Girl Lost

1 h 35 min201818+
Growing up in the seedy, underbelly of Los Angeles, Shara knows no other life. After a dramatic encounter with her mom's abusive ex-boyfriend, Shara finds herself homeless and alone on the streets of Hollywood. Struggling to survive, the wayward teen turns to the only option she believes she has, selling her body and her soul.
Robin Bain
Jessica Taylor HaidFelix RyanRobin Bain
English [CC]
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3.9 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

CarmenReviewed in the United States on July 18, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
Painfully real, beautifully and sweetly acted, highly recommended
Verified purchase
Teenage prostitution is such a heart breaking and tragic experience for a young child. While I think adults should be able to make their own decisions, I don’t think there’s anything safe, healthy, inspiring or sexy about being in prostitution or pornography. It’s not regulated and there are no protections and benefits for sex workers in this country. The worst part of it are the young lives that are permanently scarred and damaged for their lifetime. Robin Bain’s film is about a young girl being groomed into prostitution by her mother. No other ideas for this child are addressed but selling her body and youth and soul to mindless parasites that just want to take and steal from her. It’s such a heart breaking story with a young love sub-plot of two teenagers suffering under their paremts’ Bad decisions. Yet they find each other and fall in love. No discussions about school or fast food jobs, or school dances, or applying for social support programs. It kills me that this story didn’t show any other options for not only the child, but the mother as well. It never occurred to me that selling my body for money was a career goal. We grew up not poor in my family, but hard working parents with 7 kids, in a large home near a park, with plenty of sports and fun. All of us in private schools, dental care, clothes on our backs, and a new coat and new school shoes every year. My parents made it work. There is life after struggles. Everyone has dreams about what they want to do with their lives. But what do the children locked as sex workers dream of? This young girl dreamt about killing herself to be in a better place with no more pain. I don’t think I’ve cried over a movie story since I gave birth to my son and cried over a Star Trek New Generation movie when Data sacrifices himself to save Captain Picard. Post-partem depression.

Anyway, my point in writing this review was to say it was an excellent story and beautifully acted by everyone in the film. Especially the part of the Girl Lost and her teenage boyfriend. I wanted some kind of happy ending but that wouldn’t be the real life story the film was trying to show. I highly recommend this film, and recommend a box of Kleenex and some chamomile tea. If you don’t shed a tear, you win and your stronger than me. That Girl Lost could have been my son, or my sister, or the daughter I never had. There by the grace of God I go, being born into the family I have and all the care, love, respect and integrity I was raised with. Love your children, and give them everything they need to be happy healthy and safe. It’s a cold mean world out there and no one else is in such the tremendous position as you are as a parent and guardian of their life and future.
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Anonymous1Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
See the movie
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A few years back, one of my college instructors posted on social media that her daughter, Jessica Taylor Haid was starring in a documentary of a very heavy nature. Since I was good friends with my instructor it piqued my interest to see her daughter's acting debut.

I never knew where I could watch it until I found it on prime. Reading some of the bad reviews I was cautious about the "bad acting" and "soft porn" comments.

This is an absolutely heartbreaking story of a girl pushed into prostitution by her own mother. Some of the scenes are hard to watch and some of it you question does that really happen?

However, I live In the San Fernando Valley nicknamed "the porn capital" and where prostitution is blatant on certain streets any time of day and night. I know people who have tried to rescue these girls from the streets and they dont want to leave. They are fearful to leave the lifestyle they are in. It's a sad reality that so many of our girls face. It's hard fo imagine how they got there or why they want to stay.

I thought the cinematography was not so much "low budget" but gritty just like the subject matter. The hazy look of the film made you feel like you were "lost" in a very uncomfortable reality. I think the director did a great job of transporting the viewer to exactly where she wanted us to go.

The sex scenes were graphic but I feel it was to portray the raw nature of this lifestyle. Had the scenes been "implied" as one reviewer said, it wouldnt have been as heart wrenching and gut wrenching.

The actors are not professional but I think they did a great job. You dont feel like you're watching a Hollywood movie but rather a Hollywood nightmare. A day in the life of the seedier side of hollywood that no one wants to talk about.

The movie had me in tears by the end.
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BLReviewed in the United States on February 2, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
The world can be brutal and vile, entrapping a child to experience a mother who places her child in the hands of the forbidding and remorseless. There are no excuses when a parent is financially strapped to go out and solicit their child to be sexually exploited to the vomit of society. This epic film exposes the cruelty and abuse that this child faces, and many other young girls like her are without forgiveness.

Take a ride on this journey and witness how young girls rush so quickly to become adults without understanding the dangers involved. he results of this eagerness are subjected to no chance of escaping. In some cases, the children are introduced to alcohol and drugs to be numb to reality and unable to fight back.

Oblivious to the fact that monsters are waiting in the darkness, just for them. See this movie and understand the hard facts of what goes on with our young generation worldwide. I am applauding the cast members for all their roles and how they depicted the demons that walk this earth today, and more importantly, the director/writer Robin Bayne plays that monster who you will grow to love and hate.

The entire cast was flawless.
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chris wessellsReviewed in the United States on June 27, 2018
3.0 out of 5 stars
Movie (plot) lost
Verified purchase
Mostly Pointless. Not sure what this movie was suppose to accomplish. Sure i get it as a portrait of a girl who has a crappy reality, crappy mom and adopts and adapts to a way below, average poor me, life. There is no real back ground to the main characters' stories. Not enough character depth in several of the primary players but most are developed well enough to be believable enough. Just, I'm missing the motivation and the establishment of intention. Its all based on assumption that as a an observer I can some how relate because I'm supposed to feel sorry for the "lost girl". She is an idiot and so is her mother. Like there is no basis in reality in this film as it was presented. There was potential for it but no one in this films hierarchy of planning, writing or production ever thought it needed to be given simple dimensions of relativity, believability or even a more focused and solution oriented intent? Plus I felt too much drama and excessive traumatic events were incorporated. I also feel it presented men from multiple walks of life as being creepy, perverted, violent and rapist, scumbags. In that portrayal I sensed that the films writer/author sees all man as such and was letting us all know how she feels about men in general. I should have given it 2 stars but the acting and character role playing were not bad (would have all clicked with better motive/intention and less stupidity and drama). Plus (creepy, pervert, raping wackos aside) the girl when not wearing "oh worries me" all over her face is damn fine and sexy... Plus I just like happy endings (no japanese massage parlor puns intended) and this was by far NOT a happy ending... now you know...END
VeritasReviewed in the United States on June 21, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
We recycle plastic and throw away people.
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This movie definitely raised the bar when compared to other small-budgeted, independent films primarily by the great amount of truth the story delivers. Much kudos to Robin Bain.This movie is not for the faint-hearted. Several reviewers commented on the lack of acting ability displayed by the lead actress, Jessica Taylor Haid, I could not disagree more strongly. Shara, the protagonist is a lost soul, hence the title. Her existence, because to call it a life belies the vast tragedies of the representation of the experiences of so many young people that find themselves in the mecca of hedonism, Los Angeles. (This film could have been set in many major cities throughout the world.) This is my city and I refuse to ignore the sea of lost souls that fester in the ocean of greed, abuse, lust, and ignorance. We got so much of this stuff, we export it in a vehicle we call the entertainment industry. We package it in the guise of games, movies, adult entertainment, music, porn, and art.
Girl Lost is an exposé on exploitation that is the waste product of the entertainment industry. To acknowledge this is to speak truth to the creative, the vulnerable, the young and the beautiful and to say that those qualities are the sacrificial fodder that is turned into ash in order to feed the beast of art.
The irony in the creation of this film is not lost but rather flaunted. Jessica Taylor Haid was cast for her youth, her beauty and her ability to accurately represent today's child victim while touching that beast found within each viewer. Aside from her fellow victims, there is no solace found in anyone she encounters. Even the minor characters are cogs in the machine that feeds the evil. This is a gut check for me because I ask very hard questions of myself.
Jessica Taylor Haid's portrayal beckons our best hopes as we cheer for her release yet it also awakens our worst nightmares because, as we feared and in her own words, her only hope was to walk into the sea and after the water was above her head, continue to walk until she found herself in paradise. She walked the only road she knew.
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Ren HauteReviewed in the United States on July 30, 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
Give it a chance it gets better. I cried. It's heartbreaking.
Verified purchase
I really had to push myself in the first 20 to 25 mind of this movie. It starts off roughly. The acting and filming seemed so low budget it was almost painful to watch. I stuck it out though and it got better. So much better I was actually completely drawn in by the main actress. The acting seemed to have gotten better as the movie progressed. As a female drug addict myself, this movie hits very close to home. I'm around the prostitution and there's never a shortage of men looking for sex. I think most families have no clue what dad is up to, bc 75% of Johns are married family men. They live their lives as a family man, keeping all their twisted sexual fantasies to themselves, so by the time they get to the escort they lose control. What some of these girls go through on a daily basis is something most people could never imagine. There's a whole world that most people are totally ignorant to and it's heartbreaking, bc most of the working girls I have met are some of the sweetest, kindest, most giving people you will ever meet. It's sad that they're looked at the way they are like they're worthless. This movie is pretty realistic to what so many, not only in Los Angeles go through, but what women all over this world endure as a drug addict or hooker. Drug addicts and working girls are people too.
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BunnyReviewed in the United States on June 28, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
Every character in this is a name away from having lived in America in the last 10 years. Watch.
Verified purchase
A raw, powerful story featuring director Robin Bain as an aging, disenfranchised prostitute whose 15-year-old daughter, Shara (played *stunningly* by Jessica Taylor Haid), is becoming increasingly burdensome, resentful, and saleable.

All the negative reviews of this movie are focused around 2 things:
1 - Stereotypes: this movie relates truthfully ONE avenue of entry into sex work. It's horrifying and a little disgusting, but you're not starving, are you? Instead of judging, donate to a NON-RELIGIOUS charity like Children of the Night, founded by a grant from Playboy.
Stereotypes: at least one other reviewer called Bain "man hating" because SOME of the men in this movie are portrayed as negative but truthful humans.
******SPOILERS BELOW*********
However, that angry man overlooked that Bain's maternal character herself is the first one to try to pimp Shara, and that both of the TWO pimps/madames at the upscale brothel Shara turns tricks in, and is taken major advantage of, are women. The male brothel employee is muscle, and a dealer, who is clearly subservient to them.
PSA KIDS: Women can be pimps too. And they are not any softer or kinder or gentler than male pimps, even though many were whores themselves (I use the word here to underscore the power dynamic of the job change).
2 - Jessica Haid's reaction face: they call it "blank" and it IS in many pivotal scenes, usually when her fate is hanging in the balance. BECAUSE SHE FEELS SHE HAS NO CHOICE, NO CONTROL, NO AGENCY for most of the movie. It's why she cuts, why she NEEDS to do blow, unlike Honey, her brothel friend (and, in a perfect world, her girlfriend. They would have taken care of each other).

Other people have done summaries and I think you should watch the movie. WATCH IT WITH YOUR UNDERAGE DAUGHTERS.
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S. MoralesReviewed in the United States on June 26, 2018
2.0 out of 5 stars
If you like underage nude girls, this is for you
Verified purchase
I honestly feel like this film was made specifically so that the director can see underage girls naked. I'm sure the star of the movie was 18, but she REALLY does look 14, and she's either nude or parading around and dancing in skimpy panties for like 80% of her screen time. The film takes you on her life journey starting out with her prostitute mother who eventually pimps her out to make money to survive. It's a sad situation, especially when you see the girl take a job at a local whore house that hired young women for very high paying men. The girl becomes trapped in this job and eventually depends on her boyfriend (who actually cares about her in a real sense) to get her out, or at least he tries.
I'm not sure why this has such positive reviews, and the fact that it did is the reason i watched, but from the very first scene one can see this is a very low budget film that while has some decent actors who REALLY DO try, the story comes off as cliche and really doesn't come across as the priority here, and what DOES is just seeing this young girl nude, raped, molested, and basically being used as a sex slave for most of the time. There are also scenes of her mother going into hotel rooms with men to do you know what.

And yes, the girl is attractive, significantly attractive, as well as her friend. One can certainly see her plight as to the drastic measures she takes to relieve herself from the pain of the life she is forced to live, but it is very hard to actually RELATE to it, unless you are an underage prostitute yourself.

So if you want to see a young attractive girl nude or in skimpy clothing and feel too guilty to watch actual porn, and are into the whole "rape" thing, you're probably going to love this. Most normal-minded people may just feel uncomfortable watching. I'm not the type to scream "pedophile" to a guy if he watches this in the privacy of his own home, and I think people that do need to just chill out. Trust me, I get it. I just don't think it's all that great of a movie and the director's intentions really DO feel sketchy. I'm not against this type of film but I just wish the director would've directed the story better.
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