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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on April 20, 2005
First off 5 stars for the music, no arguments, no debates. You're reading this because you're a Dictator's fan and want to know if getting this remastered import version is worth it.

Okay, here's the deal..... I already have this album on vinyl and the original "domestic" cd version which was released by Sony back in the early 90's. I debated whether to drop the extra cash on yet another "re-released" Dictators album after being so disappointed with the sound quality of the "Manifest Destiny" reissues; but I did....D.F.F.D.!!!!!!

And thank you, thank you, thank you...someone finally "got it right". The improvement in sound over the domestic release is at times subtle and at times very obvious. The original album was co-produced by Sandy Pearlman (of Blue Oyster Cult fame); and, like Blue Oyster Cult's first album, "Go Girl Crazy" has always had a low-fi, dense, underproduced quality to it. The remastering job here has definitely enhanced the original recording, while still keeping the overall "sound" or "vibe" of the original. This import version strips away a few layers of "sonic-mud" present on the domestic cd release making the sound much more vibrant & bright. The most noticable improvements to me are the separation between the guitars and the vocals harmonies. The individual voices are much more recognizable as are the guitar parts/overdubs. The boom of the drum and bass tones seem to have more air to them. The higher end frequencies (cymbals) seem more bright & crisp too.

Overall this is just a better sounding album than ever before.

"Go Girl Crazy" was never an overproduced, sonic masterpiece, and I'm sure that was intentional. The garage-like sound quality was always one of the albums strong points. The remastering job here gives us the best sounding version of "Go Girl Crazy" to date. You can finally crank this up in the car without distorting the speakers. I strongly recommend any Dictator's fan to jump on this release ASAP. I got mine on zShops for under 10 bucks.

Finally, for anyone reading this who has "zero" Dictators in their collection? Buy this, "Manifest Destiny", "Bloodbrothers", "New York New York (Live)" & "D.F.F.D." in one swift purchase. If you love rock n' roll, I guarantee you will not regret it!
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on May 20, 2017
Came exactly as it was described THAAANKS
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on July 11, 2003
I bought this album after reading "Please Kill Me," the history of the New York punk scene. The author, Legs McNeill, says somewhere in the book that he and his cronies at Punk magazine were huge fans of the Dictators' album "Go Girl Crazy" back in the summer of 1975. This made me curious and I ordered the album from Amazon. I'm glad I did. Every song is a mini-masterpiece of anarchic, goofy, party rock. The Dictators were perhaps one of the most unpretentious bands in the history of rock. They saw themselves as a joke and invite their listeners to laugh along with them. But they also had a knack for pairing sharp lyrics with catchy guitar hooks, creating some truly memorable moments. My favorite opening line on the album: "Who's that boy with the sandwich in his hand?"
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on December 14, 2007
Smokin'! Wow, I totally forgot how great this album is. It's easy, what with how INCREDIBLE Bloodbrothers and D.F.F.D. are! This remastered version sounds pretty damn great to these ears, much better than the regular Sony U.S. release I GOT HEIDI KLUM IN MY PANTS!!!
This superb album was always a lot of fun for me IT'S FEEDING TIME!!!
when i was younger, and would get up and drink Coke and smoke a couple bowls and go about the day
Now I'm older, but I'm still a kid at heart, and this album, despite superior albums by this band, is still fantastic (despite drumming and production problems).
Let's focus on the weakest songs first! Thats FUN! I Got You Babe is stupid; it's a lame, sophomoric joke.
Back to Africa is pretty ridiculous also; maybe even dumber than I Got You Babe. (Andy Shernoff brings civilization to the poor black girl?!)
They're both kinda fun though.
Okay, that's ALL the weak songs!!!

Ah, now what can be said about...The Next Big Thing?
Fantastic, with great guitar -- good god, would this band have been ANYWHERE without Ross The Boss? manoman, that guy could ALWAYS wail!
"I knocked 'em dead in Dallas, they didn't know we were JEWS"!!!!!
YES!!! Tell it like it IS!
Great curveball thrown smack into some anti-semetic's FACE!!!
(I love a live version where Handsome sings it REAL gleefully!)
THESE guys SHOULD'VE been on the TV guide, or at least Rolling Stone!
"sorry baby, I just can't get it on any more!!" -- one of the greatest lines of machismo humor followed by an IN-crrrrrrredible solo by Mr. Ross The Boss.
Two Tub Man! (what THE HELL is a TWO TUB MAN!?!)
first song Andy Shernoff ever wrote (!!), and the highlight of this entire album; there are some songs here that sound WAY better live (e.g. Weekend), but NOT Two Tub Man! It actually BENEFITS from the production, which leans HEAVILY toward the humor side of the songs and not the musical talents I THINK LOU REED IS A CREEP TOO, and I never Met him!!
the lyrics are FanTASTIC!
"I need a girl, I need RELEASE" (a-MEN!!!!!)
and : "I can go anywhere, people look and people stare
they all know that I'M THE ONE, not to let yer son become"
The best part is where Handsome Dick goes "I think color TV's a gas!" and the guitar lead sounds SO insanely joyous, it's hilarious!
(Joe Franklin FLASH? That's a concept!)
This is just so great, too great for words!
Master Race Rock isn't nearly as good here as on the '73 demo (wait'll Amazon carries Every Day is Saturday! Fantastic!!!)
but it's still a great song. They were on a higher spiritual plane, rememeber! (like the talking toilet in the R. Crumb cartoon).
Weekend? Oh man, Andy's first great pop song!
Every Day Is Saturday -- what a beautiful concept! What a great line!

Man, I've fallen back in love with this stupid album all over again!
California Sun is the one song that REALLY sounds better on, yes, Every Day Is Saturday. This version ain't nearly as insane or filthy as that one! Teengenerate? I was turned inside out by a certain chick myself.
Felt weird!
But what's Really weird about this CD is how people in Austria must read jokes with the punchline first! THEY GOT DA PICTURES IN THE WRONG ORDER!!
The inner sleeve is reproduced here, with them FIRST going "Yeah Yeah Yeah!" and THEN "I think what we need is the handsomest man in rock and roll!"
Come on!
Besides, I wasn't even around for the photo shoot then! I was too young! (These guys were WAY ahead of their time.) Thanks guys!

Eating at McDonald's for lunch and having fun
Putting your sneakers on!
Flashing rock and roll guitars!
Eating burgers everyday!
Being scared of growing old! (now THAT'S rare! To hear the honest truth about the lie of permanent youth in rock and roll admitted as a lie in a rock and roll song!)

aw hell, I ain't no rock cricket, but who the hell needs Dave Marshmallows? That creep panned this album when it came out, which shows he knows nothing about rock and roll.
Respect the Rock!!!!

C'mon America, let's release this CD in better quality than what we've done!
We can out-do Austria!! We got the masters!!! (don't we???)
Just cause our "president" sucks doesn't mean WE do!

A great re-mastered re-issue of a classic, joyous album.

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VINE VOICEon May 25, 2008
If you've never heard "Go Girl Crazy" its a real treat. The Dictators were doing the whole "big dumb hard rock that pokes fun of big dumb hard rock" thing long before Spinal Tap ever made it cool. The album is hilarious and catchy and well performed and everything else you'd hope it to be.

But the real reason I'm writing this review is this: I thought this album was a remastered release. Kind of along the lines of recent remastered re-releases of "Manifest Destiny" and "Bloodbrothers" a few years ago.

So I'm warning fans right now:

This is NOT a remastered edition of the album.

Its the same edition Elektra released in the 90's. It's just extra-budget priced now.

Is it a great album? You bet! But if you already own the original CD version, don't buy this, its literally the exact same thing.
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on February 5, 2016
Absolutely fantastic!
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punk classic very cheap ...
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on August 30, 2015
ROCK N ROLL !!!!!!!!
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on February 22, 2015
Handsome Dick Manitoba!
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on September 10, 2012
Dictators - Go Girl Crazy is a classic Handsome Dick Manitoba bit representing the late 70's CBGB punk scene...fun stuff.
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