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on January 18, 2014
"Gifted Hands" sets the the standards straight, which is that through hard work, determination,and sheer persistence --the American dream, the good life is attainable. Inequality didn't stop him from unveiling his potential. Ben Carson makes it apparent that with the right mind, spirit, and purpose an odyssey from the inner-city of Detroit to renowned neurosurgeon can not be explained by a mere fluke. Gifted Hand is not just an autobiography, it is motivational, inspirational, and can be viewed as an archetype to guild many who can relate. The book Is an inspiration to those searching for a way out, but unaware on where to begin. It is a motivation in continuing forward in spite of the roadblocks and challenges that lie in the way. And finally, a fine example to the many young people with backgrounds similar to Ben Carson's who can see his path as an embodiment to success.

Many components make this book a page turner: Ben Carson faced set backs and hurdles on the road to become a neurosurgeon. However, with hurdles comes resilience. His character comes with humility and kindness. He displays spiritual faith, which pulled him through tough setbacks as a neurosurgeon. Those, of course, are few of the many reasons why I enjoyed reading this book. Carson also adds some wonderful words of wisdom; my favorite, which is derived from the bible, is that "no knowledge gained is ever wasted." In fact, it was his willingness to learn about classical music that was conducive to his acceptance at John Hopkins University.

The lesson that I took away from this book is to never give-up. What Ben Carson had to go through required, by all means, strength, compassion, and an unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and compassion. The real truth is to remain loyal to whatever is your purpose in life and make every effort in moving forward towards it. That is what is most important to me.

Great and inspirational book.
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on March 18, 2015
A friend recommended this book and I'm glad I took her advice.Great story of someone who, with the guidance of his amazing, tough-love mother, rose to levels of success that even he probably did not expect . His common sense, innate talent, and admirable work ethic, coupled with a stalwart faith in God, make him a role model for all.
I especially liked the way he declined the limelight after doing a groundbreaking surgery. He could have ridden that wave to fame and fortune, but chose instead to continue to work diligently on behalf of his patients.
I also appreciate the way he prioritizes his time. This is a guy who could go in any direction, but has figured out that keeping family and God foremost is the most important thing he can do. At the same time, doing that has enabled him to achieve as much as he has.
I hope he runs for President! He has my vote. Our nation desperately needs someone with his incisive intelligence and alliance with God.
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on July 14, 2012
I bought an earlier edition of this book, which is no longer readily available.

Ben Carson was a young black kid in an inner city neighborhood, going to a less than desirable school. His father left his life while he was still fairly young, and his mother raised him and his brother alone. She was a very inspirational person, and motivated both of them to become achievers. Through a series of incidents, which I would attribute to the providence of God, Ben was able to receive a fine education in medical school. His story is winsomely told, and I couldn't put the book down. I kept thinking, I have to stop reading and go to bed, but then I'd think, well, I'll read just a little bit more. I finished at 4 am.

After Ben got his education, he began, over time, to do some very challenging forms of brain surgery. One in which he is particularly adept is known as hemispherectomy. This is done when a child receives a brain injury that causes the child to have seizures at increasing frequency. These children will die without intervention. The surgery itself is very risky, and there is no guarantee a person will survive the surgery. In addition, bleeding is generally profuse. The surgeon removes the half of the brain that has the injury. In young children, the brains are still able to adapt so that most children will eventually become normal, though it takes time. Most surgeons won't attempt this surgery, and it has fallen out of favor several times because of the risks involved. However, it is the only chance for survival these children have. Dr. Carson has lost a couple of patients, but has been able to save most.

The book ends with an account of a surgery Dr. Carson performed on conjoined twins. It is described in some detail.

Ben credits God with his talents, and it is obvious from reading the book that he put in a lot of hard work to gain the skills he has. Ben is a Seventh-day Adventist. This is a denomination I have studied in depth. My heartfelt desire is that he will learn to regard Jesus as his sabbath rest, and recognize that keeping the sabbath is not the path to salvation; God's unmerited grace in Jesus is.
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on January 3, 2016
This is a fantastic book! The beginning of this reading explains Doctor Ben Carson's childhood as a troubled boy, without a father. There are many chapters that are inspiring and give hope to young teens. The book progresses to explain his young adult life where he studies and works during the summer, to achieve his dream as a physician. Once I got about half way through the book, I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! Doctor Carson talks about his career as a physician, saving countless lives. You can almost picture yourself in the hospital as he performs a hemispherectomy or craniotomy on a dying child. Lastly, Ben Carson, is a great man of God. Reading this book may even strengthen your faith!
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on August 15, 2015
Gifted hands and gifted spirit is evident through out this book. Inspired by a parent to tap the abilities to do the best at whatever your purpose in life. Ahh, what an inspiring story of "not only inspiration", but one of believing in reaching for the best and asking God for more.

As an educator I expected the best from myself and tapped for and expected the best from my students and received it. What a joy to watch the excitement and enthusiasm of these students. It was contagious from one class to another.

I too had great roll models who inspired this young slave girl to endure those challenges and frustrations, and my dream came to fruition. I also witnessed and endured the worst of those who wasted their efforts for my purpose as well as others and were paid for wasted time as a decoy of an educator.

This book as well as all his writings should be read by all who desire to " make it work"!

I chose this book because I knew it wood inspire me as all his writings did and will be an inspiration for any age group.
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on February 21, 2017
Dr. Benjamin Carson's autobiography takes us through his life journey, through the ups and downs during his upcoming to getting out of poverty going into neurosurgery. Raised by a single mother with only a third grade education in the cities of Detroit and Boston, he is a true role model in being a very faithful Christian who always believes and works hard. It also brings us through the highlights and hardships of his career as a neurosurgeon, including the Binder twins. Dr. Carson is an amazing role model showing us that faith and hardwork can take him out of poverty, battle racism, and succeed even if the odds are again him.
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on March 26, 2017
I've felt Dr. Ben Carson was a great person, but his book brings out his history and some of the surgeries he's performed. He is very good at giving God credit for what he is, but also his mother, who loves God and both of her sons.
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on December 6, 2015
I only knew who Ben Carson was because of him running for President and I didn't actually know his life story. After reading this book the song "Started from the bottom now we hear" by my man Drake should be about this man. He was born in such a ghetto place with his brother and mom and came out of that situation and became a Doctor but it wasn't by dumb luck he worked and worked at it to get to where he is now. He was only allowed to watch T.V for two hours a week unlike the times now where we live on some sort of screen whether it be our phone our T.V or computer screen. I think that Ben Carson is a good person for coming out of a situation like he did in such a successful way! The only thing I wonder though is if he would be a good president or now I mean separating parts of twin's skulls that are connected and running a entire country are two different things completly.
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on December 26, 2013
I was thinking about Carson's life, as he describes it in his book, and it seemed to me to be similar to a kind of Asian upbringing insofar as the attitudes that his single mother possessed and imposed upon Ben and his brother, was the discipline and hard work to succeed - no more than 3 TV programs per week and reading two books per week is pretty remarkable.

With Asian I meant Chinese, or Japanese or Korean. But you get the point. Even though she was a single mother, she imposed a discipline that anybody that's not Asian, would find excessive, shocking and perhaps disturbing. There's a book called 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother' that I have heard covers this asian strict parent phenomenon.

I think the strict discipline and hard work was a solid foundation, but it is his religious faith (also influenced heavily by his mother) that added that character ingredient, the humbleness, the asking for help from the Lord, that makes him a more loving, wiser person. With prayer he also overcame his temper.

I first heard about Ben Carson when I saw a YouTube video of how he spoke at a prayer breakfast in front of Obama, speaking out again political correctness and other troubles of today's age. I'm glad I did - this is a remarkable man and I enjoyed reading this book greatly, sometimes being inexplicably moved by it.. hehe

This quote from the book is a case in point:

"..if you hear how wonderful you are often enough, you begin to believe it no matter how hard you try to resist it.” p.149
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on May 20, 2015
This is a magnificent book. It can be read as an inspirational story, or it can be read as an installment on the Habits of Highly Effective people.

What are the 5 things that stand out the most in my mind? (I'll limit the observations to 5, because there is just so much good to take away from this book.)

1, The subject of the biography is a profoundly religious man. It appears to me that many people who are successful have some type of religious foundation (Sikh/ Hindu/ Christian) and use it in the appropriate place for their life.

2. Carson seems to see people as people. (For instance, both the words "White" and "Black" were capitalized when they referred to a person's ethnicity.)

3. There is no hint of bitterness or of Victomology. Carson was trained to do something and he *earned* his respect by demonstrating skills and bringing something to the table. (He did not spend any time trying to guilt whites into seeing him as an equal.) At the same time, he does not shy away from seeing himself as a black person. (His wife is black and so are his children.)

4. There are many strategies that were used on him in his upbringing that would be useful to other parents. i. No more than 3 TV shows per week. (As in, three hours or TV or less.) Two books per week.

5. Carson has said something that has run through my mind 1,000 times: Not all children can be a sports star or singer (the odds are less than 1 in 10,000).

Of the prose: It's very easy to read and interesting (thanks to Cecil Murphey) and the pages just breeze by.

Verdict: Worth the time. Worth the money. Highly recommended.
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