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on April 7, 2013
Good stuff: She gives really good advice on certain topics such as not to be embarrassed or afraid of wasting your doctor's time. She helps explain how your relationship with your OB is very different from any other doctor. She is also very reassuring and helps you prepare for any number of gross and/or embarrassing issues that may come up during your pregnancy or delivery.

Bad Stuff: Oh boy does she have body issues!!!! There is barely a topic in the entire book that she doesn't relate back to the fact that you are fat and disgusting when you are pregnant. She herself went from a size four to a ten so she was hardly obese but she will simply not stop harping on how unattractive you are when you are pregnant. She also goes out of her way to let you know that not only she thinks pregnant women are by nature gross to look at but that your husband thinks you look gross. She describes her own husband as only having sex with her when she was bigger out of pity. She does include one brief blurb that some men might like the pregnant body shape and find it a turn on but it is written in a style that leaves no doubt that she finds this to be a rare and laughable quirk that some men might have. If she hasn't already managed to make you feel self conscience about your changing body there is a paragraph about how some men tend to cheat on their wives while they are pregnant if they aren't up for sleeping with their husbands or if their husbands can't stomach sleeping with a pregnant woman. Not just insulting to women but she reveals a very low opinion of men as well. Reducing them to bumbling creatures who are disinterested in their wives apart from a creature to have sex with and to have to put up with if she gets emotional.

Oh, and if you thought that maybe instead of getting neurotic about your increasing size and you would focus on your health, here she comes to shame you out of exercising. She seems to take this really personally. Only crazy people exercise. And if you exercise and something bad happens with your pregnancy you will always be haunted that you harmed your baby by exercising.

Overall:I know this book has been revised over the years but I think it needs a complete rewrite for the next generation (by a new author).
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on September 8, 2015
I bought this book at the urging of my husband. Yes, I know how strange that sounds. When I got pregnant, my normally somewhat high stress level went through the roof. Everyone I had ever talked to about pregnancy always responded with "Oh, it's going great! A little morning sickness, but otherwise I feel wonderful!". I did not feel wonderful. I was tired, cranky, and full of more aches and pains than I ever thought possible. I was convinced that I was not normal, and this sent me into a tizzy. The "traditional" pregnancy guides were not helpful, as their saccharine tone made me even more nauseous (I kid, I kid) and it glossed over some of the symptoms I was experiencing.

My husband, having to bear the brunt of my panic attacks, reached out to a few of his coworkers who had recently had children. With what I imagine to be knowing smiles, they recommended this book. At first I scoffed, "This sounds like something out of Sex and the City! We're having a child here!". However, I was desperate, and so I placed the order.

I am so very happy I did. The book is written in such a friendly, conversational tone that feels like I am speaking with my new best friend - which is actually several dozen new best friends, since the author culls advice and experience from several recently-pregnant women. I immediately felt much more at ease about everything that was going on with my pregnancy and assured me that those women who stated they felt "great!" during their pregnancy were all dirty, dirty liars. These nine months simply aren't as full of glowing and positive vibes as many would want you to believe (for some reason).

Now, an important point - THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR PROVIDING MEDICAL ADVICE!!! This is NOT a replacement for "traditional" pregnancy books or your doctor's advice. It is simply a humorous book meant to make your nine months a little easier to tolerate.
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on May 25, 2011
While I did find some nuggets of information from this book, and I really like the idea of a chatty, girlfriendy book (seeing as none of my friends have had the experience), I have to say that I ultimately found this book annoying.

The author comes across as totally body-obsessed, which gets really irritating when every other page has some snarky comment about body issues. I was never a size 0 to begin with, and hearing pregnant women referred to as "fat" multiple times just started to grate on me. Really? There's a difference between fat and pregnant. You might feel big, but get over it for your readers' sakes.

Besides the author's fixation on "fatness," the author cannot stop repeating things over and over. Since I read this on the Kindle, I can't go back quickly to find out how many times she refers to particular things, but I do recall reading new sections and realizing that she's said this stuff before. A lot of this was the author's opinion on how things should be done, which was also quite annoying. I'm fine with an author giving her opinion on something once, but when it is repeatedly presented as if fresh, I have to think the author has problems with organizing her thoughts, has not employed an editor. If I don't think those things, then I would have to believe the author just wants to bash me over the head with her opinion - over and over again.

As I said, there are parts of this book that are funny, and parts that I found valuable. That being said, the book's tone and repetition really overshadowed the positive for me. I won't be recommending this to any of my girlfriends: They deserve better.
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on January 29, 2018
I've bought at least four copies of this book and give them to newly pregnant friends. This book really nails a couple of topics, made me laugh and tear up and feel comforted for the unexpected experiences one encounters while pregnant. It may seem a bit dated, but it's still a MUST!
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on February 14, 2016
Got this for my kindle early on in my pregnancy, and liked it at the beginning because it was funny. However, as I read more pregnancy books and got further into this book, I felt this one was too heavy-handed about all the bad things that can happen. It's kind of like she combined all four of her pregnancies into one experience for the book, so it's unnecessarily overwhelming and negative. Having said that, it's possibly useful if you are having a tough pregnancy or feeling really upset about various aspects of the experience.
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on February 1, 2011
Overall, this was a good read. It is filled with a lot of "down to earth" guidance and REAL things that you experience while pregnant. It also gave me some great things to think about after delivery. I was especially thankful for the list of items to consider taking to the hospital in my overnight bag. Some sections of the book left me laughing uncontrollably - nearly in tears. Other sections were so annoying that I wanted to skip them completely (I'm sure I left several pages unread in the end). Everyone has a different opinion about how they want to manage their birthing experience, breastfeeding, etc. The beauty about reading any of these guides is that you can decide what you like and don't like and move on. You're never going to find the 100% solution in one book, but you almost always take away some valuable bits of information to grow on. If I had it to buy again, I'd buy it used.
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on June 16, 2014
I purchased this online, having it shipped to my daughter who is expecting her first child..... her response was " is this supposed to be a joke"? the insert i read online i thought was great... but perhaps it was meant to be read by mothers who have delivered before; and understand the "survival" skill one achieves after 1, 2 or many deliveries. i felt awful!! i meant it to ease my daughters fears, instead it made her cry! she attempted to read it after the first trimester, and liked it even less!
i guess it'll go in the donation box.... i sure didn't mean to upset you my dear!
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on November 30, 2016
The book was a good easy read that made me laugh along the way. It was recommended by my doctor after expressing I wanted to try having a baby in the next year. She preferred it over What to Expect When You're Expecting. I definitely enjoyed the truths that were shared along the way and reality of pregnancy. I think there is much more to be learned about actual medical expectations but this is a great book for those even just considering pregnancy.
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on June 8, 2007
I got this book as a gift when I was expecting my first child. I have since given it as a gift to every newly pregnant woman I know. It is a funny read--the humor was very much appreciated while I dealt with bum issues and smell aversions and hormonal crying jags. The only thing I wish the author dealt with more was breastfeeding/preparing to breastfeed. I recall it being addressed as a good thing, but a real pain sometimes and that formula is just as good (along the lines of "we all turned out okay on the stuff, right?") which is not at all what a new mother needs to hear when she is contemplating/beginning nursing. I wish the author, if she didn't have firsthand experience or decided not to nurse herself, would have provided websites or other resources that would help Moms who do go that route. This also would have been a great moment to include a warm, humorous anecdote on breastfeeding and not be so blithe about it. I hope she addressed this in Guide to the First Year...
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on July 19, 2017
my wife is currently reading this, evidently at the end a baby is born
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