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on May 14, 2007
We bought this set 2 months back after reviewing them on Amazon. Since this is our first knife set I can not really compare with other name brand products in the market. But these were cheapest among the lot, and we are very pleased with their initial quality. As mentioned by other reviewers they are very very sharp, and easily cut through straight. The blades are thick and the handles look solid. We always wash/dry them by hand right after the use and never put them in dishwasher. We have not seen a single rust spot or any discoloration of handles. I will definitely buy more of these to gift friends and family.

Update on Sept 30, 2007:
After 6 months of use, I still stand by my review. The sharpness is intact and there are no rust spots at all. Very pleased with the quality and super low price. I regret not picking more of these from Sears Clearance, where I bought them for less than $20.

Update on Nov 26, 2010:
Just wanted to give a quick update that these knives are still performing great.

Sept 28, 2011:
Still going strong. No issues. No rust. the two knives that we use every single day, have lost some of their sharpness, but they still have few more years left in them.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 16, 2018
I have had a set of Ginsu steak knives for about thirty years. They are still sharp and I use them for everything from cutting meat, peeling potatoes, opening boxes, etc. A few of them have gone missing over the years and their handles are looking dull from so many washings. When I saw these, I was thrilled. I ordered four of them to try as some of the reviews were negative about the quality not being as good as the originals. They came yesterday and I used one last night to cut a steak that I had for my dinner. It did the job very well. The handles look different but that's not a problem. Only time will tell if the blades stay sharp but I can see no reason why they won't. The way the blades are made looks to be about the same as my older knives. I will use these four for a little while to see how they do, but my intentions are to buy at least four more if they do as well as I think they will. The Ginsu steak knives that I have had for so many years are by far the best knives that I've every owned! If these hold their sharpness even half as well, I'll be happy!

I just posted this review today and was browsing through other reviews. There are many comments regarding the knives rusting. This gives me some concern as stainless steel should not rust! The "old" Ginsu steak knives that I own have been washed in the dishwasher many, many, times and have never rusted! So, the quality of these may not be as good. I would think the concern might be the material used for the handles and not the blades when using the dishwasher. I will use these new ones for a few weeks or so and if there is a problem with them, I'll edit my review once again.......there will certainly be fewer stars if the knives rust! The reason I chose these was because of the easy care and durability of the original steak knives. I can wash them by hand but it's much easier to use my dishwasher. I don't buy clothing that requires "hand washing" either.....that's why I have a washing machine. I like easy care products as much as possible. :) GOOD STAINLESS STEEL SHOULD NOT RUST!
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on June 18, 2012
The knives cut well and seem to be well made, but after about a month or so, the blades began to develop rust spots (see photo). If these knives are stainless steel, they must be the lowest-quality stainless steel available.

To date, I've submitted multiple inquiries to Ginsu and received zero replies... I guess I should've expected this from this company, but the Amazon reviews said otherwise.

Maybe I received a bad batch of knives from Ginsu, but I'll never know if the company never replies back.

Very disappointing.
review imagereview image
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on May 9, 2015
I bought these knives from Amazon a few years ago when they were about $35 - $39.00. I know I would never have paid $45.00 for them - that would have been out of my income bracket!! I have had miserable knives all my life - through 3 marriages and what feels like 4 lifetimes. These are very very sharp. I was in awe at their sharpness. I have never used a knife so sharp in my lifetime.

The paring knife was the first to lose a little of it's sharpness after about 3 months of very little use. The next larger knife up, the one I always use was the second to lose a little bit of it's sharpness. BUT when I say lose a little bit of it's sharpness - I mean from the incredible sharpness it had. These are still sharper than any knife I ever bought right out of the box/packaging.

I attribute the loss of sharpness to the "wood cutting board." It cannot be prevented. I have quickly dried my knife/knives after washing every time. Not once have I ever forgotten to do it, so RUST has never happened YET! I read all the REVIEWS HERE before purchasing this set - so upon purchase, I made it a practice to always dry it/them immediately.

Any reviewers saying these are not sharp or expected better, in my opinion are spoiled brats and expect a $45.00 set of knives to be up to par with the $100.00 and up knife Sets. For the average income - what used to be middle class homemaker - these are the BOMB!

The funny thing is - in reading all the AMAZON REVIEWS - the very expensive knife sets also get 4 & 4 & 1/2 stars, so why pay more and still be slightly disappointed.

My only disappointment is that I am 65ish years old now and I wish I had these when I had to cook for a family of 5. Now I am alone and I only use these once in awhile to cut a sandwich or for cutting veggies. I couldn't have afforded to pay even $39.00 back in the day when I really could have used them. If my memory serves me, I thought they were very very expensive 40 years ago. But then I imagine they were a lot better than they are now too.

I have read a few reviews that state they aren't what they used to be. I certainly believe that because they have this set and another set for a higher price. That right there goes to show you these are the "Volkswagen" and the more expensive Ginsu are the "BMW." ;>)

I would recommend any "new homemaker" to get these now if you can afford them and ignore the "spoiled brat reviewers" that think these are not GOOD ENOUGH for the price! Just dry them after washing. I wouldn't recommend a dishwasher because it might eventually ruin the handles.

Happy Chopping!
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on December 19, 2013
I bought these on a lightning deal. Then I read the reviews, needless to say I was worried about them rusting. When they came, I looked for care instructions. After reading the instructions (wash with mild detergent, in hot water, rinse in hot water and dry immediately after).

I have used them multiple times, followed the care instructions to the letter, and have not had any problems with these knives.

The knives are very sharp, and are well balanced. They work well for carving and for chopping. I am very impressed with how easy they are to use. I am a stickler for having a perfect well balanced sharp knife, this exceeded my expectations for the price .

I gave them 5 stars because they are everything I thought they would be and more. If you are someone who does not have time to hand wash, rinse and dry the knives, this might not be the best product for you. If you are someone who has the time to take care of them to factory instructions, then this knife set is a great deal at a great price!
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on April 27, 2012
I find the quality/construction just fine! Chose the triple riveted reinforced handles & it feels quite sturdy. My wife used the steak knives & was not happy thought too flimsy, but she was using the wrong knife to cut fruit & veggies!! I use the 4" knife religiously!! the larger knives do their job purposely! the steak knives work just fine & sturdy enough to cut steaks/pork/chicken. Only slight off for me is the scissors don't look nice but hey they do the job! They are super sharp. cuz it's my brand new replacement set (laser knives prior) I am cleaning & towel drying right away & place knives upside down cuz they are sharp & will over time cut the wood block where you will get wood chips. May not look as nice but works for me. Just have to remind the wife to do the same!! & for the price, sorry can't beat it! $26 was a gr8 promo deal with free shipping!! beats all those more pricier $100+ sets!! if this lasts me 5yrs hey it's only $5.20/yr!! no brainer!! highly recommend!
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on December 13, 2011
I should mention from the beginning: I am not a professional cook; actually, I'm just starting to cook more complicated dishes. As such, I am delighted with this set - the knives are sharp enough to be able to cut thin slices of everything (vegetables, meat, etc), but not too sharp so as to risk losing a finger :) Chopping onions won't ever be a pleasure to me, but using these knives makes it completely painless, and dicing is a breeze!
The set includes 6 different kitchen knives, 6 steak knives (that I absolutely love!), 1 pair of kitchen shears and 1 wood block; the variety pretty much covers all the requirements related to cutting, and the wood block is a more convenient way of storing the knives than in the drawers (it saves some space, too). The metal on the blade gets some (barely visible) scratches from washing, and obviously the handles get damaged in the dishwasher. Other than that, so far I've been very pleased with the knives; for its price, this set has great value! I also appreciated the careful packaging, and the fact that the knives are sharp from the box.
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on October 11, 2013
When you get these knives in, you instantly see the quality in the workmanship of the knives as they are very sharp and feel good in the hand. I will tell you that just like all the other reviewers, these knives will get rust spots but I knew this going in to the purchase ahead of time from the reviews. Like many knives, you are instructed not to place these in the dish washer which I informed my wife not to do. Alas, she did not believe me and we got some small rust spots on some of them that had been placed in the dishwasher. The instructions do note this issue though. I cannot give the knives 5 stars because of their sensitivity to standing water or dishwashers for obvious reasons, however, you should know this ahead of time, and with proper treatment of these knives they are of high quality. I don't know that I would buy them again because of how you have to treat them but I don't think it would be fair to give them even less stars considering the Manufacturer does tell you how you must handle them to ensure longevity.
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on June 4, 2013
ORIGINAL REVIEW: They are great quality knives for the price. The staining hasn't been an issue- just rinse the knife after you use it! We use these to cut up fruit, veggies and all kinds of food. I used these at my mom's house and knew that I needed to get a set for myself! So glad I bought these! They really do come in handy! =)

UPDATE: After having these several months, they are rusting LIKE CRAZY!!!! I use Bar Keeper's Friend scouring powder to get the rust off of them (even though the brochure that came with the knives says not to use such products- am I supposed to throw them out and purchase a new set?!). It's ridiculous! My husband laughs, as the 'stainless steel' engraving on the knives get rusty, too! The quality of these is not what we expected and we won't be buying Ginsu products again.
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on February 19, 2012
These really are great knives! Very sharp; have had them for about 6 months and have not had a problem with them yet.

I've seen some reviews where people have seen rust on their knives, that can/will happen if you stick them in the dishwasher. I put the chef's knife into the dishwasher and it came out with rust spots, had to take some steel wool to get the spots off. To be honest, you should hand wash all the knives, especially a chef's knife because I can't afford for my most used knife to sit in the dishwasher a couple days until I run it. I am guilty however of throwing the steak knives into the dishwasher, haven't seen rust on them yet. If you do put them in the, take them out promptly once the dishwasher is done running. If you leave the knives in there the humidity is very high and that's what will create the rust
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