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on January 2, 2017
I bought this book without a lot of hope. I had been a serious home baker for 30+ years before discovering I had significant gluten issues (NCGS, autoimmune and thyroid issues, etc). I tried commercial mixes, other popular cookbooks that rely on almond flour, etc, and nothing could replicate the holiday treats I'd made forever, in a way that didn't provoke a physical reaction. Until now.

I had been fairly strict paleo for a couple of years, then found I could reintroduce rice (occasionally, and not overdoing it). I came across Sauvage's website/blog, and saw that her flour mix recipe (it's in the book and on her blog) consisted of rice flours, tapioca flour and a small amount of xanthan gum. Gums of some kind are a necessary evil in gluten free baking, but the amount is small, and xanthan has less of the weird side effects than other gums have. So I figured I would try it. No almonds! No nightshades/potato flour! It was worth a shot.

The two recipes I made first were the spritz cookies, and the chocolate chips. These are basic holiday staples in our house, and I knew if these didn't work, I would need to move on and continue searching.

Thankfully, they came out amazing. Slightly different in texture (a bit lighter and more delicate, with less "chew" to them, though not crumbly), but the TASTE was there. Was it ever!! I didn't think I'd be able to have these again. I would be delighted with this book, even if for just these two recipes. I have attached photos. The spritz photo shows *conventional* spritz on the left side of the plate (50 year old family recipe), and Sauvage's recipe on the right. Other photo is of the chocolate chips, which Sauvage adapted from an Ina Garten recipe. Delicious!

My hope is that I can sub the flour recipe for wheat in other family recipes, one-for-one. I will update on that once I've tried it.

But my next move will be to try the book's yeasted recipes (particularly the dinner rolls). That's the second huge hurdle, as bread baking can be tricky, even with conventional ingredients. I will post an update when I've made those.

I don't plan on returning to daily baking, as it still deals with sugar, butter and other ingredients that can aggravate autoimmune conditions. But it is GREAT to know this book is here, for holiday treats and special occasions. Thank you, Jeanne Sauvage.
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on December 27, 2012
As a pastry chef who has become gluten intolerant, I have high standards when it comes to baked goods. Jeanne's All-Purpose Flour Mix is wonderful and her recipes work beautifully. I have experimented extensively in the past with other flour blends and recipes with very mixed results, despairing of ever being truly happy with my efforts. Jeanne suggests that you use finely milled flour, and I agree. Authentic Foods flours are finely milled and very much worth having when creating delicately textured cakes and breads. I am happy that the book has weights as well as cup measures. It is worth having a simple scale when baking because measuring by volume is often inaccurate, causing poor results. The pie crust is so good that my family did not know that their Thanksgiving pumpkin pie was gluten free! This book is NOT just for holiday baking, and I look forward to using it all year long.
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on January 2, 2016
Having been diagnosed with Celiac disease for about 12 years, this is the first gluten-free cookbook I've bought. I bake a lot and have tried to find the holy grail of gluten-free breads to no avail until I tried Jeanne's dinner roll recipe off the internet. They are the best GF bread product I've made yet and there are no fancy, expensive ingredients. I was so impressed I bought the book. I've only tried one other recipe so far but it turned out great too.
I'm looking forward to gluten-free baking without so many disappointments.
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on April 9, 2015
This book brought in fundraising revenue we would not have had otherwise. When we advertised the bake sale, we mentioned that gluten-free items would be for sale, listing five or six items from the book that we were going to make. The phone rang off the hook with people wanting to place special orders ahead of time. We easily pulled in $200 more than we would have without the gluten-free items. We also had a plate of taste-test bits - and everyone was surprised at how good and moist (and not "blechhh") the baked good were. Partners of gluten-free eaters can now enjoy baked good without dividing the house or the dinner able with special nutrition needs.
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on December 8, 2017
Although I had not tried any of these recipes yet, I found this cookbook to be very informative with complete explicit instructions for each one. I have found all the ingredients except one for Jean' s flour in my area. I will order that online. Finding out of the ordinary ingredients where I live is a challenge and I make a list for those when I travel out of the area. I am looking forward to trying these gluten free treats for the recipes of the traditional ones I have baked for years. I liked the inclusion of problems you may encounter with each project and helpful tips to handle them. There were no proofreading mistakes to solve and little bits of history with each recipe to give one a glimpse into the past. The proof will be in the baking!

I have tried three recipes so far: pizzelles, rosettes and the soft sandwich bread. We like all three. Next is cinnamon rolls.
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on December 29, 2016
Love, love, love this book! I discovered Jeanne while searching the internet for gluten free recipes and found her recipe for all-purpose flour. It made such a huge difference in my results that I decided to try her cookbook. So good! So far we've tried the Rugalach, the Mexican Wedding cookies and my daughter's favorite, apple pie. Thank you Jeanne, you've made a difference for people with Celiac. It's sometimes very frustrating when you can't enjoy what others are enjoying. With these recipes, its sometimes even better.
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on April 29, 2016
Seriously, EVERY recipe I have made of Jeanne's - from her blog or from this book- has been AMAZING. I made a bunch of these recipes for Christmas. I am the only gluten free person in the family, and no one knew the treats weren't filled with gluten! So nice to have gluten free recipes turn out consistently awesome.
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on November 9, 2015
Love the layout of the book. Great explanation of ingredients and alternatives. Great explanitions of recommended kitchen appliances and tools. Recipes are clear and easy to use. Love that the author offered templates for ginger bread house.

I only gave it 4 stars because I would have liked pictures of the recipe result. I also hate the "dust cover" style. I usually end up throwing these covers away, but this book is just plain red without it's dust cover. Just annoying for a cookbook.
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on November 16, 2012
I received this book two days ago and have already made three recipes from it, all of which have turned out beautifully, even using Carol Fenster's gluten free mix rather than the one included in the book (I just added 1/4 tsp xanthan gum for each cup of flour mix as suggested in the introduction).
I can't complain at all about the recipes--they're fabulous, and I'm sure I'll be making almost all of them this holiday season. What I CAN complain about is that in the copy I received, pages 25-36 inexplicably appear between pages 48 and 49. It doesn't affect my use of the book, and I'm sure it's not an error that occurs in ALL copies of the book, but it does change my plan to purchase another copy and ship it as a gift to a gluten-intolerant friend.
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on May 31, 2017
Tried a couple recipes from this & they were good. Also thanks for the alternative flour recipe. I use in my baking now. It's very good!
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