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on January 23, 2014
I don’t know what to rate them, I loved them. I bought 4 on October 19th 2013. They fit so nicely in the hand and I find the bottom perfectly weighted. These glasses do enhance the enjoyment of scotch for me, concentrating the aromas while allowing for spill free swirling.

In December 2013, the bottom of one just fell off while casually holding it.
I lost my scotch on the floor.
I am not hard on my possessions and am very mindful when it comes to delicate items such as this. Well, I thought it a fluke and would not have taken off a single star based on a one off experience.

On January 22nd 2014, three months after purchasing, the same thing happened. The bottom just dropped off while holding it. I posted a picture of the 2nd glass. After drinking from them I rinse and wash them immediately by hand and put them upside down to drain and dry. I do not own a dishwasher. Maybe it was a bad batch or maybe I banged them at some point. Twice just seems more than coincidental.
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on March 4, 2015
Fantastic and better than I had hoped for. I had wanted Tequila tasting glasses, read the reviews on these and picked them up. I put this class up against a flared shot glass, the tasting glass that came with a previous tequila (Herradura), and a Luigi Bormioli wine tasting glass. This one beat all the others with its concentrated aroma/flavor that it exposed to my palate (we're all different). I used the same tequila (Herradura Anejo) in all 4 glasses lined up with maybe a half ounce in each. I ended up pouring all the glasses into this one. The lady-wife was surprised at the differences in the glasses as well. Moved on to Tres Generaciones anejo and it was simply excellent!

Very happy with the purchase and I'll probably pick up a few more in the future as I enjoy rums, bourbons, and whiskeys as well.

I saw a few questions out there about them being "authentic" so I took a picture of the glass with the tequila in it where you can see the etching of the name along with two pics from the box. I guess you have to make your own decision after that.
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on January 5, 2016
It's just a nice, elegant, simple glass. Mine has held up well so far. Great clarity, easy to hold, what's not to like?
Each glass was individually boxed, and wrapped in bubblewrap -- arrived just fine.

A perfect fit for a nice aged rum or Scotch. It's small, so will make one or two ounces seem like a fair pour. The picture shows it filled correctly, just to the wide part of the bowl. There's probably enough room for one smallish cube of ice to squeeze in, if you're into that kind of thing, but that just ain't right. Keep your Old Fashioned glasses for that.

It does focus the aromas a bit, so you might not want to stick your snout fully down in it for something with 50+% alcohol, but there's no harm in it.
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on September 5, 2016
easily enhanced my whiskey drinking experience over my crystal rocks glasses ive grown accustomed to.I am a fairly novice whiskey sipper (more of a craft beer guy generally) and ive decided to dive into the world of whiskey over the past year. Ive always liked bourbon but as an avid craft beer lover i needed to start getting into the better whiskeys to see what the deal was. Now im hooked.
I had to see what all the hype was about. These really are the best whiskey glasses for quality neat sippers.
Just get them and add them to your bar if you dont have them, you wont be disappointed.
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on May 21, 2015
These glasses are pretty good and I would recommend these glasses (at least this type of glass) to anyone looking to bring out the flavor of their spirits.

One issue that I have it that the top half(ish) doesn't seem all that well made. By that I mean it feels as though I could shatter the top of it just by grabbing it incorrectly, given enough force.

Another issue that I personally have is the size. It does have the dimensions listed on the page so I heavily encourage any potential buyers to look at the dimensions before purchasing. It's my fault for not paying attention to this so I won't let it affect my review points.

Satisfied with my purchase in that the type of glass is quite good for drinking spirits. I would personally look for larger glasses for my next purchase though.
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on December 29, 2014
Absolutely 100 percent the best way to taste whiskey. These have changed the game so much for me. I've now been drinking bourbon out of these glasses for six months, and I've found things in the nose and on my palate I never would have otherwise. It's really helped me refine my senses and appreciate whiskey more. Every whiskey drinker should own a pair of these--or more! A tip on cleaning...I almost never use soap on these unless I've left one sitting for a day or two with whiskey in it (hardly ever happens...gotta drink it all!). All you need to do: after you are finished with your drink, rinse well with pretty hot water and then take a paper towel and dry it, being sure to wipe the inside out with a little elbow grease, and don't forget the bottom of the interior where the last drop of whiskey likes to hang out. This will scrape off any layer of residue that may be there which can cause the glass to start looking a little old, brown, and used. My friend had a set of these that were kinda misty looking, and I took them to the Sink and worked this magic and voila they are now crystal clear like mine. Unless you put something besides whiskey in these (don't even try it!) you really should never need soap. Cheers y'all!
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on April 22, 2017
Used them immediately. Washed with hot water and very little dish soap. The two I received were packaged well and were not broken. I actually feel like these aren't brittle like some have said. I'm also not sure how to tell if they are actually crystal and not glass. Overall they're exactly what I wanted. All my different bourbons will be drank from these. Since I haven't had but a few days and only used twice, I'll update if something changes.
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on February 15, 2017
These glasses definitely enhance the taste and overall drinking experience of a fine scotch. I definitely picked up some other tasting notes I didn't notice in a regular rock glass. For instance when drinking the macallan 12 double cask I found that it really brought out the dried fruit flavors in the scotch. Excited to try other spirits in this as well. A few caveats, 1) it's definitely a sipping glass. These things are tiny and delicate. I have big hands so I had to be extra careful not to drop it. 2)If you're using whiskey stones be real careful placing them in the glass. You can fit two small ones, maybe three if you pour a bit more and stack one on top of the other two, more than that you're pushing it.
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on October 15, 2013
All I can say is these glasses are very special. Perfectly weighted on the bottom and lovely shape that captures the aroma of the Scotch or whatever special you are drinking. I bought a pair for a friend along with a high priced bottle of Bourbon. Not sure it is the right glass but can tell you that when he sips this special bottle in this special glass, he remembers who gave it to him and he often comments on how he enjoys them. Go for it. You won't be sorry. These are special for sure.
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on July 27, 2015
Beautiful glasses and a "must-have" glass for all whiskey fans. This crystal is the real deal, getting a nice reverberating "ring" sound when cheers'ing a mate. The design really has no flaws, with a nice heavy base to keep it weighted down, with a super thin lip so the whiskey doesn't bead up on your lips. I bought one, then loved it so much that I bought 3 more. Absolutely recommend
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