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on May 31, 2013
Inequality exists. However, the true inequality problem is not what socialist "intellectuals" would like us to believe. We can have forced earnings redistribution programs and public education expenditures of any level for any amount of time and we will not change a fundamental reality: some people are smarter than others as a matter of genetics.

Hurray for Dr. Lynn for boldly explaining what is really going on in the world. It would be great if people opened their eyes to the fact of variations in intelligence. It would also be great if people opened their eyes to the fact of dysgenic demographic trends.

The situation is clearly explained in this book, which is well organized by geographic region. The author does not rant about good people and evil people. Rather, he presents observation-based logic that runs completely counter to the "conventional wisdom" of the "politically correct."

John Christmas, author of "Democracy Society"
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on July 18, 2015
The book concept offers a great explanatory and a serious predictive power - and what more could one ask from science? Yes, there are minor lapsi [e.g., one table was printed twice]. Plus, the copy I bought was very heavily marked by some previous owner - removing these comments took quite some time. But then, an unmarked copy was on sale for the rather steep $1900-something. Perhaps, Washington Summit [the publisher) could think of making another printing run, or of making it available in some electronic form.
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on May 2, 2012
I love this book! Richard Lynn took what Murray and Herrnstein did in The Bell Curve and applied it to the whole world. In this book Professor Lynn shows why some countries are rich and some are poor, and it comes down to IQ. For example, had the British never colonized Australia, it would have been the poorest continent on the planet because despite vast mineral resources, the Aborigines have no idea what to do with anything underfoot. It takes intelligence, not hunter-gatherer prowess to create wealth and the Aborigines average IQ is below 70! The Aborigines never invented the bow, never domesticated the Dingo nor any native plants or animals. They have much higher crime rates, much higher rates of alcoholism, drug use and "petrol sniffing". Their educational attainment is pitifully low, their poverty is extreme despite living in a very wealthy society with many educational and employment opportunities. Thanks to the civilization brought to the continent by the high IQ British, Australia produces billions of dollars in raw materials for the world to use in manufacturing the goods of our modern life. If the Aborigines had a high enough IQ they could have taken the advice of British author Douglas Adams who wrote in HHGG "The secret is to bang the rocks together guys!". On the very same continent are also immigrant East Asians who exhibit high IQs (~105) who do know how to "bang the rocks together" and have very high levels of wealth and educational attainment, higher than the whites in many cases. This book shows that you don't have to be white to be well off, the higher the IQ you have the richer you will be no matter what piece of dirt you occupy. High IQ people are rich in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas, low IQ people are poor in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.
Read this book. You'll suddenly understand the whole world.
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on November 10, 2012
This book will surely test the open-mindedness of advocates of political correctness. Bravo to the author for bringing compelling evidence to the issues.
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on December 8, 2008
It's very useful book, summarizing a huge material. What is lacking, however, from this type of book (as title promises):

a) absence of estimations for huge groups of the population (the most important, frome Central Asia and Middle East, from Russia, etc.), with unproportional emphasis on some tiny groups
b) almost complete absence of the st.deviation estimates, which are critically important for this types of generalizations. It reduces the value of the studies very much;
c) lack of analysis of differences and practical (social, political, etc.) impementations (it seems, it is covered in other Lynn's works, but not here).

But except of this - it's great.

Igor Mandel, PhD
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on May 1, 2011
It simply deserves 5 stars only for its boldness in being published.
It simply deserves 5 stars only for the amount of data it presents.
It simply deserves 5 stars to fight against any attempt to vote down it in the name of political correctness.
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on September 12, 2009
A great book. Sure to irritate those who think it isn't fair that all mankind isn't equally endowed. Those who hid their eyes at "The Bell Curve" will flee in horror. Well written and fun, even if what he reports on isn't so fun. Just is.
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on April 4, 2010
Not a particularly well put together book. It covers what it says to do but there is also dogmatism that refutes the problems with the sampling.I overlook this because the premise of all these books is irrefutable.When we see an athletic man jumping over a fence do we think to ourselves , he came from a better off family and so had a much better chance to learn how to do this.NO! We think there is an athletic person .It is obvious the same applies to intelligence but the intellectuals and their indoctrinated acolytes refuse the obvious ! These PC nuts sling mud at any that even think in this direction AND they have become an existential threat to the civilised world , in exactly the same way the communism was. The irony is beyond them because they think they are RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT and an other is an evil person that should be marginalised and criminalised .
The author has done a brave job to alert the world to this TRUTH , alas the forces in the media and sections of our community who have managed to destabilise the Western World with their immigration policies taking us straight back into the communist nightmare.Every day we see the Gov straight jacket tighten.We are in for a perfect world , Comrade.
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on June 15, 2014
I am reading The Global Bell Curve now, enough to grade it despite not having finished it. I fear, though, that all these reviews will soon go to waste because, like earlier Lynn books, including Race Differences in Intelligence, this one may already be out of print and prove hard to obtain without paying a premium to someone who already has it.

I note, with despair, that Lynn's most recent contribution (written with Tatu Vanhanen), Intelligence: A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences, published only two years ago by Ulster Institute for Social Research, London, UK, has already met the same end. It is not available from Amazon or any third party seller here, has not been reviewed here, and is said by Amazon to be out of print. Amazon seems mistaken on this last point, though, since at least for the moment it still can still be obtained from the publisher in the UK. The burden of Global Bell Curve is that the revelations of the original Bell Curve are not American curiosities, but instead prevail worldwide. In passing, Global Bell Curve disposes of alternative explanations of group IQ differences -- that is, arguments that they arise from something other than different gene pools -- showing that they are wrong or, at best, unconvincing.

How can so many turn away from, even seek to suppress, what science from many sources over many years has been telling us about differences in racial IQ levels? If we can't learn this, think about it, and take it into account when we make policy decisions where this sort of element is or ought to be relevant, we invite harmful error. Yet our politics and prevailing notions of morality and social fairness force us to conclude that, instead, we will do just about anything to avoid facing this particular reality.

The IQs of different racial groups, of course, however measured, are not the be and end all -- and mean nothing about the intelligence or any other quality of an individual member of any measured group. But to ignore or deny what we now know about differences in racial group IQs and their implications, because one does not like it, fears it, or has trouble accommodating it, is foolish.
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on September 30, 2012
Professor Lynn has a well-deserved reputation as an expert on IQ tests. But he is not an economist and he makes mistakes. He uses sarcasm to contradict a Harvard professor who cited Italy as an example of a country which has progressed economically recently. Lynn is under the impression that Italy has not progressed economically. Lynn is also under the impression that Italian Americans have had less economic success than white Protestant Americans. Lynn is simply wrong. The numbers do not support Lynn's conclusions. For a fuller treatment of Lynn's arguments, see my review of the book on my blog; WARBYIQ.

r peppe [...]
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