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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 26, 2012
hmm. This was a good book minus a few things that drove me batty. Let's go through the good first. This book is certainly not like other books. The entire thing is truly unusual. This book is part murder mystery, part ghost story, part demonology, part...well honestly it is a little bit of everything. What I liked about this book was that after it got going, it was a fun read and you had a certain level of expectation in the back of your mind about the way it would go. It never goes the way you think it might, which was actually part of the joy. I hate it when you can guess exactly what is going to happen next in any story. You can't do that with this book. with multiple story-lines going on at the same time, almost anyone can find something to keep them entertained while reading this book. The dialog in this book is funny and at times the saving grace for the areas of the book that still could use a bit of polishing. I thought the author did a good job of giving his characters life and making them interesting.

That being said, there were some things about this book that I found annoying. If this book is supposed to be a spine tingling read, there needs to be a bit more ghostly activity. This book intrigued me, but it never frightened me the way I always think a good paranormal read should have the power to do. After all, that's why I read them. If I wanted just a mystery, I would have picked up one of those instead. Having so many characters to introduce at the beginning of the book left me struggling a little bit to make sense of the flood of information.

There were things I liked about this book and things I did not, but for the most part it was a good read. I was stuck between three and four stars for a while, but I think just with the complexities of this story alone, it earned four stars. Give it a try if you are looking for something kind of unusual and fun to read.
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on February 19, 2017
I purchased Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum in 2013, and it has been on my back burner for several years, as I have thousands of books on my ereader. For some reason I clicked on it a few days ago and was hooked from the beginning. I read it in one sitting and absolutely loved it. The author's attention to detail in the description of the setting and the characters was perfect. I actually felt as if I were one of the crew. I understand there will be a second book in the series, but that it is taking a little bit of extra time. I am so willing to wait for it. I liked that I was never quite sure what was going to happen next. No cookie cutter here. It was definitely my style of book, and I highly recommend it. I definitely won't wait so long to read the second book when it is released.
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on November 23, 2012
Well worth the price! I got it while it was free but it is well worth the purchase price. There is good plot development and a number of twists. With two teams, pay attention to each of the characters, their personalities are important. I could see this being turned into a movie!
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on September 15, 2014
Well written and very entertaining. Worth reading for an excellent story but did tend to be a little confusing with the characters. Still very entertaining!
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on April 28, 2013
This book made for a decent read. The stroy line was simple, so much so that I figured out the ending pretty early on, but it was still a relaxing read. Great for when you want to read but don't have time to get too involved in a story.
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on June 16, 2011
I am not one to write a lengthy review and I believe in getting straight to the point!

Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum is a wonderful look in to the world of Paranormal Investigating with Zach Kalusky, the founder and lead investigator of Xavier Paranormal Investigators. This novel will draw you in with Zach's inner conflicts, an intriguing cast of characters and a setting that will chill you to your bones!

You'll feel you're part of the XPI team as they investigate Rosewood Asylum along with the Demon Hunters. Little do they know the demons are closer than they think! Stephen Prosapio gives you story with plenty of depth and of enough twists to keep you guessing. Love this novel... love Zach and can't wait for more! ~ Liz Nichols
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on July 13, 2015
Zach Kalusky is the head of the paranormal team, Xavier Paranormal Investigators (XPI) and host of the Sci-D television series with the same name. Zach is considered a professional investigator and his findings are respected within the paranormal community. When Sci-D executives insist that Zach team up with another, less ethical paranormal team he has serious reservations. The Demon Hunters are known for their flashy style and fabricated evidence. Unfortunately, Zach has no choice. Rosewood Asylum has been declared a city landmark and it needs to be declared spirit-free once and for all. The Sci-D network has been commissioned with the task. Will the two teams find evidence of spirit activity? Will Zach's own possession help or hinder the investigation?

Stephen Prosapio is clearly a fan of paranormal shows. As am I, this is why I chose this book in the first place. I wondered at first how much of the main character was fashioned after Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures, but came to the conclusion the two weren't overly similar. The book does read a little like a combination of Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters, but is unique in its own right. The author has included some distinctive differences, as well as several unexpected twists and turns. Zach's possession is more than simple possession - stigmata is involved, which added an additional element to the plot. There are some religious undertones at play - aka good vs. evil, Zach's Catholic background, etc.

The story dragged a bit here and there. There was a great deal of "ruminating" over who had betrayed the team. There were a lot of bros punching each other "in the meaty part of the arm". Some of the banter between characters struck me as somewhat juvenile. All things considered, I'd say Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum is worth reading if you enjoy a paranormal story with a twist.
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on June 16, 2011
I met Stephen Prosapio at a writers workshop. There were some damn good writers there. And also a few, like me, more keen on drinking bad wine and cracking wise.

Steve read a prologue to a novel of his and --- let's just say he immediately got and held on to the attention of everyone in the room.

Lots of writers have talent. And some of them, like Stephen Prosapio, have way more than their fair share. But the thing that sets Steve apart even from those over-talented writers, especially in hip S/F is this: He does the work.

He could just coast on all that talent for mind-bending storytelling with fascinating characters in all-or-nothing situations. He doesn't. He puts himself into creative overdrive and makes every single word of the story fit, and pushes you forward into the action. Pushes you forward? More like shoots you out of a cannon into another world.

If you like your S/F cool, deep, and rich with story, read anything by Stephen Prosapio. But before you start, brace yourself. Maybe even put on the crash helmet.
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on June 21, 2011
This is what I told the author so I wanted to share it with the readers of his novel:
Stephen, first off it was an easy read. Not meaning it was elementary, just that you didn't spend a huge amount of time telling the history of Zach, his team or the history of Rosewood Asylum. You had the foresight that your readers would be able to read what you put into the story and build on it.
It was a compelling read, kept me reading until I was done and I liked the ending. It did take me 4 days to read it only because my job and life kept interrupting me! It was interesting and fulfilling and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I liked who I was supposed to like, didn't like who I was supposed to not like. I could get into the story line, place myself there on scene and thought it was a believable story with enough drama/trauma that it kept me reading and turning page after page.
I don't remember any dry spots where I thought of putting it down because I was bored, only that I had to put it down because people kept coming into the place where I am employed, or I had to cook, or go to bed!
Very well done, Stephen and I am looking forward to the next in line. Thanks for making it affordable and achievable through the sale at Amazon and for making it worth my while to read.
Some pretty interesting things occurred in it to make my heart race and had others get up to help with my job because I was so caught up in it, that I just couldn't put it down. Thanks again for a good read that was just up my alley!
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on November 29, 2012
Review of Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum
5 stars

12 stars! This is a truly enjoyable book: everything I look for in a "haunting" story-that it is set in a truly haunted asylum locale is just thousands of ounces of extra icing for me! The author writes smoothly, balancing that undeniable tension between rationality ("no, this just can't be") and belief ("I hear ghosts, I see ghosts, I believe in ghosts") with a firm but deft touch. Two "ghost-hunting" series broadcast on the same network are cast together (unwillingly or not) to investigate Chicago's Rosewood Asylum, a locale noted not only for its Victorian - era buildings, but for deaths, suicides, arson fires-you name it. In addition to the tension of reason vs. faith, there is tension between the two divergent programs and their personnel, romantic tension, and conflict between the living and the-well, not so living.

I can't wait for further "haunting" novels from this author. "Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum" is a definite reread.
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