossary for the newly restored Japanese sound effects, but good luck reading it -- it's in incredibly small white font against a black background, as you can see.

Alas, swing and a miss for Kodansha. I got this for $14.99 and can live with it, but run the heck away from the MSRP of $29.99.
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on April 10, 2017
after all the slandering on the latest franchise installment, time to go back to the original which started all these
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on December 26, 2017
Great thought into the story line. Recommend read for sci fi junkies. Easy on the eyes too. Fun

Thank you!
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on September 28, 2008
If you've had a chance to see any of the Ghost in the Shell animated films or episodes, you'll probably really enjoy reading the Manga that inspired them. This graphic novel has so much character to it; there are complicated plots, thick footnotes describing the author's view of the future, and a varying art style that goes from finely detailed to absurd and surrealistic (depending on the mood of the scene).

But be warned: do not buy this for your kids. There is a very explicit and graphic lesbian sex scene about midway through the book. From a narrative perspective, it fits with the themes of the novel and helps expand on Major Kusanagi's character (and shows an intriguing vision of cyber-sex), but there is quite a lot of intense eroticism in those two-to-three pages.

Altogether, however, this is probably the best Japanese graphic novel I have ever read or will ever read.
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on March 13, 2017
This and Apple Seed... real female characters with real plots and tons of exciting, complex plots. I had not expected the glossy paper though! Geez. Matt please. Something, anything but high gloss. Besides that this book is high quality, good binding, great color, a blast from the past for me. That 3 point type in the margins? Really? I have to use a frippin' magnifying glass. I not that old, am I?
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on July 5, 2016
The artwork is great and many of the stories I have seen in the films. Usually at the beginning of the story there are a few pages in color, but the rest is in black and white. The stories are interesting and I have had trouble putting it down. There are explanations on the pages as to what is what sometimes, plus there is a great amount of info in the back pages. Some of the words are too small for me to read and I have had to use a magnifying glass. Sometimes I get a bit confused as I am not sure in which order I should read some of the frames. It has been a long time since I read a Comic Book(graphic novel/manga) that I am thoroughly enjoying reading this one, especially since Ghost in The Shell is one of my Favorite Series/films. I thought the price was bit high, but at 350 pages it is a good value.
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on September 12, 2013
Regarding with CyberPunk (Whose creator was William Gibson), this is one of the best series in manga. I love it!.
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on October 25, 2009
The Ghost in the Shell has become a cult phenomenon. It transcends all sorts of media, from books, to TV, to video games. And most of these ventures have become fruitful efforts. The original manga that started it all has been re released, this time by Kodansha, and with some good and bad.

This edition of Ghost in the Shell is missing a two page lesbian threesome. I thought id get that out of the way first and foremost, since, believe it or not, its actually a big issue. The problem is not that a sex scene was removed (although ill be honest, it was sort of a bummer), but that 2 color pages were removed in a pointless effort what? The manga is already rated 18+, hell even this current printing has the "Mature" rating on it. So what was the purpose of censoring a mature manga if it was still going to have some nudity, violence, cursing, and graphic content?

Now like i said before, its more the fact that Shirow's work is incomplete than simply missing a sex scene. Its needless censorship, and thats the last thing we need right now. (Uncensored version can be found here Ghost In The Shell Volume 1 - 2nd Edition (v. 1) NOTE: Its no longer in print)

Now the actual graphic novel is a very interesting piece. It deals with the value of life, corruption in politics, as well as what it means to be human, among other things. This is some pretty heavy stuff, and on the occasion i had to re-read certain sections, for two reasons.

One, the complexity of the content, and the other, the visualization of said concept. Certain pages flow as if some panels have been removed (although they weren't, nothing was changed other than the 2 pages we talked about). This is specially prevalent in some action scenes, although it tends to happen in low profile situations as well. Whenever the novel switches scene or location, some panels do a poor job of setting that across to the reader. Also, in some situations, the text boxes are also poorly or oddly placed. It can get confusing whenever 'cyber brain communication' is taking place, and the character speaking is off screen.

The art in GITS is a mixed bag. The manga has 348 pages, of which 64 are color. The color pages are amazing. Tiny details are presented in such a way that your staring at the page in awe. Characters are more lively, and the environments and locations are much more detailed (no more empty backgrounds :P). The B&W pages are much less interesting. Not only is the detail lessened, but clarity also takes a dip. Now you know why those 2 pages being removed is a bummer :D

The characters themselves are almost all empty. With the exception of Kusanagi and on occasion, Batou, the rest of the roster is blank and has little to no development whatsoever. Its a disappointment, but nothing too terrible. The novel revolves around the Major anyway, so no (arguably)important character is dull.

Despite all this, the book has a tendency to suck you in and not let go. I read it in several hours. The content and concept are both interesting and unique, and the art is, for the most part, well done. Like both the movies and SAC episodes, GITS requires multiple readings. With repeated reading, comes clarity, and a larger and better grasp of the concept.
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on May 27, 2011
just love the art work and thoughtfull story line. if the future is any thing like this I need a better firewall lol
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on March 8, 2017
There are typos and this is NOT acceptable. It's an insult to the story. In addition there are some pretty disjointed conversations which, if not done on purpose, can only be issues with the translation its annoying because the majority of the translation is done quite well. It just goes to show the laziness in production.
Beyond that though its a pretty nice edition. If you complain about the size then you've never seen a regular one volume manga paperback. This edition is roughly the same size as the "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" deluxe edition. While I don't agree with censorship on principle this was NOT Censored Shirow Masamune simply decided that the lesbian sex scenes caused more problems than he would have liked as well as not adding much to the story anyway (besides explicitly stating that Kusanagi swings both ways). As far as bonus content complaints, again they are jumping the gun, as others before me have said there are a few entirely new pages and a lot more full color pages as compared to the original version.
See photos:
-- The first one should be "The puppeteer"
-- The last one should be "squeeze" not sleaze unless there exists a usage of sleaze that I am not aware of
-- The second one should be "may" not "my"
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