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on February 2, 2015
Update 4/22/15

This stuff has continued to help my pup, I've only needed to express her glands maybe once a month, but even then it's not as bad as it once was. I'm sure with time this will get better as well. I continued to see the big expulsion of anal gland fluid for a couple weeks, and now it has steadied to a more normal amount since they're draining more frequently. I've purchased the 4 ounce size, which for some reason seems to always be less per ounce than the 5.5 ounce one. If you're skeptical buy this smaller size to give it a try, I'm so happy I did! Even the small size bottle lasted almost two months for my 45 lb dog; it's worth it!

Original review:

AMAZING! My puppy (now 10 months) has had anal gland issues since we rescued her at 10 weeks. We've gone though many diet changes, remedies, and supplements trying to find a fix. I've documented this complex journey on youtube if you're curious We did find a few good things that helped us move from manual expression every two days to every two weeks. This was a VAST improvement for sure, but I was still hoping we could get even more, so I decided to give this product a try. I tried the 'No Scoot' supplement with no luck a long time ago because it has good reviews and was (I believed) cheaper; I have since realized that Glandex actually costs less per serving plus, IT WORKS! Today was day three; I took my dog out to potty, I usually watch her once a day to check for good poops and to see if her glands are expressing on their own. Usually after she does her business I see a couple drops of anal gland fluid come out, this morning it squirted out like it does when I express her! I was amazed! I'm sorry if that is too gross or TMI, but if your dog has issues as bad as mine I'm sure you'll understand why I needed to share that. I'll update again in a few weeks, but I'm so impressed and felt the need to share this now! If this continues to work I'll definitely be buying a bigger size in the future
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on April 6, 2017
I usually don't write reviews. Given that such small part of our dog's anatomy can lead to big health problems I felt compelled to make some comments regarding Glandex. Full or impacted anal glands can be at the least very uncomfortable for dogs and let go can become very painful, infected and may even burst. It is a serious problem. My female German Shepherd has been struggling on and off with one of her anal sacs impacting. Over time veterinary intervention has been required more often. The last go round she needed to be put under so the vet could carefully examine, clean and flush the anal sac with sterile saline solution and lastly Clinzgard, a liquid antibiotic that is left in the anal sac to be absorbed into it over time. Then a long course of NSAIDs and oral antibiotics. We went over her diet which is corn/soy/wheat free, locally sourced protein and has kept all my dogs fit and healthy. My vet told me if her problems continued the next option would be surgery. The surgery is a delicate surgery which is best done by specialists who would remove the anal sac. Like any surgery it has it's risks, draw backs and costs. Since the last go around with the vet carefully cleaning and medicating the anal sac that was inflamed and infected, I decided while we were starting with a clean slate/anal sac, I'd try one last shot to avoid the surgery, with my Vet's blessing and close monitoring. I started giving the Glandex at 1/2 dose for first dosage, just to make sure she would tolerate it. She did tolerate well, no GI upset, no gas. So I upped to 3/4 dose for her weight, all was still good. This morning I gave her her first full dose with her breakfast and already I am seeing an improvement in the bulk and consistency of her stool and ease of passing it. I read some comments about palatability. My dogs likes it, I use the powder form, put it in her food with warm water and she digs in and gobbles it up. For those who are having problems with palatability I suggest mixing it with a little warm chicken or beef broth and pouring over the dog's normal rations. According to the manufacturer it may take up to 3 weeks to get complete results. I will come back and update in the hopes the information I share will help other dog owners struggling with these problems. If Glandex shows improvement over the next month and enables my girl to maintain healthy gland expression naturally I will upgrade to 5 stars and rejoice! So far, initial indications are good.

4/26/17 As promised, an update. My girl has been showing steady improvement. Since her problem was chronic and the gland and duct were infected this last go-round it takes time to heal. Signs of discomfort have been diminishing, the licking has been reduced by 90%, the scooting/spinning is only 1 time per week at most when before last vet visit AND using Glandex it was a daily occurrence. I could also see the swelling and redness prior to treatment around her left anal sac, that has almost completely disappeared. I also have started adding turmeric for it's natural anti-inflammatory properties. I've upped her exercise by walking her several times a week up gentle grades so that she uses the muscles in her hips and back legs more. I will gradually increase this as she builds up her stamina. All in all I think Glandex has been an important partner along with veterinary treatment and a holistic approach to help her heal completely. As always, if your dog has chronic or severe issues with his/her anal glands please see a vet, there are some very good treatment options available now, then add in Glandex and look at other holistic options to prevent relapse. I'm boosting to 5 stars and will come back with one more update in a month or so to help fellow dog owners who may find this information useful.

6/5/17 I continue with the protocol as described above with one addition, an oral anti-histamine. Anti-histamines reduce inflammation and itching and allergies can cause anal itching, licking and consequent swelling. Under the guidance of a vet it was one of those can't hurt things. Please check with your vet as there are different classes of anti-histamines available both over the counter and by RX specifically for dogs (btw I've not had luck with Benadryl, it only lasts about 4 hours in the dog's system, not long enough to really help). I am here to re-order more Glandex today as I consider it instrumental in preventing the need for surgery in my dog. I won't say my girl is 100%, she still occasionally shows discomfort but it's very minor compared to previously and only twice in the last few weeks. I think we can now manage the anal gland issue safely without the need for surgery. My experience with this product tells me that if your dog has had a long term chronic anal gland issue like mine did, it takes time to for the duct and anal sac to heal. So as long as you are seeing improvement stick with it and make sure your dog is getting the other support it needs such as exercise. I hope this has helped other dog owners dealing with this problem in their dogs!
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on June 4, 2016
That STENCH. You know that smell if you're reading this. I have two fat pit bulls who are both on grain free diets, get fish oil for dry skin and now veggies for treats (because, fat) and this cacophony has lead to "that smell" not getting expressed outside where it should. But instead it goes on the couch when they get excited when gramma comes over, in the bed after jumping up, or on the carpet if they get scared by something and fart. I would wash the blankets and the sheets and everything 5000 times but I swear I could still smell it even at work, like it was lodged in my nostrils permanently. Well. We just about finished our first bottle of this and I figured I might as well write a review as I'm buying the next bottle, which I hope comes in a one gallon bucket. We have had NO (zip, zero, zilch) horrible reeking stench whatsoever since they started on this- didnt even take a week to start working, day one we were golden (thank my lucky stars). Also, I know it's not the goal of the product, but their post-poop "interpretive dances" are so happy and energetic now, you can tell they feel very, very satisfied now after going. What mother doesn't want that for their fat furry child :)
Edit 7/27 - 3rd time buying, because this stuff is so great. Please start making this in a larger size!!!
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on November 6, 2017
I have a 4 year old Pit Bull, who, for her entire life has been scooting and licking perpetually, daily, constantly... so much so that her vagina has scratches on it and she "assumes the position" of running through my legs with her butt in my face when I ask her if she wants a "booty squeeze". She's also terribly reactive (this is an aside, but maybe its been a result of constant discomfort?). Anyways - she's been on the Glandex for 2 nights now (I've mixed it with her dinner) and for the last 2 nights she has slept like a baby, and in the last 2 days NOT scooted, not attacked her bottom or her vagina as if something was eating her from the inside out, AND today she had the zoomies for a full 30 minutes - it's as joyful as I have EVER seen her.
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on October 13, 2017
My dog had went through several courses of antibiotics for anal gland infections. But, it would always come back. So the vet had suggested that we might have to remove the anal glands which was going to be a very expensive surgery around $800. When I saw this product was available I decided to give it a try. I'm about halfway through my second bottle and we've had no other issues with the anal glands. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the best treatment. My dog is 10 years old and putting her through an unnecessary surgery just did not seem like a good idea.
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on June 16, 2016
Glandex powder has been the cause of a real turn-around for my dog. I have been told he has Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Expensive and intrusive testing which involves risk to the dog has been suggested to me. I decided to see waht I could find in natural and older treatment of intestinal problems -- since obviously doctors DID treat these things years ago. I ran across Glandex. My dog did scoot, although that wasn't his major difficulty.

I have been using this for a relatively short time. Within 2 days, I was able to substantially lower the dose of the medication he was taking for his problem. He feels a LOT better. Glandex is a lot safer for him. His medication has side effects. Other medications which are used to treat IBD also cause problems.

If you have a dog with problems with diarrhea, Glandex is certainly worth a try. For my dog -- I would call it nearly a miracle. He has been having serious problems for over 3 years now, and in 3 days, we had a major improvement.

Highly recommend this product. I just ordered more of it.
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on February 22, 2018
It’s only been a week and we’ve already seen improvement with our pup!

Zoe just turned 2 and ever since we got her she’s had anal gland issues.

She would release her glands in the house ALL the time! It’s nasty! From my experience with dog grooming this is NOT normal so I set out to figure out what we could do to help!

I can across this and we’ve been using it a little over a week and she hasn’t expressed her glands inside once!

We did notice she has to poop more often though so warning to other owners out there, watch closesly because when we first started her on it the second day my husband didn’t realize she needed to go (because it was outside of her normal pattern) and she pooped all over the floor! Luckily it was big solid poop though which before using this product her poop was a mess!

Love it so far! Already HUGE improvements!
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on May 19, 2017
Update: Still working. If I skip a few days, I can tell (serious stinky butt). For anyone struggling to get their cat to actually eat this, I figured out a way that works *knock on wood*. I put 1/16th tsp in the middle of a fish flavored pill pocket from Greenies and squish it inside and make the pill pocket into a little ball. I give her two pill pockets, one with the Glandex and one without. She has been eating it twice a day with no issue and she doesn't stick her nose up at her regular food anymore.

It's definitely working for my cat. She hardly has a case of stinky butt anymore. She hates the taste though. I have to give her 1/8tsp split in two doses (1/16 tsp each) and mix it with very flavorful wet food. She won't eat her food if she tastes a hint of it.
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on December 26, 2016
Glandex Powder , is a wonderful supplement for your pampered pooch that needs a little help with Anal gland issues or bowel movement issues . I found it especially helpful for my 14 year old dog who had infected anal glands , with Glandex & antibiotics her infection has cleared up and she can now have a BM . Before Glandex she was impacted and couldn't have a BM with out bursting a gland. I apologize if that was too much info , I just wanted to give my honest and candid opinion of this product .
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on April 8, 2018
Rating is only for how the dog likes it, not enough time to determine if it’s helping with anal gland issues yet. We were told to increase the fiber in our dog’s diet to try to harden up her stools so her glands expressed themselves upon defecation. TMI, but if you’re looking at this product you are having same issues. This is a powder, but you sprinkle it on your dog’s food (we use dry kibble) and it sticks just fine. Our “dose” is 3/4 teaspoonful a day. Our dog doesn’t seem to mind the addition, we’ve seen no change in the amount she eats since using it. You do have to refrigerate it once opened, which is a minor hassle.
We are 3 weeks into using, so will try to update when we go to vet again. She is still currently boot-scooting, but I’ll give this few months before I stop using and call it a failure for our pet. The product package states 1-3 months for results.
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