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on February 17, 2015
I bought this set for my wife who likes this show.I remember seeing little bits of it on the TV years ago just channel-flipping but never grabbed me.So I sat down and watched the first seasons of Gilmore Girls.Overall I just didn't care for the show...

*Music wise it's something else altogether.For some reason it seems like a modification on the Golden Girls theme.The music throughout the show of a girl strumming an acoustic guitar and going la-la-la was very dry and lifeless.Coffee house crap music you hear that has no talent or effort applied.Someone was paid to go la-la-la in a whiney fashion and strum a guitar...seriously?

*The show isn't so dry that there aren't moments that can't make you's their personalities.Alexis Bledell's character(Rory) is a spoiled child with a whiney draw to her voice and complaining constantly about her materialistic needs.Obviously someone who never got a solid dose of reality and the taste of life as working class.Lauren Graham's character(Lorelai) is a mom who behaves more like a sister.She can be funny at times but also someone you've encountered in public before as an annoying individual.The kind of person who sees what book you're reading,they sit down beside you and tell you the story of the book.They'll probably make some random outbursts about your taste in clothing positive or negative.Or probably go on and on about something stupid like how much one of your shoelaces touching the ground bothers them and develop a mindless story out of it.Everyone in this show just seems so frantic and jumpy on top of their high and mighty behavior.Hate to say it but it taps into the behavior patterns of Northerners who are used to talking to people like crap.

If you want a good sitcom watch Mama's Family or Golden Girls...plenty of better shows that were on TV over this!
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on April 1, 2017
Love me some Gilmore Girls! I had never watched this show while it was on TV, but found it on Netflix. I have never laughed so much at a TV show except for maybe The Golden Girls. Loved it so much I knew I would want to watch it again and again just like I do with Golden Girls, 7th Heaven, and Downton Abby.
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on April 21, 2013
I've been a long-time Gilmore Girls fan, but never thought to buy the show, until I discovered my girlfriend had never seen, or heard of, the show. This collection is an excellent intro to the Gilmore Girls, and I recommend it highly.

Here's the set-up: Lorelai Gilmore had her daughter Rory at the age of sixteen, out of wedlock, embarrassing her wealthy and status-conscious parents. It's now sixteen years later, and she runs the Independence Inn, while Rory (short for Lorelai, BTW), has qualified to go to Chilton, a ritzy college preparatory private school. Desperate to pay the tuition, Lorelai grudgingly asks her parents for the money so Rory can attend and eventually go to Harvard. The mother asks for one thing in return: both Lorelai and Rory must attend dinner at the parents' house every Friday. Lorelai and Rory have had minimal contact with them over the years, so this is an unwelcome change, but one they agree to.

The clashes between Lorelai and her parents is fascinating, especially because the parents are just as complex as Lorelai and Rory, with character-driven surprises coming to view. All of the characters change and grow in logical, organic ways, and the stories flow very well.

Another treat is the rapid-fire banter the series is rightly celebrated for. Laden with humor and obscure references, this is the best part of this wonderful show. There is also, in the Season Two set, a booklet of "Gilmore-isms" that explain some of the more arcane references from that season. You have to listen quickly to catch them all, or watch episodes again to get some of the references. It's reminiscent of the best of Hepburn and Tracy, and then some.

Most of the action takes place in the fictional town of Stars Hollow. Replete with engaging characters, truly deserving of the greatly overused word "quirky", they add charm and comedy, as well as some drama, to the show. Each of the characters has a story, sometimes more than one, but many of them will remind you of people you know or have known. The saying, "All of us are stars in our own lives, and bit players in the lives of everyone else," has special meaning here. All of the residents of Stars Hollow have their own stories, their own concerns and worries, some of which may seem trivial, but aren't played that way. Stars Hollow doesn't exist in the real world, but I'd move there in an instant if it did.

For all that it touches on serious matters, Gilmore Girls does so with an underlying sense of humor, but without making light of anything the characters experience. Okay, not *too* light, but the humor and poignancy, as well as the real relationships with their ups and downs, are very enjoyable to watch.

Since my girlfriend's introduction to Gilmore Girls, she can't wait to see more, and agrees it's very well written, and a joy to watch. She's told her mother, sister and others about it, and now they can't wait to borrow this set to see what all the hullabaloo is about.

I highly recommend Gilmore Girls to anyone with a heart, sense of humor, or love of good entertainment.
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on September 20, 2016
A very nice, hometown type of show. The combo pack is also a nice price as season 1 is getting harder to find on dvd.
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on September 27, 2014
All seasons of this show were great and it was disappointing when it ended. When I bought the combined seasons 1 and 2, two of the discs were labelled the wrong number. It's easy to figure out the order of the discs as soon as you watch all of them. If you have never seen the whole show before then the mislabelled discs will be a bit confusing because you won't be watching the show in sequence. However, even though two discs were mislabelled, the discs play fine and this show is definitely worth purchasing.
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on July 5, 2014
Really enjoyed this series on tv, but didn't begin watching until third season. Loved binge watching for a few days and seeing them in order. It's been a few years since I bought this, and the price has gone up, as I believe it was quite a bit cheaper to buy this set than the first two seasons separately. This rating is for the dvds. As others have noted, the permanent packaging should be sturdier and better quality to protect the discs. Like nearly every dvd, the plastic wrap is a pain to remove with either no, or ineffective, "open here" tabs or assists.
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on November 9, 2013
I bought this as a gift for a friend to start off her GG dvd collection (and so she would stop borrowing mine all the time!)

I liked that they updated the cases. I have issues with my older cardboard cases with the adhesive coming loose and the plastic disk pages falling out. However, these cases are slim plastic that snap shut and the dvds stay put.

Season 1 was perfect, but Season 2 was all jumbled. All the episodes were there, but they were all out of order and on the wrong disks.
$22+shipping was a great deal for both seasons but a little steep for just one usable season.
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on May 16, 2013
I ordered all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls after receiving an Amazon gift card for Christmas and I was really excited because Gilmore Girls has been my favorite show for years. I was glad to find this set for a very reasonable price but you get what you pay for sometimes. The discs from season 1 featured a different design than the other 6 seasons (the box set design, rather than the characters' faces) and discs 3 and 6 from season 2 were mislabeled. Not a huge deal, but if I'm going to have the whole series then I want them to all match. I returned them and will be ordering these seasons separately.
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on May 9, 2013
The cases are well made and arrived in perfect condition. Every disc played back fine in my PS3.

On season 2 however, discs 3 and 6 were mislabeled, meaning the one labeled three was actually six and vice-versa.
It wasn't a huge deal, but be careful of that when watching.
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on April 18, 2011
The packaging of this series is fantastic. I have only opened season 1, but I assume season 2 is much the same. The packaging is comprised of an outer paper sleeve, inner transparent plastic case, booklet and discs. The booklet details a summary of each episode with pictures to reference. I must say the plastic dividers that hold all of the discs in place are very well designed to hold everything in place. There should be no scratches on the discs, provided you handle them delicately. This is a quality set that will provide hours of entertainment. You won't be sorry!
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