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on November 30, 2015
Probably the best "bad movie" I've seen recently. It's a flawed copy with cutting and splicing mistakes, and a very fuzzy digital copy of the original film. Gotta figure it was digitized maybe from a VHS tape. But, Whoaa, wait a minute. Who cares. I had no idea what an absolutely irresistible young gal Sissy Spacek was. She's 25 in this movie (2 years before she made Carrie) but she looks 18. And, she acts both as naive and wise as any 18 year old who is at the same time both vulnerable yet energetically ready to take on the world. Story isn't bad... well, it ain't that good either, Full of 70's hippie cliches about "peace and love," but for a 71 yr old ex-hippie like me, I say again, "Who cares." Just watching a "fresh off the farm" young Sissy Spacek was well worth an hour and a half of my time. She also -plays the guitar and writes and sings her own songs.
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on October 19, 2013
This lighthearted film is a great vehicle for Sissy Spacek and brings out her good qualities as an actress ~ I really like Monte Markham who was perfect in the TV series Second Hundred Years ~ If you like to go back in time to the carefree innocent 1970's and live in the moment ~ you will enjoy this romantic comedy ~ I did. Love wins in the end.
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on July 2, 2016
Sweet little chick flick movie. Not the best acting but, have to take into account hold old the movie is.
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on February 26, 2014
this movie is a drive in movie it was so good and Amazon has so many more like this . Sissy Spacek is such a good actress .
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on July 15, 2014
Love the movie script and actors, but the resolution of the DVD sucks.
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on September 22, 2015
Good activating such as when Charlie pours hot sauce on Joe's eggs and Joe eats opening his mouth and drinking water as Charlie tells touching story about his dad. This was my favorite scene. Joe is touching in how he is so obliging to everyone and then learns to take risks at the end. Good singing by Sissy Spacek and she is appealing and right for her role. Some of the stereotyping done for comedy was overdone Dukes of Hazzad style or really terrible characterizations, racial and western. Slim Picken's voice side tracked me to older westerns. Sissy Spacek had me thinking this was before Coal Miner's daughter. I liked Charlie and ex wife Paula relationship except abrupt end was like what happened to the strong lady with the mysterious lover who was standing her ground after years of Charlie's infidelity? Right there with taxi driver, Mariachi band, and gun crazy deputy. There was some bad edit cuts. Maybe this was made for tv. For the good acting of main characters and the reminisce of picking up hippies vs. divorced Korean war vets, I liked this movie. I want to give this 3.5 stars.
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REEL ENTERPRISES is a Georgia-based purveyor of public domain movies, both classic era and modern. Their DVDs offer no commentary, deleted scenes or other bonus features. Dubs are "best available source" and can vary from very good to only fair.

GINGER IN THE MORNING is the story of three lonely people who spend New Year's together.

Joe (Markham) has been divorced three months. Thanksgiving and Christmas were very rough for him. While driving from the airport to his ranch home in New Mexico, Joe picks up a young hitchhiker, a guitar-packing hippie named Ginger (Spacek).

Despite the difference in their ages, the two hit it off. Joe brings Ginger to his place. She confesses that it's nice having someone to wake up next to and offers to spend the next couple of days WITH Joe ("because I really dig you").

While Ginger's buying groceries, Joe's Korean War buddy Charlie (Miller, this film's writer) arrives unexpectedly in a cab. Full of booze and false cheer, Charlie wants to see the old year out with his good pal.

Joe tries to politely ask him to leave before Ginger gets back. She hears them discussing her as "a sure thing" and is hurt. Charlie talks her out of leaving and she goes to Joe's bedroom ALONE. Angry at his buddy when he should be with himself, Joe fumes on the couch. Charlie urges him to go to Ginger, that she's waiting for him. The two fight and crash into a very dead Christmas tree.

Their rowdydow brings Ginger downstairs, wearing only a blanket. Charlie confesses that he didn't mean to mess things up. He too had a bad Christmas. His kids and ex totally forgot him and he just doesn't want to spend New Year's alone. Charlie sobs bitterly after this confession strips away his jolly façade.

This is the exact halfway point of a fine heart-tugging 90 minute story.

Parenthetical number preceding title is a 1 to 10 imdb viewer poll rating.

(5.4) Ginger in the Morning (1972) - Monte Markham/Susan Oliver/Mark Miller/Sissy Spacek/Slim Pickens/David Doyle/Fred Ward/Beatrice Kay
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Joe Maroney (Monte Markham), divorced for three months, is driving in New Mexico from Albuquerque to his home in Santa Fe when he picks up a hitchhiking free spirit, Ginger Brown, played by Sissy Spacek, and the two subsequently become romantically absorbed with each other as New Year's Eve nears, whereupon Joe's former Army comrade Charley (Mark Miller) and, coincidentally, Charley's former wife Sugar (Susan Oliver) join them with many complications as the product. Hoydenish Spacek is appealing and brings life to scriptor/producer Miller's lines, but bland Markham's metabolic rate seems to be constant throughout and Oliver, a talented actress, is given loathsome dialogue and exaggerates it, without doubt to her satisfaction, while the direction is listless and the screenplay lacks imagination, with only Spacek's reactions, although not always precisely matching her circumstances, shining through this frippery.
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on February 2, 2000
A dull movie with little meaning and point. I am sort of disappointed in Sissy for this role. She is usually seen with her acting top-notch and performances at their peak. But, in this low-entertainment feature she seems listless and sort of, well, bored with her part.
Spacek stars in GINGER IN THE MORNING as part of a very slim cast. A hitchhiker (Spacek) is picked up by a buisinessman (Monte Markham) and they fall for each other. In fact, Spacek falls for his drunken friend at one point.
This movie lacks energy, pace, and an interesting plot. I would recommend this film only to those who are absolutely obsessed with Sissy Spacek (or any other of the characters) or those who just want to kill time, or money.
On the brief pro side, the music is fairly listenable...for the most part...
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VINE VOICEon August 25, 2003
This has the look of a TV movie, shot in 1972 (not 1973) before Sissy Spacek hit it big with BADLANDS and CARRIE.
The story is a common male fantasy. A stuffed-shirt middle-aged man encounters a young hippie free spirit (Sissy Spacek). Naturally, she teaches him to open up, be loose, have fun. He's attracted to her, but also resists her affections, and thus hurts her. But in the end, he realizes how wonderful she is, begs forgiveness, and it looks like they might stay together.
Other films in this genre include BREEZY (with Kay Lenz as the hippie free spirit girl, and William Holden as the middle aged guy), and I LOVE YOU ALICE B. TOKLAS (with Peter Sellers as the middle-aged man).
GINGER IN THE MORNING is a pleasant TV movie, rooted in its time. Although flower children were on the wane by 1972, TV usually comes late to trends, trailing films. (The film credits state a 1972 copyright date, not 1973.)
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