Customer Reviews: Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond: Breads & Cakes * Muffins & Scones * Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast * Quiches * and More
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on January 25, 2014
My wife has celiacs, so now we are learning to cook gluten free,

I bought her this cookbook so we could get some ideas for new breakfast dishes.

We made quiches, scones, etc from this book so far. All have turned out well. Also there is some wiggle room in the recipes for substitutions without killing the dish,

It gets a little repetitive, but for us making a few good quiches it has more then paid for itself. I'd say it's definitely worth a look to get out of a locked in breakfast routine, especially for newer (like myself) gluten free cooks.
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on July 4, 2015
I would like to thank Taunton Press Inc for allowing me an ARC of this book for an open and honest review.

This is a great cookbook for those looking for some simple, easy and tasty ideas that are gluten free. Whether looking for themselves, their families or for friends who may have gluten intolerances or similar.

Positives of this book: some fantastic information on gluten free, hidden glutens, gluten free flours and so on. Gorgeous open, colourful and easy to read layout. I’m starting to get used to expecting such high quality books/ pictures/ layouts from Taunton Press and always look forward to reading something from them due to the quality of books they produce.

I loved the savoury strata section! There are definitely a few in there I want to try. Same with the waffles… Spinach waffles, yum!

The reason I ended up scoring this book as a 3 out of 5 is I, personally, didn’t get a lot of new stuff out of it. I’ve been wheat free for over ten years now (I have a wheat protein intolerance – among other food allergies and issues) and so had pretty much been there and done that with a lot of the recipes covered in it. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some new versions that had me sit up and take notice (I’m looking at you pumpkin pancakes) but not enough for me to add it to my cook book collection.

But I’m not saying it’s not a great book – it is. It’s more I’m not the right person for it.

Would I recommend this book to people seeking a good gluten free cookery book? Yes, especially if you don’t already have that many gluten free books as this one would be a perfect start to your collection.

Would I buy it for myself? So very tempted… but I would need to get rid of some of my other gluten free books first. Hard decision.

This really is a terrific gluten free cook book and something I would recommend.
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on September 24, 2013
Neither my son nor I can eat gluten and one thing I've missed since my diagnosis are my breakfast breads like waffles, pancakes, biscuits, and French toast.
I was excited to pick up this book which offers 100 recipes that can be enjoyed at breakfast, brunch or whenever.

The recipes are detailed yet seem easy to follow and include GF flour and batter variations with tips thru-out to aid in GF preparation.

The author describes the ingredients and what they do... for instance, she explains the differences in the thickening agents available to be used in GF foods.

Besides the items listed in the title, there are also pound and crumb cakes, frittatas, stratas and more.

I have to try the recipe for applesauce bread soon! I also want to try the recipe for pumpkin bread and corn muffins. The pictures for the walnut scones and the sweet potato biscuits and over French toast keep calling to me too :-)))

LOL! There are so many recipes that look delicious...

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on October 21, 2013
Title: Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond
Author: Linda J Amendt
Publisher: The Taunton Press
Published: 9-3-2013
ISBN: 978-1-60085-712-6
Pages: 240
Genre: Food and Wine
Tags: Cooking, Cookbooks

Finally a cookbook for my favorite meal anytime of day - Breakfast! Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond takes the time to discus the facts behind gluten-free and the basics of a gluten free kitchen. I could eat breakfast foods for all three meals of the day for seven days a weak and not be tired of breakfast for quite some times so I jumped at this cookbook. I was not disappointed.

If you want something simple and quick to eat on the go make one of the delicious muffin or bread recipes. Heat them up and grab a no spill glass of OJ or tea and hit the day at a run. My personal favorites were the Blueberry Muffins and the Applesauce Bread. Under biscuits and scones I made the Cranberry Orange Scones and the Cheddar Cheese Biscuits. My scones were great, but I am still batting 0 with biscuits. Next was my favorite section Pancakes and Crepes. Don't laugh but I made almost all of them over the last few weeks and did not find one my family did not like. Then we were off to the Waffles and french toast recipes. I have a fondness for citrus so I did the Orange Oven French Toast and because it sounded so tempting I did the Walnut raisin French Toast Strata on which I even ate a few of the Walnuts. Wish is saying something because my family knows I do not care for nuts (except the two legged kind.) I found a Sour Cream Coffee Cake that brought back the memories from my childhood. It was the closest to what I remember of my grandmother's sour cream coffee cake.

There is a recipe for raisin bread that when I made it tasted just like what my mother made for my father all my life. I marched on to the Frittatas and omelets with the Southwest Frittata and the Cheese Omelet. My family is not overly fond of quiches so I have yet to make something from that section. My last triumph in the kitchen using Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond was Italian Sausage Stratta. You will find that there are few recipes in this cookbook that does not appeal to you and your family no matter how picky they are. I really did not notice any difference from gluten-free to the way I cook normally as for the taste. So now i can cook a little healthier without loosing flavor and so can you.
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on May 11, 2014
This year for Mother's Day, I decided to host a small brunch for my mom. Over the years, I've learned a couple things about my mom and the food: 1. She loves brunch and 2. she feels like breaking bread together is really important for a family.

I'd never "done brunch" formally for any occasion, so I wasn't sure what direction to take. I thought about the old standby "What would Mom do" and I realized she'd go to the cookbooks for recipe ideas.

Because I've discovered I have a gluten intolerance, I pulled out my Gluten-free Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond cookbook by Linda J. Amendt. I'd bought it sometime last fall, and though I'd leafed through a great deal, I hadn't actually made anything out of it. Mother's Day Brunch seemed like the right opportunity.

The cookbook is wonderful in how it explains gluten-free baking and how to use the flours, what flours to use, how to use starches and leaveners, and how to compensate for the lack of gluten in a baked good. At first, I really thought I'd be overwhelmed, but no - it was like regular baking once I had the gluten-free all purpose flour mix and understood what the ingredients did and how they worked together. *If Chemistry class had been like this, I would have probably done better.*

I decided on Applesauce Bread and thought about an egg frittata. The applesauce bread recipe from the cookbook was amazing. Because we do as much heart-healthy cooking as possible, I substituted the 2 large eggs for egg beaters, decreased the brown sugar by a 1/4 and added a whole cup of sweet diced apples. It was AMAZING! I was stunned by how moist the loaves were (I made them in small individual loaf pans rather than one large loaf pan). As anyone who is gluten-free knows, baked goods aren't always moist (which makes them yucky).

I then read all the recipes for eggy concoctions and decided on a sweet pepper, turkey bacon eggy thing that was sort of a riff on the frittatas in the book, but without all the fatty dairy. I have no doubt any of the recipes would have been yummy, I just was looking for a heart healthier option.

Mother's Day Brunch was a success - and I have Linda Amendt to thank for that. Her cookbook provided the exact things I needed to host my first brunch; and to make it look easy. I won't hesitate in the future to make a quiche or a strata or even crepes. I have full confidence that I can find more recipes in this cookbook that will dazzle Brunch guests.

Gluten-free Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond is a must have in any gluten-free kitchen.

Order your copy of Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond: Breads & Cakes * Muffins & Scones * Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast * Quiches * and More.
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on March 8, 2015
I've never had this much trouble with a book of recipes. I've tried six recipes out of the book and I'm not bothering to try anymore. None of them resulted in the consistency dough/batter that you would need to make the item. The worst were the sweet roll dough which came out like sticky cookie batter even with working, and the crepes which came out like biscuit dough completely unpourable. I had to add a full two more cups of milk and another egg to get that even close and ended up making pancakes instead of throwing out some really expensive flour mix. I've never had this much trouble with recipes and I've been doing gluten free baking for a few years now. You would do better just to just learn to work with gluten free flour, xanthan gum, and to just substitute directly in recipes you already love. For those who think you can't get the same consistency in gluten free and that's the problem, you're wrong so keep trying, you'll get there. I'm throwing this book out.
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on November 18, 2013
A good gluten-free cookbook that focuses on breakfast foods.
The recipes all look rather tasty and I like that the flour blend is rather simple. I'd like to see how the recipes work with my favorite storebought blend.
I loved that the author said that for dry GF baked goods to add a little more fat so that they don't turn gummy. Didn't know that. We're not ones who do reduced fat dairy anyway but it was nice to know that the added fat (butter, oil, sour cream) actually improves the end result.
Can't wait to try it out.
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on April 2, 2015
This is such a wonderful gluten free cookbook chock full of delicious, reliable breakfast recipes. I haven't encountered a recipe that I didn't like or didn't turn out well in this book.

The author broke the book down by explaining the basics, how to make homemade GF flours, the GF pantry and measuring ingredients. She explains everything well and takes the guess work out of the baking and cooking process.

The scrumptious recipes are broken down by chapters.
The chapters are:
-Quick breads and muffins
-Biscuits and scones
-Pancakes and cakes
-Waffles and French toast
-coffee cakes
-yeast breads and sweet rolls
-frittatas and omelets
-savory strata
The cookbook finishes with explaining gluten free ingredients and ingredients with gluten. How to convert your favorite recipes to gluten free which is such a help and sources for gluten free ingredients.

This cookbook is a great resource for delicious gluten free breakfast and brunch recipes!

The publisher provided a complimentary copy of this ebook for an honest review
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on April 23, 2014
I’ve heard this craze over a gluten-free diet sweeping the nation. Not because of dietary needs but just because. So I decided to give this book a shot. I’m a huge gluten eater. Sorry, but I am. I love egg sandwiches in the morning, pb & j for lunch and rolls with my spaghetti dinner. So for me, this was the ultimate test.

I tried the ranch rolls (rolls made with ranch packet seasoning) and although they lacked the ranch flavor (the Mr. and I put ranch dressing ON the rolls themselves) the texture was that of a normal roll. Just wish that it had more of that ranch flavor to it.

Next up, I tried a banana nut muffin recipe when my mom came to visit. Now, my family is always skeptical when I come home and say I’m going to cook them a meal. They claim I always cook some “funky s***”. Granted I did once make tofu fried rice, green eggs and ham (pesto scrambled eggs), and macaroni & cheese with winter squash mashed into the cheese. So I guess I could see their hesitation considering I grew up on meat and potatoes, never casseroles, rarely soup, just meat and potatoes on a plate. So with that being said, I figured she’d be even more judgmental than I am. That was not the case at all. We loved them. They were good fresh out of the over, I think we ate 3 each that night, they are also great the next day as well. We were eating them all day long. I even gave one to my friend before we went hiking in Joshua Tree National Park, and she couldn’t believe it was gluten-free. I guess I’m not the only one who associated gluten-free with grainy and funky textured.

And lastly I tried the basic waffle recipe. Don’t ask me why, but while I was at work I smelled maple syrup and instantly started craving waffles. Now mind you, I work at the national park visitor center. Not overly sure where the maple syrup smell came from but I’m not questioning it because man were the waffles awesome. I was a little skeptical when I mixed the batter because it was very runny. However, what came out of the waffle iron was light and airy. They had a sweet vanilla flavor to them that I could see myself just putting some butter on them and calling it a day.

This is a great recipe book containing recipes for muffins, breads, waffles and coffee cakes. I like that right in the beginning it gives you a basic recipe for gluten-free AP flour which is basically used in all of the recipes. I wish it had pictures to go with every recipe but the recipes themselves are easy to follow. I still plan on trying out a few more because what I’ve tried have all turned out well, with the exception of the non-ranch tasting ranch rolls. I thought gluten-free was supposed to be gritty and tasteless but this was spot on with the normal stuff, and in some cases, like the waffles, even better. Who knows, I may just convert over to gluten-free with this book.
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A special thank you to Taunton Press and NetGalley for a complimentary reading copy, in exchange for an honest review.

A few years ago I developed an allergic reaction to a number of foods, additives, medications, chemicals and many environmental toxins. Many of the additives in foods are harmful to our bodies, and mirror heart problems, among others. (have the tests to prove it). After suffering with years of pounding heart issues and anaphylaxis attacks (very scary), allergies, ear problems, headaches, while maintaining food journals, allergy doctor visits, tests, monitoring everything, and never leaving the house without an EpiPen - had all the doctors baffled and was totally frustrated.

I began reading everything I could find on the internet, researching tons of books about how foods affect your health and allergies. I immediately took control over my diet and eating habits. I have been a strict vegan for two or more years now (no dairy, or meats) with much success - feel great!

I contribute my success to my diet; therefore always in the market for good books and recipes, which assist with my limited and restricted diet. GLUTEN-FREE BREAKFAST, BRUNCH & BEYOND by Linda J. Amendt was outstanding! Not only is the book packaged with attractive photos, beautiful displayed page layout, quick tips, delicious gluten-free recipes, gluten-free ingredients, ingredients that contain gluten, how to convert your favorite receipts to gluten-free; it also is full of very informative and critical information about foods and ingredients.

Linda Amendt is an award winning author, an expert baker and her talent is reflective throughout this delicious and satisfying book, which gives you a variety of choices for gluten-free living. A book you will reference and keep on hand at all times, even when entertaining - Highly recommend!
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