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on March 29, 2017
I used to buy my suits at Men's Warehouse (MW). That buy-one-get one deal is always good, but after they tack on the tailoring costs even a $400 suit can end up being in the $700 range. And let's face it, that $400 price tag is for their lowest quality suits. Enter Gino Valentino!

I was randomly looking at suit prices on Amazon and saw the reviews that the Gino Valentino suits were receiving so I decided to take a chance a few years ago and try it out. I haven't been back to MW since (besides for tux rentals)! What you get in the $200s range is exactly the same quality you'll find at MW in the $400s range. The only "inconvenience" is finding your own tailor, which actually ended up being one of the largest blessings in my life because of how much she has taught me about how suits are supposed to fit. I had always thought that a few of the slacks I had from MW seemed too tight but I had been told by the tailor there that that's how the newer suits are supposed to fit. Well, my new tailor took a look at it and showed me where the stitching was damaging the material because it was adjusted too small.

I wear a 42R, the jacket and slacks needed some slight adjustments, but now they both look like they were made for my body! So count your blessings, save some money, and give Gino Valentino a try! Then find a tailor who in interested in your appearance and comfort over pushing a product and go forth in style with some extra cash in your pocket!
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on January 16, 2013
Best. Service. Ever.

Let me say first that I had not bought a suit since I was a teenager and that was with my dad's help. So, as you will see, I had no idea what I was doing. I happened to stop into a Bloomingdales where the suit guy eyeballed me and said I was a 42R or 42L. He was confident enough that I didn't get measured.... So first of all: GET MEASURED

Monday: I ordered 42 Regular and wrote Darya Trading that I was trying to get the suit in time to get it to the tailor for a wedding the following week.

Between their processing speed and OnTrac servicing me in L.A., I got it 2 days later on Wednesday. Free shipping.

I took it to the tailor who told me I needed a 42 Long. I wrote Darya Trading and they had me re-order the correct size; I expedited the shipping and they got it to me the next day, Thursday.

I bike back to the tailor, I try on the suit, he kicks himself for taking me at my word and not measuring me.... and he gets out the measuring tape and declares I'm barely a 40 [for the record I am 6'1", 175lbs trying to muscle up a bit... think my chest was 38" at the time]. The tailor says he can do all the changes for about 100$ but that I am better off getting a better-fitting baseline.

So I email Darya AGAIN and this time they call me. Claudia, bless her heart, patiently goes over my options, the timing (at this point it is Thursday and the tailor needs something to work with by Saturday), European vs. American style, and overall suit strategy. In the end I order both a 40L and 40R to cover my bases.


I try on the 40 Long at the tailor and he exclaims "it's perfect!" ... We are both amazed/excited.
All I needed was a 6$ hem job and that's it, boom, done.

I get the other 3 suits sent back, refunded.

I was so thrilled with Darya Trading, I bought some gorgeous shoes from them (that's a review for another time).

NOW, as to the suit. It's actually quite beautiful and worked great for the black-tie wedding I attended. I got Oxblood shoes to go with it and I think they looked great.

I had trouble finding a dress shirt that showed my cuffs.
I'm slim with long arms so most of the larger shirts fit like tents.
But I got it sorted with lovely white shirt with french cuffs.

I ended up rocking a pocket square at the last minute and think I looked pretty sharp overall.

Just an amazing deal on a suit (well, when you get it right ;)

The lining of the suit is my favorite part...it's like this shimmery crimson that is subtle but catches light beautifully... it's something for you (or the lucky person who gets to take it off of you) and just looks so rich.

But all an all, a comfortable lovely suit, incredible service, and I would not hesitate to purchase more suits from Darya.
My faith that you can get (nearly) anything off the internet (and Amazon, specifically) continues to be rejuvenated.

This is one of those instances where all the reviews I'd read about other peoples' great experiences with this company were spot-on.

I am so very grateful.
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on April 30, 2017
Not the best quality. So eventually, this work suit will be added to my weekend rotation of causal wear. In the meantime, this is a great suit to wear on a weekly basis , when I need to look professional in the office. The fit is somewhere in between the too-tight 'slim fit" and the unpredictable baggy look of say a "Haggar" suit. The material is light , so it's comfortable to wear nearly year-round. I have bought two of these suits, so far. I "upgraded" from Salvator Exte suits -which also serve the same purpose (general wear in the office) - but also clearly look cheap. I do not expect to get many years of wear out of this suit, but that's OK, because the price is very low. My biggest complaint about thsi suit , is that the peak lapels cease to lay flat after the first year. I've resorted to pinning down one lapel with a lapel pin. but eventually both sides will begin to look worn. Other than that, I love wearing this suit.
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on January 16, 2013
Honestly, I really labored between a 3 and 4 star product review on this suit. What it came down to was:

How to make a case for 3 stars:
This suit claims to be so much that it is not. If I walked past this suit in a store for $145 (Im factoring in shipping cost), I probably would do a double take at some of the features. However to claim it is made with super 150s wool/silk blend, hand canvased, made in Italy or comparable to $1,000+ suits is completely ridiculous, in my opinion. I don't buy it and feel like the inflated claims really take away from the actual product, which is not terrible. This is an inexpensively constructed, mass produced suit. Period. Also, while its legal to use names like B Brioni and Gino Valentino because they add an Italian first name to an existing luxury brand name, I don't believe it is ethical because some people really do believe they are buying a real Brioni or Valentino suit. One could make the arguement that these people almost deserve to be fleeced if they believe they are getting an actual Valentino or Brioni for just under $150. But still.

How to make a case for 4 stars:
The suit is laden with features that many cheaper suits don't have. It does have (sloppily made) functioning sleeve buttons ... which are normally found on bespoke suits. However keep in mind, it is actually a DETRIMENT to have working sleeve buttons on off the rack suits because tailors cannot easily or cheaply adjust the length of the sleeve. They will have to take the sleeve down from the shoulder seam vs. shorten from the end of the cuff, which is quite an expensive thing to do. If you want working 'surgeon cuffs' for the sake of showing them off at cocktail parties ... have at it. But really, this is not a good thing if you think you may have to tailor the suit down shorter. I am 6'3 and the sleeves on a Long fit me perfect. The waist tab features a 2 button closure, which is nice (a little less forgiving if you pack on some weight than one button though). Still, better than a single button waist tab. The lining includes the little sweat guards under the armpits and the stitching on the lapels, etc. is made to look like it was done by hand in places. Things that a person with medium knowledge of a good suit will notice and be impressed by. Unfortunately, these features are done semi-sloppily, so don't lie to anyone who knows anything about suits and say this is bespoke or they will see right through you. However the biggest arguement for 4 stars would be that you probably won't find a suit of this quality at a department store for even $200. To say this is any better quality than a $400 Kenneth Cole suit or even a $350 Express suit would be a far stretch, but for half the price its not a bad deal for someone looking for a bargain price.

I would place the quality of this suit somewhere around Joseph A Bank or a department store such as JC Penny. At $100 - $150, it is a good suit deal. How it holds up ... thats another story. I will not wait to review the wear and tear but I am fully expecting the fabric to get shiny and worn faster than normal after feeling the thin, cheap material. To the reviewers who say this is the same quality as an $800 Hugo Boss or $2,000 Brioni suit ... you are smoking something! While the fit and sleekness of the suit (for the right body type) will outpace the fit and appearance of any inexpensive department store brand any day or the boxy fitting "buy 1 get 4 free suits free" sale suits at Joseph A Bank ... the quality is that of a cheaply made mass produced Asian garment. However ... you have to keep reminding yourself that it is a suit and a hanger for less than $150, so you can't be that hard on it.

I couldn't quite figure out all the fuss about these suits in regard to the rave reviews on here until I figured out that SOME of the glowing reviews of these suits come from people who don't know too much about suits. Which is fine. Its not an insult to want to look good for a song. Such as the reviewer who is used to buying suit separates and tells of his trepidation about ordering a suit where you can't choose the pants size and the jacket size separately as is usually done at Sears. For these people who have not (nor will) ever tried a real Zegna, Brioni, Hugo Boss, etc. this suit is a steal and will give them style beyond their wildest dreams. For anyone who has been (even outlet) shopping for brand names and has experienced the fit and construction of those ... this suit won't impress you too much, even at $150.

And there lies the summary. If you want similar style to what you'd see in a men's fashion magazine, yet have no inkling to spend over $200 for it ever ... this is as close as you'll ever come to fashion magazine style without dropping at least $350 at Express in the mall or $450 on Hugo Boss on sale at an outlet store. For a person who wears a suit only a few times a year to events, or doesn't hang in situations where fashion is noticed ... you'll get some compliments on this and turn some heads. For those who like high style and aren't afraid to pay for a better fit or quality ... save yourself some money on re-stock fees and save the seller the time they will spend unpacking the suit when you return it and look elsewhere. You will be dissapointed if you are buying this to try to replace a Hugo Boss, Zegna or Armani suit. Its as far from actual Brioni or Valentino as ground chuck is from filet mignon. This is good for those who aren't really used to wearing high end suits but don't want to go the Dockers route.

Example: There are people who love the Olive Garden and think it is 'real authentic Italian food'.

The thing that inspired me to buy this suit was the show 'Suits'. The style of suit Harvey Spector wears in the show is a peak lapel sleek suit with ticket pocket. Tom Ford makes his. I cannot afford an $8,000 suit ... so I thought I'd take the plunge here as it is as close as I've found without paying a fortune. What I look more like when I wear this Gino Valentino suit is someone wearing a store bought Harvey Spector Halloween costume. The fit is just not 'there' for me. The pants are one size tighter than they should be. And the jacket is a little snug around the chest and shoulders because my chest and shoulders are sort of developed from bench pressing/pull ups at the gym. I think this would be better on someone who was on the thin/wispy ectomorph body type. If you are Asian, you will completely rock this fit. The lapels tend to bend at the center and pucker a bit when buttoned on me because they were not designed to fit someone who was not of a thin frame. The shoulders do get that little indentations because they are not made for thicker/rounded shoulders. I do like the way the pants fit a little tighter and lower, the way most fashion magazines show as being in right now. They have a very Hollywood fit.

ONE HUGE SUGGESTION/BIT OF ADVICE I'd offer to anyone considering this suit style is to think twice about the solid black. I wore this to work today and was twice asked if I was wearing a tuxedo. I guess the inexpensive fabric's sheen combined with the peal lapels make it look tuxedo-ish. I would go for the charcoal or lighter grey if I had to do it again. I wish it came in black pinstripe. I probably will wear this suit out on occasion to the club but will stick with my Hugo Boss, Zegna or even Express suits when I want to impress at work. If you do order this suit and decide it is not for you, I would suggest checking out a Kenneth Cole suit on sale or an Express suit on sale ... both brands can be had for $200 - $350 on sale for a similar style and better quality. If Joseph A. Bank suits are on your shopping list ... get this one ... the fit is MUCH better!

For the right person, this is a great deal and a great starter suit. You'll be the best dressed dude at a prom, social dance or high school/college graduation. If you are going to a wedding and aren't too familiar with suits ... this will be a go to for you. I wish I found this suit when I was in college vs. the JC Penney blazer I wore back then.However to wear this in a board meeting would not be something I'd consider doing. I think you'll find this is like training wheels for suit snobbery. Wear one of these for $150 and you'll eventually graduate to ACTUAL Valentino or Brioni suits instead of Gino and B Brioni's. And you won't look too bad in the process if you take the seller's over the top salesmanship with a grain of salt. The suits are high on features, high on style but miss the mark in terms of fit and construction. But for $150 ... the price is there!
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on December 8, 2014
I was very impressed with Gino Valentino suits of other color from the same seller, and I bought this Navy color suits. I'm 5'10'' and 185 lb, and bought 42R. It fits me perfect. I don't have to alter anything except hemming the pants. Definitely this is a good purchase for this price. What suits could you buy with this price? I gave only three stars just because the fabric is not impressive. It's just OK. But I bought this for every day work, so it sufficiently meets the requirement.
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on May 9, 2010
Good suit for the price. Easy to maintain and have altered if needed. Like other reviews (on similar Valentino suits) that awarded five stars, some of which commented on discounted price, I too believe it comparable to suits in the retail marketplace in the $500- $800 price range. To those who are contemplating purchase, I'm sure you will be pleased with both fabric and fit however, I bought one size up from my normal size, as my regular jacket size would have fit OK, yet the pants (waist) would have been quite a bit too small(my build is slim/average, muscular). Make sure you check Darya's sizing chart for sleeve and jacket length/width etc. before ordering!
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on June 1, 2016
Fantastic quality. I don't usually review something I buy off Amazon but this is a notable exception because my expectations were dramatically exceeded. This suit has the detail and quality you don't see anywhere near this price. My wife loves it. Skeptical that it is real wool but feels and looks like wool/silk.
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on May 2, 2013
Good quality for the price. If you are expecting to get extremely high-end suits for this price, you will be disappointed. However, if you are needing suits for everyday wear (like I do), these are great, especially at this price point(s). My only complaint (and it really isn't a complaint - more an advisory for everyone else considering these suits - is that my thighs are big, the pants for these suits are cut rather thin through the upper legs, so if you are thick thighed, might want to try to get the pants a size bigger than normal - not sure if they can do that. The coats fit great, pants were fine in the waist, just a bit tight in the thighs.

I gave it 5 stars, so not a big deal to me. Love the suits, getting compliments on them already (while I was at my tailor's shop).
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on May 6, 2015
We bought this for our wedding. After going to our tailor and measuring, we went with the 44 Reg. I would have ordered the 42. I'm glad I got schooled in suit measuring. It is NOT the same as regular pants and coats. I read almost ALL of the reviews and I also watched some pros on YouTube to learn before I bought just to make sure. By the time I was ready to buy, he wouldn't let me measure him any more. LOL But I wanted to be sure. It fit pretty perfect. We just had to hem the pants! The fabric is beautiful! And after I found this I looked around and was amazed at this deal. You won't be disappointed.
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on September 19, 2017
Craftsmanship was not up to par as the first suit we got last year.
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