Customer Reviews: Girls, Guns and G-Strings: The Andy Sidaris Collection (12 Film Set)
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on March 28, 2011
If you know B movies then the title of my review should tell you everything you need to know. All of these films were either directed or produced by Andy Sidaris. These films all feature dead pan serious delivery while demonstrating some of the most ridiculous and over the top plots, dialogue and action. You must not under any circumstances attempt to take these films seriously or elicit any deep meaning from them. You'll just strain yourself. These are B movies made for fun. If you can let yourself go with the flow, you'll find yourself having a good time with this collection.

Here's what your green buys you.

THE DALLAS CONNECTION: I don't know what the Connection is, I'm not really sure it's even mentioned in the movie. But a team of gorgeous assassins is wiping out a group of scientists who possess some dangerous secret. Only one scientist remains and it's up to Samantha Phillips and her fellow agents to save them. There are some wacky death scenes, and a nice "Basic Instinct" style beginning which features the leader of the murderous trio, Julie Strain.

DAY OF THE WARRIOR: The Legion to Ensure Total Harmony and Law (L.E.T.H.A.L.) is hunting an evil genius known as The Warrior. Warrior's turn ons include diamond smuggling, porn and art theft. Best line in the movie is spoken by Julie Strain's character Willow Black;"I worked at Disneyland. I was one of the rides." Gerald Okamura plays a martial arts master named Fu. You will recognize him from Big Trouble in Little China, among many other roles.

DO OR DIE: This is the silliest movie in the Sidaris oeuvre. You've got Mr.Miyagi as an Asian criminal mastermind and Eric Estrada...period. Miyagi sends several teams of assassins after our fair ladies and R rated hijinx ensue. The colorful assassins remind me of the killers sent after Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther Strikes Again.

ENEMY GOLD: Now this is a great one! Evil assassins hassle our heroes whilst they're looking for Quantrill's Lost Civil War gold! There are historical flashbacks and characters named Jewel Panther and Becky Midnight. What's not to like?

FIT TO KILL: There's something going on here about a rare missing Russian diamond, but once you see Julie Strain working out on a balcony you'll forget about things like "Plot". For extra fun though there's a cool helicopter battle.

GUNS: Is this a sexy feminist comedy or a feminist sex comedy? I dunno that's too much thinkin' for me. It's also got Erik Estrada, Danny Trejo, oil wrestling and hand grenades. Sounds like a great week in Vegas.

HARD HUNTED: You can't spell PLOT without a T and an A....well... Anyway we have another of Andy Sidaris' version of Charlie's Angels for Men. The girls need to track down a nuclear detonator or blah-ditty-blah-blah-blah.

HARD TICKET TO HAWAII: The evil Dr. Chang plans on destroying the economy of Hawaii and only super-agents Donna and Taryn and their pet mutant snake can stop him. This cultural and intellectual extravaganza features blow up dolls, razor tipped Frisbees and skate-boarding thugs.

MALIBU EXPRESS: This is sort of a down home Burt Reynolds type movie except it happens at the beach, and stars an 80's porn star/surfer dude, Sybil Danning and a red Delorean.

PICASSO TRIGGER: A cool title but probably one of the least of Sidaris' films. A bad guy tries to ice all the agents involved in his brother's death.

SAVAGE BEACH: Smoking hot Agents Donna and Taryn wander around a humid jungle in tiny tops looking for lost treasure. They run into an old Japanese soldier who still thinks WW2 is going on and a bunch of baddies also looking for the treasure. Plenty of action but for me not quite enough wacky humor.

RETURN TO SAVAGE BEACH: The Ladies of LETHAL try to recover a lost treasure before a hoard of bad guys can snag it. This one has plenty of skimpy outfits, hot actresses, bad dialogue and explosions but it's not as wacky or fun as many of Sidaris' earlier films.
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on March 28, 2011
Though the picture quality leaves a lot to be desired, this set is a steal considering the number of movies you get plus the bonus content. Each film is presented in the same 4:3 aspect ratio you saw them on Cinemax back in the day and they spread the movies over three discs (two movies on each side). Chapter selections are available, and the bonus content for each can be accessed by going to the chapter menu and clicking the up button on the remote until the woman's legs light up! Right leg is either a videotaped intro from the late Sidaris himself (along with Julie Strain, who shows her breasts in each segment) or an interview with Andy and one of the actresses (several of these are from "Drive In Theater" and are hosted by Joe Bob Briggs). Clicking over to the woman's left leg will access the original trailer for the movie. Not the lowest quality I've seen in a set like this but certainly less than average for Mill Creek, this one is still worth the price for volume of material and bonus features.
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on April 10, 2011
from my review at insidepulse:
Andy Sidaris innovated entertainment as a director for ABC's sports broadcasts. He made the call to let the cameras linger on cheerleaders and women in the crowd during Monday Night Football and Wide World of Sports. He understood that home viewers didn't need to constantly see sweaty players and screaming coaches. They appreciated a little beauty mixed in with the man action. He took this simple formula from the stadiums and made it the focus of his brand of cinema. His dozen films featured on Girls, Guns and G-Strings don't stray from his formula of international espionage, hunky guys, Playboy Playmates, Penthouse Pets, gun play and titles that sound like Mickey Spillane novels. If the story got slow, he excited the screen by having his stars make love, shower or blow stuff up.

Sidaris made two films in the `70s that didn't have the impact of his '80s and `90s output. What was the difference? His hot period coincided with the VHS era. A low budget filmmaker could do well selling cassettes across the country to mom and pop stores instead of pursuing the theatrical dream. He did best with stores that wanted to stock sexy films that weren't classified as hardcore adult action. He produced just enough sizzle with his cast to excite customers without it turning X-rated. It should be noted that the films are not merely sexist entertainment about getting women naked. Sidaris does his best to balance the flesh with undressed hunks. Sex sells and Sidaris wanted costumers of both genders renting his films. Home video success booked the films on pay movie channels for their late night programming. Odds are high that if you were up at 3 a.m. in the early `90s, you caught one of his films on Showtime.

Malibu Express (1987 - 101 minutes) lets Darby Hinton (Firecracker) play a private detective with a gun as big as his mustache. He gets hired to uncover the killer of Contessa Luciana's husband. There's plenty of action, fire power and flesh in the intrigue. He insures video sales with Sybil Danning (The Howling II) cast as the Contessa. Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987 - 96 minutes) features the first of Sidaris' muses in the form of Playmate Dona Speir (Miss March, 1984). She appeared in seven Sidaris movies and always played a character named Donna. This must have been confusing since her real name is Dona. Hope Marie Carlton (Miss July, 1985) is her partner. Her character's named Taryn. The two playmates are undercover operatives that nab diamonds bound for a drug lord in Hawaii. He wants his jewels back from them. Picasso Trigger (1988 - 98 minutes) kills off a top level agent with Picasso Trigger as his codename. Donna and Taryn are on the job to get revenge. It introduces Roberta Vasquez (Miss November, 1984) to the acting troupe. The movie received the ultimate honor by inspiring the naming of Raleigh band Picasso Trigger in the `90s.

Savage Beach (1990 - 94 minutes) puts Dona and Hope back on Hawaii as agents. They get tangled up in vaccines and Japanese gold. The major guest star is adult superstar Teri Weigel (Miss April, 1986). Guns (1990 - 96 minutes) dazzles in major star power with Erik Estrada (CHiPs, Chuck McCann (Far-Out Space Nuts), Phyllis Davis (VEGA$) and Danny Trejo (Machete). Dona teams up with Roberta to stop a South American gun runner based in Hawaii. Devin DeVasquez (Miss June, 1985) now joins in the Playmate reunion with Cynthia Brimhall (Miss October, 1985). Erik Estrada returns for Do or Die (1991 - 97 minutes) and brings along Pat Morita (The Karate Kid). The former Mister Miyagi plays a diabolical Asian crime boss that's hired hitmen to take out Dona and Roberta. Pandora Peaks puts her talents to work on the screen. Hard Hunted (1992 - 97 minutes) makes the girls go to the Mideast to recover a nuclear trigger. Aren't you happy that the fate of the world is being handled by Playmates? Fit to Kill (1993 - 94 minutes) marks the arrival of Julie Strain (Penthouse Pet of the Year 1993) into the Sidaris universe. The tall beauty plays evil as she helps steal a Russian diamond. Dona and Roberta hunt her down. This film marked the end of Dona's run as Donna. Do you think she gets upset when a fan calls her Donna?

While Sidaris didn't make family films, he made films with his family. His wife Arlene Sidaris was his producer. His son Drew Sidaris served as second assistant director on six of his movies. He also worked as 2nd AD on The A-Team, The Fall Guy and The Dukes of Hazzard. Drew got his chance to sit in the director's chair for two films that mom and dad produced. Enemy Gold (1993 - 92 minutes) went casting for new female leads using old Playboy magazines. Suzi Simpson (Miss January, 1992) and Tai Collins (appeared in Playboy after an affair with Senator Chuck Robb). They're being chased by Julie Strain as they hunt for lost Civil War gold. The Dallas Connection (1994 - 94 minutes) deals with a computer chip. But it's all about ladies with guns that go bang. New faces from old pages include Sam Phillips (Pet of the Month June, 1993) and Julie K. Smith (Pet of the Month February, 1993) and Wendy Hamilton (Miss December, 1991). Andy Sidaris returned to the helm for his film two films about the Legion to Ensure Total Harmony and Law (L.E.T.H.A.L.). Day of the Warrior (1996 - 97 minutes) stars Raye Hollitt best known as Zap on American Gladiators. The agents are out find the person that has cracked their secret database. Return to Savage Beach (1998 - 98 minutes) makes the L.E.T.H.A.L. ladies hunt down a lost computer disc. They should update this to a flashdrive.

They don't teach Andy Sidaris at expensive film schools. He ought to be a course like Hitchcock, Scorsese or Tarantino or Kubrick. He was a man with vision and a sense of audience. His independent carnal vision makes him part of a brotherhood that includes Russ Meyer and Radley Metzger. He made a dozen movies that entertained millions during the golden age of VHS. When he passed away in 2007, VCRs blinked 12:00 a.m. in his honor. Girls, Guns and G-Strings is his legacy in a boxset.
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on May 24, 2011
This is the one of the best Mill Creek Entertainment releases I've ever seen. They have put together 12 excellent Andy Sidaris films together in one set for a VERY affordable price! I had been trying to collect these films in the 3 pack Bullet, Bombs and Babes DVD sets but some places were charging the most ridiculous prices for them. This is a great way to get the entire Bullet, Bombs, and Babes collection and watch it in chronological order of the film's releases.

This set contains 3 double sided DVD's, each side containing two films. Each DVD is in a black paper/plastic case which are placed on top of each other in a sturdy holder. This is much nicer than some sets I've collected where the DVDs are stacked on one another with nothing between.

The films themselves looked excellent on my big screen, with full frame viewing. For girls, you get a wide variety of sexy women, including Julie Strain, Julie K. Smith, the exceptional Shae Marks, Suzi Simpson, Dona Spier, Hope Marie Carlton, Cynthia Brimhall, Roberta Vasquez, Pamela Peaks (as Stephanie Schick), Ava Cadell, Carrie Westcott, and may more that bare it all. For guys, there is a wide variety as well, Erik Estrada, Pat Morita, James Lew, Bruce Penhall, Gerard Okamura, Marcus "Buff" Bagwell, Danny Trejo, among others. There is plenty of fist fighting, gun shooting, over the top explosions, car/boat chases, funny moments, and passionate softcore action to keep one entertained.

The special features for each film can be found in the film's scene select scene, which Mill Creek could have done a better job of explaining how to access them. By clicking on the model's left leg, you can watch the original film trailer for the movie. By clicking on the right leg, you can watch either a film introduction by Andy Sidaris and Julie Strain, or a interview conducted by the fantastic Joe Bob Briggs with Andy Sidaris and a star of the film (Julie K. Smith for instance). However, this set does lack some of the special features that were on the Bullet, Bombs and Babes 3-pack DVD sets, those had deleted/extended scenes, audio commentary, photo galleries, and featurettes.

Overall, this is an excellent release, one of Mill Creek's finest and a great way to get 12 sexy action packed films for a VERY low price. It's not perfect since it does lack some of the special features from past releases and the special features could have been better clarified but I HIGHLY recommend this collection since it has so much BANG for so little buck! I would also recommend picking this set up sooner before later if you want it, I'm sure it will sell quick! I also want to thank Andy Sidaris (RIP) and his wife Arlene for their vision in making these films!
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on June 23, 2011
These movies won't win any oscars as they are nothing but soft porn thinly disguised as action/adventure, so when you get bored with todays modern tv and need a break, pop one of these in, you will get to see a watered down version of james bond, charlie's angels, and a sitcom all rolled into one , combined with lots of explosions and guns, I guarantee that you won't get bored, man or woman, you will find something in there to laugh or even smile about, and before we get too critical, Andy Sidaris deserves some credit for giving these playboy centerfolds a chance to do something other than spreading their legs in a magazine, therefore, if you are a person who don't take youself seriously and accepts that movies are for fun and entertainment then you have nothing to lose by watching these, besides, they cost less than $10., try paying that for 12 movies at the theater !
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on July 8, 2011
There is a temptation to compare the 'racy' films of Andy Sidaris with his European counterpart, Tinto Brass; both were respected main-stream filmmakers who decided to explore their passion for beautiful women in a series of sexy, funny, light-weight adventures with a lot of nudity. However, where Brass has, with a few exceptions, grounded his films within (nominally) 'real' settings and storylines, Sidaris more ambitiously attempted to combine TV series-inspired action and weapons, along with massively-muscled henchmen, exotic locales, familiar faces, and juvenile storylines, to create Playboy Channel-style escapism, with a twist. Sidaris clearly targeted the early video market with these films, keeping the sexiness within the mores and ratings of the time (while Brass unabashedly displayed full-frontal nudity of men and women, Sidaris carefully kept it to women, and never graphic). One can also make a case that Brass women are more real and natural (Sidaris women flaunt a lot of plastic surgery), and seem to enjoy sex more (even within the ratings confines, Sidaris' scenes of passion often seem more like '20-minute workouts' than actual lovemaking!)

Still, Girls Guns & G-Strings is a great popcorn collection, when you want to just kick back and enjoy eye candy! "Malibu Express" offers a grown-up and laid-back Darby Hinton (from Daniel Boone) as a mustached Magnum P.I.-style gumshoe who is incompetent with a gun, but not with the ladies; "Hard Ticket to Hawaii" has clothing-optional female law enforcement operatives (Playmates Dona Speir and Hope Marie Carlton) involved in diamonds and drugs in the Aloha State; "Picasso Trigger" is a tale of revenge, and introduces one of my own personal favorites, Playmate Roberta Vasquez; "Savage Beach" feels like a sequel to "Hard Ticket", this time involving stolen gold, and was again filmed in Hawaii (which would become a regular locale); "Guns" got a LOT of attention when released, as Erik Estrada (CHiPs) starred, in a tale of a South American gangster in Hawaii, with a lot of familiar TV faces (not to worry, there was plenty of Playmate action, too); "Do or Die" took that nice Karate Kid mentor, Pat Morita, and turned him into a brilliant, diabolical criminal mastermind (Erik Estrada also appears); "Hard Hunted" goes further into the spy genre, and moves the action into a Middle East that isn't quite believable (I know, nothing else about the film is, so the point is...?); "Fit to Kill" offers statuesque Penthouse Pet/B-actress Julie Strain as a villainess after a priceless diamond...Andy Sidaris' son, Drew, also directed; "Enemy Gold" pits Julie Strain against Suzi Simpson and Tai Collins, in a hunt for Civil War gold; "The Dallas Connection" is not about cheerleaders (although the gorgeous women could qualify!), but computer chips; Andy returned for the final films of the collection, "Day of the Warrior" and "Return to Savage Beach", two films combining a The Man from U.N.C.L.E.-type enforcement agency (L.E.T.H.A.L.) and computer-oriented plotlines (hot women and hi-tech...every geek's dream!)

I was first introduced to Sidaris' films though Joe Bob Briggs' wonderfully off-kilter premium channel series, "Drive-In Theater", and clips of some of his interviews are included in the special features, along with intros by Sidaris (made before his death, in 2007) and Julie Strain. While Sidaris is compared to Ed Wood, and even Tarantino, in Amazon reviews, I think, as I stated earlier, that Tinto Brass offers a better analogy, because of their earlier history. Check out the film work of both directors (Amazon carries a large selection)...I think you'll enjoy yourself!
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on February 3, 2013
Yes, you know that Andy Sidaris films always deliver on the themes of boobs and explosions. However, there are other, stranger themes that help make these movies so much fun. Here are some of them:

RC! Remote control cars, boats, planes, helicopters and tanks, often outfitted with explosives, appear in almost every one of these films.

Drag queens! Although this theme faded in the later films, the early ones even featured a former Miss Gay America in a couple of key roles.

Guys who can't shoot! There are many scenes involving one of the male secret agents demonstrating complete inadequacy with guns, while their female counterparts laugh. What would Freud say?

If you're a stickler for cool packaging, that's about the only thing you're not going to like about this set of DVDs. However, if you want a lot of bang for your buck (and there's a lot of banging in this box set), this is the way to go.
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on May 29, 2011
Andy Sidaris is a film making genius, let me tell you why, he has taken concept of spies, hot girls and big guns to a whole new level.Girls Guns & G-Strings is only 2 or 3 movies shy of his entire collection. These movies are way over the top, the male heros are all cut out of marble and the villians look the part (creepy and stupid) the women are georgeous and will take off their clothing at the drop of a hat but they also carry really big guns and happen to shoot better than the men. The dubbing of theses movies is bad, words and lip movement seldomly match up. That by chance is the only flaw in this series. It is campy fun at its best first of all everything is super highly combustable because the slightest peice of explosive equipment (and they use a lot of it) MAKES HUGE EXPLOSIONS MORE LIKE THE EQUIVALANT OF NITRO OR C-4. They have a tendency to utilize remote controlled vehicles to deliver these explosives. The men all carry huge guns but can't hit the side of a barn while the women use all types of devices from remote controlled cars to bazookas and crossbows....oh and they never miss. Welcome to the world of perfect, beautiful spies. Suspend disbelief before watching.
I rated it a 5 simply because it is the best of the worse.
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VINE VOICEon May 6, 2013
I picked up this set because it looks kind of interesting. It wasn't quite what I was expecting though. I was thinking this was going to be a series of spy type movies, done very badly, with skimpy outfits on the women. What I wasn't expecting was all the toplessness. I don't think you get 5 min. into the first movie before a woman has taken off her top and is running around exposed. I'm not exactly complaining, but don't expect their parents to be very happy if you put this on for your teenage nephew or something.

The movies range from completely inexplicable and mostly boring to mostly inexplicable and fairly entertaining. Sometimes there's a mix of those in between. I swear at times I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on plot wise, but I still had a mostly enjoyable time. If you picture bad movies run on cable TV on a weekend you get the idea, except with the aforementioned skin. Actually, some of the gunfights, deaths, etc. were actually so badly done that they were incredibly amusing. The movies date from the 80s to the late 90s and sort of have a unifying theme. Expect to see things like VHS tapes and pagers.

Considering you get 12 movies for so cheap, I don't think there's any way I could not recommend purchasing this set. Just don't expect blockbuster quality fair. Even if you get a few laughs out of it, it's well worth it. Heck, I spent about the same for this as I did for Starhunter which had about 1/1000 the toplessness, fewer funny bits, and was equally inexplicable.
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on September 29, 2014
Beautiful women removing their clothing, shooting guns, blowing things up, driving fast cars, flying planes in exotic Hawaii and even more exotic Texas. What more does it take to make an enjoyable series of movies??? Oh, I almost forgot, model planes, cars and boats.
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