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on April 16, 2013
Global Game Gear Black thumb sticks purchased 3/7/13 delivered 3/15/13

I own 4 360 controllers, 2 of them had worn black joysticks.

I also recently started to use FPS Freek by KontrolFreek (Ultra) thumb extenders and loved them. The problem is that my sticks were so worn out that the FPS thumb extenders were actually making the rubber come off in chunks (some controllers are as old as from the 2005 360 launch) Either way I needed new sticks for the controllers.

I found the Global Game gear sticks and saw good reviews so I ordered them, they arrived within the time specified and came with a Torque 8 Star screwdriver. Taking the controller apart was easy. My only problem is that the FPS control freak extenders do not fit as tightly on the Global gear sticks as they did on the original Microsoft sticks. The grip is firm but I can rotate the thumb extenders if I twist them, they did not do that with the original Microsoft Sticks. I ended up inserting some tissue paper on the cap of the Global stick so the FPS Freek had a tighter hold, that worked perfect.

Also on 1 controller the Global Game Thumbstick on the left would stick abit. I rotated it for 20 seconds and now it feels fine, just had to break it in I guess.

I included photos.

* Look and feels just like the original MS joysticks.
* Easy to install and made my controllers look like new.

* FPS Control Freak extenders do not grip these sticks as tightly, can be easily fixed with some tissue paper to increase the tension
* You may need to rotate the new sticks a few times to break them in so that the sticks return to the center position when released.

Bottom Line: Well worth the money and my controllers feel like new. Will purchase again if the new sticks ever wear out in the future. Currently these sticks are less than 5$ so YOU CAN'T GO WRONG! if you have worn out sticks Get THEM!
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on June 11, 2017
No they aren't Microsoft, but you really won't notice a difference unless you play professionally. And I mean only - I consider myself a picky gamer with a fine taste in controllers, and these hit some high standards. If this is all we get for joystick 360 replacements forever, that's fine. These are worlds better than any third party controller quality, and may as well have been made by Microsoft themselves.
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on June 12, 2011
I purchased these Analog Sticks to replace the ones that were chewed up by my dog. I installed them on a Halo 3 Wireless controller. You can't tell that they're not made my Microsoft. They fix snugly and have the same texture as the original sticks. They are exactly the same. Would highly recommend to anyone that needs to replace damaged Analog sticks on their controller.
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on April 1, 2018
Look, it's nice to have replacement sticks, certainly, but it doesn't speak well when there's no attention to detail. The nibs on the sticks (yeah that small of a detail) don't line up with the placement. I put them on my controller but they're out of alignment. They also took a lot of pressure to get onto the sticks themselves. Otherwise, they stack up nicely in a lot of regards, and feel like it adds a better sense of control first games.
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on March 13, 2013
I like this little kit. It was under ten bucks and fixed 2 controllers. My daughter had chewed on the thumbsticks on my controllers and I had no idea how to fix it. This gives you a basic T8 torx with the center hols cut out so you can use it to repair with the tamper evident screws.(Those are the ones with the pin in the middle so your other set of torx wont work)
It comes with two black thumbsticks and the screwdriver. Was easy to pop the controller open and swap the thumbsticks once you know how. I looked on youtube and there was enough videos i could have watched for weeks. The only thing you need to look for is the hidden screw underneath the serial number.
I tore apart 4 of my controllers and swapped parts to make them all unique and even watched some videos and painted one. The screwdriver is a bit worn and gets a bit irritating because of no grip. If you plan on doing this often as more than a 2-3 times fix buy a better screwdriver. This set gave me the basic tool I needed and was not a ton of cash. Thanks a lot.
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on November 9, 2013
Ordered these thumbsticks to replace my aging grey ones that had been reduced to almost nothing. These thumbsticks have a really nice feel to them and will certainly make your aging 360 controller feel new again. These look awesome on my black controller; now I want to replace the grey D-pad and the mic port to make everything match up. I got the item exactly as pictured - tool and everything.

A couple of things worth noting:

1. These thumbsticks tend to sit a bit lower than the OEM's. Not a problem with its performance at all, just something worth mentioning

2. If you buy these thumbsticks to alleviate a problem with your sticks moving on their own (a problem with both of my controllers), these will help to some extent. It doesn't erase the problem entirely, but it's a lot less noticeable now. If you happen to have this problem, you'll need to buy one of these: Replacement 3D Joystick for Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Black) if you're good at soldering - otherwise, get a new controller.

Overall, I'd say this is one of the best ways to make your old controller feel like new again, or give it a performance boost. Good product.
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on March 13, 2013
I ordered these to replace the thumb-sticks that someone, who shall remain un-named, has the amazing ability to wear out in short order. I didn't want to throw the controller out, so I thought I would give these a shot. They've only been in the controller for a few days and it's already covered in black rubber dust and the left stick, the one being used mostly, is already showing signs that the plastic, underneath the rubber, is getting ready to poke through. Now, I know the user has something to do with this, but I'm also suspicious that the quality of the rubber is pretty low. What do you expect for the price, right? Well, just dropping some info for anyone else who may have a 360 playmate who is rough on controllers. These probably aren't the ones that you want if you don't want to be replacing them every week.
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on May 1, 2016
Yes they fit. Yes they work. Are they the best option? No. A resounding no. The rubber caps on these sticks is less durable than the caps on factory sticks. I bought these to replace thumbsticks that were worn smooth. Now the replacements too are smooth. I would recommend simply getting stick covers as a solution to that problem instead especially because these sticks are also shorter than the factory ones. If you try to put covers on these sticks they will become sticky and unresponsive because there isn't enough room between the stick top and the controller chassis. Save your money or buy something else.
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on November 30, 2015
I can tell these are aftermarket after installing. Whatever rubber is on these has a sort of paper-like texture readjust than feeling rubbery like a new 360 controller. I've used it for gameplay and really can't tell the difference after a minute or so. Came with a torx security screwdriver, which I didn't realize when I purchased. Had I known, I wouldn't have bought a set of torx security bits and I'd have saved a couple dollars.
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on May 1, 2013
When we bought these instead of spending another $40 for each new xbox360 handheld controller. The directions were zip however, thanks to youtube, the directions are plentiful by 10 yr old kids posting videos how to change these thumbsticks.
They work just like the "factory" thumbsticks and have the rubber to pad our adult thumbs while our kids beat us at any game we attempt to play. Buy these with confidence. Just go on youtube and see how to unscrew the controller - NOTE: pay attention because there is a hidden screw underneath the UPC code on the underside of the controller. The first video we saw didn't mention it but the next one did.
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