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on November 22, 2015
My countertop looks like granite. Instead of using the clear coat, I opted for clear Epoxy. The epoxy cost more, but it gives my counter top an authentic granite look. Even up close and touching people cannot tell it's paint, because of the epoxy. I read reviews where some people had issues with the paint peeling, so that's why I used epoxy.
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on October 13, 2016
I bought the Sicilian Sand finish for 15 year old yellow, Formica counter tops. I almost wrapped the counter tops with a rubber adhesive cover, but I'm so glad I tried this first. The entire project took me about 3 days, or 15 hours spread out over 3 days, and I had 2 kids bugging me in between. Make sure to really clean your counter tops before putting this stuff on or else the paint will not stick. Use a razor blade to scrape anything you may have missed and you should be ready to paint.

Tip: Dab the entire counter space with one color before moving onto the next color, don't smear it or press too hard. Also, don't get discouraged if you dab too hard or something, because this paint is very forgiving. At one point, I was so pissed I had to stop the job for a half a day. I decided to continue and somehow pulled it off. The key is to "keep on layering," and the color will eventually turn out the way you intended.

Also, you're not going to see the actual beauty of your new tops UNTIL the top coat is put on. That's the key to making your new tops look, feel and shine like real granite. It's very important to remember this so as to not get unmotivated. I honestly feel as if my counters are new and I simply restored them versus just putting a band-aid on them. They're so clean and the surface is just awesome. Already got a ton of compliments. Also, did I make any mistakes? Yes. Has anyone else noticed? No. If anyone is looking that closely then I probably wouldn't invite them into my home anyway. The texture of this paint job tricks your eyes into not seeing any imperfections.

Buy it!
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on March 24, 2016
I've read many reviews from Home Depot, Lowes and Amazon and decided to do this for our laminate kitchen countertops. The result with the standard kit is OK. However, the result when using an epoxy resin glaze instead of the Giani Top Coat is AMAZING!

I'm not a big fan of the top coat glaze that comes with the kit. We tested it out on some of the back splash and it looked so-so. However, I saw a review on amazon where they substituted the included top coat with an epoxy/resin glaze.

LET ME BE CLEAR - it makes a 10X improvement! We have had people over our house and immediately think we got granite countertops. The glaze is very thick and makes the colors more vibrant and also adds a little bit of magnification that increases the granite effect. There are some cautions though about using the epoxy/resin:

It messy - be prepared to tape everything off as the resin will inevitably fall off the edges of your counters.

It only works on level surfaces - If your countertop has a "lip" on the edge, the epoxy will not cover it as it's self leveling. I had to use a sander and wood planer to shave off our countertop lip for the epoxy to settle correctly. Also, you will not get a nice coating on the side edges or back splash (it will develop runs). I recommend using Giani's top coat for any vertical surfaces and FAMOWOOD epoxy/resin glaze for the top.

You can royally screw up your countertops, so be prepared to take risks. However, I think this is totally worth it. Once you lay this down, it's extremely thick and cannot be sanded off easily. You really do need a chisel and sander to get back down to your original countertops. With a 15-20 minute cure time, you really need to make sure you work quickly and that you have full coverage. The instructions recommend a squeegee or trowel, but i found the best thing to do is use your two hands with nitrile or latex gloves. This allows you to feel the areas that have not gotten coverage.

One thing that I found is when the glaze is drying, sometimes it will pull away from some spots and you will have areas that are like little holes. Just make sure you don't skimp on using the glaze and you should be fine.

You'll also need another specialized tool such as a butane lighter or heat gun as you need this to remove bubbles after you have laid the glaze coat.

If you have the will and want amazing results, try the epoxy glaze, you won't regret it. I think my pictures are testament to this.
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on June 25, 2017
I'm very impressed with this product. I read a lot of good reviews prior to my purchase, but I'm still amazed to see how well it actually applies. The step by step application steps are great & the instructional videos. This is a great alternative for those that don't want to spend a ton on a granite counter. I will be purchasing again for my other bathroom.
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on January 21, 2015
My stomach sank when I discovered how much it was going to cost to update or replace the 44 year old dated looking laminate in my small Kitchen.
The window sill, countertops & miniature bar looked very dated. It was chipped, stained, burnt etc.

Then by accident I discovered the Gianni Granite kit when I was looking for items to update my kitchen & bath with.

I was excited at the possibilities & potential to save a lot of money while savaging my laminate countertops.

I called customer service & shared my concerns & apprehension about doing this.

The application process she shared with me is the one she successfully uses & typically recommends.

This process allows you more time to fine tune & fix the way it looks as you're proceeding step-by-step.

1st clean your countertop then fill in any small holes, scratches, chips with "Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Filler Stainable for interior/exterior" as it's water resistant-which is critical for countertops. Apply with small putty blade/knife then let it dry. Just follow directions for drying time.

Then lightly sand with 150 grit sandpaper until it smoothly blends with countertop.

Note: I even fill in the gaps around the chrome or silver base of laminate backsplash to create a smooth seamless look by using my fingers to smooth the wood filler around it while applying. After it dry's then lightly sand to blend & smooth it.

After cleaning , get a fan ready to help speed up drying time with either a table, step ladder or stool to place fan on.

Get a paint pan then apply aluminum foil inside of it to speed up the cleaning process by simply disposing it when done.

You'll start out by applying the black acrylic primer paint which is water based. You'll use the enclosed NAP & roller which comes with the kit.

I recommend going to Walmart & going to the section where they have packaged assortments of various size small round artists painter brushes. Why? This will make painting or dabbing the corners far easier to paint then using the seafoam sponges for dabbing paint.

Paint the corners 1st with the enclosed foam brush, then roll the black acrylic primer paint. Make sure it looks smooth & solid black.

After you're done with painting the black primer then start the fans on a low speed to completely dry your countertops. It typically takes about 20 minutes to dry touch when using fans. No, I did not wait 24 hours or longer than 20 minutes.

Remember, you'll be applying the paint in steps & not all at once to avoid any possible muddy looking effects.

Now get out two paper plates , shake the brown paint can (Sandstone?) then pour a small amount of paint into a small plastic bowl with a lid for later use or touch-up.

Now tear the sponge into sections as described in video. Then dab sponge into paint bowl then blot off on one of the paper plates, then start lightly applying to black countertop. Just lightly dab the complete counter top. Then use the small rounded artist paint brushes you bought elsewhere to dab the corners/seams with the brown paint. You may even lightly stroke the black corners completely with the brown paint.

If you feel satisfied then immediately start the fans to completely dry the paint on low speed. Wait about 20 minutes or until paint dry's to touch.

Note: About using the White paint. Use very little or none at all as the paint is designed to simply highlight the countertop! You should use the same or apply equal amounts of the Brown & Gold color with very little white or no white paint.

Additionally, you can simply save the white paint & use it in combination with Martha Stewarts Acrylic Pearlescent white paint sold at Michael's to redo your bathroom countertop in White Diamond which looks absolutely stunning! However, you need to water/thin the paint down with up to 7% water.

Now apply the Inca Gold just like you did with the brown, & dab &/or stroke the corners/seams with the small round artists paint brush. After you're done, turn on the fans again at low speed. Wait 20 minutes or so until try to touch.

However, you may need to repeat the process for the brown & Inca Gold paint, if it does not look natural to you or from someone else's opinion you trust. Be patient & don't worry! You'll know when it looks natural or good to you. You may even need a break from it to get a different perspective- like I did.

Once you have obtained the desired look, you'll then will be ready to apply two coats of topcoat to give your countertop a nice gloss look which also will protect it. This is the key to making it a long-lasting durable finish! You want to make sure you completely paint your countertop with two coats of topcoat.

Apply one coat then when done with 1st coat turn on fan at low speed setting until dry to touch. Then repeat the process. You need to avoid putting any hot or heavy items on the countertop for at least 14 days to let the finish harden. This is also one of the tricks to a long-lasting finish.

It's been about 6 months & there have been no problems with peeling or discoloration. Best of all, spills wipe up easily with a sponge--without leaving any stains behind.

I'm really impressed with this unique system as it literally saved me thousands of dollars & produced visible results way beyond my expectations. I hope this review helped you. [...] Thanks & Good Luck!
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on September 12, 2016
Only lasted 1 year with minimal/average wear and tear. I'm thoroughly disappointed in this product, especially because the prep and coating took a full weekend. It looked beautiful at first too, we were so happy... What a waste of time and money. Had to eventually sand it off to eliminate the constant peeling/flaking which was hard to keep sanitary.
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on May 15, 2017
I am in Love. You get the right amount of paint with extra. I used the extra paint to do another . Application is so easy. After completed my daughter chopped and cut on the counter top. After checking there are no marks from the knives. Also red things have left stains on my other top. This product cleans ups easily with a paper towel. If you are doing upgrades with a very limited budget this is the product to have. People have come over and was surprised it was paint. I can't say enough good things about this product. Going to buy the diamond white for the tiles on my wall in the kitchen. These tiles are the original and need a upgrade terribly. Can't afford to redo it all but this is a great substitution for.an extremely cheaper price. A must when upgrading you home.
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on May 3, 2015
I was very nervous to try out this product but my countertop was so horrible looking that even if I messed up the Giani kit, it'd still look better than it did. I was VERY impressed. I watched the video instructions about 4 times and took notes to make sure I didn't make a mistake (the video is also on youtube).

I just finished the 2nd top coat this afternoon and the countertop needs to sit for 14 days. It looks great! This was a very good way to avoid spending the money to have the countertop replaced. I would definitely recommend this product.

Attached are my "before" and "after" pictures. (I still have to do touch ups on the walls behind the counters). I had also painted my cabinets.
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on May 5, 2017
Went on fairly easily. Take your time and GO SLOW. Do less than the recommended 2' area as the paint dries before you can get all three mineral colors on. I ended up using my own roller as the one supplied continued to stick, thus smearing everything. The countertops looks nice. I never would think it was paint! I was surprised to read how easy it is to add your own colors too using any acrylic paint. I am thrilled I used the kit. Customer service has been great in offering advice on how to adjust finished look. It's too blotchy for my taste so will be able to soften it per their directions. Had no idea the paints would dry so quickly. Some prefer this look, but I prefer the more understated look...due to an already busy tile floor.
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on July 31, 2012
So after we got a couple bids to get new countertops, and they came in from $1200 to $1400 for basic laminate, we figured this would be worth a shot. It took some time, but it turned out GREAT!!! Everybody can't believe it's not real granite or at least brand new laminate. I'd recommend this product to anybody, after 6 months, it is holding up great, and still looks new, with no chips or scratches. Spend 80$, not $1000+, try it!
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