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on January 16, 2011
The premise of the game is fairly interesting: you start off dead and have to use your soul to possess and manipulate objects to accomplish goals. At first you are just trying to find out who you were and why you were killed, but as the story progresses you start uncovering bits and pieces of a bigger plot with national security implications (I kid you not). This game is from the creators of the Ace Attorney series, so people familiar with those games will probably see similarities here, mostly a good story with quirky characters, wrapping humor around a fairly tragic situation.

Story (spoilers will be highlighted): being an adventure game, this is the main selling point of the game and it does not disappoint. Since the game starts off with you dead and witnessing someone about to get killed, you can't say this is a slow starting game. The sense of urgency is also highlighted by the fact your soul will dissipate at dawn, so you really have one night to figure things out. As you go from chapter to chapter meeting more people and changing their fates, you slowly uncover a plot that can have national security implications for your country and you slowly change your motivations and your initial assumption of who you might be. The game even throws a little mystery along with its tutorial (who is the soul that is teaching you about your abilities?) that is revealed at the end of the game.

*** Spoiler alert ****

This is where the game will remind you of the Ace Attorney series. Everyone is connected to each other somehow, by an event that happened several years ago and that still has consequences on the present. In this case, it was a meteor fall that occurred 10 years ago and prompted someone to seek revenge over everyone else involved on the story. This meteor's alien radiation is also the games explanation to some ghosts having powers and others not and the object of desire of the foreigner country involved on the plot (the bad guys that are the "national security" threat. They are all blue, Capcom must have been burned by the racist allegations on Resident Evil and picked a non-realistic skin color this time). The final chapter is fairly epic, with you and your friends stuck on a sinking submarine and the final fate change (for everyone really) taking you to 10 years ago, to the moment of the meteor fall. The final explanation of who you are and the reveal of the soul that was helping you in the beginning is Capcom's signature tear jerker before the happy ending.

*** Spoiler ends ***

Game mechanics and controls: your initial ability is possessing objects and manipulating them in a limited fashion. You also have limited range, so several times, to cross a room, you have to mess around with objects to create a path. This takes care of the puzzle portion of the game and at least to me, it actually seemed more logical than most adventure games (I love Ace Attorney, but sometimes the puzzle solutions made no sense at all, I did not find an instance on Ghost Trick that made me feel that way). You also can travel over the phone (the equivalent of long range transportation in this game and on some chapters, a decision point as well - "Should I stay or should I go?") and the most important one, story wise: when you get in touch with a recently deceased person, you can travel back in time, to 4 min before their death, and change their fate by manipulating objects in the past. It's a limited set of abilities but the game developers use it in very creative ways. At a later point on the game, another ghost is introduced with the ability to swap similar objects and you tag-team with it on several chapters to solve puzzles. The DS touch screen and stylus are a great fit to control the game and you can rewind time an unlimited amount of times, allowing you unlimited chances for trial and error.

Characters, art style, animation, etc...: the game is full of interesting characters, like the dancing detective or the singing fried chicken restaurant chef, my favorite being Missile the dog (yep, a dog is one of the main characters). Even minor players, like generic guard A have lines delivered with personality and actually makes you wonder what is their background (Panic Dancing Prison Guard comes to mind). The art style is very unique, all angles and strong colors, which I really enjoyed. The game looks great in motion, by the way, the first time I saw the Dancing Detective, I was surprised at how fluid the animation was. Music is very good, just like in Ace Attorney, it fits the mood of the moment and builds up the pace when things are getting serious. Even the save game melody reminds me of Ace Attorney :)

Final thoughts: Ghost Trick is a very good adventure game and any fan of the genre should give it a try. It has a great story with great characters delivered in a very unique package. At this moment it seems my review is the first one (almost 1 week after the game released), which makes me a little sad that the game is not selling well. I really hope that, like Ace Attorney, this game is slowly discovered by adventure game fans and builds up sales overtime.
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on February 7, 2011
First off, I have never played any of the Phoenix Wright games. I know about them but just have never played them. I also like puzzles. Now that that's out of the way...

I loved this game! I bought it during a sale and the only thing I knew about it was that it was what I read from the brief description. I knew nothing about who developed this game (other than it comes from Capcom. I hardly considered that this was a puzzle type game though I assumed as much from the description and title (tricks?!). This game was fun! The puzzles were actually not too hard but a few were a bit challenging. Just read the clues and try again and I didn't mind trying several times. I loved the characters. All of them! Part of me kept trying to hold off playing it as I knew it would eventually come to the end. I'm glad I made this purchase. It was definitely worth the price.

(4 Stars for fun?!)A downside is that I do wish some puzzles were harder (but I like trying to figure out things) and that we got to see more of the crazy characters that were introduced! Also, I felt like this was too short! Saving...when you save it didn't matter because you restarted from the beginning of that Time Frame (from which you save in the first place). Overall these did not hinder my entire experience though.

Buy if You:
Like puzzles
Like a good story
Don't mind reading and re-reading dialog
Want a short game that is a little challenging
Want to feel good about the game after you played it

Do not buy if You:)
Want to rush through this game
Do not care for the story line
Have no patience
Are not fun to be around
Cannot read (game won't be fun nor the same)
Don't like guys with sunglasses who wears them at night
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on October 8, 2014
Ghost Trick is an immensely fun game. I found myself having a hard time putting it down. You play the role of a ghost. You've just died *no spoilers* and have no idea who you are and why you were murdered (at a junkyard, no less). So you set off to solving the mystery of your death (with the guide of a desk lamp - I'm not kidding). Along the way, you save potential victims via Powers of the Dead. Not everyone possesses these powers, but you certainly do. While you can save others, you can't use your powers to save yourself (bummer - at least long enough to trim the cone-inspired hair 'do).

You can rewind four minutes prior to the victim's demise and find a way to alter their fate. You do so by possessing and manipulating inanimate objects. There's an hourglass and you must save the victim before time runs out. Honestly, I don't find myself enjoying a game if I must perform under a time-constraint (that's just me). But the game is forgiving in a way that lets you rewind time at any given time (without being penalized).

This game reminds me a lot of Tiny Thief and Limbo in terms of manipulating your environment. So if you liked those games, you'll like Ghost Trick.

The first chapter serves as a tutorial. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed (especially when I had to get used to the idea of being dead AND save a beautiful red-head from being murdered *no spoilers*), but by the end of the first chapter, I found the mechanics to be intuitive and a total breeze.

I bought this game while not knowing that it was produced by the same Phoenix Wright series' creators. The animation, colorful characters (I absolutely loved the heroic Pomeranian) and clever dialogue that I loved in the PW series translates quite seamlessly in Ghost Trick. While I loved PW in its entirety, I think Ghost Trick would appeal to people who didn't enjoy PW because it has a bit more gameplay. Granted, there's a lot of reading, but not quite as much as PW, in my humble opinion.

This is a trial and error type of game. You keep trying different solutions and techniques until you find the one that works. I recall trying different tactics over 8 times until I gave up and consulted a guide. I was a bit peeved because I performed that technique, but not in the same sequence. So the game's TOO linear. That said, don't let it put you off from buying it, because it is very fun and addicting.
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VINE VOICEon April 3, 2014
A very short while ago I watched a video that featured Ghost Trick briefly, and I fell in love with the graphic style of the game. After ordering it with some other DS games, for use on my 3DS XL, I decided that it would be the first of the batch that I would play, and therefore also one of the first games I had played on the system in months.

Throughout this game I found myself saying 'what a great game' aloud, after finding one thing or another that was amazing. While this is the first game of it's type that I think I've played, I don't believe it'll be the last.

A few of the puzzles I had difficulty with, and ended up consulting a guide for the solution, but I'm sure I would have figured them out, had I not been more interested in the story than my pride of completing it alone.

The story is definitely the strongest aspect of the game, although the art style and gameplay are not too far behind. With a few twists and turns, and a fantastic (and slightly tear-invoking) conclusion, Ghost Trick will stay with me for quite some time.

I can easily give Ghost Trick a full five of five stars.
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on February 19, 2012
I bought this game at the same time I bought 9 People 9 Doors 9 Hours (999). The storyline "Ghost Trick" was really interesting, and the "who dun it" aspect of it kept me playing until the end. The conclusion of the game is quite unexpected, and the game does a great job delivering the storyline and keeping you reading to find out what happens.
However, at times, the game is too scripted. As a result, some of the puzzles become less about figuring out the solution and more about just looking around you. This is sometime overcome when the game throws in a timing aspect to a puzzle. At these instances, these puzzles require an action to be done not only in the correct sequence, but also with the correct tempo.
The most frustrating part of the game (for me) was the time travel aspect of the story. When you really start to think about what happens when you travel back in time to change the outcome in the present, some aspects of the game begin to fall apart. However, if you just go with it and ignore the "but if this doesn't happen then I wouldn't have been here in the first place", the game is a lot of fun.
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on August 28, 2013
It's not often I rave about a game: I'm pretty picky (see my other reviews), however, this game was so addictive, in many ways. The art is unique, stylized, and well done. It reminds me of Street Fighter Alpha, a little over the top, however, I'm pretty sure the characters are 3D models, or I'm even more impressed with the quality and smoothness of the animations! The game play is simple and new, yet can get very complicated. Going from object to object, preforming single "tricks", at specific times to see how it affects the world, and other objects.

The details of animation and background, as well as interactive objects is great. Perhaps so much there to make up for the simple interface. At times you end up with a sort of Golberg-esc device, manipulating objects in a particular order to affect the change necessary to progress the story. And the story is very intriguing! It's a murder mystery, with a twist, that's deep, with many levels and minor stories that add to the whole picture. I regret rushing so fast through the story, to find out who dunit, and not taking the time to investigate each character better (such as reading their bios).

There really isn't much to Ghost Trick; it's as simple as it's name. You are a ghost, you can perform minor poltergeist-like tricks, however, with so many different objects you can perform tricks with, the puzzles become challenging. I hope for a sequel (if that is even possible with this type of game), where, perhaps, they give you more choices in solving puzzles. Most of the time, there really is only one way to complete a puzzle, having more choices would be great. Does this game deserve 5 stars? Again, I don't give that rating often, with this game I justify it because of the obvious quality in design and implementation, and, as a personal feel, it pushed me to look for more games with the same qualities it has.
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on April 15, 2013
I've been on a DS binge lately and bought this game at the same time I bought Last Window: Secret of Cape West (UK Import) and Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past. I haven't played Jake Hunter but I started Ghost Trick right after playing Last Window - two very different mystery stories indeed!

In Ghost Trick, you're desperately seeking clues to your identity before the sun comes up and ends your existence forever - but around every bend is some damn fool getting killed that needs your help, and it quickly becomes apparently that you are going to help these recently departed if you ever want to find out the secrets of your past!

Ghost Trick is very much a spiritual (no pun intended) successor to the Ace Attorney series by the same creator. Quirky characters with spiky hair, high-energy females who love to eat, and a little bit of the super natural tossed in with a rousing mystery at the bottom of it all - this game will really have you hooked! The Ghost Trick puzzle mechanics are a really refreshing type of puzzle, and the story is engaging enough to keep you at it no matter what. Another addictive series, but unfortunately it seems to be only a "stand-alone" story line that will keep you guessing until the very end. The first thing I said at the end was "WHAT THE *BLEEEP*?!?" immediately followed by "YOU GOTTA PLAY THIS GAME!!!" to anyone who would listen! Pick it up now!!
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on February 15, 2016
Unique, modern, beautiful, moving and endearing.

Everything from the characters, story, presentation, gameplay, learning curve and puzzles shine. A wonderful game that will not keep you occupied for too long, but will thrive in your memories forever.
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on September 5, 2014
The one I received was broken - no matter what I did it would not play! - but that's not the game's fault. So I'm giving the game 4 stars - I played the demo it on my IPad and loved it, so I assume I'll like the whole version, too.

UPDATE - Finally bought a working version. Oh my goodness I loved this game! The story and characters are so much fun. The second time I played it through was fun because I was able to see things that I didn't pick up on before. Anyway, if you love puzzles, quirky characters and an immersive story, this game is for you.
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on December 14, 2013
This is probably one of the best adventure/puzzle games I've ever played. The game combines a good mystery story, fun puzzle gameplay, a unique and pleasant looking graphical style, and funny and interesting characters. You play as a ghost trying to solve the circumstances and reason for his death, and along the way you end up saving and crossing paths with many people who are all connected somehow. As a ghost, you have the power to manipulate objects (which you'll need to do in puzzles in order to save lives) and also rewind time to 4 minutes before a person's death, where you can then change their fate and hopefully save lives.

It is a wonderful game with good writing and fun gameplay. I would put it up there with some of the best DS games and I'd really recommend it to just about anyone.
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