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on September 30, 2009
I bought this GoFit 75cm Stability Ball as a replacement for my desk chair at home. I've learned (from a trusted source) that sitting on a stability ball can burn 100 calories an hour. After using this for a month now, I'll bet that's true.

As for this specific stability ball - it's certainly a heavy-duty ball. It states a burst-rating of 1,200 lbs. I work at home and probably spend 6-8-hours a day sitting on this thing and it's very comfortable. At 6'2" and 220lbs, the 75cm size is perfect for use at my desk.

Use a bigger air pump if you have one. The pump that comes with it will take you a month to pump it up. I used a small portable air compressor and even that took a while to inflate. I did have to re-inflate it a bit after the first few days once it settled-in. That was no problem. I just used a pair of pliers to remove the plug.

I looked everywhere, but there were no instructions on inflating the GoFit ball that came with it. Not that it's rocket-science to pump up a ball, but a few tips might have been helpful. I used a long level and a measuring tape to figure out when the ball was close to full-inflation. Just hold the level (or a yardstick, etc.) on top and measure the distance from the level to the floor.

The DVD and booklet that come with it seem to be a good bonus too.

All-in-all, a great Stability Ball for what I needed -- and a much healthier option than sitting in a regular chair all day!
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on August 15, 2009
I've only had this ball for a little over a week, but I really like it. I've been doing exercise videos, one of which recommended a fitness ball. I never really liked using a fitness ball at the gym, but I decided to go ahead and get one anyway. Well, this is much better than what I used at the gym! Sturdy, good quality, and the right size (I learned that the ones I'd been using at the gym were too large). I've noticed there are questions about what size on a lot of reviews of different balls. Some people say that the "cutoff" between a 55 cm ball and a 65 cm ball is 5'3" instead of 5'6". I'm 5'3" and the 55cm ball is perfect for me. The balls I'd used at the gym look more like the "burst resistant" balls instead of the professional ones. The professional stability ball is definitely nicer. It was easy to pump up with the supplied pump too. I guess I'll report back if I have any problems with it, but thus far it looks like a very good purchase. I'm enjoying the exercises with it as the balance challenge adds an interesting element. Nice fitness ball!

---- Some time later ----
Okay I've been working out with the ball for a while now, and it's great. The only real problem is that I'd like to add more air. I've tried and tried but can't get the plug out. I can't do it with my fingernails, pliers are impossible to grip it with (and might hurt the ball anyway), sticking various items under the head of the plug hasn't worked so far. Is there a special tool I need to buy to remove the plug? I did manage to remove it once before, but over time it's become really stuck in the air. In general, that's a good thing; but for adding more air, it's difficult.

---- Later ----
I wrote the manufacturer and they suggested working the plug out by using 2 dimes. Or my brother-in-law did it in 2 seconds flat using a butter-knife. :) So it hasn't been a real problem. I've had the ball quite a while now, and it works great. I've done some long stability-ball exercise classes, and this is perfect for them. Very good quality.
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on October 14, 2010
I am writing this review for those who are interested in using this ball as a chair.


Since I sit for extended periods of time (e.g. 3 -4 hours at a time), I needed a chair that would provide excellent back support and force me to sit up straight. Sitting in folding chairs has resulted in aches to my lower back and pain to my posterior.

This ball fit that criteria to a "T".


The ball is extremely durable, having thick walls. The ball is not slippery and retains a firm grip on a surface with a rug. I periodically bounce up and down on the ball and it has retained its shape for over a week without losing air.


After the past 1.5 weeks, I literally feel stronger. The first few days I felt quite sore. This can be attributed to using "core" muscles that I never strain. Now, my back feels great. As an runner, I even feel my performance has improved.


strengthens back
soft cushion does not pain behind
fun to bounce up and down
cost next to nothing when compared to a "high-end" chair that claims miracles
easily portable


your boss might not allow you to sit on it at work
if you have no balance, you may fall over (probably a rare occurrence)
ball is red NOT purple, as shown in picture


Height: 5 ft 9
Weight: Slim
Ownership: ~2 weeks
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on June 4, 2014
I purchased this ball to replace a different one that I had less luck with. I was hoping that the "commercial grade" would yield better quality results. Here are my initial impressions. If things change over the next few weeks, I'll be sure to leave an update.

The ball came with a useful starter booklet describing basic exercises (that are also printed around the center of the ball), a DVD that I have not looked at yet, two plugs, a plug removing tool, a premarked tape measure with holes for the pump, a pump, and extra nozzle for the pump, and the ball. Definitely a superior initial impression over the other ball I received.

Initial Quality Impression
The ball felt heavier than the other one I had received, which was also rated for 2000 lbs, and didn't smell particularly bad. Indeed, pumping did seem more cumbersome. Others have reported that the included pump is cheap and fairly worthless. I never even tried it as it was identical to the lousy pump I had received with another product, but instead used the handy-dandy included nozzle that fit nicely into a bicycle pump.

The instructions said to pump the ball up over 2 days, half the first day, then let it settle for 10-12 hours before finishing the job. I followed the instructions with some disappointment in not being able to put the ball to immediate use. After pumping the ball fully using the handy included tape measure, I found that it was a bit softer than the other 75 cm ball I had, despite the extra effort it took to actually inflate the thing. However, it is not soft to the point of sagging, and can definitely be used as is. Note that I am not any kind of an expert on these things and it may be that it is supposed to be a little soft. I am simply comparing it to a previous product I had.

The pin remover worked well.

Overall, my initial impressions are very positive. I considered giving it four starts instead of five due to the lousy pump and the slightly soft feeling, but I think the extras that came with the ball more than made up for that.

I've had it for 20 days now and it has not lost any air. It's still a bit soft, but I think that's actually okay.

The DVD included is actually quite helpful. Includes both basic and advanced exercises. I would definitely recommend this product.

I'm amazed. The ball is still in good shape. While I no longer use it every day, this is definitely a solid product. It continues to hold its shape and has lost very little air. I would strongly recommend this product.
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on July 14, 2013
I purchased this stability ball to be used as a desk chair three and a half years ago.

I was having a bit of back pain from sitting all day and ball chairs were all the rage at the time, so I figured I would give it a chance.

Once it arrived, it took me about an hour of adjusting to get the ball to the right firmness. I am 6'3 and this size fitted me perfectly (75cm).

Within a couple of days I noticed that my back was no longer hurting and I felt much more energetic while sitting at my desk. The ability to be able to move around so much, bounce, shift and do crunches while working is quite invigorating.

After three years of daily use 4-12 hours a day, this same ball is going strong. I have never had to refill it except when I move and have to deflate it.

This thing is rock solid, if you are interested in getting a ball chair, this one is a perfect choice.
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on May 13, 2013
This ball inflates my more fully than other 65cm. balls I've looked at - and I appreciate the fact that it's heavy duty, so I don't worry about it bursting under me. I don't weigh alot, but I don't feel confident with thinner, lighter gauge rubber exercise balls.

I have scoliosis and injured my back several months ago. Lying on my back on this ball has given me tremendous relief. I also lie face down on it to stretch the back area between the shoulder blades. Sitting on it and gently bouncing has also helped my sacral area.

It's a great ball and I just bought one for my sister! And I love the cranberry red color. I'd suggest washing it down with a damp cloth before using it and remembering that it takes two or three inflations to get it to full size. It holds air very well.
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on November 23, 2012
I have used this ball for 15 months as a desk chair at work. Today is the first time I added air since I first filled it (though, admittedly I probably should have done it a month ago). I kept the included pump at work for this purpose and I'm a bit disappointed that I managed to break it so I'll have to find another pump suitable for leaving at work. Not a big deal considering the low price of this ball.

As for the ball's size: I am 5'8'' and this 75cm size is still appropriate for use as a desk chair. I tried a 65cm one (rated for my height) and it was much too short to comfortably reach my keyboard/mouse (at 29" off the ground). If your keyboard is lower, for example on an under-desk keyboard tray, you might want a smaller ball. I wedge the ball under an under-desk pencil drawer when I leave at night so it doesn't migrate away but you could get one of the ball rings to keep it in place instead. As a bonus, I can always tell when my carpets were vacuumed because my ball has migrated somewhere else in my office.

Not only is an exercise ball a blast to sit on all day at work, but my posture is much better since using this ball and I feel less back pain. Your mileage may vary (I'm not a doctor and you maybe should talk to yours before using this 8+ hours a day as a chair) but it's helped me feel great and maintain a toned mid-section. If I feel like I need a good stretch, I move the ball back from my desk and roll it to the small of my back and have a good backwards stretch--it's way better than an energy drink for an afternoon pick-me-up. On the down side, it's hard to sit on a *regular* chair for 8 hours a day now--making it through a conference a couple weeks ago was rough, I couldn't get comfortable! Also on the down side, the strange noises that emit from my shoes occasionally rubbing on the base of the ball probably sound a little ... questionable. :-)
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on January 2, 2013
I own the stability ball by Gaiam which is far less stable than this ball. i like the firm texture of the Go Fit ball. It keeps its shape even when I balance my knees/shins on the ball for core strength. I caution people who have neck problems like stenosis. It is very important to maintain perfect posture, balancing the head on the shoulders. I need to be careful not to let my head go forward, thereby using my neck muscles for balance or when shifting from prone to an upright position. There are no problems with this ball and any injury caused by it would be due to human error. I have a DVR program saved from the Total Body Fitness program on BYU channel which focuses on the stability ball, using hand weights. It is an excellent full body workout. I am 5'5" and purchased the 65cm ball which is just right. I had no problem whatsoever with the pump. I do not understand anyone complaining about the time it takes to inflate it. I'm 58 years old and did it without any hand fatigue. I followed the instructions about the time delay before fully inflating it so the air temperature stabilizes, thereby alleviating any problem with over inflation. I enjoyed the reviews regarding those who use it as a chair. I purchased the floor disc to try that feature, but as I said before, I must use perfect posture, otherwise my neck gets fatiqued. I highly recommend this ball.
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on March 25, 2009
I recently added strength training (dumbbells & resistance bands) to my workouts, but quickly injured myself when I increased the weight. Determined not to stop completely, I looked at a sports medicine textbook which said that the key to avoiding injury is to become comfortable with a particular weight level and then to perform the exercise (using the same weight) in a less stable environment. This helps to challenge and strengthen various stabilizer muscles before moving to a higher weight level.

For this reason, I was looking for a good exercise ball to use with my strength training exercises. If you read through the reviews of other balls, you'll see the occasional story of someone who was injured when their ball burst. Most of the high-quality burst-resistant balls that I saw were too expensive, but the GoFit Professional balls seemed like a good compromise between price and quality. They have a 1,200 lb. burst rating and are slow to deflate if the ball is accidentally punctured.

I originally ordered the 65 cm. ball but this was too big (I'm 5'7"), so I sent it back and ordered the 55 cm. Deflating the 65 cm. ball seemed to take forever. This gives me a certain comfort level that I won't be doing a face-plant if my new ball punctures while exercising on it.

The 55 cm. ball is more of a reddish color than the picture shown on Amazon. The pump included with the ball is certainly adequate, but I bought an Isokinetics pump, which made short work of pumping up the ball. Fully-inflated, the ball measures a bit less than 57 cm. high.

So far, I'm very happy with this ball. It seems to be very high quality and I feel comfortable exercising on it. My one minor complaint is that it's a bit difficult to remove the plug (I use a small screwdriver) when you need to add air to the ball. The ball comes with a second plug (which I've already lost) along with an instructional booklet and a DVD. I haven't looked at the DVD yet, but other reviewers speak highly of it. One of these days, I'll get a DVD player for the old tv in the basement and maybe add this to my workout routine as well.

All in all, I recommend this ball highly. I think it's well worth the extra money to buy a ball of this quality.
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on December 11, 2014
Warning DO NOT BUY THE 75CM Gray ball
It is not round - twice now I have received a defective ball - it was oblong - shaped like an egg not a ball. I called the company and the response - Thank you for the picture. I have spoken with my supervisor and after reviewing the picture she advised that the slightly oblong shape would not affect the use of the ball due to the fact that the air shifts in the ball when your weight is placed on it.

Great! Not.. Anyway, I am returning both for a refund and getting another brand. From the pictures I am sure this was an isolated incident - the other balls of different sizes appear appropriate. I added a picture - note this is half inflated. When fully inflated, it was even worse
review image
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