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on October 27, 2016
A+ Of course it has what everyone seems to find odd, "Cage weird." Hello? In those scenes a demon is trying to crawl out of his skin and possess him. This film is fun and well-crafted. And it avoids the sequel problem by making a movie of a different genre - one which I thought still linked up with the first "origin" film very well. Hey, look, an English paper gets and A+ for doing what it sets out to do, not for being a new Shakespeare play. This film did what it set out to do very well. I was entertained. A lot. And I guess, yeah, I'd direct a third installment in the franchise no problem. I'd be happy to, and feel like I had a lot to work with, a lot to live up to, and a lot to do differently from the first two just to stay in step. Bravo. Let Cage be Cage.
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on November 3, 2016
It was an okay movie. This script is seriously lacking and I miss the motorcycle in the first movie. It was the best. Although some say the first ghost rider was not close to the comics like this one, I believe the first movie is definitely better written. The timing, graphics, pentance stare, everything is just plain better, but here the lack there of has kind of robbed this movie of its familiarity. Oh, don't get me wrong, he is still the nightmare that could make Freddie Krueger repent, but here I think the writers kind of dulled him a little; moreover, the story could have been better.
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on January 6, 2017
I'm a fan of the first one so of course I love this one also. I love the actors portraying the boy and his mom and the Frenchman. She especially has very deep eyes. Nice to see a familiar face from Highlander and Nicolas does another great job and the effects and story work very well for me again. Fonda has been replaced but I find the George Soros look-a-like actor replacing him quite good and believable. Love this like the first one and I won't spoil it but there are some even more over the top scenes which you will rewind and watch again and again.

I miss Eva though.
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on May 31, 2016
While the original Ghost Rider was fun enough, this sequel was pretty bad in almost every way-even for a comic book. Once again satanic spirits battle it out, this time for possession of a young kid whose questionable ancestry puts him on the short list for world domination for the forces of evil. Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) in his grittier, flame-charred, greasier Ghost Rider transformation seems more focused on getting the kinks out of his skeletal neck than springing into action. Missing in action is Peter Fonda's evil Mephistopheles, replaced by demonic executive (looking more like a Sicilian don) Roarke (Ciarán Hinds). Gone is the original's Caretaker (Sam Elliott), one of the other highlights of the first film. Skip this one.
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on April 19, 2013
I was in the military when Ghost Rider first hit the stands. I bought every one I could lay my hands on but they were not everywhere . I would ask and the answer was generally the same ( I don't sell enough of them ) . I have some of those comics and when comics became an investment I tried to cash them in . You know what, they were not worth anything. Some are retailed at two to three hundred now but that is only since the movies.
Anyone who reads books and then watches a movie based on that literature will say it is not as good as the book. Screen plays are not books and movies have to appeal to a large audience to break even. They are supposed to make money and of course this franchise Does. This , a good movie visually and the 3- D is pretty good on my home screen works for me. The story is secondary to the action as it should be in this type of film. I enjoyed it as I did the first mostly because it is not the comic book which is in no way literature . The writers and illustrators never claimed they were. True to the character is fine by that characters fans but truth is Ghost rider has always had a limited fan base and I am sure there are those who see the movies , buy a comic and are disappointed . I think old fans of the comic see or imagine ourselves as lone wolves like the Rider and probably should not criticize . My rating is based on my opinion of how my taste run and this movie entertained me as it probably did for many that do not do reviews . One other thing I would like to say is , most of the shows and movies I have enjoyed the most were hated by critics and if you will check the most successful usually are. The only bad thing I can say about this set is it does not have a DVD copy.
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on March 17, 2013
Wait a minute; I thought the Ghost Rider could only appear in darkness and/or night? If I'm not mistaken, didn't they make a great to-do about that in the first installment of this franchise? In this film he comes and goes whenever he pleases or displeases, with a newly improved fiery skull puss.
As for the story, Ghost Rider takes a road trip to Europe. Why? Why not? He soon runs afoul of mercenary gun running drug dealer Ray Carrigan (Johnny Whitworth, the guy who used to be in CSI: Miami), and soon learns monks can be treacherous (Christopher Lambert in a bit-bit-bit part, face totally obscured by a lot of bad notices). There's also a new demon on board (Ciaran Hinds) with a new name to go with his sour puss.
This time, the filmmakers try to dazzle us with a few tricks such as occasionally punctuating the story with cartoon interludes/explanations and a mess of split screens. Nicolas Cage over uses his penchant for squirrely behavior in lieu of acting (funny faces and cat calls aside, were his shorts pinching him or what?). Half of the RULES they set up to explain things they just as quickly ignored. There's some prophecy mumbo jumbo, and we quickly learn that even though you tell everyone you have VAST power, you still have to employ inadequate henchmen to do your dirty deeds and resort to sedation instead of overpowering your subject with your vast reserve of POWER.
Although they threw everything in their kit and caboodle at the screen it still came off as just a lot of smoke and very little fire. (Loved the not-so-snappy rejoinders: "road kill" and "go home!" That's telling them Nicolas. You sure put them in their place. Next time, get a script. Or better yet, send the skull and stay home.)
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on June 4, 2016
There was a lot of action the only reason for three stars the 3 D sucked the story was really bad.
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on June 17, 2012
It's simple.

Do you like the Carpenters listening, jelly bean popping, simple, silly Johnny Blaze? Did you really like GR 1? (This does not match the comic version of Ghost Rider). You will not like (probably) GR 2.

Do you like the hard, gritty, tortured Ghost Rider from the comics? Then GR 2 is for you!

I hated Johnny Blaze in the first movie because he did not match the comic at all. GR 2 is a reboot, to a more comic book like, Johnny Blaze, and I was excited to see the real Ghost Rider come out. Now, if only Marvel had the stones to make a R rated GR...maybe for 3? The Marvel Knights series is a mature comic line and it just can't be done right at PG-13. I do think, however, that the time has come, and the audience exsists, for the gritty R rated comic book movie. Here's hoping!

I do have to add that they should pick a new Ghost Rider for their re-boot. Nick Cage is eyeball rolling cliche and quite ridiculous. If it were any actor other than he who performed like he does in GR2 he would have been called an amateur. They found the perfect Hulk for the Avengers after 3 tries, maybe they can find the right Johnny Blaze.
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on June 19, 2012
I was expecting this to be more like the 1st one, but wow, this felt way different. I didn't like how they did the filming, nor the music, felt totally like a Brit production, but to be fair, I'm not a fan of Brit movies. The rider was way different, looked like a rag doll puppet, gets hit by an rpg in the beginning, and he ends up in the hospital?? Don't get me wrong effects in spots were very cool. However, just a lot of unanswered questions, felt like we jumped right in the middle of a movie already in progress, Brit style film... Some cameos, but overall, nowhere near what I was hoping for, and expecting, based on the first movie.
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on December 8, 2016
Everything is better in 3D.....It wasn't the best movie made but better watching it in 3D and it was cheap. lol
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