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on September 18, 2016
The first time I watched this, I hated it. I'm glad I gave it a second shot.

The bad: The show reeks of privileged white Northeasterner girls. It covers every type within that demographic, but it doesn't drift anywhere past that. As a male Asian-Canadian (expat), it's not just really hard to relate, and at worst it's a bit tone deaf (i.e. white privilege). I can't watch this show with my white friends, which was the mistake I made the first time. We enjoy the show differently. 1-star on this measure.

The good: Being in my early 30's, it's awesome to see a show about all the awkwardness of growing up during your 20's in today's world. 5-stars by this measure. I love that a lot of new shows are addressing our generation.
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on September 25, 2015
Does this series hold anything for persons over the age of twenty-five?

I must confess that I only managed to watch the first twenty minutes of season 1, and then gave up, finding much better things to do with my spare time. I was initially curious about the program having heard an interview with Lena Dunham and references to her part in the series, but I hope she doesn't consider this as the high point in her career.

The contrived lunch with parents who cut her off their financial support did not ring true, was it because of the indifferent acting, or poor dialog that turned me off so quickly - I don't know, I'm not a professional critic and obviously not very articulate, but I suspect that the series is aimed at very young adults.
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on March 16, 2016
As a fairly privileged Ivy-League-educated millennial living in New York, I totally get where this show is going. And sometimes it's AMAZING and totally encapsulates what I perceive to be our collective experience as a demographic. But sometimes it's just too cringey in its characterizations, which sure, are part of what it's going for, but which also don't feel real even in a "truth is stranger than fiction" way.

Maybe this will come in later seasons, but the show doesn't have a working, driven, successful character. It doesn't even have to be a main character, just someone who maybe has a real job, is in their early 20s, who has challenges (even if they're not explored by the show) that resemble those faced by someone who is actually directly in a position to "be successful" or (god forbid) earn a living. There are no contemporary foils to the characters the show follows that get an iota of screen time.

That said, liked the show. Will probably watch season 2.
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on June 2, 2015
I wanted to like this show, I'd heard so much about it, but I found these girls kind of annoying and whiny. I'm a woman who grew up in NYC, born & raised, left just shy of age 30, but I never had all the angst of these girls. None of my friends were like these girls, even the most flighty ones. Maybe it's a millennial vs baby boomer thing, but I don't think so. I'm also annoyed by shows based in NYC that are all or mostly lily white. I'm a white Irish Catholic gal but my friends and boyfriends ran the rainbow, Hispanic, Greek, Italian, Yugoslavian, Indian, African, African-American, Palestinian, Israeli, Asian, you name it. Like any good NYC gal I could say "F you" in at least 6 languages, and the adventures my friends and I had were way more interesting than this bunch. I gave up on this show after 1 season.
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on February 9, 2017
Excellent window into present 20 to 30 year old generation social world and the contradictions they face between family ,friends ,work and romantic life. From a 70 year old perspective how very much woman have gained in expressing and living life by their own rules benifing themselves first.
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on September 14, 2015
I loved it. Not because it’s entirely believable, as it’s not. Not because all the women are gorgeous, as they’re not.
Nor because the drama concerns things of earthshaking importance, as it doesn’t. I gave this series four stars because
I found I just loved watching a fairly ordinary-looking young woman make her way in her young adult world,
with her motly group of girl and guy-friends, focused on the real and often immature things that many, even fairly
bright "transition-age youths” 18-25 are doing and thinking about these days with in the real world. In bringing this to the screen,
as writer and producer, Lena Dunham has made a marvelous contribution giving us a fairly realistic window into young womanhood.
I don’t see any other TV show doing that. Congrat’s Lena, and to do that at your age!
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on May 23, 2016
You either love or hate Hannah. Or like me have this ridiculous love hate relationship with her character. Overall an accurate portrayal of just how ridiculous and confusing life can be in your twenties. The ups and downs of relationships all the while trying to survive in the concrete jungle. This is a show that explores many different aspects of life, specifically sexual experiences and the baggage of it all as an slightly "overweight" woman. As Hannah breaks out her shell as upcoming raw writer, not only does she find herself but she accepts herself and her relationships no matter how difficult they may be. I love how straight forward a lot of cast members are and it is an overall enjoyable show (if "gossip" drama is your kind of thing).
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on December 3, 2015
i'm on the fence here. It's a completely love hate relationship with this show. I hate the characters and all that they stand for, yet I'm completely drawn to them in a very twisted sort of way. But maybe that's the catch. Lena Dunham has managed to create a show that is controversial, clearly successful, and yet the characters are "hated" by some (if not many). But I guess that hate at least evokes some emotion that keeps viewers interested. I'd like to say that I can just stop watching one episode, but I continue to watch it in hopes that one, if not all of the characters will get out of their own ass, take financial security of their lives, stop being so selfish and entitled, and become a grown up. But alas, I'm disappointed every episode. I can only find little joys in moments when someone refreshes their memory of the things that prevent them from becoming fully functioning responsible, independent women. There are tender moments in the episode that remind you that these women are human, but again (I guess as in reality), they fall back to their entitled ways.
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on February 17, 2016
Very laid-back, non-action-packed show...which, in a different way, makes it very interesting on a psychological level. One can easily become fascinated with the characters and develop a connection to each and every situation that arises. A somewhat humorous, yet poignant storyline. Lena Dunham was phenomenal with her uninhibited portrayal of Hannah. Overall, Lena's creation of "Girls" is an intriguing and refreshing Series that is different from anything else out there today. Highly recommend for anyone looking to actually connect with Characters and appreciate the trials and tribulations of being a 20-something living in Brooklyn.
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on October 14, 2016
having heard about Lena Dunham for some time, this was the first time i'd ever actually seen her in action, and all i can say is Lena is utterly fearless - and perhaps add that her 3 female cohorts are very easy on the eyes and great actresses... Zosia Mamet is mesmerizing - almost like watching Tom Hanks do Forrest Gump... the show is hilarious at times, painful at times, sad at times, gripping at times, but always believable - it is simply a slice of reality... and the sparks really begin to fly near the end of the first season - i'm sold on Lena... and regarding the many comments about Lena's courageousness for her nude scenes and Gaby Hoffman's feeling that the notion of nudity as bravery is something of an insult: “When I hear people say that about Lena I cringe, because I find it predicated on the notion that she somehow wouldn’t feel comfortable with her body. That the bravery is coming from a place that she’s doing it in spite of something.” in spite of Gaby Hoffman's take that it is an insult to believe Lena was courageous for doing the nude scenes - it does take courage to swim against the current of this deranged culture and its incessant conditioning about body-image... Lena's courage is opening new doors...
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