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Gilligan's Island: Season 3
Format: DVD|Change
Price:$29.88+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on September 13, 2016
WHAT A GREAT SHOW! This is one of those shows that I missed quite a few episodes of. In the 1960's when most people still had Black and White Television Sets, I certainly didn't see any of these episodes in Color. Of course every Gilligan's Island Fan know that this show has never been off the air. But even with that fact I only recall seeing one Episode from this Season: "RING AROUND GILLIGAN", which was years later. And it's needless to say that every single episode is hilarious. Among my favorites from this season is: "PASS THE VEGETABLES, PLEASE". While Gilligan and the Skipper are out fishing, they wind up reeling in a box containing Experimental Vegetable Seeds that gives anyone who eat the Vegetables grown from them, strange powers. It was funny when Mary Ann ate Carrots and could see a boat that no one else could see. Gilligan ate Spinach and wound up with Super Strength. And after Lovey ate Sugarbeets, she had an incredible amount of Energy.

The only thing I don't like is that the Discs, in this Season, are all stacked on one spindle. The way I handle this situation is, after I have watched each disc, I place it underneath the rest of the discs until the first disc is on top again. This also helps me to remember where I left off. This isn't the only Series that I've bought with all the discs stacked on one spindle. So far I haven't had any problems. But what a cheap way to go! Though the price I paid for this Season seems to have been worth it, this is the "FIRST SEASON" I've bought. When this series was first released it wasn't going for less than $35.00. At least from the local merchants. I bought this selection, along with some others, with the intent to save it for "CHRISTMAS". When I decided to buy more selections, I took this one out to watch and replaced this with "THE DONNA REED SHOW": SEASON FOUR. So now it will be "THE DONNA REED SHOW" on "CHRISTMAS" instead of "GILLIGAN'S ISLAND". BESIDES, TWELVE OTHER SELECTIONS ARE ENOUGH. I sometimes list the Episodes and what my interpretions of them are about. However, on this SEASON, I decided not to. But if I get my hands on anymore "CHRISTMAS CASH", SEASONS ONE AND TWO WILL BE ADDED TO THE SELECTIONS THAT ARE ALREADY GOING UNDER MY TREE.

There was an intended Season Four, but "CBS" needed to find some room on the schedule for the show: "GUNSMOKE", which was the favorite show of "BABE PALEY", who was the WIFE OF THE NETWORK'S PRESIDENT, "WILLIAM PALEY". Well, it certainly wasn't/isn't my favorite show, western or otherwise. So "GILLIGAN'S ISLAND", like tons of other shows, went out of production and or off the air without closure. Of course years later the movie: "RESCUE FROM GILLIGAN'S LAND" finally got "THE CASTAWAYS" OFF THE ISLAND, ONLY TO SHIPWRECK THEM AGAIN, BACK ON THE SAME ISLAND, AT THE END OF THE MOVIE. Well, at least RESCUE PARTIES would have known where to look.
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on January 7, 2017
Her GF here as she bought this for me. Nice set even if the seller we bought from listed it as the older boxed edition with separate bookfold storage. But be aware that most editions being sold here are like I got. A plastic case with all discs on a spindle. Not a way to package discs these days. But they are all fantastic just the same. Love this show and even though this was it's swansong..thanks network, I still think of these as some of the most entertaining episodes of the series.
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on July 15, 2010
Gilligan's Island's third and final season...that sounds really weird doesn't it. After only three seasons this legendary sitcom was cancelled for re-runs of Gunsmoke. But even though only three seasons were aired, in all there are ninety eight episodes we can watch again and again and they will never be forgotten. This show never had a high point or a low point, what am I saying! The whole series was a high point for the show, and the physical never got dull. Thirty episodes were aired for season three and there really is no ending, and to be honest, I'm glad there isn't. Do they get off the island? We'll never know unless that is, if you watch the full length movie "Rescue from Gilligan's Island."

Season three's box set is in just as high quality as the first two, nice photographs of the cast and helpful episode descriptions on the inside of the DVD case. I know you probably already know this by now, but unfortunately the discs are all double sided so there easily scratched. But that's really not too big a problem, and I still haven't had too many problems with these discs yet. Again like season two, there is an introduction by Sherwood Schwartz to get you ready for the third season and he also did a commentary for episode four "The Producer." I was excited about a documentary on disc three called "Gilligan's Island; A Pop Culture Phenomenon" but it was unfortunately a bit short but still an interesting bonus feature to say the least.

One of my favorite episodes is from season three, it's "Pass the Vegetables, Please" when they all eat experimental vegetable seeds and they develop strange powers. I must have watched this one ten times, I just love that episode. I was also excited that Sterling Holloway (the original voice of Winnie the Pooh) guest starred, he's is featured in episode twenty-eight which is called "The Pigeon." Down below I'll list season three's episode descriptions so you can remember your favorites.

Up at Bat - Airdate: 9/12/66 - Gilligan is bitten by a bat, and he believes he's turning into a vampire. This invokes a dream by Gilligan that he is Dracula.

Gilligan vs. Gilligan - Airdate: 9/19/66 - Gilligan has a double. A Soviet agent sent to discover the true mission of the castaways.

Pass the Vegetables, Please - Airdate: 9/26/66 - A crate of radioactive experimental vegetable seeds washes ashore. The castaways plant them, and they grow remarkably fast. Then they begin to eat them before they discover the "radioactive experimental" part of the crate they came in.

The Producer - Airdate: 10/3/66 - Hollywood producer Harold Hecuba lands on the island for some rest and solitude. The castaways convince him to return to civilization by staging a musical production of Hamlet.

Voodoo - Airdate: 10/10/66 - A witch-doctor has come to the island and stolen a personal item from each castaway and is now casting voodoo spells over them. The Professor, who doesn't believe in voodoo, is turned into a zombie.

Where There's a Will - Airdate: 10/17/66 - Mr. Howell decides to put the castaways into his will. When they try to throw him a banquet, he thinks they are trying to kill him.

Man with a Net - Airdate: 10/24/66 - Lord Beasley, a world famous butterfly collector, comes to the island in search of the world's rarest butterfly, the pussycat swallowtail.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - Airdate: 10/31/66 - Gilligan wakes up with white hair, and then he wakes up bald. It's not long before the Skipper becomes afflicted too.

Ring Around Gilligan - Airdate: 11/7/66 - Mad scientist Dr. Boris Balinkoff is back, this time his scheme is to turn the castaways into hypnotized robots he will use to assist him in looting Fort Knox.

Topsy-Turvy - 11/14/66 - Gilligan bumps his head and sees everything upside down. The Professor concocts a potion to cure him but instead Gilligan sees multiple images. To make matters worse, headhunters come to the island and capture everyone but Gilligan.

The Invasion - Airdate: 11/21/66 - When a locked briefcase washes ashore, the castaways are dying to find out what's inside.

The Kidnapper - Airdate: 11/29/66 - A kidnapper is loose on the island, holding one of the castaway's captive, and then another one captive for ransom. The remaining castaways set out to trap him at his own game.

And Then There Were None - Airdate: 12/5/66 - The castaways are disappearing one by one. Gilligan becomes convinced that he is responsible for their disappearances.

All About Eva - Airdate: 12/12/66 - A plain Jane comes to the island to escape society. But when the girls give her a makeover, it turns out that Ginger has a double.

Gilligan Goes Gung Ho - Airdate: 12/26/66 - Deputy Gilligan takes his job a little too seriously, and soon everyone is in jail.

Take a Dare - Airdate: 1/2/67 - The "Take-A-Dare" radio show has put a contestant on a deserted island to survive for one week without any help from anyone. If he can do this he will win $10,000. The problem is the island the contestant is on isn't deserted.

Court Martial - Airdate: 1/9/67 - When they hear on the radio that the Maritime Board has pinned the loss of the Minnow on the Skipper, the castaways recreate the shipwreck to uncover the truth. When the blame seems to shift to Gilligan, he dreams about pirates.

The Hunter - Airdate: 1/16/67 - Big game hunter Jonathan Kincaid lands on the island. Disappointed to discover no game to hunt, he decides to hunt "the Most Deadly Game", also known as Gilligan. If Gilligan can elude him for 24 hours then he will rescue them.

Lovey's Secret Admirer - Airdate: 1/23/67 - Mrs. Howell has a secret admirer.
Our Vines Have Tender Apes - Airdate: 1/30/67 - An ape-man visits the island but is he really an ape-man?

Gilligan's Personal Magnetism - Airdate: 2/6/67 - Gilligan and his bowling ball are magnetically attached to each other after Gilligan is struck by lightning.

Splashdown - Airdate: 2/6/67 - The Professor determines that a manned American spacecraft will pass directly over their island. They set out to build a signal to let the astronauts know they are there.

High Man on the Totem Pole - Airdate: 2/27/67 - Skipper and Gilligan find a totem pole in the jungle, and the head at the top of the pole is a dead ringer for Gilligan, leading him to believe he is a Kupakai headhunter.

The Second Ginger Grant - Airdate: 3/6/67 - Gilligan finds a stone map that tells how to get "off" the island.

The Secret of Gilligan's Island - Airdate: 3/13/67 - Gilligan rescues Kalani, a Matoba native girl, from drowning, and she vows to be his slave for life.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane - Airdate: 3/27/67 - A high-tech jet pack lands on the island. The castaways believe they can use it to signal the Navy search party looking for it.

The Pigeon - Airdate: 4/3/67 - When a homing pigeon comes to the island, the castaways begin to correspond with the bird's owner.

Bang! Bang! Bang! - Airdate: 4/10/66 - A crate full of modeling clay washes ashore and the castaways waste no time in molding it into things they need, including fillings for Gilligan's teeth. A playful monkey shows them that, once hardened, the clay is a deadly explosive, set off by the slightest bump.

Gilligan, the Goddess - Airdate: 4/17/66 - A Chief from a nearby island, King Killiwani, comes in search of a white goddess to take back to his island to marry.

The cast of Gilligan's Island will always be remembered portraying there unforgettable characters, and I'm glad that Bob Denver loved his character. He has done Gilligan's Island cameos for many shows after Gilligan's Island's run, and it's just great that Bob Denver's unforgettable character Gilligan will always be remembered with this great DVD set. I hope he knew how much we appreciate his terrific job he did and that goes for the entire cast, this is a must have DVD collection for your family so they can show this to their kids and hopefully it will remembered for generations to come.
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on October 8, 2015
I grew up watching this show and it came on while my mother was in the kitchen cooking dinner, dad was still at work and my siblings were doing their own things. It was that most wonderful time in my life when I could lay on my stomach with my head in my hands watching tv all alone, no interruptions, smelling the wonderful meals my mom cooked ..... ahhhhh. I guess that the memories of my life have as much to do with my enjoyment of the show as the show itself. It still is a wonderful escape for me!!!
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on September 17, 2010
Gilligan's Island was so well written, or so poorly written, that it has withstood the test of time. It has been about 45 years since its debut and the comedy is not dated. The concept of this type of humor: THAT is dated. Physical humor is barely evident outside of Desperate Housewives. We don't have the Marx Brothers, the Ritz Brothers, the 3 Stooges, Abbott and Costello. Today we have PC humor, so measured and careful it could not possibly be funny. In light of what passes for humor today, the simple writing of Gilligan is not bad. THe lines for Mr. Howell were always the best; his snooty asides were very reminiscent of the snooty asides of Popeye(for those that paid attention), among others.

A goofy show, but endearing, like Lost in Space. We all know these plots were implausible and thinly portrayed, but we also remember every episode by heart now. The show was fun and if you want to restore that sense of fun, you might want this collection. The comedy of the days of old is still good...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 26, 2016
May not make everybody's top 100 list of favorite tv sitcoms, but for silly story lines to make you laugh without all the crudity present in more modern day shows this still remains a classic series suitable for all age groups. Very good dvds and I, for one, do recommend!
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on December 19, 2017
I grew up on Gilligan's Island and as a 57 year old adult still love the show. All the seasons from beginning to end. They still make me laugh. And yes Gilligan can be so stupid but he's so funny and his hearts in the right place! You can't go wrong this one for a little old time comedy classic viewing. Something the whole family can watch.
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on April 6, 2013
I am glad that Gilligan's Island and other shows from the 1960's are made available on DVD in a digitally remastered condition so that they can be kept a lifetime. I have always been a fan of Gilligan's Island, and I am glad that I can now watch it whenever I want. Since TV today is so serious with no comedies worth watching, I enjoy my collection of classic 1960's comedies that make you feel like your are in a time machine enjoying a piece of American history.

The best part is that we have clearer TV pictures and DVD quality that could never be possible with the terrible antenna reception on three basic channels that rarely showed these reruns when I was growing up. It is the best of both worlds! Classic digitally remastered TV that should last a lifetime on DVD discs.
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on February 22, 2013
A co worker sometimes called me that and it always reminded me of Gilligan's Island. I would respond to my co worker with "What's up, Skipper?" I loved watching this show after school as a kid. I own the entire series and I never get tired of watching it. It is awesome retro television. When I was little, I admired the professor's always neat white shirt and khakis. When I got a little older, I liked to wear the same clothes. It's funny how tv shows we love actually influence our lives.
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on September 5, 2017
We love GI, but bought season 3 and there appear to be defects in the disc. 3 episodes skip to white back and forth rendering them unwatchable. These are not fingerprints on the disc. We watched an episode or two per weekend and this didnt occur until we were outside of our 30 day return window. Beware!!
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