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Ghostbusters: The Video Game - Nintendo Wii
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$41.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 29, 2017
hard and fustrating ghosts too hard to catch they dart all over the screen each ghost has to be stopped with crappy wii gestures you have too move the wii mote all the time too follow the ghost and when there is more then one you get hit trying too catch the other
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on September 18, 2011
Does the game look a little childish? Yes Does the game play at times get annoying? Yes Does Peter Venkman look really creepy in this game? Most definitely a yes. Either way I'm playing as a Ghostbuster. This was my childhood and this game brings back great memories of being a kid. The game is entertaining, I barely remember playing the NES ghostbusters games but I do know they were not that fun. If you like or love Ghostbusters you will enjoy this game. The few problems I noticed were the following, the game seems to lag at times while playing its like the images cannot keep up with what the player is doing, I noticed this mostly in the sedgewick hotel level, this could have been from my Wii Player and not the game. The plot is okay, I believe they just threw it together so players got to visit places and fight monsters from the first two movies. Either way I payed like $10 for the game and it was worth every penny. It just feels cool playing a Ghostbuster.
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on September 24, 2011
I picked this up for $10 and at that price it's great. If I would have paid the $40-$50 when it first came out, then it would be not so great. The game plays well, controls are good. But the graphics are lacking even for the Wii. I don't like the art style they went with, it's a little cartoony. And some of the pacing is unbalanced, for example you fight the stay puft marshmello man towards the beginning of the game and he's a breeze. A little bit later on towards the middle the game gets challenging but towards the end of the game it gets easy. Replay value at that low price though is very good, if you're a completist there's plenty going on in this game for you to collect. If you can get this cheaper then $20 I recommend it.
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on August 7, 2013
My 9 yr old plays this. He really likes the movies and likes this game too. It is really challenging for him, but it doesn't seem to get him down. I think he still has to grow into it, so hopefully this will get played for several years.

Wii graphics tend to be more on the cartoon side than realistic; but this game isn't too cartoonish - the scenes look pretty real, it's the main characters that look like characachers of themselves. You are using the ghost catching tools from the movie to hunt down ghosts.
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on November 30, 2009
I played GB on Wii with another person, co-op all the way thru. Yea, the graphics are not as nice as the 360/PS3 counterparts, but the lo-fi kiddie style is not without some charm and it's not all that bad. Splitscreen co-op was on a 42 inch tv, and felt just fine, though I think doing splitscreen on smaller screens may be unsatisfying. The game does really well in the plot aspect, moving things along at a good pace, and good voice acting. The variety of weapons and gear are also a nice touch, slime guns and stasis beams help give the game more robust gameplay.

The game falls short on a few points though, mainly, the game is too short and too easy. Death in GB causes you to become paralyzed, and as long as your partner is still upright, they can just walk over to you and very quickly revive you. In fact, the other computer controlled characters will do the same, so the game just feels extremely forgiving. The high points in the game are usually when there are lots of ghosts and monsters in the area, and things just feel chaotic. It's a fun kind of chaotic, but at the same time, it feels a little random.

There is a scanning mechanic in the game that can feel very clunky and abrupt. It breaks up the action and really kills the joy of busting. But you don't have to scan everything, unless you're a completionist, in which case, have fun with that.
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on August 15, 2013
I'm not a huge gamer, but thought this game looked fun and could be something I could play aside from all the sports and mma games that are always being played!!! It was somewhat entertaining. For the price I would recommend. I think someone from a younger audience would probably appreciate it more.
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on August 29, 2012
My son is obsessed with Ghost Busters. My husband recorded the old 80's hit movies one night. My son who is 9 loved them. He found the game online and begged me to buy it for Wii. Since it was fairly inexpensive compared to other Wii games I did. SO happy I did. He loves, loves, loves this game. He easily master most games quickly, but this one keeps him very entertained.

It allows you to make your own character, and has a "movie" like quality. Meaning their is a lot of dialog between the characters. I think the graphics are good, and the game is very exciting and active.

He even wants to be a ghost buster for Halloween now. :)
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VINE VOICEon June 24, 2009
We love this video game from adult to kids;6, 11,13, 43.
the dialogue is quite amusing, especially for a video game- just like the movies!
The destruction of objects is the best part, but the objective of finding art pages and scanning ghost or possessed objects is also entertaining. To capture a ghost you have to slam them against the wall or ceiling then move them to the Ghostbuster trap, not as easy as it sounds. The Tobin guide is interesting to read and its well developed as far as information.
This game supports up to 2 players, you can choose boy or girl for first player then the second player is the opposite. We think it is more fun to play with a partner. The characters, Ray, Egon, Winston, Peter and Janine are all portrayed pretty accurately from the movie, which just makes this more fun for us who love the movies.
Play and have a BLAST!
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on November 13, 2009
I have to say, when I first heard about this game I was not overly excited. I thought it could be entertaining, but not something I was likely to get into. I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the story and I felt the cut scenes were well done. The game was not difficult; there were a couple of bosses that were harder than the others, but I felt I completed the game sooner than I would have liked. I hoped for a little more side quests, puzzles, challenges...something of that nature.

I did feel that the game play utilized the Wii Remote well and that added a bit to the game play. Some games tend to use the motion just because it's there but not to truly add anything to the game itself.

My only real complaint would be the damage cost meter. It didn't seem to have any consequences when you were excessively destructive, so it seemed to be pointless. Of course, I could have simply missed it!

Overall, I was quite pleased with the Ghostbusters: The Video Game and I certainly recommend it.
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on September 14, 2016
Exactly as Described. Does everything it is supposed to and is of good quality. Very satisfied with this product.
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