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Ghost Reveries
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$9.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 9, 2014
Definitely worth every penny!

In terms of artistic performance, this is a top notch album. But, there are hundreds of reviews dealing with this topic so there is nothing more to add here.

I have purchased this vinyl reissue in hope that its sound quality will be an improvement over over compressed 2005 CD release, and I have not been disappointed. This is a quality product. The surface noise almost does not exist; the packaging is excellent, and it is 180 gram vinyl double LP. While I have not performed measurements using the DR plug-in, I can clearly hear more punchy drums, better bass guitar sound, and in general better instrument separation on the vinyl record ( I know these are meaningless phrases without listening by itself, but believe me :)).

If you are an Opeth fan, this is a must have item.
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on August 25, 2010
This is definitely my favorite Opeth work. It has the perfect feel and atmosphere for the concept of the album. Very creepy and compressed, yet also gorgeous and haunting. I played the "mellow" songs for my wife (she is NOT a metalhead at all) and she could not believe it was the Opeth she had heard me rave about for years. That is not to say that this is a "Mellow" album - it is not. IT IS perfectly executed complex melodic and eccentric dark metal. This CD is in my top 10 of ALL makes my heart race everytime I listen - and that is VERY frequently. I have to listen to this CD in it entirety at least once every other week. It is such a master musical statement. "The Grand Conjeration" is the best Opeth song they have recorded - and that is saying alot! It is worth purchasing for it alone. I want to add that all of the musicianship is the very top notch - however the drums stand out more than any other instrument. They are never boring, ever changing and freakin' unreal. If you search the internet - you will see many folks playing along and trying to replicate the drums on this album.
I believe this is the best METAL Album ever recorded..............Get it NOW!
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on July 20, 2017
First few seconds of Ghost of Perdition, Reverie/Harlequin Forest and The Grand Conjuration all have imperfections and skate and skip. Very annoying as the intros to Opeths songs are amazing need to be enjoyed. Hopefully your pressing will be better. Worth the gamble though being that this is in my opinion one of their best albums!
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on June 5, 2011
If you're considering buying some (or some more) Opeth, there's nothing that I can write in this review that someone else has not already written. So I will focus on this album as compared to the rest of their catalog.

Ghost Reveries has some of the heaviest music Opeth has produced to date, with Ghost of Perdition and the Baying of the Hounds uncompromisingly, blisteringly heavy. Really, this album doesn't let up until the beautifully relaxing Atonement.

That doesn't mean that any of these songs lack the complexity of tracks from Still Life or Deliverance. You'll find surprising moments, moving moments, harmonically dense moments in every single track. Some of their creepiest and most unsettling riffs and lines can also be found here - notably in, but most definitely not restricted to, the Grand Conjuration.

Harlequin Forest is easily one of my favorite Opeth tracks, ranking right up their with Bleak as an absolutely perfect song. It could not be improved in any way. Though it has a not-insubstantial quantity of death growls, more than half of the song is comprised of clean vocals, and some fantastically groovy beats throughout.

Lyrically, this is one of Opeth's darkest entries, and one that fits most comfortably within the death metal paradigm. Of course, their music alone does not; if Rush decided to play death metal instead of prog rock, I think Opeth would be a pretty natural result. Anyway, the lyrics are not for those who are easily offended by the occult.

If you are looking for a damn solid album by Opeth, there are other options that I think work just as well, but you will NOT go wrong with Ghost Reveries.
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on April 2, 2017
Boyfriend loves it!
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on January 29, 2013
No band appeals to me more than Opeth. While this is not my favorite album of theirs it certainly is great. I've been known to listen to Baying of the Hounds (in the distance...I hear them devouring) several times in a row and by far name it my favorite track on the album, with The Grand Conjuration a very, very close second. Hours of Wealth and Isolation Years, while showing the amazing diversity of the band, fit in with album as a whole despite the vast difference in structure and vocals from the rest of the album (except maybe the bonus track Soldier of Fortune which has grown on me since first hearing it). Not sure I'd recommend the Special Edition with DVD unless you're actually going to watch it. I was lured in by the bonus track and am happy I got it.
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on March 3, 2017
One of the best sounding records I own. I'm impressed.
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on April 9, 2017
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on March 21, 2013
As many other reviews have stated--even if you're not a fan of the somewhat cliche growling vocals, this band has a breadth and texture that few other bands can demonstrate. In a time where pop and club music rules the charts this is pure, technical, and brutal metal. It has dynamics that switch from fast to slow to dark to light multiple times per song. I highly recommend listening from start to finish--the songs complement one another so well that one feels almost as if they are on a journey. If you liked Blackwater Park you will love this--at least I did. I originally downloaded the mp3s and once I heard it I instantly came to Amazon and purchased the mp3s--who says downloading isn't good for the artist???
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on December 11, 2006
When I first listened to Opeth's Ghost Reveries, I was blown away by the level of maturity and musicianship the band had reached. I have also been equally impressed with Blackwater Park, Deliverance, Damnation, and every other Opeth album I have ever devoted my time to.

I was slightly hesitant to buy this special edition disc because I thought it may be a ploy by Roadrunner to cash in on their new prospect--especially after reading the negative reviews of the bonus track "Soldier of Fortune."

First of all, I am very impressed with the documentary. Clocking in at more than forty minutes, the documentary provides a peek into Mikael Akerfeldt's thoughts for the future and reminisces of the past. There is very little mention of Martin Axenrot, but more of Martin Lopez's mental issues are exposed in this documentary. Perhaps I was reading into his body language too much, but Martin seemed to achieve the lost look and unfocused swagger that only a truly depressed person can manage during his in-session footage. This documentary picks up very well to where the documentary on "Lamentations" ended.

The 5.1 mix of the CD is also well done. If you have stereo equipment capable of playing this format, this is another great aspect of this special edition CD.

The cover of Deep Purple's "Soldier of Fortune" makes a little more sense (at least to me) after watching the documentary where Mikael proclaims his newly-discovered love for the keyboards and his "clean" voice. I personally like the song even though it does not necessarily fit into the traditional sense of what an Opeth song should sound like. Just listen to it with an open mind...

If you do not own "Ghost Reveries," I would definitely start with this special edition. If you already own the regular version and are a fan of Opeth, pick this disc up for the documentary alone... The video to "The Grand Conjuration" is slightly interpretative, but it didn't add a lot of value for me.

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